This awesome episode is with our buddy Sayle who is a barback in Downtown LA. For those who don't know what a barback is, listen as he walks through a day in the life of a barback while we talk about very interesting topics. 

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Jay :   0:01
What's a beer?  

Duce:   0:02
What's a cocktail?

Jay :   0:03
What do you recommend?  

Duce:   0:04
Where should we go?  

Jay :   0:05
Why do we eat peanut butter with jelly?  

Duce:   0:08
Bro peanut butter and jelly is fire. 

Jay :   0:11
Smooth or crunchy though?

Duce:   0:12
Don't even get me started on that. (Laughter)

Jay :   0:15
Join us on our journey through your local breweries in your backyard  

Duce:   0:20
and hours while we talk about serious yet not so serious topics about life,  

Jay :   0:25

Duce:   0:26
and friends.  

Jay :   0:27
I'm Jay

Duce:   0:28
I'm Duce, and this is a bar chats.  

Jay :   0:32
You ready?  

Duce:   0:33
Let's roll.

Jay :   0:43
Hey, Bart. Guys, that's going on. This is Jay and Deuce, and we have awesome guests. Sale Sale. It's a cool Cool. So So thank you so much for being here, man. Yeah, thanks. I really appreciate it. When Deuce told me that we're gonna have you on, I was like, Oh, man. Okay, so we get, we get the front back, and eventually we're gonna get

Jay :   1:05
the oh,

Duce:   1:08
everybody. You know, it's gonna be super fun. So, um, I'm really excited about this interview because you know it Z you know Carina? Yeah, right. And, um so before I go, just jumping around, um, tell us a little bit about what we're talking right now. And you were giving us a little story and Oh, yeah, a little Brie.

Sayle:   1:33
Okay. Yeah. Uh, okay. Yeah, yeah, I'll run that back for for the audience. So I've been up, are backing for about two and 1/2 3 years now, almost exclusively in downtown L. A. It was a really kind of freak thing, really. One of my best friends at the time, I I was working doing a catering gig that I was just really not happy with. And he approached me one day and he was like, Um hey, I know you're not happy with your job. You've never worked in a bar before. But I you know, I have faith in you, So if you want to come, you know, do a stodgy or two. We need an extra set of hands bar backing at, you know, the spot that we were both working at. And, um so I must have done well enough because the managers, you know, they gave me their ah ah, new hire packet. And they said, you know, we'll train you and whatnot. But the main thing is, so long as you keep your head on a swivel on your nose to the grindstone, then you're gonna be golden.

Jay :   2:28
I love that you start work. Especially because,

Duce:   2:33
um, you know, I work in construction. Okay, So I do property management some time to do that, goes into apartments and, like, Oh, I have a leaky faucet. That sucks. And I bring in my tool kit and start fixing it. I end up breaking it first, breaking more, but I don't know. You need to get this entire thing replaced. I don't tell my boss that I just messed up his stuff.

Jay :   2:55
Not just into this. Almost. Okay with that,

Sayle:   2:58
you gotta break it just enough that you can fix it. But then the next person who comes and breaks it thinks it was there for

Jay :   3:03
right? Yeah, that's that's pretty much that,

Duce:   3:08
but yeah, so, you know, thank you so much again for being here and sharing that that story, you know? And we sent you a bunch of questions, but honestly, I like the questions, and I'm gonna just jump around, see if we could catch up.

Jay :   3:25
All right. All right. I'm ready as I'll ever be. I guess

Duce:   3:29
so. Just so you know, you're a bar back, correct? Okay. And How do you feel about, like, do people or the audio and not the audience with people at the bar? Do they see you any different versus the bartender? Or do they like, Oh, you're a bartender? Help

Sayle:   3:48
me. Um, so that's really you know, that's really interesting question. Um, you'd be surprised how many people don't know what a bar back is.

Jay :   3:58
Really? I've got

Sayle:   4:00
it in many times where people, you know, much as you said, they see you behind the bar and they immediately think, um oh, that guy's not helping anybody, so he can He should be helping me, Right? Right. So, you know, without even asking, this isn't everybody, but it's a fair amount of people. They'll be without even asking, just They'll say, Hey,

Jay :   4:19
can I get this?

Sayle:   4:20
And I immediately have to tell them, uh, no. Sorry. I'm just a bar back. You gotta talk to when the bartenders, You know what I mean? Right? And especially like on a busy Friday and Saturday night, you know, that is crucial to just maintaining workflow.

Duce:   4:31
Right? Right. Exactly. Yeah. You know what the workload would you say Friday and Saturday or Thursday? Friday, Saturday your busiest time.

Jay :   4:40
Um, Thursday?

Sayle:   4:41
Yeah. I mean, you know, there's thirsty Thursdays of thing, right? I mean,

Jay :   4:47
a smart I've known.

Sayle:   4:49
Yeah, you know, there's usually a good day to go drinking because not everybody works on Friday. So Thursday

Jay :   4:56
it could be

Sayle:   4:56
hit or miss. It's fairly consistent. But Friday and Saturday, especially in the evenings. I mean, any service industry person will tell you that's you know, that's your bread and butter. Like those of the nights you're gonna wanna work unless you're at some really fancy hotel or restaurant Sunday brunches could be really good, too. Yeah, Sunday brunch, depending on where you're working at that like that could be a home run for sure.

Duce:   5:19
Interesting. So I gotta quit being a construction worker and being a brunch person,

Jay :   5:25
I mean, just

Sayle:   5:27
again, it's about where you work in, you know, location is key for church

Duce:   5:30
in this key. Remember that guy's location? Asian. Yeah, I know zoos has a lot of questions, So I'ma let let him gear the next one before I start going off the rails and start admiring. I love your attire, bro.

Jay :   5:47
Oh, thanks. Jacket. Like what? I saw you. Oh, my God, I love that jacket is awesome. Oh, thanks. Yeah, Yeah.

Sayle:   5:54
It was my grandfather's field jacket from Vietnam.

Jay :   5:57
Oh, no way. Yeah, yeah,

Sayle:   5:58
yeah, it's got It's got his Ah, Patrick Here. Come Ito.

Duce:   6:01
That's that's fucking awesome. Thinks I'm looking at the think

Sayle:   6:05
this is infantry. I could be wrong. It's naturally doesn't really like to talk about it, right? I think this is like the 12 division, you know, it s Oh,

Duce:   6:14
that's awesome.

Sayle:   6:15
He gave it to my mom because, you know, just bad memories associated with it, and she just passed it on to me. And it's just a really nice piece. And I get to wear it, you know, as an homage to you know, this wonderful man in my life.

Duce:   6:27
There we go. You know that that's actually I I greatly appreciate the service that he did on all the servicemen and women out there, so thank you, everybody, everybody, That's listening. Thanks, guys. Yeah, exactly. You know, and, you know, we were definitely cheering for you guys and girls and men and women,

Jay :   6:47
everybody. I try to get everybody in there.

Duce:   6:52
Yeah, really? When it comes down to the words I lose my train of thought, but I'm trying. So we just took a shot.

Sayle:   7:00
Eyes going to your head

Duce:   7:02
a little Little Okay, It usually happens. I'm looking at this year. I'm like, I'm probably crack this up, so I'll let you take her there.

Jay :   7:11
Yeah, Yes.

Sayle:   7:14
Oh, I know you mentioned that A lot of people don't know what a bar back is. A great Segway into the next question. What's a day in the life of the bar back? So, uh, it

Jay :   7:26
kind of really

Sayle:   7:26
depends on where you're working and what with the aim and the vibe of the bar is, um I mean, the standard thing that you're always gonna be doing, no matter where you're working, is usually, you know, uh, retrieving glasses. And sometimes it's what you might have busters do that sometimes you don't far backs. Might just be hybrid that way. Um, so you're usually getting glasses cleaning the glasses, um, restocking the liquor. Um, you're constantly keeping an eye on the bartender for whatever they need. Whether it's like fruit juices, garnishes again, lickers, or you need to stop the little boys. You're just You're there. You're the right hand man. you know, whatever they need, That's what you're there for, your there. So that way they never have to leave the bar. So that way, they can constantly be making sure that they're serving customers, you know? And that brings us more money. And by spurs, you know what I mean. Um ah. I've worked in a couple of places where there is a prep shift, like, specifically a prep shift. Um, and you come in, it might be a four or six hour shift, and you make all the syrups, the cordials. You cut up some of the garnishes, you press, uh, the fresh juices, if you know that's what you do at that bar, and then you bounce. Um, there are other places that work where prepping is a daily thing. It's not everything you know. You're not doing like, a large scale format of like we're gonna make, like a 12 gallon 12. Leader came bro of the batch for you right now, but you will have to like, every day. It's like we got to cut the limes, lemons, all that stuff. You know what I mean. Um, and then, yeah, there are other places where you roll up on, like, eight or nine o'clock on a Friday and Saturday. All that stuff's already done, and you're just you're just ready to hit the ground running.

Duce:   9:26
What? That's crazy. So what? What I hear is, you guys and girls and men and women people, um, are pretty much the backbone.

Sayle:   9:35
Uh, yeah, that's I believe that's why it's called Bar Back. Because

Jay :   9:38
you're the backbone of the I like

Duce:   9:41
that. Yeah, that that that makes a lot of sense. And, you know, it's something that you said and you know, Deuce, Deuce will agree with me. Not like you said. Not that many people know what a bar back is. Um, and again, thank you for being here around.

Sayle:   9:56
Thank you again. Appreciate it.

Duce:   9:58
It gives the voice that, and that's honestly what I feel that this podcast does help is let everybody know about the community. You know, not just the hospitality industry, not just everybody that works at a bar or very um, you know, we got the Bruce people that are making beer, and we got people that are serving the clients, you know, and it's definitely something super interesting. So thumbs up

Jay :   10:26
Hey. Yeah, I appreciate

Sayle:   10:28
it. Appreciate it. Thank you.

Duce:   10:31
I know. I know I have. I always asked this question, usually hour later or whatever.

Sayle:   10:36
Okay. Wait on me.

Duce:   10:39
Blackout story. Everybody has one

Jay :   10:40
way. Just We're just gonna get right t to the meat of it. Yeah, right. Yeah. I

Duce:   10:50
like your you want. Do you want to crack open that bottle,

Sayle:   10:52
huh? Yeah.

Duce:   10:53
All right. So you all for free, and you go ahead and let us know about your blackout story.

Sayle:   10:59
Okay. Um well, you know, again, when when you prompted me on some of these questions, you know, I don't think shit, which one

Jay :   11:09
is the best? Maybe that's a little self incriminating, but

Sayle:   11:13
we're just gonna be candid here. Um, but

Jay :   11:15
I But I didn't think a

Sayle:   11:16
little bit about it. And I do have a very clear conscience of what my favorite is. And so ah, bunch of friends all working in the service industry bartender. I mean, they were all bartenders, and I was the bar back. We were all opening up this spot in Silver Lake, so we had just finished training. It's like a Wednesday at noon. Um, and we're all like needing to go downtown For what, One reason or another. And one of our boys, as we're bombing down from Silver Lake, he puts on boys are back in town. So I

Jay :   11:56
wear like a car by Yeah, like we're getting in the mood and we're all like, Well, yeah, let's go pick up. Let's go pick up

Sayle:   12:04
our buddy. He's probably doing admin stuff right now, right way Pick him up and we're all just like,

Jay :   12:10
let's just do some

Sayle:   12:11
day drinking. Why? No. Yeah, yeah. So, um, we're kind of bopping around, you know, having a couple of drinks. And, um, at the time, you know, my liver was not nearly as strong as it is now, s O. I remember at one point we go over to less eat. I don't know if you guys have been there, but it's a staple of downtown. L A Really? Yeah, it's a real cool spot. They've got a real nice, like, back far patio. Um, but yeah, so, you know, we're just kind of turning up in our own way. And I specifically remember taking a shot, and suddenly this dread came over me because I was the first and maybe only time in my life where I knew him like Oh, no, this'd for me. And I look over my good buddy Aaron and yeah, he can tell in my eyes he's like, nobody. You're going down on it. Just it was this total, like, non verbal communication. And so I kind of like, just fall into the mist of it all. And

Jay :   13:15
yeah, the star is not done yet. The next. The next thing that happened

Sayle:   13:19
was I kind of came out of the mist and we were in Grand Central Market And I'm halfway through

Jay :   13:25
a burger. Yeah, I'm halfway through a burger and I'm like, What the fuck is going on? And I turned over to my buddy, uh,

Sayle:   13:33
one of the guys we were with and he was just looked at me. He's like, dude on. And then I just went back into the mist, and I finally came to several hours later in a pitch black room, and I was freaking out like I don't get my phone turn on the flashlight and like, this room seems familiar. And, um, I step outside and I

Jay :   13:59
went into the broom closet of the bar that I was working at that time. And

Sayle:   14:03
my buddy, my buddy Aaron, He's talking Thio. My friend Kira. He knew I was back there, Um because, you know, he was just hanging out with me. She did not know I was there, So she looked over and was like, Oh,

Jay :   14:17
what do you do it? She had no idea it was in there. She

Sayle:   14:20
was flabbergasted. And I'm still, like, kind of drunk, so I'm just like

Jay :   14:24
hair, but was going on and start chatting

Sayle:   14:27
for a little bit. And I'm like beef jerky.

Jay :   14:30
And my body points

Sayle:   14:31
to like my my pocket in my breast pocket And I have haven't half eaten beef jerky stepped on and I was like, it was like Christmas for me. Dude,

Jay :   14:41
I was. So I devoured that,

Sayle:   14:44
and I was like, Okay, I need to sober up. I'm gonna go for a walk. I was gone for two hours because I ended up walking to little

Jay :   14:50
Tokyo while I was still drunk. I'm like, I'm gonna go listen to some jazz. So I went over to the blue

Sayle:   14:56
Whale. I You know, I got in. I don't know how I got in. And then I saw, like, the most badass violin player, and he was like saying like,

Jay :   15:06
Yeah, I mean, like, played with Metallica, like Miles Davis or whatever.

Sayle:   15:11
And I was just like, Preach it, brother,

Jay :   15:13
that's so cool. I

Sayle:   15:14
finally stumbled back to the bar and my buddies like I thought you were just going for a walk and I was like,

Jay :   15:20
Yeah, I want T O. And

Sayle:   15:25
so locally That was right when he was getting off and use like All right, well, we're going home now. And I'm like, Oh, thank God, it's been one hell of a day, man.

Duce:   15:34
That's that's That's a fucking great That's awesome story.

Jay :   15:38
It was a day. Hey, it sounds like a day sound like a whole, like weak. I

Sayle:   15:45
was not a happy camper the next morning.

Jay :   15:47
I could just imagine, man, obviously, what's your like,

Sayle:   15:50
um, your go to when you have a hangover. But I have a hangover. Um I mean, honestly, I just kind of lay in bed and feel miserable. You know, I'm just kind of I just

Jay :   16:04
classic classic Leave me alone. Yeah, I'm never I'm never drinking a eyes The sun so loud

Sayle:   16:14
um, no. I mean, usually I'll just drink a bunch of water. I don't know. I feel like every other day I'm hungover,

Jay :   16:22
So this'll point. It's just it's just business as usual. I get up and

Sayle:   16:26
I'm like, Oh, all right. I'll get over this in a couple

Jay :   16:29
hours. But I mean like, ah, bloody

Sayle:   16:32
Mary. I mean, that's a classic Goto a little hair of the dog goes a long way, you know, something acidic again. Bloody Mary. You know, the tomato juice you have really, really helps. Um, I also you know, try and I mean, I've been trying to take multi vitamins more so regularly nowadays, but, um, especially, like after a hangover, you know, cause, like, your kind of stripping yourself of nutrients, you know when you're going out on a night of debauchery, but yeah,

Jay :   16:58
definitely. Night of debauchery. Yes. And I love it, you know? Yeah. Uh, yeah. What else were we doing exactly? Um, yeah,

Sayle:   17:07
you know, multi vitamins kind of help get you back on track, you know? Are especially pedialyte. Yeah, I've heard from many people. Pedialyte is That's the way to go, you know?

Duce:   17:17
Yeah. Everyone has. Everyone has a unique cure. Minus soda. Like a lot of carbonation

Sayle:   17:24
That helps. Yeah,

Duce:   17:25
like a lot. And it's funny, because I think it was When was it? Yes. No Saturday. This past Saturday. Um, I made blood and sand. I made some blood inside for myself and my girl.

Jay :   17:39
Oh, after Karina. I look great player. Hey, get to three. Do is I'm counting,

Duce:   17:52
but yeah. So I made a bunch of, like, I make four. Delicious. Yeah. No, it's amazing. It may. Even my dad was gonna make me when I was like, um, sure, sure, Why not? Why not? Yeah. So, um, you know, it's it's funny. We all We all have our cures, right? Yeah. Well, everybody has a here. I heard that if you if you scratch a lemon and like, if you feel that losing is like for me, it's my bottom lip. That's when I know I'm getting fucked up with my bottom lip goes numb. It's game over like no one could save me at that point. The only thing

Jay :   18:28
that, like No, it's too late. Too late. Oh, no. I start

Duce:   18:34
rubbing my bottom. There was, like off block. Here

Jay :   18:36
it comes here comes.

Duce:   18:39
So that's That's my like, indicators. Do you have an indicator?

Sayle:   18:43
Um, I mean, that's tough to say. Uh, that's tough to say. I think it's I don't really have an indicator. Although much is the same as you like. If I can't feel my face that I'm like, right, Well, you know,

Jay :   18:58
that's yeah, that's where

Sayle:   18:59
we're deep in it. Um, usually, like, if I if I want to take a drink and like, um because I mean, I like beer, but I'm or just a, you know, hard liquor kind of guy. Usually if it starts going down and I start salivating like I'm not feeling like I'm gonna throw up, but like, my body's like, All right, all right. But, partner, slow down.

Jay :   19:18
You know what I mean? That's usually when

Sayle:   19:20
I'm like, Okay, cool. Just, you know, I have some soda water than well, we'll just that that will be all right. You just start trying to sober up, but yeah, the hard, you know, when it starts not going down so easily. That's what I'm like. Okay, Okay. Just Yeah, slow down here. Yeah,

Duce:   19:37
You see, that's me with whiskey. This this is my kryptonite

Jay :   19:41
way. Got secret. Tonight's here. Yeah. Oh, this is mine. I could drink this

Duce:   19:48
nonstop, and I'll be fine. He barely sips that. No, we're good. I drink this and I know the next day it's fucking game over. I'm I'm not like, No, he tries to call me. Hey, man, we got No, no,

Jay :   20:06
no, I whiskey. It's crazy

Duce:   20:10
because we used to go to the blind donkey all the time. And that is a whiskey.

Jay :   20:15
No, I haven't. Oh,

Duce:   20:16
man. Okay, so we definitely got to do this like we're gonna do a pub crawl. And if you're down, I we invited Karina.

Jay :   20:23
Oh, wait. Why? Why would I say no way?

Duce:   20:27
Want to take you? Take everybody? Not probably not all at once, Because it would be a fucking madhouse. And

Jay :   20:33
why not let it be a madhouse roller. Exact deep way.

Duce:   20:43
We definitely want to do a passage in a pub crawl. So weird. Yeah. And got the speakeasy. Barney's beanery, which we're probably gonna talk about very soon. Um, we got the white horse. We got Slater's 50 50 we got 35 for Barcelona, and these are all like little

Jay :   21:02
things run miss them.

Duce:   21:04
Oh, yeah, Because they have a lot of lace. What kind of what kind of music do you like? You don't like me asking?

Sayle:   21:09
No, no. I mean, I don't know why anybody would

Jay :   21:12
want a question like that, you know? Yeah,

Sayle:   21:15
Well, um I mean, I just told you guys, I think before we started, you know, I play saxophone, so I, uh, tenor alto Ah, little bit soprano mean I could play all of them, but those are the two that I own,

Duce:   21:28
right? Right.

Sayle:   21:29
So, I mean, you know, I love ah, loved jazz music. Also classical music. But, I mean, you know, I kind of go through phases, and I've been trying to listen to a lot of music not normally listening to. So I've been listening like black metal lately.

Jay :   21:44
No, no, I was just I was

Sayle:   21:47
just, you know, kind of working out to some Pantera

Jay :   21:50
today. Classic? Yeah. You know, But, I mean, I

Sayle:   21:53
love I love many different kinds of music. It's really just a matter of mood, right? Right. Yeah,

Duce:   21:59
that's that's no, I'm I'm glad. I'm glad you said that because I'm always looking for interesting people to talk to about different types of metal. I was listening to the Crimson Armada on my way home.

Sayle:   22:08
Oh, nice.

Duce:   22:09
So, um, I'm gonna hear the O and the person next. It was like,

Jay :   22:15
Oh, yeah. I

Sayle:   22:16
mean, hands down. One of my go to bands is a system of a down. I mean, that's new medal. Yeah, just, you know, especially like Southern California, you know? Gotta represent. Of course I love that band so much. It's a shame that they're having, like, I guess, creative differences. I don't know. I mean, this is hard work in a group of people

Jay :   22:37
way. Know that from experience? Yeah.

Sayle:   22:43
Yeah. Don't we all? It's it's it could be tough for sure.

Duce:   22:46
Oh, yeah, I know for sure. Are you, uh are you are your gamer, by any chance? I know you see my mega man.

Jay :   22:52
00 I didn't even see. I mean, I saw the

Sayle:   22:55
switch. I saw the ps for

Jay :   22:57
I did not see Meg Man, but bravo. Yeah, it's great. Oh, yeah. No, I

Sayle:   23:01
mean, I love video games. My one of my closest friends, He's the biggest mega man here that I know. Oh, yeah, I mean, he just like trivia,

Jay :   23:11
Actually, you know what? Yeah, from

Sayle:   23:13
Mega Man X like a spark man. There's

Jay :   23:16
a really good remix

Sayle:   23:18
that submitted on YouTube. Uh, yeah.

Jay :   23:20
I'll show it to you when we're all done. Yeah, but it's

Sayle:   23:23
It's like a really cool kind of like power metal. Yeah, that's so good.

Jay :   23:27
But I

Sayle:   23:27
love video games, man. I even have a tattoo of the torch from Darkest Dungeon.

Jay :   23:33
Okay, Yeah, yeah, yeah. So that is so so yeah, I love video games. I don't play

Sayle:   23:47
as much now as I used

Jay :   23:49
to. Just time constraints. Right, Right. But yeah,

Duce:   23:53
that's cool. I just got star Do Valley. Is my girls, like, all into, like, farming shit

Sayle:   23:58
Do check in life games are

Jay :   24:00
wary. Oh, there's so good. You know, I

Duce:   24:03
never was into it. She's a She's a huge, like Sens person, and I tried it. And then I'm like, Right? Like,

Jay :   24:10
why can't my life be this successful too invested in somebody else's life? Right around, like like these? Well, I

Sayle:   24:18
do. Are you keeping your eye out for March? 20th time pressure. It's march 20th two games. Air dropping on intended switch, animal

Jay :   24:26
crossing your horizons and also doom eternal. Right? I saw that story. I saw it on the store. Yeah. Yeah, like Oh, my God. It's like crazy. Yeah, I'm

Duce:   24:38
really high because there was, like, a Konami self. The first person when Konami sets a sale, he knows exam Omega Man. Fanny was like,

Jay :   24:46
so having 11 I have all the exes have

Duce:   24:49
XY. So I have I have three of them three collections on my PS board tonight and the rest of on my switch, because just in case, I wanna be out and about and look and place a megabyte. Why not? Right?

Sayle:   25:01
Yeah. I mean, obviously, who doesn't want to be doing

Jay :   25:03
that exactly, But yeah,

Duce:   25:06
it's one of those things where I feel like have you ever done a party drinking game with games like video games?

Jay :   25:14
Uh, no, I have That's a really great idea. I'm surprised it

Sayle:   25:18
hasn't happened yet before To be completely honest.

Duce:   25:21
Yeah. So we, um we have we, my family, please smash brothers a lot like a lot.

Jay :   25:27
A lot really was like fire. He's right right now. Right now. His main. Who does he mean? He means Cloud Clough. He's a fuck that I trust where I fucking hated.

Duce:   25:44
I fucking hated just because, like when it cut when it comes out to it, He always I used I used you too. Or

Jay :   25:52
represent, dude. Yeah, always. You're fucking all of you.

Duce:   25:55
I'm a big Pokemon guy. So I already bought the expansion. That should. I just realized it doesn't come out until, like, looking 6 23 And I was

Jay :   26:03
Oh, I gotta buy it. I've got to buy it for early hell early, bro. But I did get I

Duce:   26:09
get I got, like, a little sure like evey shirt.

Sayle:   26:11
Oh, nice.

Duce:   26:12
All right, cool. I'm rocking now. I'm fucking doing my Giga, Giga Macs Poke you wanted. I'm super hyped. I'm trying to convince my girl together, but she's excited about animal crossing, So, yes,

Sayle:   26:22
I'm so stoked about it. Do you

Jay :   26:24
think A year? Yeah. Long overdue, man. Of course, Isabel is about Is

Duce:   26:29
it? That's all I'm saying is

Jay :   26:30
about his foot on smash.

Duce:   26:32
But whatever is about, um you know,

Jay :   26:35
I mean, I'm not disagreeing with you. Play smash. I've been

Sayle:   26:41
played smashing a while. Um, but yeah, every now and then, but I mean the problem was that, like, uh, way back? You know, when Maley was the hot ticket was like, I you know, my parents were divorced. So, like, um, when we could be with my mom when we could be with my dad. So when I was with my dad, I just I was by myself, you know, when I was with my mom, you know, that's where all my friends were at. So they were just constantly, like, just grinding with each other

Jay :   27:09
when I was with my dad.

Sayle:   27:11
I mean, don't get wrong, you know, loved hanging out, right? You know that I would just be, like, kind of in my room, like I'm gonna play pick, man,

Jay :   27:17
you know? I mean, pick man's a shit I love Pick it. I and that

Sayle:   27:21
being said, I like playing Oldham are so yeah, you know, I love plane smashed roads, but you know that there was a serious discrepancy and skill, and so I just I would always rage Quit. I just

Jay :   27:34
I fucked this. Did you know that when it

Duce:   27:37
came to smelt like I'm just getting into smash again? Because I'm a huge street fighter guy. I love street fighter.

Jay :   27:46
And I have my controller like I might I might like You

Sayle:   27:50
know how to use them.

Duce:   27:51
Yeah. Yeah. Third strike. Remember, this will go down in history. Rolling just hit me up. So Rolling is my cousin, and he's turning 21 very soon, So

Jay :   28:02
Yeah, way got to do it. Oh, nice. Nice. We'll let you know. Oh, yeah. You guys got my number? Yeah. So he sent

Duce:   28:13
this to me. It was dago Maehara. I think that's his last name. But Daigo vs Justin Wong. And it was, uh I'll show you the video, but it's much him pairing his entire ultra. And like he got super pissed. He

Jay :   28:29
gets super pit, he fucking destroys him, bro. Man droids. And ever since that, like, he

Duce:   28:35
would never live that I follow Justin Wong and a respected Justin Long because he has so many sponsors. It's ridiculous. But honestly, it's one of those things where if you if if you are a master of a craft, you could tell by the opponents that you play and these are the number one people in the world.

Sayle:   28:55
Oh, yeah. I mean, yeah, that's

Jay :   28:56
some of the

Sayle:   28:57
stuff they do is absolutely insane, right? Ah, friend of mine showed me a video. I mean, it was from years ago, but I had just seen it. I don't remember. It was like, I wish I could remember the title Or like, the name of the guy who did it, but yeah, it was like a street fighter. Um, Round two, round three, you know, semifinals finals. Just unlike that. And well, with one guy was like, I had a sliver of health lever. The other dude was like going in for the kill. And he was just like,

Jay :   29:26
I like it is over. Oh,

Sayle:   29:33
Oh, yeah. No, that was just so insane. I had just seen that for the first time, like, three weeks ago. And I was like, That is

Jay :   29:40
That is insane. Yeah. That

Duce:   29:42
Daigo vs Justin want.

Jay :   29:44
Okay, this that's not okay. That's what. Yeah, insane. It was. It was just amazing. It's amazing.

Duce:   29:49
It's definitely one of those things that you're like, man. Like they invest so much time, you know? And they and they love. They love their crap. And in this case will be video games just like people making beers. People far backing people making drinks. What do you think?

Sayle:   30:06
Well, yeah. I mean, I'm sure you guys have heard about, like, you know, the 10,000 our rule. Right? Right, Right. Yeah. Um, yeah. Not too long ago. Some of my co workers, you know, on a slow night we were just kind of talking. It's like, how many hours do you think we've spent behind the bar? Right, Right. And and, um, the Mai Mai to always They were kind of like trying to, you know, do the mental calculations and whatnot. And they're like, Yeah, we definitely spent 10,000 hours behind the bar, at least. I mean, I haven't, but I think it also, you know, bears mentioning that just because you do something for 10,000 hours

Jay :   30:42
doesn't autumn heading your way. You have to, like, you know, you have

Sayle:   30:46
to be diligent, You know, you have to always be trying to learn, like I mean, yeah, yeah, I don't I don't know. I was to say you could do something for 10,000 hours, but it doesn't necessarily make you a master right now.

Duce:   30:59
I agree. I definitely agree. Like I I've been an audio engineering for God knows how long and I'm still

Jay :   31:06
having a master and do and this knows the Duce Nos

Duce:   31:12
because we used to make music and ours His engineer. Oh, nice. So you know, I play the guitar. You could see all the fucking guitars in the back. I should. Uncle from Peru.

Sayle:   31:21
I took, I took No Yeah,

Jay :   31:22

Duce:   31:25
yeah. I love jazz to

Jay :   31:26
you. No way. Okay, cool. Hey, way got a lot going on. Yeah. There you go.

Duce:   31:34
You know, and it's, um I feel I felt drinking is always good with music. Like when you hear life music at a bar. How do you feel?

Sayle:   31:43
Oh, um I'm I'm ecstatic. I'm elated. I thinkit's I don't think there's any, uh, proper alternative. I mean, you know, you got a good d J. And they're spinning whatnot. Um, that's fine. And especially if they're reading the crowd, then they're doing what they got to dio. And they're doing it. Well, you know what I mean? Even if, like, reading the crowd isn't what I want to hear, right? Like I'm kind of notorious for like, I don't pass him the ox court because

Jay :   32:12
he's gonna He's gonna put some on.

Sayle:   32:14
That's just not going to read the room. And I don't like I accept that for what it is right? But yeah, I know if there's live music, Um, God, it just it really is unparalleled. I think

Duce:   32:29
I definitely agree. And it were from our sponsor.

Sayle:   32:34
Huge shout outs to Acre Gold for sponsoring this episode of bar chats. Baker is a new subscription platform for Gold Acre lets you make small monthly payments and send you a gold bar straight to your doorstep every few months. It's affordable, convenient, and you also get a physical gold bar. Once your stash reaches 2.5 grams, which is super cool is you get this awesome little bar in your mail very discreet so your neighbors don't need to know subscribed for $50 a month, which honestly does not break the bank, and especially if you're planning to invest, check

Jay :   33:12
out our

Sayle:   33:12
show notes for special, unique link for all you bar nuts out there, get acre gold dot com slash bar chats. Once again, the unique link is get acre gold dot com slash bar chats. Once again, that's Acre gold, and no matter what you do where you go Sip something. So

Jay :   33:32
I just I fucking kill a cricket right now. Way

Duce:   33:42
go. So we're pouring up right now again, So yeah, definitely. Yeah. Please. There we go. So we got we got Jamison got tangled. Ray, Um, we also have a Guinness, so

Sayle:   34:00
that's tasty. I really like. Guess what? This was actually 8%. Hey, present April, right? I'm glad. I'm glad I filled up on starch before I can like that.

Duce:   34:17
I'm drinking Whatever deuce brought me last week. E don't know what What is its i p A? I don't know. I don't normally don't drink ideas. That's what this was. Really? Yeah. This is really good, though. Yeah, like super super good handle. We also have the some other hop one we went to. We went to a demo on, and we just bought a box, and we're like, All right, fuck it. Let's see what happens. Let's Let's enjoy.

Sayle:   34:44
Yeah, shoots. I mean, that's That's a solid brewery. I think I've had a couple of their beers. I like to shoots. Yeah, Yeah, I like them. It's just like, uh Well, do you like it? Is? I do? Yeah. Okay, so So I know that J and I like we were kind of like on the fence would I pays a lot of times and, um, for the most part, is just because of the happiness. And so I mean, yeah, they can definitely go overboard with you. Don't go overboard with this. All I What I really liked about this one is that it didn't have that aftertaste after you drink the Taipei because because usually has, like, this strong, like hoppy taste after you drink it. It didn't have any like aftertaste after it. Well,

Jay :   35:27
I mean, I Yeah, I like I like

Sayle:   35:29
something that's bitter up front, but that taste is replaced by something else on the back and write, you know, um, because I mean, you know, historically speaking, you know, if something's bitter, that usually means it's either really bad for us or somehow it's actually really good for us, you know, Um, but ah, yeah, I don't know. It's like I like the bitter taste, but I definitely don't want it lingering afterwards because then you just have that you

Jay :   35:59
have that e? Yeah, there's exactly I mean, there's

Sayle:   36:02
like, you know, your lips pucker when you think you have a sour face. But then there's also a bitter face and it's just really stank in, you know? I know I don't want it. I don't want any more of that. Yeah,

Duce:   36:14
Yeah. When it comes out to bitterness, um, I don't know. I feel like I don't know. I like Well, I just found out that I beat you International Bitter units. Have you heard of that?

Sayle:   36:30
Uh, no. This is my first time.

Jay :   36:31
Okay? I feel like everybody knows stuff except us, because I was like, I would always read that, but I'm like J. What does that mean? I mean, I feel like

Sayle:   36:42
I've heard it before, but I don't Yeah, I don't know, but please, but I'm more than I'm all years.

Duce:   36:48
So the intern, I'm really bad. I think I think Deuce has a better like,

Sayle:   36:53
Well, just like the like, international bitter units is just talking about, like, how bitter like a drink it is. Not every single beer's gonna have it. Okay, I Yeah. You

Jay :   37:04
know what? I've I've seen

Sayle:   37:05
it on beer bottles and bottles. Some of them is usually a B v, Right? Right. on and then I'd be used on some of them if it's, like, a little bit better. So I would say like, probably a lot of I p A's And here's OK. All right? Yeah, I've seen it before, but I never even bothered to question what it was, but

Duce:   37:26
I didn't know. Where do we actually did? Ah, a review way. So we went to San Diego, and we're you know, the audiences will hear this in in intervals, so they would have to stay tuned to get the full story of what happened. All right, so let's take

Jay :   37:45
it because I thought this is looking out. Singing it over. There you go. Cheers, guys. Alright. Likewise. Likewise.

Duce:   37:55
Okay. I always say it's better with a beer

Jay :   38:02
eyes. Good,

Duce:   38:04
but yeah. So we went to San Diego and we went toe l Smith and that we went to two other breweries

Sayle:   38:10
from guys went like around the Gaslamp district. And one on

Jay :   38:13
No, this is not like it was actually aside. Okay. Cool. Yeah,

Duce:   38:17
it's really undercut. Like, to be honest, it's one of those one of those things where you you have to go like

Sayle:   38:26
you're going there for that for that ticket. Okay. Cool. Yeah. Where? I mean, we've been district, but it was more just else missed one of my favorite Berries. And so

Duce:   38:39
speedway stout.

Sayle:   38:40
Yeah. Sweet waste. A favorite I like. Yeah, that's one of my guys. Doubts are delicious. And, um, I didn't know how big this facility was. I guess in 20 was that 2018 2020 15 2015 2015 a moves His huge facility Where? L Smith Court.

Jay :   39:05
So I mean, they have

Sayle:   39:05
like it like a campus. Hughes, that's really cool Stories like I like the Miller plan over on the 2 10

Jay :   39:13
is light, Which, by

Duce:   39:14
the way, it might close.

Sayle:   39:15
Ah, yeah, I've heard that too.

Duce:   39:16
Yeah, My clothes.

Sayle:   39:17
Yeah, I think I think it will be.

Duce:   39:20
Yeah, Which rich? Really sick. Let me go fucking kill this cricket because it

Jay :   39:24
z it's like they're

Duce:   39:26
I don't know why. It just It just doesn't want a fucking guy. All right, So you all you all do your thing and i'ma go cricket hunting real quick b r b for me, guys.

Sayle:   39:37
You know, I had a cricket stuck in my room. Uh, once a couple years ago and I was really pissed off because he would always like he would go into the corners that I could never possibly get into, like, behind a file cabinet or something like that right behind this. Yeah, and it was really annoying. But after a while, I started feeling bad for him because I'm like,

Jay :   39:58
I'm like, this guy's just trying

Sayle:   40:00
to, like, made before he

Jay :   40:02
dies, and he's stuck in my room, You know, I'm like I started

Sayle:   40:07
feeling real fat for this for this poor cricket. I gave him my name and everything. I don't remember what it was, but I just like once I got over the initial anger, I would go to bed every night and he'd be, you know, chirping chirping away. And I'd just be like, and I would just have, like, deep existential questions about Well, where I'm at in my life. Yeah. Five's on my last leg. What? I want to just meet for the last time. I'm sure the poor bastard just doomed,

Jay :   40:37
You know? I mean, uh, yeah, it was It took a really

Sayle:   40:41
dark turn. I never thought I could, you know, feel so deeply for a cricket of all things. Yeah, but fuck that guy.

Jay :   40:52
Yeah, it'd be

Sayle:   40:55
fair. Pinocchio was my favorite Disney movie.

Jay :   40:58
You know, you I remake that? No, because yes, they should. Kudos, kudos, but book Monstro, bro. Oh, my God. I think I gave me nightmares. Mon still gives me I cannot swim in the ocean because looking monstro, I promise you that's the

Duce:   41:19
fucking word.

Sayle:   41:20
Yeah. No, I'm not okay with that. I'm

Jay :   41:22
not I'm not okay with that

Sayle:   41:23
in the slightest

Duce:   41:25
fucking terrifies me. Put it this way. We had it. We had an annual pass at Disneyland. And to this day, I still flinch when he comes out in the right. So I would get on the right with my girl and she would fucking purposes do this shit because right went at the end. It's right at the end. It pops out and she knows it's there. I know it's fucking there.

Jay :   41:52
I mean, that's just a little lazy river, right? Yeah, I fucking shit. My pants Every time comes out, I'm like, get away from me! Hey for me, man. Monstro, Buckman show. So how do

Sayle:   42:07
you feel about remix? So, like lions and a lion King remake. How do you feel about that one? If if he saw it,

Jay :   42:14
I didn't see The Lion King remake I've got opinions about. Remain excited. Okay, so what is your opinion? I don't know,

Sayle:   42:24
man. It's just it's just look, I get I know that there are, like, you know, theories about There's only, like, what, 12 different store, unique stories that are told throughout the entirety of human history. Everything is derivative or has some twist on that? Okay, and that's that's fine. But I also in particular with, um, movies as

Jay :   42:49
well as with video

Sayle:   42:50
games. I feel like they're just taking the safe route, you know what I mean? I think this movie was a big hit. We know people are stupid, super nostalgic about it. So yeah, exactly. Do it again and it just feels really stagnant, you know, like, are you not gonna put out anything unique? You know what I mean? I just saw 1917 like a month ago. I really enjoyed it. They candid the bird man sort of thing where it's in one take. I think it's in two takes because there's like, a part cut. I want Tonto nonetheless, I was I was just totally engrossed because, you know, we're so used to flashing images, you know, kind of this, you know, really? Off the cuff, you know, very fast pays looking at you, looking at you, cameras over there, cameras over there, and it really forces you to be engaged with X. The whole scenery. Same. Absolutely. Yeah. You know, you're you're forced to just soak it all in. You can check out for even a moment. Um, and not only that, but it wasn't, um a glorification of war. You know what I mean?

Duce:   44:06
That's the one with Bennett. Uh, Benedict, right?

Jay :   44:09
Not the strange. Yeah, Yeah. Benedict Cumberbatch. Yes. It's the last thing that I think that I'm like, All right. Benadryl, Benadryl. Cumbersome Benedict, you know? Yeah, he makes. I

Sayle:   44:26
mean, it's funny. He's probably the biggest name attached to it. But you see him for, like, five minutes?

Jay :   44:34
No, no. Maybe that was spoilers. That's all I'll say about that. It's

Sayle:   44:39
still a really great movie. And yes, Benedict Cumberbatch is in it,

Jay :   44:44
But it's not a It's not a

Sayle:   44:46
glorification of war, you know, it's like you. I mean, you guys remember 24. Jack Bauer. The best way I can describe it without giving any spoilers is it's 24 with two guys, and

Jay :   44:59
that's fucking great. I wanna watch. That's the best way. I I highly

Sayle:   45:05
recommend it. My my buddy and his girl friend took me to go see it for my birthday. Super grateful. And it was just I was absolutely engaged. 100%. January 11.

Jay :   45:17
Hey, thanks, man. Happy, happy, Belated birthday. All right, There's a reason why Wait.

Duce:   45:28
Yeah, yeah, so you know, remakes. I feel that.

Jay :   45:34
What's the words re big that you see looking Assassin's Creed? No bad movie? Yeah, yeah, there's been enough bad movies. It's just And you know

Sayle:   45:52
what? There's this interview with Frank Zappa Lake in Ah, I think I can't remember when it was probably eighties or nineties, and you know, he's talking about the music industry, whatever was contemporary when that interview was taken and he's talking about, like back in the sixties and seventies, you know, you had all these old heads who they would listen to new music and they'd be like, Well,

Jay :   46:20
I don't know. Is this what people like? And they would take a chance on it. They just like, I don't know

Sayle:   46:24
what people like, and they would just put it out there and sure, I'm sure a lot of it was miss, but some of it was a big hit, you know? I mean, when he compared it to, you know, the contemporary cats who were, you know, at the top of the ladder, right? Who started from the bottom, right? And it kind of a really weird, subversive way. You think those people would be more like with it and wanting to give it a chance. But they have been so entrenched in the, uh, music industry for so long that they're like, this will not sell. This will sell. So we're not going to, you know, you're

Jay :   47:02
not even gonna get a chance. Yeah,

Sayle:   47:04
you know what I mean. And I feel not, uh, so that it's like, the big you know. You know, the big music industry nowadays definitely doesn't take chances, but luckily, you know, we have the advent of the Internet, so you you can get some really great people who are just self produced right now. Andy, I think we're in a great time period where people can finally actually go ahead and do some research and say, OK, I want to hear Jess, and people are really some like people from, you know, back in the day. But they'll actually listen to them. And oh, okay, I like it. And I'm gonna follow this person where, as opposed to, you know, before people were really going on the Internet like Spotify and things like that they would really just go to, based on whatever they saw on TRL are one of those type of shows. Yeah, anything. But I mean, there is also, you know, everything is a double edged sword. Right? So there there is, Ah, difficulty with regards to, you know, really, really amazing. Kind of like grassroots homegrown artists can also get bogged down in the noise of, like, all the you know, this is kind of an overplay joke, but all the soundcloud rappers,

Jay :   48:30
you know what I mean. And yeah, you know, it's

Sayle:   48:35
just, you know, all the people who, you know, have their own head up their ass and, ah, you know, and it just gets drowned out. You know, there could be somebody really amazing out there and you would never know it because there's so many people just self producing and whatnot. So it's a double edged sword, you know, way live in a narrow where you could make it big. Like Jacob Collier. He's a huge name in the jazz scene right now, please. 24 25. And he's already played with the, like, the London BBC. Phil, you know what I mean. His friends with, um, what's that guy's name? Uh, I'm drawing a blank right now. He produced Michael Jackson records. And what,

Jay :   49:19
No. Quincy Jones? Yeah,

Sayle:   49:21
he's good friends with Quincy Jones and Herbie Hancock. And he started off, you know, just putting up like YouTube videos of him doing, like, re harms of, you know, popular songs. You know, one of his biggest hits is I think, like he does he does re harm of, um, Meet The Flintstones. Yeah. Which fun fact wth E. If I'm correct, that could be wrong. But if I'm correct, the court changes to meet the Flintstones are rhythm changes, which are the exact same court changes to I've got rhythm.

Jay :   49:51
Yeah, bring by George Gershwin Goes back. Yeah, Yeah. Okay. Check that.

Sayle:   50:02
Yeah, I won't go too much into it. But like I've heard just and just from my jazz background, I've heard a couple different people, like, at the very end. Like they're playing something. They'll quote, meet the Flintstones, and you're like, Oh, yeah, you're you're with it, you

Jay :   50:17
know? I mean, like, yeah,

Sayle:   50:19
nice. So good call back.

Duce:   50:21
Yeah, definitely. I feel like when it comes out to music and just overall of more how could they say the more self producing people? But here's the thing. I feel musicians overall, just musicians, general, like someone that spends hours and hours and hours practicing piano, guitar tracks, whatever Have the ability now to actually get money and just be out there. It wasn't like that back in the day. I know that for a fact because we started off where we're like shit. How the fuck are we gonna phone Bill? You know, it was it was pretty tough. It was pretty tough, But CD way spent more on fucking CDs and business cards, CDs and business cards would have it. We have our street team with us.

Jay :   51:18
Way had a street

Duce:   51:21
team. That was me,

Jay :   51:24
me and my sister Yeah, you're just You're just You're

Sayle:   51:27
You're the jack of all trades, man,

Duce:   51:28
right? You have to at that point. But now I think that the internet and just the avenues that we have now have definitely opened up a lot. Not just for not just for music, but also for the hospitality industry. Because because of this avenue of bar of podcasting were able to share stories, You know that we're not, You know, you want to be able. You wouldn't know, man. Let's be real. You wouldn't know. You wouldn't know the life of a bar back. You wouldn't know the likable bartender. You wouldn't know the backstories And honestly, you know, I think is the fourth time he's saying thank you again.

Sayle:   52:13
Hey, man, I'm glad to be here. I'm very, very excited to be here.

Jay :   52:17
Yeah, that is great. Yeah. Yeah. And I agree with

Sayle:   52:21
you. You know, um, now that we have this internet of things, you know this information superhighway, we we can talk about this, And, you know, as I said before, we're not a lot of people even know what a bar back is because not everywhere has a far back. You know. Now we're opening up the conversation, like about what a bar back is and what they do, You know what I mean? And they and the fact that yes, we do exist. I'm

Jay :   52:50
sorry if I'm busy. If I'm really busy, I can't

Sayle:   52:55
serve you like no matter how much you ask me,

Jay :   52:58
I've even had

Sayle:   52:58
people like trains slip me money like

Jay :   53:00
Come on, man. Could you just Yeah, and it's like, Yeah, and it's like, No, I have some extra money. No, I'm not doing that right now, you know? So that's that's a

Sayle:   53:11
good segue way. And so the next question, actually. So what's your craziest story as a bar back? Craziest story as a bar, Mac. Okay.

Jay :   53:22
Uh, yeah. Okay. Cool. Yeah. This is this is

Sayle:   53:27
honest with my favorite bar story.

Jay :   53:29
Okay. Excited? Yeah. Yeah, OK, good. Good. Yeah, well, he's in on it, too. S

Sayle:   53:39
o. So you know, this does involve some celebrities. So, you know,

Jay :   53:44
just out of

Sayle:   53:44
the out of respect for their privacy, what are you gonna name names? But ah, this was probably about six months into me working at my first gig, and, um, I knew it was gonna be, like, high profile, private event, that sort of thing. And so I I did the opening shift, and I like, you know, busting my hump. I'm like, Okay, cool. I'm gonna make sure that they're not gonna need anything by the time I leave. Right, So I get off. Ah, it's about nine o'clock. I talked to the one of the owners, would come in, and I was like, Hey, ah, is it cool if I just, like, hang out? You know what I mean? It was It was like it was It was ex celebrities, 40 birthday party, and I, uh, so he was like,

Jay :   54:34
Yeah, hang out.

Sayle:   54:35
Have a good time. Right? So so that's exactly what I did.

Jay :   54:41
You know, that's exactly what I will. I will Thank you. Thank you for giving me permission. So I'm hanging, hanging, like I said, hanging out,

Sayle:   54:53
having a good time getting some drinks and much to my satisfaction, you know, all the people who were coming in, they're like, not being real fussy about anything. So, like, everybody behind the bar there chilling right. So it's a super easy gig and they're making great money because you know, these is like this is like the Hollywood hoi polloi.


Jay :   55:14
So they're just They're like, they're

Sayle:   55:16
just throwing money at him. And it's just like,

Jay :   55:18
Hey, man, gin and tonic, Here's a $20 tip. You know, it's

Sayle:   55:22
great. Yeah. And so, like, I'm getting to a point where I'm like, on it. I'm really on a good one. I'm dancing with this gal, uh, whose works upstairs from because Because it's a basement bar. Okay, so she comes down and I'm like,

Jay :   55:36
is hanging out and we're on the dance floor and I'm, like, down it on. And she's like, Oh, yeah, whose? Whose birthday

Sayle:   55:42
is in? Unlike

Jay :   55:43
you know what? The birthday boy could get fucked on then. Yeah, and then she like, she gets really pale and she, like, pulls me by the arm back

Sayle:   55:58
a couple feet. And she's like, deportable.

Jay :   56:01
He was right behind you. Yeah, and I like, I just I mean, I was like, kind of plastered at that, so I turned around like I don't

Sayle:   56:12
even care about what the repercussions could be.

Jay :   56:14
He's just Yeah, well, and he says he didn't

Sayle:   56:17
even hear me. He's just gonna like

Jay :   56:20
some silly dance. Yeah, so I'm like, Okay, well, that's whatever, right? Anyway, she leaves, and I'm

Sayle:   56:30
still hanging out. I'm like, Yeah, I'm

Jay :   56:32
tearing it up tonight and Oh, my God. Do you know? And this is

Sayle:   56:38
why I'm like this Part of the stories were why I'm keeping things a little anonymous because, uh, at some point I'm walking around and I know just like some white powder on a table.

Jay :   56:50
Oh, yeah. Okay. I've kind of fucked up, so I'm like, Yeah, let's get down with this. So I do

Sayle:   56:57
like, you know, a little pinky nail boom. And then yeah, and then my buddy, he was working. He sees me.

Jay :   57:06
Hey, runs behind the bar. He's freaking out. He's like, Do what are you doing? That's not coke. That speed. Oh, fuck me sideways, bro. I like my real quick. And I was like, Oh, I had to, like, you just start like, instantly, like, man, I nto at that point,

Sayle:   57:32
it was like a moment of clarity.

Jay :   57:34
I need to assess the situation and what's about to happen right on.

Sayle:   57:39
And and I was like, It's too late now. You just gotta roll with it and Yeah, it was fine. It was It was fine. You know what I mean? I had a good time. I think at some point, I just kind of, like, just went with it. I don't That was a bit of a whirlwind

Jay :   57:58
past that point. I remember at

Sayle:   57:59
one point, as all my buddies were closing and we're having a good time. I e busted out my fax phone and I started playing on, and, uh well, needless to say,

Jay :   58:09
I didn't go to bed until, like, you start playing you like you know what I must be. Yeah. And get this exposed. Everybody, everybody. Everybody left. Everybody

Sayle:   58:24
left, you know, and I just I don't even know what I was clean at that point, but

Jay :   58:28
yeah, I'm just like tha This is exactly what I need to do right now. And everybody's gonna fucking love it on. Everybody was just

Sayle:   58:37
looking at me like, man, this guy's on. And luckily, these are all my friends, all my co workers. And it was it was fine. Needless to say, I didn't get to bed until, like, six. In the morning.

Jay :   58:52
Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. He was nuts and and then I have

Sayle:   58:58
work like it to the next day. And by no means am I proud to say that I did that. I'm just owning up to the fact that it happened. And I just remember driving out, and I was just like, I'm so sad right now.

Jay :   59:16
I might even start crying in the car. Had no serotonin left. I was just like, I am sad. Yeah. Come down. Yeah.

Sayle:   59:30
Bad is bad. Learned many lessons. Many

Duce:   59:35
and like Like he said, We don't condone drinking and driving, so please make sure to get a right sherry. Um, don't drink and drive.

Sayle:   59:49
Yeah, it's not not not worth it. Yeah, it's not worth it.

Duce:   59:53
And with that being said, fucking let's take another shot.

Jay :   59:55
Yeah, I think so.

Duce:   1:0:01
Sneaky. Sneaky. Oh, my God. All right,

Sayle:   1:0:09
quickly. I had my friend drive me home that night.

Duce:   1:0:13
There we go. That's perfect. That's perfect. Is great, you know? And that's Ah, that's pretty. That's pretty much what should always have it. I always have a designated driver. Like what s So we went to San Diego.

Sayle:   1:0:27
You did? Yeah, I did. He was He was a dd so it sucks for him?

Jay :   1:0:33
Yes, because do Scott fucking plaster. Yes, I got

Duce:   1:0:38
ya. Fucking stupid plaster. Which we're gonna talk about in future episodes and foreshadowing trust. It's fucking ridiculous because the people that were there way had we have one of our interviewees there. She joined us. So hopefully when we take another trip somewhere, you would graciously I say this fucking word wrong all the time. Graciously Because they always So we had, uh, Rob and I said, thank you for your obligation.

Jay :   1:1:11
Good basis being here. Because first of all, that Rob hadn't fucked that gay. Simply I was like, What do you say?

Duce:   1:1:21
Hey gave us Ah, man. Had a black Manhattan. Yeah, yeah. Sorry. Cocktail. Yeah. So I had to, and I was like, All right, game over.

Sayle:   1:1:31
And so I again, I always try to do something different. It sounds like let me get was it Dad? Dad, I've never had

Duce:   1:1:40
whiskey from pencils

Sayle:   1:1:41
way. Have some, Dad. I mean, it's not on the back or anything. It's but I mean, it's fine. Yeah.

Jay :   1:1:48
Okay, great. So I've never had it. None of us had

Sayle:   1:1:50
way made that drink out of that. Plus the bidders and everything. And when I tell you after two drinks, I was like, Okay, yeah, no more.

Jay :   1:2:01
I'm good. I mean no more. I was like, I'm good.

Sayle:   1:2:05
You only any more of that? I don't know what

Jay :   1:2:07
that concoction, but it was so boozy, but it was really good, you know?

Duce:   1:2:13
Amazing. And if you check out our G and we also have it on our web site Yeah, the video where you could see him making a

Sayle:   1:2:20
chest on that

Duce:   1:2:21
barge has done yet. Nice and way. Always. We always try to show videos. So during the summer. And this is something that I've invited everybody, and I'm gonna invite you because you're here. Thank you. So during the summer, I'm playing. I'm not

Sayle:   1:2:36
gonna have any room.

Duce:   1:2:37
Was kidding. Way got a fucking pool in the back with him in the back

Sayle:   1:2:43
before it's OK.

Duce:   1:2:47
Yeah, I know. So we have a pool and I'm hoping to do like, a little cocktail party and invite all of the interviewees, and we're just gonna just hang out. Just just imagine a fucking shit tone of, like, bartenders at a bar in the back that I built.

Sayle:   1:3:02
Oh, I I mean, that would die me knighting. That's amazing.

Jay :   1:3:06
That's that's amazing. I

Duce:   1:3:08
so first and foremost I built the bar. Yeah,

Sayle:   1:3:12
out of old comic books, trips,

Duce:   1:3:14
old comic book strips Rift would that I found at home people because there was 50% off. So forget I said, it's fine. It's my thank you. And, uh so I built that and we have a gazebo. I laid that. When you see it, you're like, Holy shit. You fucking built this. I was Let us fuck when I did it. So half of it is kind of even have It is not

Jay :   1:3:35
the more you drink, the way I see it now, Yeah, of course. Ah, yes. I see what you're going for. And

Duce:   1:3:48
when you see the gnomes walking around, just know it's a figment of your imagination. It's not really there. Well, I feel the fence. I literally built a fence that looks and my girlfriend would will vouch and I'll throw a picture. I'll send it. I'll send it to do so. We'll go ahead and put on our G a little fence that looks like something out of ah gnomes. My dad, my dad, is on a fucking mission right now to make it look like something out of like a cottage. So we went to one of the one of our breeze that that we frequent Artie Rogers. By the way, have you never been Gavin? We check it out, just like over town, One of our previous episode, we get a review, so check him out there. In Monrovia, we have a bunch of stuff coming up. Sierra Madre, Sierra Madre Artie Rogers is in so much PR Madre and over town isn't Moreau via? Yes, Mick. So that's good, because I had a rough fucking day, so I mean, that's

Sayle:   1:4:49
what alcohol is for,

Jay :   1:4:50
right? It's like, Come on, I don't get

Sayle:   1:4:53
what anybody is serious

Duce:   1:4:55
now. And that's not something that a lot of people misconstrue because when they think, Oh, you know, you you drink all the time. Was like, No, I'm enjoying the craft of other people's passion, you know, because think about it. Gin is made at juniper Berries. We got Jamestown with James

Jay :   1:5:15
was like, Tell me with this. I just asked the Google and asked the Guv We ask

Duce:   1:5:21
Google everything, but hopefully one of these a Joe. You'll meet my father, you'll meet my family. And like I said, it's wait when we have a party, we have we have a good time. Have a good time, very family oriented, Huge, you know, And, uh, I'm brewing a concoction making some some home made moonshine.

Sayle:   1:5:45
But go ahead and call it by

Duce:   1:5:47
its proper name, you know? Yeah. So it's It serves three purposes. It serves to get rid of your worries to real action and also to turn on the trimmer.

Jay :   1:6:05
So, yes, it is so good. It really

Sayle:   1:6:10
Yeah, really. Their minds be the, you know, the hotel I work at. We had in the restaurant this cocktail called cheap ass cheap because the main ingredient was pushed. You know, wash. Yeah, I guess. For anybody listening, it's like to Cuba, but not quite.

Jay :   1:6:34
It's not made. I If I'm

Sayle:   1:6:37
correct, it's not made in, you know, the states of Mexico,

Duce:   1:6:42
right? Right

Sayle:   1:6:42
where it can be called. Take you

Duce:   1:6:44
right. I

Jay :   1:6:45
could be wrong about that, but I'm pretty sure it's

Duce:   1:6:47
still, but it's it's brewed a different way.

Jay :   1:6:52
I think

Sayle:   1:6:53
it's distilled a different way. It's a matter of state wise I could be

Duce:   1:6:56
wrong. We'll ask the Google

Sayle:   1:6:59
anyways. So it was made. You know, it's made in the state of cheap us. But when my buddy told me that I heard cheapest healer

Jay :   1:7:06
Wow, I

Sayle:   1:7:09
was like, Yes, all alcohol is the cheapest. Makes sense to me. Oh, yeah, I know. I was, like, cheapest dealer. Yeah, a strong dream That's better than any, you know, Valium. You could possibly

Duce:   1:7:25
Hell, yeah. All right, so So talk about the cheapest. What's the cheapest drink you've ever drink?

Sayle:   1:7:31
Uh, well, I mean, I don't know if you guys have a dragon's blood dragon. I got dragons, milk, Amy and I didn't. There's many names for it. It's all it's. It's like the shit that gets accumulated in the, you know, the mats. Or like underneath the more rails. I haven't No, but having

Jay :   1:7:51
you know, I I'm just saying,

Sayle:   1:7:55
be careful because, you know, if somebody says something like that, you know what I mean?

Jay :   1:8:01
The cheapest

Sayle:   1:8:03
drink I've had realistically, um, has probably been the old man sale. It's Yeah, it's a boilermaker that my friend concocted, right? But, I mean, it's just it's just the well, gin and It's Miller. Highlight. So you're low. Elgin? Yeah.

Jay :   1:8:28
Miller. Miller. A 1,000,000 together. Yeah. Okay. Wearing somebody, please. Like,

Duce:   1:8:36
So I could have some again and hopefully not die.

Jay :   1:8:41
Well, yeah, because I would I would

Sayle:   1:8:43
go in to see my buddy at my buddy Andrew, and, um, I'd just be like, I want something light. So it was Miller High life right then. But I know I love gin, so it'd just be like, Okay, well, here's your shot. Gin. And one day, he was just like,

Jay :   1:9:00
you really are an old man. Sail on. Then it was

Sayle:   1:9:04
For what? For whatever reason, to just stuck. So it's like old man sale. That's yeah. So it's kind of like it was like Old man sell. Yeah, that's that's a boilermaker. Them tryingto get out there.

Jay :   1:9:19
It's going to get out there. Get

Duce:   1:9:21
out Because I'm gonna fucking drinking my house stories.

Jay :   1:9:25
Yeah, So that's another good Segway.

Sayle:   1:9:28
Yeah, I've been doing good with late on. Your favorite drink is Well, I mean, I meets leads

Jay :   1:9:35
way we go. He's a Capricorn. He is enjoying any injuries. So is that a capital? Is that a terrible thing? I don't fucking over, like, I don't know what you guys are killing this, and I'm over here like, don't let that testimony lives. Wait. When you brought it in, I was just real quick. I was like, he was like, Yeah, I brought some stuff. I was like, No, I s so so. I

Sayle:   1:10:08
know you have heard episode, but one of my kryptonite is Jin, right? And I didn't know that, so Oh, I could drink Guinness out. Drink Miller High Life, Andre. I'll drink everything. I'll drink a bunch of stuff. No problem. I have no issues, I guess over really quick. We went to his

Jay :   1:10:28
cousin's house. All they had

Sayle:   1:10:31
was Jim and I was like, All right,

Duce:   1:10:33
so all I brought with Seagram's gin season I was like

Jay :   1:10:36
a big bottle of okay, Just another thing. That alcohol, and had a big glass of it and had a little headache. It was very slight, and I was just like, I just need to drink more. That's what I thought stupid of me, Boy, I drank three more of those cups of

Sayle:   1:10:57
gin and I was done. Not only was I done, but the next day I had the worst headache. I was so done. I was like Superman found his kryptonite.

Jay :   1:11:07
I was I do. You drink everything? I was

Sayle:   1:11:16
like, Oh, I cannot drink gin. And so I've learned that that that's my kryptonite.

Jay :   1:11:22
So that that's how you found out. So

Duce:   1:11:24
now every time for my birthday do springs in like some exotic

Jay :   1:11:29
I give Ah, really good president, like, limit limit. So plain it is great, man. So good.

Duce:   1:11:36
So So he for my birthday this year. So he got me the navy strength.

Jay :   1:11:42
Cole got a story about that story about that. So? So yeah. So the road So we have a road So

Duce:   1:11:53
we got the rock. Ooh, heavy weight. Have you ever been Thio? Uh, there's there's Ah, there's one in La Kenyatta Flint Ridge. Oh, Jin spot. It's How is the largest Jen spot in the Western Hemisphere

Jay :   1:12:07
Way might go. Oh, hey. Yeah. And today, on march at the y just Jin Jin bar in the Western Hemisphere is gonna be our d d because

Duce:   1:12:31
definitely gonna be No, we gotta go. Yes, please take Yes. I yet to go. That s I worked at a T mobile across the street from there. And, um and I was like, Dude, I gotta go. I gotta go before you leave. And they transferred to different locations that Fuck it, I won't go. But to this day, I've been wanting to go.

Sayle:   1:12:53
Oh, yeah. I mean, absolutely.

Duce:   1:12:56
We're going.

Sayle:   1:12:56
We're going. We're going. Okay. Yeah, Let's.

Jay :   1:13:00
Cheers. That's cheered that. Sure that. And then I got my recorded, in

Duce:   1:13:04
a way. All right. Great. I love it. I love it. Oh, shit. I'm over here knocking off my women, so I know I don't do it. Ask questions. I gotta pee because I got a bladder the size of a fucking cashew.

Sayle:   1:13:27
That was it, man. We actually asked the questions. Really? Yeah. Oh, very nonchalantly, but yeah. Oh, e you send me more questions. I mean, I could talk more.

Jay :   1:13:40
Hey, I know we've been going on for the No. That that's

Sayle:   1:13:43
up to you guys.

Duce:   1:13:44
Honestly, Honestly, it's been on honor and a pleasure, my friend. I am proud to make to say you are my friend.

Sayle:   1:13:53
Well, thank you. I appreciate that. I feel we've all really come together.

Duce:   1:13:57
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. No, Definitely. Over. Jin over. Gin and whisky.

Sayle:   1:14:01
Gin and whisky.

Duce:   1:14:02
Gin. You know something? That something that alcohol does is like, you know what I made. So it's like, technically, an hour and 30 minutes ago, right? Yeah. And, you know,

Jay :   1:14:20
going off subject quick, the songs sail with Was it, uh, elimination? I heard that a 1,000,000. I I'm well aware that way. Now it's okay. It's not a bad song. It's not a bad. Yeah, so

Duce:   1:14:43
But you know what? And so this is something that it's it. Honestly, thank you again for being here, and it's a pleasure and an honor to have such an awesome person here. And I think this is what alcohol does. And Rev. Ridge is just overall is bringing people together, just, you know, and and making friends something that that deuce and I have always done out of bars, You know, we go, we make friends and we make friends for hopefully a lifetime.

Sayle:   1:15:20
Will you guys really likeable? You know you've got You've

Jay :   1:15:23
got that in spades way.

Duce:   1:15:25
Try. We try, you know, from the heart from a hard day of work I know deuces dealing with $1,000,000. I'm dealing with a 1,000,000 rats So it's like, you know, it's that that and you're the light at the end of the tunnel

Jay :   1:15:45
way. That's very kind of S O s. So much for

Duce:   1:15:53
being a bar chats. And, you know, do you have an INSTAGRAM or somewhere people If they want to reach out to you.

Sayle:   1:16:00
I mean, you know, I try and keep it low key. You can find me on Facebook. So Garcia say Wiley? Yeah. Okay.

Duce:   1:16:07
There we go.

Sayle:   1:16:08
Yeah. Awesome, that's all. That's all I got. But you know,

Duce:   1:16:10
you know what? It's cool. It's cool, because hopefully, if you give us the order of the pleasure of joining us in future,

Sayle:   1:16:19
we love Thio. Wonderful. I would love to.

Duce:   1:16:23
So So we're gonna We're gonna try to gather the troop and obviously have everybody in the back, because that's gonna be a lot of fucking people because all the people you guys like way got we got, We got it. Good. Yeah, I know what you find way. Got two bars,

Sayle:   1:16:41
especially if everybody's a bartender. Hello. Yeah, the caveat is, you have to make your own drink.

Jay :   1:16:51
That's what. Do you want to go back there? Yeah. You do

Sayle:   1:16:54
is do you

Duce:   1:16:55
make it so You know, my family is very, very inviting so way definitely definitely want you to come back. Thank you so much for being here. Greatly appreciated way always like the same. No matter where

Sayle:   1:17:13
to do or where you

Jay :   1:17:14
go Far goes, are weak. Shallower. We just drink most. Only time I feel right when they drink.