Jay:   0:00
What‘s a beer?


Duce:   0:02
What's a Cocktail?

Jay:   0:03
What do you recommend?  

Duce:   0:04
Where should we go?  

Jay:   0:05
Why do we eat peanut butter with jelly?

Duce:   0:08
Bro peanut butter and jelly is fire! 

Jay:   0:10
Smooth or Crunchy though? 

Duce:   0:12
Don't even get me started on that. (Laughter)

Jay:   0:15
(Laughter),  join us on our journey through your local breweries in your backyard

Duce:   0:19
and ours while we talk about serious yet not so serious topics about life,  

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Duce:   0:26
and friends.  

Jay:   0:27
I'm Jay 

Duce:   0:28
I'm Duce,

Duce:   0:29
and this is a bar chats. 

Jay:   0:30
You Ready?  

Duce:   0:33
Let's roll

Jay:   0:42
bar nuts. What's going on? It's Jay and Duce What's up? Um, so we're here and Ah, we had a very long day, right? Yeah. Dude, I was I was, like, pouring cement. It was all that. I feel like I need to get a manicure, like, after, because my hands are all messed up. But it's, you know, I could officially say I have man

Jay:   1:07
hands, which is super cool, because I wasn't feeling

Jay:   1:12
like a man before.

Jay:   1:15
Not smooth anymore, right? They're not smooth anywhere that I like. Baby skins baby's bottom as a baby's bottom. Um, yeah. So it's one of those

Duce:   1:25
things where, um you know, everyone wants smooth hands. Yeah, but it's okay. thank you. Coconut oil and Shea butter. All right, so I'm over here talking about men's hands and stuff, but, um, yeah, we actually had a crazy, crazy road trip, um, with our partners. And we had a special guest. Yeah, Yeah, chill out with

Jay:   1:59
us, which was pretty cool. It was really, really

Duce:   2:01
cool, actually, because, um, it was it was Chef today. She was like, Hey, are you guys going to a berry like, uh, yeah. Okay. Cool. Um what time are you gonna pick me up?

Jay:   2:13
Okay. All right. Ah, yeah. We'll pick you up on like, ah, on our we'll be there in an hour. So we ended up going

Duce:   2:20
to San Diego. And, of course, when I said San Diego, Deuce was like, Hey, man, um, you know what's my favorite beer? Right. And deuce? What's your favorite beer? Bill Smith's Speedway. Stop. There we go. So we decided to go toe l Smith. Yeah, very. Um, it was pretty intense. It was really intense,

Jay:   2:41
intense in a good way. But the fact that we got

Duce:   2:44
there on ah, Saturday, um, and it was packed. It was packed. So that tells you something about the brewery itself that it's super popular, especially for the locals, because they're They're like, we had a drive. Two hours shout outs to San Diego Traffic. Oh, yeah. Amazing traffic. Yeah. Amazing. Amazing traffic. And everyone everyone could relate. That's what I like. Tries everyone, correlate. But, um, so we showed up, and I think they were packing up some like, uh, another food truck. That was so it had a bunch of had a bunch of rich.

Jay:   3:20
Yeah, it was like three or four food trucks and one was leaving. And I was like, Oh, no hungry. Come back forever. Already eat. Exactly Does. It was pretty. It was pretty insane. But I'll tell you this

Duce:   3:34
much. Um, when I first saw, like the entrance, I felt it felt interesting. It was like, Damn, do. This is craft brews have really gone a long way, you know, and us going to multiple Berries like Overtown. Um, that we did a review on also, Artie Rogers, um, and a few other Berries that were going to go but and you're gonna hear in a series of shows This upcoming shows that we experienced three breweries and we're gonna go through each one. The 1st 1 that we hit was L. Smith. Then, like I said, that the decor overall, um, was super cool. Like, I think it was a traditional style set up when it comes on to the to the tables and stuff. But before I go into that, I would do want to talk about, um, a

Jay:   4:32
little bit about

Duce:   4:32
their histories. You know, me, I'm a history about yes. So I love I love history. So once we were there when I was like, All right. I really like this place. It's It's pretty cool. Let

Jay:   4:41
me do some

Duce:   4:42
research. Let me ask the Google and let me take a sit, because I'm getting a little parched. And so what, you find out, J So, um, So I did find out that it started off in 1995 with Skip and Todd and Skip, which is Ari, first of all

Jay:   5:05
that. Like, I swear these are like a fake. They all right, but legit there, Skip, Skip and Todd. Oh, no, it's not taught. Ted. Okay, Okay. Is

Duce:   5:16
not Todd. I thought that he was an Oh, so it is actually it's head, uh, and and Skip was the original L. Smith brewmaster, and this was back in 1995 which is pretty crazy because, um, the company in 2015 added a larger bring brewery and a tasting room also in San Diego. The address. We are definitely gonna put it up so you could check it out because it's first of all, it's awesome. It's huge.

Jay:   5:52
Yes, and they have their own street. Yeah, the Court L Smith

Duce:   5:56
Court, if that's how balling you have to

Jay:   5:59
be thio like,

Duce:   6:02
own your own street if it's so, um, I think that's that's super cool. And I know that, you know, having that, um, having that history where it's it's not so distant. Because what were you doing in the nineties? I know I was watching, like rugrats and all real monsters and shit.

Jay:   6:20
But who are you doing, Deuce? A nineties. Our aim. I don't know. I was probably playing like street fighter. Um, listen to a bunch of different RV music. Yeah, si eso. I wasn't I wasn't into brewery's. Just know that I live in the

Duce:   6:39
era of of a brewery that started and grew, Um, it's it's really cool. I think it's pretty cool. And it's continuing to grow because of what we saw on Saturday. Yeah, it was insanely busy. Um, this is that's how good their beers, you know, not just locals, but it seemed like people from out of town, I think. Did you notice that there was, like, a one of those buses that tour like a tour bus?

Jay:   7:05
Yes. A tour bus tour, Like dropping people off at the brewery, which which is

Duce:   7:09
dope. You know, um, that was one thing that I was like, Okay, that's their popularity is definitely, You know, they're, um So we we went inside, and first thing you see is the Anvil.

Jay:   7:22
Yeah, you I was like, Hey, did you guys see the admiral outside? It was like, What's that? It was like, the thing that the wily coyote drops on the road Runner tries to all the time. All the one that says acne. Yeah, that's an anvil. And they're like, Oh, it was like that. That despicable me thing is, uh oh, no, that's toy story. The choice of who? Aliens. Ah. Ah. Uh, so it was It was really funny. And we got inside. Um the first thing I noticed

Duce:   7:53
when I saw that you see, the gift shop was okay, That's cool that you looked here, right? And you see this giant tank like use you shy in tanks. And that's

Jay:   8:03
one of the

Duce:   8:03
things that I found super super interesting because a lot of the Berries, they show their stuff. But this thing is massive, and it's cool because it kind of looks like a winery in the sense of it being like glass. Uh, I've been to this San Antonio winery probably once in my life, and I took a tour, Um, and then we had sandwiches after, um, the tour was pretty cool. I enjoyed It was fun. I'm not a huge wine person, but it was It was for, like, an anniversary. And also I want to take her to

Jay:   8:41
mine. It's like I was like I said before, I try to be a wine snob, but I should did not work, so I'm still trying, but I

Duce:   8:49
can't. I can't get into it. If any any of our listeners know a good wine, um, that you would recommend or are or make wine yourself. Let us know I'm more than I want to go. If

Jay:   9:04
even if it's a Napa Napa, like sure, why not? You know, if you have a villa, even better, even better, it's better. You know, I don't I

Duce:   9:13
don't no waste that much food or water or anything like that. Um, and I'm willing to work on the field. So, like, if I could pay in that way, um, but yeah. So, back to L. Smith having that dick or just entering and seeing these massive silver tanks, you walk in and then just seeing, like, pillars of beer just, ah, the taps, the pillars and their old man. That's massively. You know, it's a huge operation when you don't even have tap towers your towers the size of the fucking

Jay:   9:45
complex freaking killers. Pillars and taps on it. Yeah. So that's how you know you're good.

Duce:   9:52
You're good. Don't even trip. Um, which is great. And, you know, probably to them also, um, the music, I think the music. So we're driving for three hours. Yeah. Thanks. The traffic, um, and we were eliciting See, like nineties hip hop R and B rock Alternative

Jay:   10:11
and Will Smith and Will Smith like, so this is gonna be a huge thing in the upcoming episodes. Will Smith is a huge stay tuned. That might be a question on instagram. How many will Smith references? How many times were saying that

Duce:   10:29
Name World Smith, in these few upcoming episodes in our San Diego trip and chef can a will vouch. Strange shit happens when you hang with us.

Jay:   10:41
Yeah, it is. This. It is happens. It just

Duce:   10:44
happens. Um, so yes, Will Smith and, um, they were They played awesome nineties retro, like hip hop R and B and alternative rock, which is really, really great. Um, I kind of fit the environment. Like the people that were there were also, you know, of our age range. Yeah. Um, I didn't see anyone too old too young. I think. It was like a large variety of just mix.

Jay:   11:10
It was a good mix, and I actually ah, did a little sound bite. So we'll post that up a cz. Well, um, probably on a on on the show.

Duce:   11:19
Yeah, definitely. Um, so the music was awesome and all right, so I I actually asked deuce this earlier today and

Jay:   11:31
as a hey, man, did you notice the little kids table at the corner. It was like what little kids say. Well, I don't know what you're talking about. Okay? This is gonna be a try to maybe make it as

Duce:   11:43
vivid as possible. So we were getting our beer. I order my flight, and there's since there is a lot of people, um, you know, I was looking for a table and

Jay:   11:54
I was all cool. I saw table I was that Yeah, awesome. And I noticed that the legs of the

Duce:   11:59
table, we're really short. And I was like,

Jay:   12:02
I don't think this would be a comfortable to say and I'm looking around and I'm like, Okay, this is not

Duce:   12:07
a normal table, you know, like

Jay:   12:10
it's a kid's table. What the fuck? They have a kid's table. I thought it was pretty cool. I should take a picture of it, But I was I was,

Duce:   12:18
like, tryingto I was on the hunt. I don't know if you're ever at a restaurant or like a bar. Where is, like, seat yourself type of thing. You're like, Dude, I need a table. I need a table and, like, that's all. You look for it

Jay:   12:29
like you don't even see anything. It could be it could be

Duce:   12:31
a clown juggling like shovels. Oh, that's cool.

Jay:   12:35
Where's the table? Yeah, that's all that matters.

Duce:   12:37
The table is key. So we found a table. And, um, so that's something I just want to point out. So if you go to L. Smith, look for the little kids table. It's on the far left, looking out towards the fruit trucks

Jay:   12:53
on that well, on the outdoors. So, like the beer, I guess it's a beer garden area. Yeah, the beer garden. Right are Yeah. It would be considered a beer garden. Uh, yeah, because it's outside of the premises on I'm basically a beer garden is just something that's outside outdoors. But you could still drink there. That makes

Duce:   13:12
sense, because I know that it was it. The doghouse has a beer garden. Yeah, right. So that's

Jay:   13:18
Oh, that makes sense. Yeah,

Duce:   13:19
that makes perfect sense. The more you

Jay:   13:21
know. Hey, um, so that's definitely something that,

Duce:   13:26
you know, I would highly recommend it. Check out. Um, So now the moment that we've all been waiting for What was your favor? Beer and Nelson made beer. So I will hand this over to deuce because ale Smith was his suggestion. Um, and I'm like, All right, I've I've never tried their stuff, so I was curious, but he was Oh, yes. Be waste out, man. It's the best one I like. Well, I don't dream stouts, so let's see what they have. Um, i'll go with into mine and the notes that I that I found interesting of the l. Smith. Um, I'm going to say was I think I have a joke for it. Some

Jay:   14:10
letter, Barry, because the name itself is fucking hilarious. That's why I got it. Honestly. Here. So so do stubby talkie.

Duce:   14:22
Other than the speedway stout being your favorite beer, would you feel about the one that you got? Because it is It is interesting.

Jay:   14:30
Yes. So what I felt about mine was it was it was it. What was the Speed Hawk? And I mean, basically l Smith speed waste out. Unbeknownst to me, um, they have, like, I mean, I don't know if you guys ever been on untapped, but if you having should check it out, log in. Um, it will show you a lot of different places in your area. um, but I went on there because I didn't take a picture of their freakin drink menu, which I always forget, cause I'm having so much fun, right? And I was just like, all right, I remember some of the drinks we had. Um, let me just check on on tap. They have, like, fuckin 400 drinks s o. I was a sight. Okay, in a lot of them are speedway Stiles was like speedway stout coconuts be way style Hawaiian sea waste out. So? So Speed Hawk is basically a speedway stout, but this one is a 12.7% a B V on that one. Um, just one of the way. What does a B V Santa for alcohol? Bitter alcohol, Valium, I don't know, to me is by alcohol by volume. Oh, alco alcohol by the Yankee. Who? I just googled that because he was like a V

Duce:   15:45
V. I like. Let me find me. Find me. Okay. So, alcohol by volume?

Jay:   15:49
Yeah. So, Mr Imperial Stout as one of the strongest and alcohol and body of the stouts. Black in color, um, typically has an extremely rich, multi flavor aroma with full, sweet marked character bitterness can come from roasted Martin hop additions. Um, what I remember, the most of it is very Arrgh. Make you smell like this huge coffee sense right away whether you're right in front of it are on the side of it. Because first thing everybody said was wow, this smells like coffee. And I was, like, Yes of coffee. Say coffee. Perfect for me. Um, it tastes great. It's funny because we smell it. I think of like some hot coffee that that you would, you know, be best part of waking up photos in your cups, everything ah, at ah being Hyde. And it's cold, though, so it was kind of weird. It's kind of messing with my senses, and it's super sweet. It was like if you put like 10 packs of, like, sugar in there like some CNH and was like, All right, There you go. Here you go. Uh, but other than that, I thought it was great. Um, definitely something that I could probably only drink one time, Um, sip on it and then go to the next drink. But I was That was one of my favorite drinks there. Yeah, the speedway is

Duce:   17:10
the speedway. Stow the speedway Hauspie Talk Speed Hawk. It's a speedway style, but hockey er

Jay:   17:18
that's what it's all

Duce:   17:19
about. Yeah, it's just the hockey version of the speedway. But I know Janet tried it on and she she likes coffee. And she was like, Oh, this is actually pretty good. Yeah, it's It's a one and done for you.

Jay:   17:32
I promise you that.

Duce:   17:34
So I was like, All right, let me let me get one s o. I got a flight and it was Ah, it was my drink that I chose was horny devil, which I have a comment about that I think it

Jay:   17:48
was a say, Cezanne, get this ace on Dale Dragon

Duce:   17:52
Dragon Great grape minds That g a p e grape How do small group?

Jay:   18:00
Yeah, G r a p g

Duce:   18:01
r a p I I forgot. They are so great Minds,

Jay:   18:06
old numbskull! Old numbskull! That's dude, That was another deuce. Ah, that was another Deuce approves this message because it tasted like street will know. It's like walnuts. And that night also. So what is your favorite nut? Yeah, What kind of nut are you? Yeah, exactly what kind of nut

Duce:   18:23
are you? Um, I I like cashews. Just because I like the name. Like I like to say cat shoes. Like, wherever I go, Whatever go Jenna is like, Okay, go. We need to buy some catch

Jay:   18:36
shoes. E like, what the fuck can you have catches? You have cats? No, I want cashews, but I call him catch use. That's the only reason why. Funny fact. Um, the whole, um, bar chats Picture that we have actually came about because we're talking about what's your favorite nut? And he was like, All is what cash you wanna wanna and? And it just never looked right is like the big fat one. That and then, Like the small cashews. So we like, you know, it was due to pee. That's like having a drink there. Yeah, eso

Duce:   19:07
we care Every character put peanuts as caricatures, and they turn into, like, funny looking guys with ties.

Jay:   19:16
All right, that's close enough. Fuck it. That works. Um, be ah, mine's cashews. His

Duce:   19:22
well, nuts. So the numbskull actually has a very strong taste of walnuts. It kind of reminded me of the Red Trolley. Yeah, because the Red Charlie has a very similar taste of that at Ah, Disneyland Disney. Ah. Um, they're the brewery itself. Um, I fear it's a West Coast berry. I forgot what Berger was, but I'll definitely get back to that. Excuse me. And will we'll see if we could do Rubies. I know they're on the West Coast. Yeah, um, so their thumbs up. So we have a lot of, like, interesting things that happen in during our little trip, which I guarantee you you will be super excited to hear the rest of it. Um, but funny stories that already So, Like I said, we were super excited. We're having the beer. So my fair beer, the horny devil. And this is the day. This is a very interesting drink. It's a Belgian ale, and it's It's something I told Deuce. I was like, Okay, it tastes like a really good beer. And he's like, Okay, what

Jay:   20:36
light with you? Yeah. What do you mean, a lot of really good. Okay, So that concept okay, A beer. Like what is a beer? What is it? Everyone has is

Duce:   20:47
bad idea, like oh, beer taste nasty was like, No, it's It's a new acquired taste. This depends on which one you have. Exactly. So it depends on which one. So I've already adjusted myself and kind of got custom to try and different ones. And I'm like, Okay, this tastes like a Belgian ale. Even before before I saw what it was because And general Valets, whenever she gets on the show show, vouch, I don't look at what the ingredients are

Jay:   21:20
tasting ingredients, I What I try to do is get the funniest name and I'll get that I'm like, All right, Hardy, that will fuck it. That was mine if you guys ever seen this movie. Oh, no. Honestly, I don't even know if you've ever seen is a movie called Perfume And this is dude, like only goes around sniffing people and then he grows up sniffing girls, and then he makes a bottle of perfume bottle perfect sense. And then everybody has order. Get them, by the way. So I didn't kill her for you. Hopefully I made you want to watch it. But it is a crazy ass movie. Yes, but I say that because that's Jay Jay's taste taste like a beer are drinking is like Oh, yes. Oh, this has wanted. This has a sense of coffee. And I'm like, dude like this. There's the milieu right there. Because I tried. I tried. I like your shit out, man. Like, I feel that's more fun. I think it's one of those things. Like, I like to challenge my senses. Like today. Today I Loki lost my hearing for, like, 25 minutes, and I'm like, Fuck, bro, I can't hear shit. This is fucking terrible. So I was

Duce:   22:21
I took a, um a saw to a metal canister. It was like a metal frame. Okay, Okay. I'm

Jay:   22:30
like, No, it's not

Duce:   22:30
that bad. We're out in the open. Okay? Me being a stupid ass audio engineer

Jay:   22:36
like, Okay, let's do it in the corner where resonates even fucking louder because we're trying

Duce:   22:42
to stay away from people's homes. Okay, lets you know, be courteous to them. Some over here, sawing away at this metal giant box.

Jay:   22:53
And you're by. My co worker was like, bro, this is the funniest shit ever because it was kicking back so hard that my entire body was shaking. It's not only not only was I like shaking like a maniac, but I couldn't hear anything. So he has to

Duce:   23:09
go back and tap me on the shoulder to tell me to stop because I couldn't hear

Jay:   23:12
shit. And I'm like town. Dude, am I fucking losing my hearing like this was bad.

Duce:   23:17
So I had I told was a You know, I'm gonna take a 10. I will walk around, try listen to the birds and should get my equilibrium back. Um, but yeah. So Ah, yeah, perfume. Uh, s So you know that we're talking about Hardy Don't horny devil. Because, like, I don't normally like, Look at what I buy. And that's a bad habit. So I just get the funniest thing I see. And so yeah, that sounds funny. Shit. Let's buy that. So I get that, um It is a Belgian ale. Belgium strong L It was 10% a PV? No. A bee. A B A B A B B. Um, 10%. It

Jay:   24:04
was really

Duce:   24:05
good. I liked it a lot. Also, like, um, the numbskull. And there is the Cezanne, the dragon. That thing tasted like showers. Looking amazing. It was It was all like flowers. It says jasmine. You get a strong, strong hint and Jasmine. I'm not a huge fan when it comes on, said Jasmine itself. Um, like in food or beverages, Like in t. I know. Janet. Relax. Like jasmine tea and stuff. Um, I had a bad experience with, like, jasmine inside soup. Oh, yeah, We went to a Thai place. It was weird Shit. Um, I ordered some jasmine like tofu thing. I don't know. I don't know what you had new rules. And now yeah, I want the noodles again. I don't reach it. I didn't know that it had jasmine. It was like all some noodles. Okay, cool guy. Get the fucking noodles. Whatever. Um, so I was like, Okay, cool. I taste it. And I had jasmine in my mouth for fucking week. Broke

Jay:   25:01
like I brush my teeth. I probably went through, like,

Duce:   25:03
a bottle of this, Doreen,

Jay:   25:04
I don't wash that

Duce:   25:05
shit out of my mouth. And I do that. I can't I can't fucking do this. So, um, yeah, I just started eating a bunch of, like, chili Cheetos and, like, Fritos and stuff just to get that fucking taste out of my mouth. It

Jay:   25:17
was It was pretty bad. It was

Duce:   25:18
pretty fucking bad. Um, but I don't Yeah, more of the story

Jay:   25:23
reading what you buy really read. Make sure you know what you're

Duce:   25:27
buying. Um, which, which is cool, because, like that, since they had the food truck, you know, I was okay. Just in case. Just in case if I got that jasmine taste in my mouth, All right. Have food trucks cool. So we actually I got a burrito from Zoe's. Yeah, Z o E s apostrophe places those places Those place our Zoey's is always I don't I don't know how to hide. So is probably at probably I'd ask the guy. He was pretty cool. Um and ah, so I got a burrito as it cool to tears refire the walking mall. There was fire, the beans arise, fire the greens A lot of greens. It was a lot of greens. Yeah,

Jay:   26:12
we all ate. I mean, can they got a burger way? All took a bite out of it. It was like it was your Ah, gosh, man had, ah, pork belly on it. It was juicy s. So we ate some of that. We also had not just so me and my wife, we have some nachos, and we were just chewing on that. We were just hungry. Guys. Yeah. River Three and my Mind you. This is okay. And as ah, so if you're gonna plan a trip, don't stop for most do not stop for mimosas. If you do incorporate that in the trip. Oh, I guess, uh, yeah, it was It was It was a fun day. It was definitely

Duce:   26:54
fun day. Um, we saw a little a little door.

Jay:   26:58
Yes, we did result. I thought, like, you know, a smaller person, smaller person is going to come out of it. Either that or it was for dogs or something. Right? But it was just The lady came by and was just like, Now they just have a heater right there. Yeah, it's great. It's like a It's a very fancy access panel since I work in construction is like, Yeah, that's an access panel. I was like, Oh, yeah, that's right. Because right there is like, it's the

Duce:   27:24
boiler room of which is super funny, but was super decorated, like they decorated for the holidays. And when we went, it was in AA and near Valentine's Day. Yeah, um, but you know, it's it's which is pretty cool breeze out of flowers and stuff. And I'm pretty sure ST Patrick's Day is coming up very, very soon. Like super soon. Um,

Jay:   27:48
we made people knock on a door. Yeah, just super What must happen? We don't know something, but it was so funny. Yeah. So incorporate Moses into every trip, because you're gonna have a most of somewhere. And you're gonna get to your location at Look at three o'clock, you try to be there at 12. Just say, just say, uh but yeah, it was It was definitely

Duce:   28:13
a fun, fun experience. And I think that's what that's what beers and, like, just bring. And overall, just where you're supposed to have those experience those moments like, um, I'm telling you, stay tuned. Because the rest of the other ones we're gonna talk about and like I said, L Smith great location. Um Super, Super nice. Clean, Very clean. Very clean. Very clean. I really enjoyed it. Ah, music, Thumbs up, little kids table. Fucking hilarious. Huge. Very huge. Huge. I would say Do pace yourself when it comes down to ordering because there is a lot of people and Since it is busy, try to get, you know, at least two drinks or maybe a fly or two flights. If you're going with a group of people, definitely everybody make sure to get their drink at the same time. Um, so you don't have to be waiting in line or anything like that and kind of just pace yourself and just keep on going. What do you What do you think?

Jay:   29:20
You absolutely definite one patient self. They have very strong drinks. Guys. Um I mean, pretty much like the horny devil thing was 10% of my speed. Hark was 12.7 then. I had a speedway style 12. Um, and I know you guys had some 8% 7. So you definitely gotta pace yourself, drink a lot of water. Um, and walk around. Yeah, because there's

Duce:   29:46
multiple robberies all down that street, if not down the street, like a block down. It does. Look industrial. It's super suit looks super shady. I'm not gonna lie. Um, when we got there is a whole damn, This looks like a straight away, Russ. And

Jay:   30:03
honestly, I think it is. I think it is a warehouse. Pretty much right? Because it still has, like,

Duce:   30:08
the trailer numbers on the top. Like the 28

Jay:   30:10
29 I saw that I was like, Holy shit. That's

Duce:   30:13
like a trailer number, um, super cool. And ah, they like I said, a lot of worries Have food trucks, like food vendors there. I'm pretty sure you could bring in your own food, which that's another great thing about Berries. So it's just like you could bring in their food. So if you do go to L. Smith, either, you know, support the food vendors that air there or you could bring your own. Um I don't see why they would say no, because you know, why not shit. Like every every other Berry does it, Um, we try to Postmates, but oh, I was thinking about post mating browsing way. Got other places to go.

Jay:   30:54
By the time it gets

Duce:   30:55
here, we'll probably be done. Boy that with our tour, um and ah, it was it was cool. Great company. Good. Delia was fun. Take a picture. All right, so here we go. I'm asking the audience to do something for us. Yes, I'm asking you guys and girls and bar nuts out there. If you go to L. Smith, take a picture next to the anvil and

Jay:   31:23
you'll see a picture of us on on the bar chat. Right? Um,

Duce:   31:27
on the a g n i g on Bardot chats. Um, so if you could do us a huge favor and just take a picture with the anvil, make it funny, do whatever you want and we'll send it to us and we'll go ahead and put it up on the A G. What is

Jay:   31:42
absolutely Yeah, do it.

Duce:   31:43
All right, So if you could do that, if you're ever in San Diego, you go take a take A funny picture. Of course. Be respectful. Be mindful of people around you Just go and take a picture with the anvil and, you know, hashtag Gayle Smith hashtag bar chats. And you know we'll go ahead and put our site as well, just so we could show that where we're bringing in people these we want it. We want to make sure that you guys check it out like we go to these breweries because we want you to check him

Jay:   32:11
out. Yeah. We want you to go and experience what we're experiencing and we want to hear about your experiences at those

Duce:   32:18
breweries, right? And if you need ah, you know, not a designated driver. Please hit me up.

Jay:   32:26
Because I was the DD and its song man. He looks so so over that I was most so that it was the most

Duce:   32:33
sober of ever. Been at a bar was so bad.

Jay:   32:38
I do something there like just talking power Dreams left. I know I'm over here. Looking at

Duce:   32:44
was like I fucking hate you right now and then, but we want to get home safe. Of course. You know, I did take a sip here and there, but I did walk. I did drink a lot of water. That's why do so saying, drink a lot of water. Yeah, I was super hydrated. I was paying every five minutes. So, you know, I I bit the bullet this time because I'm not Loki. I'm not about to pay for a fucking uber to

Jay:   33:09
San Diego because $300. So I took that bit. The bullet, you know.

Duce:   33:15
So I I did. I did pace myself. And when I say pace myself, I had literally have three drinks the whole night. Yeah, it was three drinks.

Jay:   33:23
He was, like, sipping. Yeah, it was It was not even a sip. It was like a It was a

Duce:   33:28
taste, like, barely touch. My tongue was like, Okay,

Jay:   33:31
that's good. That's good. Yeah, really? Taste that. Can I get ah, eight ounces of water? Yeah, Give me water. Give me water food. And I hate you guys. But I was so

Duce:   33:42
glad that everybody had fun. And, you know, I want you guys and girls and bar nuts to go out there and have fun as well Enjoy the scenery because San Diego is beautiful. It's a beautiful place.

Jay:   33:55
Yes, a beautiful place. And, um, you know, fun. Fact L. Smith is actually has one of the biggest tap rooms that they have in San Diego. Um, so just really look at the accomplishment that they from 1995 you know, being at their smaller brew location to being at a brew location that has their name else of court and being able to do over 100,000 barrels of beer a year. Um, they're like global now. They're all over the place. One thing I noticed, I kind of stepped away from, you know, from the group. And I was really wanted this to take in the music in the in the vibe and the people is that there are people literally just coming in like hay. And they're like, Hey, you ready? Get your order. Like they already knew who they were from. And they were just ordering, like, specific drinks because L. Smith actually has this drinking program, Um, for, like, their elite brewers. And you know what I'll do. I'll do some more research on that are, you know, do some researchers so But they get, like, specific drinks on Lee for those people who are signed up under this like a leak brewing thing that they have on their website. Um, so you get some exclusive stouts and and other type of drinks that they're working on 11 thing I bought actually got some glasses with speed waste out. Of course, right. And I got that. I believed it was called speedway Stout. Cinnamon are Confederate, something like that. And that one was, like 14.5 a B V on that one. So Romero, the barrel aged one, yeah, barrel aged one thought it was really nice to And beautiful bottle. Um I mean, they man hats off to them, and they did a great job. Oh, um, with everything that they have, they've definitely taken their brand to a whole nother level, you know? And

Duce:   35:48
that's that's honestly, that's super super. Super impressive for only being What is that? Okay, I'm terrible with math. 1995 to 2015

Jay:   35:58
Solo 20 years, right? And then, yeah, 25 now. Yeah. Yeah.

Duce:   36:04
All right, think, think about it. If you're going to achieve that much, um, like, you know, hats off hats off to L. Smith for doing that and having that that accomplishment under their belt. And I know they're growing. They're huge. They're getting bigger, you know? They're winning multiple awards. Um, and I know that they have a, uh, am ville and stat Stave. Ambulance stave. Um, so we were at another brewery, and we're gonna go ahead and talk about that one later, but we're at another brewery, and I actually shifted off and went off to talk to some people to some of the locals. Um, and they gave me a little bit of insight in terms of, um, Avalon Stave at L Smith. And oh, it's a Wouldn't you see the wooden pilots when you walk out? Yeah, that's a door. Ah, so you slide that through and you're able to go in, and I was on. And if you go on their website, you could actually see they're ours for ambulance state. Nice. And I'm like, Oh, snap, that's super super crazy. So if you're there, definitely ask about that because

Jay:   37:18
we didn't. So, man, they were too busy. Would have been able to, anyway, Yeah, it was It wasn't saying it was insane. So definitely

Duce:   37:26
go with time. I said go a time. Um, no. You're gonna be there for a while. You're not because, um, you know, not because you're gonna say, um, standing in line. But because you're gonna be having such a good time is that you're gonna be okay. Cool. Let me go grab a beer and you're gonna forget Time exists. And next thing you know, you look like holy shit. It's five o'clock. I have to drive three hours back

Jay:   37:49
to l. A. Fuck me so real quick before we get off that soon. It seems like we're kind of winding down. What Will Smith song where they play? No. So Okay, it's Ah, Twilight zone time. All right. So here's the

Duce:   38:07
first part of three. Um, yeah. First part of three. Will Smith encountered

Jay:   38:13
way. Didn't actually see him. Right? What? Which will be pretty cool. I'll be pretty, don't we? Kind of did. But we'll talk about what we mean by yes. Yeah, in the next episode. So that that's super super funny. Super shaking May was like fucking, like, staring hard. She didn't believe that she did not believe it. Okay,

Duce:   38:34
so So we were were driving. And we're listening to the men in black.

Jay:   38:39
Yeah. So yeah, we're all we're all nineties kids way.

Duce:   38:46
We're vibing. We're hanging out, and then we go into L. Smith and we fucking hear the men in

Jay:   38:53
black, right? And I don't know about you guys, but I honestly haven't heard that song for ever. I've never It was funny that even J even played. I think it was just kind of just like Oh, yeah, this is nostalgia. Ya a little play it. It was a play list. It was a nineties plate. How are they play this? That l Smith. It was crazy, and they kept playing less music. Nothing but just

Duce:   39:17
will. Smith music. Um you know, I was waiting like Loki. I would not be surprised if, like, they started playing the fresh plains of All

Jay:   39:24
right just for shits And goes all of a sudden the food comes out of nowhere, like guys, what's going on? Do that would have been fucking lit. Um, but it didn't happen, right? It will Smith, if you're listening. Hey, contact this. Hit us up, and we will love to do an interview with you, man. Just let you know that, like we went there, we heard your song and then to be continued because the following what happens next will blow your fucking mine. Um, in

Duce:   39:57
the words of Jack Black, but ah, yeah, it's It's definitely something that can a didn't believe, So she experienced it. And when she experienced it, she was literally dumbfounded. Yeah, like, literally dumbfounded

Jay:   40:12
was like, What does this song mean? I'm like, I don't know, man, but Chapple says all the time it doesn't mean anything. Thio just happens. It just

Duce:   40:21
happens. But, you know, I really? I really enjoyed it. It was super fun. Um, yes. Will Smith, San Diego L. Smith. Oh, yeah. Hold it. Wait. Wait a minute. Ale. Smith Will Smith.

Jay:   40:36
There we go. Llewyn Naughty. Confirming e 00 I just realized I should They were They were playing. The Smiths had to play the Smiths, right? That's that, Z I would Honestly, it would have been okay if it would have been Will Smith. What if there will Smith in Lady Smith? Black Mambazo if you don't know

Duce:   41:00
what that group is, if you've never heard of that group, I Google it Lady Smith, Black Mambazo and, um, it's it's it's very it's completely different genres. Okay, it's chanting. I think it's from West Africa. I'm not sure, Um, but it's it's, um, has to do with, like, chanting from the mines and stuff they were actually at. Ah, is it J p. L doing a performance? Um, before I think the lead the lead singer passed away, but their music is awesome. Put it this way. They did a song with ah, Paul Simon, I think Paul Simon, um, on, uh, Graceland.

Jay:   41:45
How do I know this?

Duce:   41:46
Because my father plays that fucking album all the time. And he's like, uh, where's diamonds? That something shoes. Diamond is something about shoes and diamonds, but it has to do with the mines in Africa. Um, you know, the diamond mines. And, um so it is very political, of course, is for Doc Castro be here. But yeah, no, it's It's definitely one of those things. I feel if they would have played that in that I honestly would have just been, like, you know, what I've done with my life Mission has been completely, you know, the aliens could take me away. Now it's okay. Let me put on my let me put on my, like my fuckin tinfoil hat. We're going to conspiracies on our next episode now, just plain we're not gonna do that. That's a fucking rabbit hole. I'd never want to

Jay:   42:34
go. You never get out of it like a black Oh. Although, although I

Duce:   42:40
know one of our interviewees is super into consideration, yes. So we might have to do apart to be our part to it will most likely go into that. It's all right. I'm just gonna save that for her because she was very adamant. Like, once we stop recording like we spent. Probably got an hour to Aria's talking about conspiracy theories.

Jay:   43:00
And when I went to go drink, she was someone. Really? Yes. You see? So so yeah. No,

Duce:   43:06
definitely that that's for you. And you know who you are. Um, so that's good. That's that's gonna be fun. But you know what? I think the first bury that we hit on our San Diego trip. It was definitely fun. You know, definitely. Check about. Check us out on bar dot Schatz. Also, we have our website out. Yep. Bar chats that net our chats dot net. Um, we have our instagrams always go in rocking a Roland. Um, we are going to be doing hopefully very soon. A patri on? Absolutely. Um we're trying to We're trying to see if you guys will want us to go to your town and try some of your worries. And if you want to support us, feel free. Um, let us know you already support us by listening, and we thank you. So, so much regret graciously. I

Jay:   44:10
really appreciate it. I'd say that right now. All right, I say that you're right now because I was fucking done that day That black my black Rob Yes, Rob Rob Hatton Drinking rob on day So good. Yes, I graciously

Duce:   44:29
or we graciously appreciate your support and your continued support. So please thank you so much for hearing us out checking us out on our instagram on our website. And remember, no matter what

Jay:   44:44
you do or where you go something right? Want a drink?