Jay:   0:01
What's a beer?  

Duce:   0:02
What's a Cocktail?

Jay:   0:03
What do you recommend?  

Duce:   0:04
Where should we go?  

Jay:   0:05
Why do we eat peanut butter with jelly?

Duce:   0:08
Bro peanut butter and jelly is fire!

Jay:   0:10
Smooth or Crunchy though? 

Duce:   0:12
Don't even get me started on that. (Laughter)

Jay:   0:15
(Laughter),  join us on our journey through your local breweries in your backyard

Duce:   0:19
and ours while we talk about serious yet not so serious topics about life,  

Jay:   0:25

Duce:   0:26
and friends.  

Jay:   0:27
I'm Jay 

Duce:   0:28
I'm Duce,

Duce:   0:29
and this is a bar chats.

Jay:   0:30
You Ready?  

Duce:   0:33
Let's roll

Jay:   0:33
Hey everybody. What's going on? This is Jay and Duce, and we have a special guest.  

Corina:   0:50

Jay:   0:50
Awesome! So, um, if you check out our I G, we're also gonna put it on our Facebook. Hopefully, if I could figure out how to use Facebook

Corina:   1:02
Facebook is for the  boomers now! (laughter)

Jay:   1:04
(laughter) Right definitely for the boomers. Um and you know, she made a I'm gonna butcher that continuously Butcher the name

Corina:   1:14
Blood and sand.

Jay:   1:15
Blood and Sand. Yeah, So that's definitely

Duce:   1:19
since you like vampires.

Jay:   1:21
I hate twilight. (Laughter)

Duce:   1:23
But you like Vampires. 

Jay:   1:24
I love I love it. I love it. I love it. Um  Are you a twilight fan?

Corina:   1:27
I'm not okay, I'm not. I have a funny story, though, about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart remember when that scandal broke out where she, like, got caught cheating with the director? Yeah, I saw them at the hotel cafe, but right before I saw them hanging out together. And then then they left, or whatever. And the headlines, like, came out like, right after I was like,

Duce:   1:48
I was there right before they like, Oh, that's crazy, That is Yeah, that's awesome Story.

Corina:   1:56
It was funny. Is random

Duce:   1:59
I thought you were going to say Taylor Lautner um I think that’s the other guy.

Jay:   2:03
Who’s Taylor Lautner 

Corina:   0:00
I think he’s the werewolf guy right? 

Jay:   2:04
Werewolf because I like Lycans I don’t care about vampires whatsoever.

Corina:   2:09
Okay, True story though I did watch the series.

Duce:   2:11
So on our previous episode We talked about game of Thrones way. We're not gonna go down that rabbit hole.

Corina:   2:23
I'm the 1% that hasn't watched.

Duce:   2:24
Yeah, you okay?

Jay:   2:28
And just don't watch. So it's it's

Duce:   2:33
It's all good, though. It's definitely our good. Um, but, you know, I'm super excited that Corinne is here with us. I'm drinking this, and every time I take a sip, I feel like I need to wear a monocle, right

Corina:   2:49
and be smoking indoors like

Duce:   2:51
yeah, like a It's

Corina:   2:56
because you wouldn't think that you're drinking scotch, right? You don't taste it at all

Duce:   2:59
at all.

Corina:   3:00
It's delicious if you don't like Scotch. But you during one of these, you're going to be a fan of Scotch? Definitely.

Duce:   3:04
Definitely. That's for sure. Um, so I know Deuce has a bunch of questions, and, um, you know, I have questions, but I'll let do so I asked the first question because because So the way the way goes, um, I just met Karina and I'm a fan. I'm a fan. Okay? And the drinks. Amazing shake for 15 seconds. No, no less.

Corina:   3:35
No more. No more hospitals? No, Just perfect. 15 seconds

Duce:   3:40
every 15 seconds, guys. Alright, So, Deuce, the first question of the interview.

Jay:   3:47
First question. Well, first of all, let me say, Uh Karina, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you,

Corina:   3:51
guys. Thank you.

Jay:   3:53
So, Corinne is like an amazing bartender. Should I say where? Yeah. Yeah. So at that stocking frame right in downtown L. A, um, beautiful bar there. And I actually just came by there because I was having lunch and I was like, Let me go check out this bar. Same thing I would do with Jay, because we like checking out different bars and seeing how the service is. And Karina was there, and she's manning this place by herself. And I think the first day I can try, like, 2030 people there. And I'm like, Okay, there's nobody else here that this is gonna be a disaster if I had. And she she goes around and she helps every single table, every single person, um, smiles the whole time. Everybody knows who she is. I was like, Okay, so she's been here for a while. I had no problem. Um, got all the tips. Obviously. Great service and solid. So cool. I can't wait to be held by air. And so I definitely had asked her to come onto the bar chest because I love her service. Love what she does, And I can tell she loves what she does. Thank you.

Corina:   5:02
You're a pleasure to have all the time. Like my face brightens up every time you become one of the wrecks. You know, like definitely like I have. I have my dudes that, like coming on like e. I just love that like you will come to see me, you know, I mean, like, it's It's such a good feeling, because I've been at other bars that I've worked out where I felt undervalued for sure in like this, the stocking frame is definitely a place where I feel like I'm compensated for the hard work that I do in a in a right way. Like I don't feel taken advantage of. Like, I just It's perfect. And I love representing. Like that place for sure to cherry in it.

Duce:   5:40
You you I love it.

Jay:   5:46
Well, yeah, you know. So I want to say that first

Duce:   5:50
you got some degree before it before this rig is amazing s. Thank you. Not only that, um, I enjoy Deuce enjoyed it. My my family enjoyed it as well. My sister is very picky. She has the, like, permanent resting bitch face. And for her to just be like, Oh, hey, that's actually really good. That that's an induced knows that's an accomplishment. Yeah, she

Jay:   6:20
goes. Oh, a shrug means that that was That was okay. But that's like, most of the time. Oh, that was really good. And it's like, Oh, wow, that's high praise.

Duce:   6:32
Yeah, right. So you got high praise anything? There we go. Way cool. Cool. I just wanted I just wanted to say that before we go into the nitty gritty because I'm very curious. Very curious

Jay:   6:48
s o I got a couple questions, and I know you have the answers. So when you think of a bar, what is your opinion of what it is?

Corina:   6:56
Okay, so it's definitely ambiance for sure. What type of music Playing for sure, You know that their cocktail menu, Um, just the overall feel like I don't like walking into places where you're not even acknowledged. You know, like I've been I've been to many, many bars. And the one thing that like I look for is the service, you know, and being in the service industry like that, like you can't help but, like, judge other people, like in the way that they serve. So I feel like a bar is definitely just the hospitality and, like, making you feel welcomed and like coming in and just feeling like, yes, like, I feel good, good vibes all around, You know, even if like, the demographic is like not you know, people are all different kinds of people, but I don't know, just a bar is just the interactions and the ambience and how alive it feels, you know when When a bartender is just there and they're just kind of sitting there like Lenny a lot, you know, It's just like, Okay, so, like when you come in and someone's like, Hey, how's it going like come on in like that. So I'm like, Yeah, you're my people Agree?

Duce:   8:09
No, I definitely agree. Like I said with the interview with Jen Matics, I hate shitty service. And, uh, yeah, it's all about like, making sure that I feel comfortable. I don't I want to want to spot and want to come back. You got me Totally. And it's not just because, like, I need to I don't know. I don't explain it. I just don't like shitty service. Our bartenders got that and induce noses like shitty bartenders. No, because I've had a few. So somebody tried to trick me by pouring me a dark Plymouth. And I'm like, Plymouth isn't dark. I've never tasted a dark Plymouth, which actually poured in was, um was it was Ah, it was like an onion. And then she put like a syrup in it, and I like this. First of all, he's not playing with you that's not the bottle. I'm not going to say what what establishment it was, but it was one that I used to frequent a lot from, and she she didn't get a tip, not because I was a date, but because she didn't give me what I wanted. And I had a guide her like, Okay, it's that bottle. And when I pointed, I was like, No, it's the It's the Plymouth bottle. Yeah, it's the one with the ship.

Corina:   9:32
Yeah, right you can't miss. And it's not Brown,

Duce:   9:35
right? Exactly at all at all. And she brings out a different bottle and she's like, Oh, it's this one. I'm like, No, it's not. She's like, No, it says Plymouth. I'm like it says rum. It doesn't say anything about limit or gin. And I was like, Oh, man, this is gonna be bad. So I did. I did feel bad, not tipping, Um, but then I went back and I just ordered a drink. You cannot mess up a rum and Coke. Yeah, how hard is? I was scared, though. I wouldn't order that. I was terrified. I was like, Shit, she's gonna fuck up my drink. But she did it, which was great. That's great. And I gave her a dollar because because she did what I asked her to write. You got me? Yeah, but I don't know when it comes down to it. I just hate shitty service.

Corina:   10:27
Well, yeah, because you don't wanna walk into a place for, like, you feel unwelcomed as soon as you walk in. And like, I feel like there are There are people that do this job and they don't They're only doing it just for a paycheck. You know, they don't do it because they love it. And, like, for me, in my case, like I've been born and raised in the service industry like my dad's been a banquet server, um, for years, for over 40 years now and oh, yeah, like I I learned I had a very exquisite palate. I owe it to him. I'm originally from Vegas, so I'm I'm from, you know, the city of entertainment and hospitality. Like we have the best fricking restaurants there. Really everything. So just growing up in that and also just might pay my family life like my mom, it loves to bake like we've just always been like affiliated in that scene, and one of my first jobs was being, ah, hostess at a restaurant. Actually, my aunt's restaurant. Really? Yeah. All right. Yeah, it was cool. And just I mean, I'm not that great of a cook, but but I do enjoy watching people make stuff and just I don't know, I just It's all about I come from a huge family. It we're all about just like togetherness and food. I feel like the hospitality industry is that it's a family. It's like it's just it's amazing and yeah, that's granting a little

Duce:   11:47
No, no, no, no. Because and this is something that we do A bar Chad's is the fact that excuse me, um, is way. Just talk. You get me like our previous interviews and all, obviously, all of our episodes way we got a script. We're gonna go over this and the others, like, dude, at the we listen to our like we didn't touch any of the points. We hit one or two, um, briefly, But other than that, it was kind of like, Yeah, it's just a conversation, and and that's what I feel Makes far is very interesting. So my mother has never enjoyed or even experienced the ah bar because in her mind she was like, Oh, it's where men go to fight and drink and whatever. So I took her to a brewery close by. I took it a Barney's beanery first, and then I took her to, um, a place over here called Mountain A Mountain Dew. And it's a brewery. And it was the first time I ever saw my mom holding a pilsner Cup a glass and started like dancing toe like Prince and ship. It was so funny. And my dad was like, What are you drinking? Like I'm getting I p A. Uh, yeah, I'll take that one first. He asked me, Do they have to go out there? I think this is a craft brew spot like No, they don't have to call their Sorry. So, like I said, my father huge fan of Takata, Um, I'm more of Ah, I say with the blonde's a little lighter lately, though, for whatever reason, because of this in guy Yeah, I p A's. But the good ones not the heavy hobby. Yeah, I don't like I don't either. E

Corina:   13:45
no. Much of a happy person. I like wit. Beers. Okay, love what bears I love Pilsners for sure. It's funny, because I started, like the first bear ever drink honestly was a pops blue ribbon.

Duce:   13:55
So that's that's the first

Jay:   14:00
drink Billy had me drink well built, hung out with him.

Duce:   14:03
Billy is unique. You know what? I'm not We're gonna interview really

Jay:   14:07
again. We get

Duce:   14:08
we have to have. So we have a mutual friend by the name of Billy and his Billy is very eccentric cod. All I know is that I I fear 1 90 more actually before are you so fear taking him anywhere. And I don't give a shit if he hears me. Okay, Because he terrified that we went out for stories about We went out for a deuces birthday win today. Uh, and he stabs the table because we got into a heated discussion about global warming, and it was just It was crazy. It was so funny because he's very passionate, very, very packed. What iwas um he has grown up a bit. He's working at a flower spot. I think this flower spot, right? Yeah. Yeah. Um and we've seen him grow. I love, Billy, but I do remember that my sister remembers is the first time I ever took my sister out to a bar. I took her to a spot in Pasadena. Call Lucky Baldwin's. Yeah, and I got bangers and mash, and I ordered a quark, which is a, uh it's kind of like a quad drink. The 1900 that we had. Yeah, um, and it was always yeah, with two ways, not Drake the singer. But you drink the drink, Um, and he gets to Dennis is And I'm like Hari because my sister, it was like, Just give me what, like, whatever you're drinking. I'm, like, cool, quiet because it came. It was like a gigantic as like, glass. Yeah. So I just want to drink it out of the glasses in the cool kids. Like my sisters like, I don't want that. Give me a literal one. Like I want the little one. Okay, cool. So I got her just ah, regularly. Uh, is it a It was a pint. Just a really Fine. And, um, And then Billy grabs the Guinness and fucking slams the whole thing. He slams it down and continues talking like it ain't shit.

Corina:   16:17
When I see people literally chug beers like two seconds, I'm like, Where did they

Duce:   16:21
go? Right. How did you

Corina:   16:23
open up your throat that big? I

Duce:   16:25
don't understand. Okay, so So I'm really excited. Now I'm a super pumped because if you if you would honor us later down and later down the line in the future, in the summer, we have a pool. You could bring the family more than welcome to bring anybody, But I definitely want to have everybody that we interviewed have, like, a cocktail party. And you'll you'll see my aunt's, um, shout out to Martha my sunshine. And she I've seen her do keg stands s There's

Corina:   17:01
a party I would love.

Duce:   17:01
Thio. Uh, it's it's fun times way. Have a great time. Our family is huge family, right? Yeah. Okay. How many cousins do you have?

Corina:   17:13
Honestly? More than 100.

Duce:   17:14
You You fucking surpassing 37 I thought I was allowed, but if you had more than 100

Corina:   17:21
definite I mean, like, I'm combined family like my dad and my mom's I mean my mom's side. We have 12 aunts and uncles. Yeah, each of them have 45 kids, and now you know, our generation were having more kids is just It's a huge

Duce:   17:34
It's insane. Yeah, So, yeah, sounds about right. Yeah, So that's pretty much our our party's, um, and with pools and with a lot of alcohol. And you know, it's funny because the music variety rays from yeah ranges from like north Ananias to mariachi toe prints, death metal to drum and bass record thorn like salsa. We end up at the end of the night just listening to whatever. Like we get all the genres and shuffle anything and then eventually, eventually somebody we start doing the electric slide. Eso and sweaty always always happens. Either that or they just start a circle will be. My aunt should just be dancing like clouding Way had a New Year's ah, nearest party here and oh, man, we found out a lot of people script tonight's and I'm trying serum Joe's my godson. Um, and he had a good time. We have a good time. That's all I'm allowed to say. Hey,

Corina:   18:44
you just have to experience

Duce:   18:45
it. Yeah, and I told him, we do that We're doing interviews and stuff so Can I can I, like, sit in? I'm gonna hear the music. I'm like, No. Yeah, because you know you These are pros, man. L like me. Oh, no. Right s so funny. But so I'm going on a tangent. Sorry. I'm going to start talking about, like, what's your favorite cartoon? And she I know Deuce has more, more Arnold head all day,

Corina:   19:23
all day. What you read? Watch it as an adult like it.

Duce:   19:27
Wait. Really? Gosh,

Corina:   19:29
the storylines and everything. Yeah.

Duce:   19:31
You know, I haven't the only one I like. I went back to actually watch was our monsters. That's one of my favorites with no, Rocco's modern life goes on Netflix because it was on Netflix. So I was like, You know what? Fuck it. I'm gonna check it out. I want to see what they did. Like what happened? Because he left. Like, according to this storyline, he left T. Yeah, they got trapped in space and shit. So I'm like, All right, I'm fucking interested. Like what's gonna happen? Um, so that's what I remember. Ah, huge one for me. And I know a lot of people don't remember. This is Mummy's alive. I remember You remember? Yeah, Yeah, of course. By the power of Raul User Ric a glam. Do you remember that You success? Yes.

Corina:   20:24
And like, remember Angela Anaconda. Uh oh, my gosh. Most people don't remember that. And I'm like, how could you know? It was like one of the craziest like me. Like mad TV

Duce:   20:34
was It was like the kid's version of magic. I remember that, dude mad. What happened? A madman

Jay:   20:41
TV. All that about that

Duce:   20:42
are the mat. No way. Are the other matter magazines still around? I don't know. I don't think I've seen it. Is that I do? Was onliest FARC the kind that covers? I wonder who he waas. Let's let's ask the Google. Um, but yeah, a man Arial monsters Fucking cum plow coupling, Indeed. All right. Do you remember the gladiator show? There's, like, this weird as gladiator show where they had to get stones and shit was on like Nickelodeon.

Corina:   21:16
It wasn't like an actual like game show.

Duce:   21:18
Oh, yeah, It was a hit in temple, their way a low key that these

Corina:   21:25
may be

Duce:   21:26
right for all day every day. Um oh, So I was I was listening to a radio show this morning on my way to work. And they were talking about how, like, they're bringing back, um, snacks and stuff from the nineties. Anyway,

Corina:   21:43
I think I saw Mim about that like they were asked. Not to me, but like, it was like, one of those little threads where I was just talking about how, like, what would you want back from the nineties and writing a bunch like their products that I completely forgot about?

Duce:   21:54
Same saying, like, I

Jay:   21:56
got to see which ones.

Duce:   21:57
Okay, so from for me, my my big thing and I saw I saw it. And I know, uh, my girls listening, and she's gonna be like, she's vegan. Um, so I'm trying to stay healthy, but, um, I plead the fifth and she knows it. It's cool. But, you know, I I feel like there is. There's a lot of interesting things, but my main thing is ship's ahoy. And the reason why here This is the dumbest reason why I like this in chips So much is because of the theme song, so OK, the chips ahoy, theme song. I think I have it. Sing, sing, sing, bump, bump bumping up on, pump it up, pump, pump it up, pump it up. But it ended in and that that

Jay:   22:53
all the way lost.

Corina:   22:54
Yeah. No,

Duce:   22:55
Dylan. So All right. Awesome. All right, all right. My chats. If you know, if you folks know the chips Ahoy theme song and could relate to me, please let us on. I g please, because

Jay:   23:13
it will be a question

Duce:   23:14
that will be a question on the i. D. Because I cannot be the only loser that actually listen to that song. And yes, it was Benny Goodman and Ella Fitzgerald that did the vocals for that. Okay, so is it Was Benny Goodman. Gene Krupa. Oh, that Gene Krupa was on the drums. Um, and Ella Fitzgerald came in later when they did like a trio. And also it was like with Duke Ellington is Well, um, I'm a huge jazz fan like like vintage vintage jazz shadow to Dabir Day. Have you ever heard of dabbled

Corina:   23:46
at Disneyland? Yes, I have. I always wanted to go.

Duce:   23:49
Go. It's 10 bucks. It's only $10. Yes, Free Expo. Oh, not to get into Disney was like a decent for rich this'll Disney right. I call out Disney all the time, but I spent unfortunately like, Yeah, I said I used to live at Disney. It was bad. It was really funny about. It was so bad. I want

Jay:   24:15
you get that passes, like, All right. I'm basically gonna live. If

Duce:   24:18
I did, I did. I got I got the past. I got the past through my girl, and I was okay. Every weekend we're going, I don't give a shit if we have to do something that my legs chopped off. We're fucking going to Disney because I'm not. I didn't pay $1400 for two damn tickets to just let him go toe ways. And yes, So we will literally go just to get fucking door whip just for dough whip. And there will be like I hated when my fair. I'm a huge Indiana Jones fan. No, I'm a huge Tron fan. Okay, Tron. Tron lives, Guys. Tron lives. Flynn lives as well. Try tries one point in the Flynn. Just remember that. Um, but this thing's so good. Not so good, right? Wait. Just go Bring the fucking stuff. Just made it here. I, um I I'll do that right now. What you guys do that you guys will take care of the serious questions. Well, let me just finish this and we'll get on your

Corina:   25:25
cheeks getting warm yet.

Duce:   25:28
Like a show after work tomorrow. I got it. I got it. I got a text that, you know, my my direction was changed. Okay, so So I know. So I know for a fact I might have to do, like some other stuff. Um, but it's okay. It's okay. It's okay. No worries.

Jay:   25:50
Great chair. I think you're right, man. This is Oh, Karina, it's

Duce:   25:55
fire. So, like I said, no, because that hopefully is

Jay:   26:00
scratching it. Guys,

Duce:   26:01
that scotch.

Corina:   26:02
I know you cannot taste the scotch and then the cherry,

Jay:   26:08
and it's a terrific with, um, how you say Marty, maraschino Merete

Duce:   26:13
Tom's training, So fucking good way.

Corina:   26:19
Might need to take a pause to go make some more, get.

Duce:   26:21
All right. I'm just gonna bring it here and just do it. Life. Yeah, for sure. I'll go grab yourself. What? You guys do the questions. All right, B

Jay:   26:38
e. So while jay is doing that Carina, more questions and see, I'm not that person that just goes right by the book. I try to make it a little more conversational. So I had other questions to So see, it was one of my questions. So one of my questions, I wanted to know So So Las Vegas. Is that where he came from before he came to l. A Are we living okay?

Corina:   27:06
Yeah. So I was I was raised in Vegas. Um, I grew up there most of my life, and I moved out to California in 2011. So been here for eight years now. You're crazy, you know? But Vegas will always be home.

Jay:   27:24
Yeah, So you go to Vegas, like, pretty often.

Corina:   27:28
D'oh! I try to visit home at least every like 3 to 4 months just cause I get it so close. And like, I get super homesick sometimes because I mean, all my family's out there. I'm I'm out here by myself with my sons, right? Right. But yeah, I try to visit as much as I can. And every time I go back like, there's just something different about it. Like Vegas is the Vegas that I wish I had when I was a teenager. Oh, definitely.

Jay:   27:53
Okay, So how was your day

Corina:   27:56
like, there's like, there's nothing there. I mean, there was obviously, like, there's, like, the strip and stuff, but growing up in Vegas as a as a kid, like, it's just the weirdest experience because you're exposed to so much at such a young age and like, you look like you'd have to go through, like, casinos to go to the movie theater. Or, you know, so you're always constantly exposed to, like, the entertainment industry and like, yeah, just being a kid and like watching this, you think it's the normal, you know, you think that every places like that and then when you travel outside of it, just like Wait, wait.

Jay:   28:27
So I guess like I've always wanted to know this. I'm glad you're actually from Vegas. Do you get kind of numb to it after a while? Like if you're seeing nothing but people always drinking, always having fun. And then you kind of start seeing that other side of it, though, Yeah. Do you get numb to where you kind of hate it are

Corina:   28:48
like I mean it definitely. You definitely are a little jaded. I think growing up in the town where, you know, like alcohol is, um is rampant, you know, and drugs and 24 hour lifestyles and stuff, you know? Yeah, it does it. You grow up, that's there for sure. And if you know, I was I consider myself like, like a responsible rebel, because even when I was, you know, like as a teenager, like, I wasn't the type of teenager that would like Goto parties or anything, I was kind of a wallflower to be all those pretty interns social. But when I when I met my friends like my solid group circle, um, we would explore the city together and just try to find the beauty in Vegas because it's a fast paced town and there's, you see a lot, you know, you're exposed to a lot and prostitution, and I just want you seeing people deal in the street like things like that, like it's pretty crazy. And as a kid, you're just kind of like, Where am I? What is this place? But but finding the beauty in it is what made me just grow to love it more and like moving away from it. It just made me appreciate it so much more. Now when I look back on and think, Wow, I used to, like, complain so much about living here, and it's actually it's a beautiful, thriving city. It really is. So

Duce:   30:16
you're talking about Vegas? Yes. Back bythe So, um, yeah, I'm actually gonna go there for work. Um, I think the beginnings of march Okay, be there for a week. Okay,

Corina:   30:31
so go ahead. Okay. Well, you definitely have to. Goto Church Tavern. Um, and Frankie's Tiki Lounge. Franklin Spanky's Tiki Lounge. Dude, it's a classic place. It's a tiny little tiki bar off of the strip. Those drinks are insane. Really? Oh, my, Do you allow smoking in the bar? So unfortunately, gonna smell like an ashtray?

Duce:   30:51
That's for me. That's fine for produces. Not like,

Corina:   30:57
you know, but definitely like So Frankie's. Like I said, it's like one of the most like, classic tiki bars. It's been there forever. Like I don't I don't know when it was built, but definitely, like, probably like in the fifties sixties. Really? Yeah. Oh, it's old, Um, and they have like, they're they're tiki drink menu, like their skulls on the bottom of each drink. That you order to make sure that, like, you know, how much booze, isn't it? And they cut you off. Like you, If you order like one drink that has, like, five schools are like, Yeah, bro. But it's classic Vegas like swanky dive bar. Like it's so cool in, like, 100 tavern is the same way. And like when I went there, I was so used to, like, California bars in, like, $14 cocktail. Right? So when I went there, like one, like, a couple of years ago with some friends, I was like, Okay, I'll get everyone's rounds and it was like, I don't know, maybe, like, 56 of us. I think it

Duce:   31:54
was, like, $10. That's Are you kidding?

Corina:   31:59
I'm not kidding. The beers were like, two bucks. Did

Duce:   32:02
you? Yeah. Dude,

Jay:   32:04
we might live there.

Duce:   32:05
Right? For Really? Are you serious?

Corina:   32:09
Oh, yeah. It was pretty crazy. Okay. Sorry, Mom, But when s O when I was 18? Like I said, I wasn't like a partier when I was growing up like high school. All that stuff, like I was definitely very reserved. Um, I was definitely a pothead, though. So, like that there was that That was my vice when I was 18. There is this era in in my life where I honestly feel it's crazy because I feel like nobody else lived in the in that world in that moment besides me and my group of friends, because it was such a like, surreal experience and we would congregate at this place called It's a Grind. It's it's a it's

Duce:   32:47

Corina:   32:47
great It's like a chain. It's a coffee shop. Okay, um, but it was 24 hours and it was across the street from a park called Desert Breeze. So Wade also play dodgeball, so we'd have these dodgeball nights where we'd meet up there and then let's go to the coffee shop, and then we go to the park and, like, smoke weed, play music, whatever, like wait outside of bonds and have someone by swine and on, and then eventually, like, somehow someone found out about this place. I don't want to call him out. I'm just gonna They're gonna It's gonna be an alliance. That's okay. They're called a per sec. Okay. We'll just say it's called percent per seco. While they never carded And once We got word of this, we all would congregate. It's a grind. Meat. That was like our meeting point. And then we'd go to percent go way were, like, 18. We were Children, okay? Like way. Yeah. And that's where I drink PBR for the first time on tap. And they would have, like, $2 pints. I'm not even kidding. And we would go there. We fucked up and we'd sing karaoke. It was the best experience of my life.

Duce:   33:51
Well, why Why is it that alcohol music always like blending together, right? That should always happens. It does. It's so fucking weird. But I have I look at it. I am seeing three empty glasses. Um, so B R B guys, you have the RV, all right, for sure. And we're back on, so yeah. So we had Carina make us another another drink. Yeah, I think you're really after this. Are probably gonna is that night. I you know, it's it's funny, because I was I was telling you that. You know, I really like hard day. It wasn't even a heart. It was very long. Long? Yes, Very long. Um, and construction. Yeah. I can imagine And here's the thing. Like I I was I was moving around. I was doing my stuff, but I was fixing a storage unit. That was like my main goal is a mission of the day. And I still didn't finish. There's so much shit in there was fucking ridiculous. Um, which It kind of reminds me of my life, not explain. Um, but, um, again, thank you for making us the drinks. Thank you for being here and being in such an awesome, awesome, awesome guests on. Thank you for giving us the inside on Vegas. Yeah. So I'm super excited around that. Go now. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Corina:   36:02
Make a little map for you guys.

Duce:   36:04
Right here is the Bob. Carl the bub. The public crawl. The pubs? Yes, because we have a passing new pope, Carl. Yes way. Never make it to the end. We need to get

Corina:   36:17
to the end here. They're

Duce:   36:19
cool. That sounds like a plan. Sorry. I'm sipping Mai my my blood and I'm looking at my pizza. Looks like Maura attractive. Every time I look at it, I

Corina:   36:36
think you're a secret. My life, an

Duce:   36:38
eye. You know what? All right. Let me. Let me bite. This is lovely. They got toilet. Yeah, because shape. Okay. It's not that I don't like twilight visitors. Yes, I fucking hate twilight because Because there are glittery. Yes, Yes, I think Look like

Jay:   37:06
I don't know, Like, Tinkerbell

Duce:   37:08
vampires person to flames in the sun. That's true. They don't glitter, right? Listen, glistening today and whoever listens to it, you know, respect to actors. I know Rob's and actor, but if you're and he's a great person, Yeah, but I didn't know that. I didn't know he sells. I want

Jay:   37:31
was acting. He's not in that. That

Duce:   37:33
Yeah. Yeah, well, I think he's a great What do you think about Will Smith? Okay, I I love Will Smith rob your own number, buddy. Um, but, you know, we already know how Jen feels about her. Well, yeah. Yeah, that if you have you haven't heard the Gen. Maddux interview. Please listen to it. Also check out the robber interviewees that that shit's fucking hilarious broughtem

Corina:   38:06
true story, George for Bel Air. Like blasting like the fresh prince. Really? When I was moved here, Yeah, I just like my one of my friends. Like, took me on a little tour, and we somehow ended up in Bel Air. And, like, I know the perfect place.

Duce:   38:23
That's so funny. You see, I am. I would never do that in Compton, though. Okay? Yeah. Yeah, it's cool. Three, right. You're cruising in a minivan and shit. That's funny. Um, yeah. Uh, so I know we had a bunch of questions that you're prepared for it, but if you want to ask some, feel free because I'm about to go off the rails. So

Jay:   38:55
so, so real quick. So what are the do's and don'ts when you're at a bar?

Corina:   38:59
Oh, God. Yes. Okay, okay. Number number one rule. Don't ever flag down a bartender by snapping at them because that's happened plenty of times. Because that makes you feel like a robot. And it makes you feel so like, excuse me. Like who the fuck are you know? So that's that's a definite no no, Like I understand. Like when it's a busy bar and like, you know, I don't when someone's already kind of, you know, tipsy and they come in, They're expecting, like, toe have a drink in their hand right away. But it's like no you have to look at your surroundings, people and, like, understand that life isn't exactly and like, where when we're in the weeds, you know, it's like we're doing the best that we can. And it's going to make it even worse if you snap on us or if you like, Just like Excuse me. Excuse me. Like I

Duce:   39:55
was looking face. Like, I don't care. Get out. I would pay money to see that s

Jay:   40:04
o So you already told me this story. But you saying punch in the face reminded me and I was like, I can't wait to ask you this. So can you tell me a funny story? Ah, time happened in the bar. Person was being irate. And what happened?

Corina:   40:20
Okay, so I used to be a cocktail waitress at the blind donkey. Um, in Long Beach. Okay, Long Beach. And, you know, being a cocktail waitress like this is before I started bartending. So I That's kind of, you know, I owe it to them because I would watch the bartenders there and watch them make the drinks. And it was just like I was. I'm going to do that one day, like getting that little? Because being a cocktail waitress like it's your it's ox. I'm not getting it does. Because you are just, like, surrounded by your baby sitting drunk adults, you know? And sometimes people, like, get handsy and like Oh, sure. Yeah. So, like, I had an experience one time where I was waiting at the bar to get a drink. Person, people and this very drunk man that was sitting next to me thought that it was appropriate to slap my ass. So he does this, right? And I immediately turned around because

Duce:   41:17
it wasn't

Corina:   41:17
just like a little tap. It was like a full on five hand fucker. Whoop. Oh, yeah. And I turned around and I see the guy next to me, and I said, What the fuck is wrong with you? And he's like, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Like, he instantly started apologizing and I death gripped his arm. Dude, like I was like, You're not going.

Duce:   41:36
Oh, shit.

Corina:   41:38
And this guy's like trying to push himself off of me. I'm flagging down with the bartenders, and I'm telling him I'm like this guy. Just slap my ass. And he's like, what? I'm like, Yeah, he just slapped my ass. So then he calls the security guard who was standing, like, probably two feet away from him, just completely like oblivious, right? Right. And he grabs him. And he's like, because I guess the guy was already kind of really fucked up already causing like, a scene. So this was like a perfect excuse to get him kicked out, I guess. And obviously, And so the security guard grabs him. He, like, puts him in like a hold. And I'm telling him like he just slapped my ass like I'm gonna fucking kill him. Oh, and and, uh, the security guard was just, like what? Like what happened and the guy was trying to explain to him, and so my friends just, like, dared me to do it. And I like within, like, two seconds like, I don't know what came over me, but, like, adrenaline was just pumping through my body and I punched him in the face. Yes, like being held back by the security guard. I was just like I just went at it, and I fucking hit him so hard. And I was just like, this should teach you never to fucking touch a woman ever again. Like, no matter what, like Rule number one. What the fuck do you think, then? His friends that he was with like they were just looked like I was overhearing and they were just like I just left her ass. And I was just like it. Is

Duce:   43:02
that your fucking friend? Is that your friend? Just like you on? They

Corina:   43:14
were like, No, we don't know him. We don't know him. And I was just like, you

Duce:   43:18
have a new friends,

Corina:   43:21
but it was one of the most glorious moments of my life. Like, just like being able to do that. And like, the security guard was straight up, but he was just like I had to let you do it. How did you do it? He was just like, because that Yeah, fuck that. Like, so disrespectful. So out of line. Like, even if, Like, I don't care how fucked up you are. Just don't ever like hassle a cocktail waitress and, like, put your hands on her. And, like, don't grab our wrists or waste And like, Oh, God, there's so many creeps out there like

Duce:   43:47
there is There is no

Corina:   43:49
going back to that question Like the do's and don'ts. Yeah. Don't fucking touch of art. Just know like there's just no way.

Duce:   43:59
Yeah, you know. And that's something that it that sucks. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Thank you. But I am happy that you fucked this face off

Corina:   44:09
the coast. Undo. It was honestly, I remember. Just like Oh, yeah. Oh, my God. I run because when he had him and he was like, All right, you're out, buddy. I'm just like, pacing. He's gonna fucking do it all. Might like every likely those guys that were, like, sitting up the corner of the bar there were like,

Duce:   44:27
World's pretty sure that shit's all worlds are somewhere E wish

Corina:   44:34
dude like I want I want to find me. I wish I

Duce:   44:37
could find that. That's

Corina:   44:40
something that definitely imposed on my social media and just, like, be like, this was, like, the highlight of my week. My life.

Duce:   44:46
That's fucking awesome, you see? And I would probably right? Deuce knows I'm I'm that little Hispanic do that pops up whenever a fight starts with. Yeah, let's go. School was like, where j go like breaking

Jay:   45:02
a finer beating. Well, what's going on?

Duce:   45:05
ST. Patrick's Day, T. Phillips? Yeah, I saw a bar. I saw a bartender like soup. Lex is dio was Larry's my girl. It induces there. And and I was like, Oh, my God, this is gonna be bad. Subdued. Um, you know, if you if you act a certain way out So he knows we're trying to, like, avoid I'll try, like, inch around it. But he was extremely flamboyant. And like you said, Don't snap your finger and a bartender you because that's what he did. Exactly. That's exactly what he did on his way out. Um, he said something. And the bar terrier Very inappropriate. And the bartender looked at him and say, If you have something to say, say it to my face and he goes up Z formation. Yes. Hell, no. And home. He said, Who? Class on the floor. Now. Mind like a quick

Jay:   46:16
I'm gonna give you a little more of it. So the bartender came to us, and I'm like, I pick up on, like, people's vibe in the energy and and she already looked very pissed. The hell,

Duce:   46:26
Yeah, she was married.

Jay:   46:27
And so I was like, Okay, I know it's not So it's either the job sucks Are somebody pissed her off? And so she's like, Do you guys need help with anything like she don't

Duce:   46:38
want? Todo has always asked

Jay:   46:40
like somebody's having a hard time. Like

Duce:   46:42
you are You are

Jay:   46:42
you like, Well, before we get into that, I'm like, Are you okay? And she was like, huh? And I'm like, Are you okay? You seem like something's bothering you, and it's, like, completely off guard. Yeah, it starts. Yeah. Guys, dicked I'm like, Well, fuck this guy. I'm like, Okay, I was like, Go get your boss.

Duce:   47:00
You get your man. Hell, yeah.

Jay:   47:02
So, uh, so we kind of exit on the guy? Sorry, she went to go get her, like, manager or the boss on duty. And, um, guy was saying something when he was leaving, and that's kind of when it happened, because the boss her and yeah, so

Duce:   47:17
yeah, soup. Lex is us.

Corina:   47:19
I mean, definitely. Like when when a customer can tell that like, you're not in the greatest of moods. I honestly think that as a bartender. Really? You appreciate that because it makes you feel human, you know, and like, it makes you feel scene like in a busy ass bar when you can When you can tell that the persons overwhelmed, it's like I love when someone asks me How's your day going? Because they treat you like a frickin robot like it's true like the other day. Like for example, Um, maybe it was like last week, like I had a pretty busy lunch And, um, this, like, I'm not even getting like when we get busy and being the only person there, it gets crazy. Sometimes

Duce:   47:54
I could just imagine,

Corina:   47:55
because I'm not It's not that I'm just making drinks. I'm running food. I'm taking orders. I'm my own bar back, like I do everything. So this woman asked me for a pizza box for to go right and like, she got pissed off that she had to get her own box because I was literally dealing with, like, 20 other people and like just running around like a maniac, just like, don't worry about it. I got it myself. And I was like, Oh, yeah, I really wanted to be like I'm trying my best here, Okay,

Duce:   48:26
like the fuck is wrong with you what

Corina:   48:29
it's like when people see that it's busy. They don't think that like, they just don't pay attention to anybody but themselves and, like how like that they're not being taken care of or whatever. But I don't know. I think when people come into the restaurant they expect more, you know, obviously like a full staff kind of thing. But when they see it's only me, there's there's people that appreciate it, and they tell me, like killing it right. And then there's people like the pizza box lady that's a total fucking bitch. And like

Duce:   48:55
like fucking Karen? Yeah, shots Cario. No, honestly, that I feel like

Corina:   49:10
at it like a do like for a do's and don'ts at a bar like Definitely ask your bartender how they're doing. How are they feeling? Because it makes it just makes you feel good, you know, like he really does.

Duce:   49:22
That's coming from I'm the

Jay:   49:28
So Do So Don't. So let's let's let's quick, don't

Corina:   49:33
don't flag down a bartender when you because basically, like we make our rounds, Okay, so when we see people coming up, we know this person's next person excessive. Don't try bump in a line and, like, be like Excuse me. Excuse me. Service here, please.

Duce:   49:50
You gotta see that. Don't exactly go. Not in his information.

Jay:   50:00
That's too sassy. What's number two?

Corina:   50:04
Number two. Definitely. Don't ask us what we're doing later.

Duce:   50:15
So, um, what are you doing? I'm

Corina:   50:19
closing the bar down

Duce:   50:20
your way. People. People still ask. That's gonna be a great segue way for my next question. Continue.

Corina:   50:33
Let's see what's another Don't know.

Jay:   50:36
I got a whole 33

Corina:   50:40
three, only three. Okay, what's another Don't, um I mean, honestly, I think I mean, honestly, those were, like, the only two things that, like,

Jay:   50:52
don't touch the cards.

Corina:   50:52
Just don't touch us. Just don't fucking touch us, because we will Mayweather the fuck out of you,

Jay:   50:57
okay, do So you say

Corina:   51:02
yes. Do you treat us like humans? Don't treat us like service workers. Treat us like a frickin person, right? Like, just ask us how we're doing. Just, you know, especially if you're like I mean, regulars like, yeah, like you get to know a person, but like, if you're if you want to become a regular like, don't treat us like a therapist like just

Duce:   51:22
sorry. We're

Corina:   51:25
always gonna have the answers. You know what I mean? But like at the same time, it's not. I mean, I don't get overwhelmed by, like, the things that people tell me. Like, I love to have conversations and, like, get to know people. But sometimes, like, if I see you bring in like your side chicken stuff.

Duce:   51:39
Oh, an opinion on that that brings up my second question will continue. I

Corina:   51:47
mean, don't get me wrong. I love I love to hear people's stories and lives and stuff, but sometimes it can get a little, like just

Duce:   51:53
trying to leave

Corina:   51:54
a little bit like the personal stuff. Like

Duce:   51:57
my cat. I heard that.

Corina:   52:02
I actually have never heard that.

Duce:   52:03
But I don't have a cat. But I do have, like, a bunch of strays. We have a raccoon. Is that true? Yes. A real pet raccoon. No, no. Show me. Oh, no. He like chills in the front, so OK, so for those I don't know, I have a dog and his name is Keio. Actually, his actual name is cute Doggy Rocky. But no one could pronounce that exact just like that. Doing more time you'll see. There we go. Just like that. You got to say it like that. He'll, like, turn in anatomy fashion. But it'll be like lights and sound effects and shit. But point being is that we have Keo we did have Ragno our a p b. Okay, um and, uh but for whatever reason, Keogh, like his energy brings in raccoons. Okay, so it was a record in his past life. Probably because they're fucking guys always there looking there. He's stealing his food. According to my mom and my dad, very like he's taking a bath. You right here on the far, right? So Okay, so deuces garbage disposal broke down. He's like, Hey, man, Julia, could you come down and fix my garbage disposal? I'm like I got you. So I go down there. I forgot my my plumber putty to seal the thing right. And I hate him. I hate to go into my shed and all the left eye. All right, cool. And I hear my mom. Oh, shit. It is like, What is it? It's the fucking dog watching. It was like a possum was like, No, the thing with the eyes, I don't like the raccoon it is, Yeah, he's taking a bath in the water, like, Wow, because I just give me about 10 minutes. I might just hit or something like make it go away. He's like, No, he's like he's taking a shower, A little finish. I'm about to offer him some soap, but yeah, we have our coons. That's totally sidetracked. I totally forgot. What are we talking about using down the do's and don'ts? Yes, yeah,

Corina:   54:22
but we'll just we'll just really back in. Just just make us feel scene right and heard. Of course, that's it because it really it'll change. Like just you're like my over. I mean, for me for sure. Like my overall attitude. Like I definitely separate my personal life from my work. Like when I go to work right foot, like sometimes like, you know, life is busy and it's overwhelming. And like if someone can feel that and they ask you how you're doing or how's it going, or even if you're busy and they're like home and you're really busy, like you're doing such a great job like yes, thank you like it just makes you feel so much more appreciate and it makes me work 10 times harder.

Duce:   54:59
That's that. That's something that I want the listeners toe here because that that's super important. Especially when for the hospitality industry, like that's a conversation we had with Jen Matics and also with Rob. I believe when it comes out to, it's like we want to show everybody that people were people were people, right? We're all people.

Corina:   55:22
Yeah, when people try to talk shit about service workers like Oh, like you could do, like, like like are they Just look down on it, right? Like like they'll be like, Oh, like I mean, I'm not even kidding. Like in my experience is working like I've had, like, customers in the past, like, kind of talk shit to me, you know, and just be like, Oh, yeah, like and just be like, Oh, like like, Oh, this is what you get for, like, not going toe like college. You're like,

Duce:   55:47
what fun?

Jay:   55:48
That actually went to my next question because I was gonna ask you, How do people react to you being a woman bartender by your periods And,

Corina:   55:56
um, you know, overall, like I definitely get positive, like feedback for sure. There are a few people that are just like, Well, is that all you want to do? You know what? It's just like I enjoy what I d'oh, right. Like I'm not gonna tow. Yeah, exactly. You know, it's just like I love And it's funny because I used to be such an awkward, like, isolated, just like permit e. No, I know you wouldn't

Duce:   56:22
be. Oh,

Corina:   56:24
but once because my first. Like I said, I started off as a hostess. I was the most awkward fucking hostess I really was. I did not do a good job, but as I got more comfortable and legs started working different service industry jobs, I found my voice, and I found my way to, like interact with people. And I don't know it just like like, just

Jay:   56:47
because I can relate because I tell people all the time like I'm I'm very extroverted. But I was very introverted kid s. So it kind of just got better and better. Honestly, what I want what people don't know and I'll go ahead sale here. And I would just mimic my dad honestly, because my dad is very loud. Yes, he's the life of the party. So I was like, I'm just gonna be like him. And so that's kind of will help me.

Duce:   57:12
So s o lose his father. Every time I see him, I'm waiting for him to be Oh, so funny is so funny. And but yeah, it comes on to like because I when you saying oh, you know, being shire, like just being very reserved. Yeah, I don't I don't see it.

Corina:   57:34
I know that I've definitely molded into who I am as a bartender for sure. Over the years I started off working at. Like I said, I was a hostess when I first went into the service industry world. And then I worked at this, like, Mom and Pop Greek restaurant that had a full bar. But there was no bartender. So when you'd be working, you literally have to make the drinks a swell. And that's kind of where I started learning. And then I got hired up the blind donkey and I started learning how to make cocktails there. You know, it's craft cocktails and craft beer, and that once I had that experience there, I thanks to my sister, landed a job at the Palm. Have you been there a fork? The steakhouse? It's Ah, it's It's been it's been around since the 19 twenties, the one in here in l. A. So that I got hired as a bartender there, thankfully to my sister with absolutely me. Like I had experience right in the hospital industry. But I never had experience making drinks. Besides, like the Greek restaurant where I literally Google

Duce:   58:36
drinks, I think I'm not even

Corina:   58:37
gonna be like, Oh, can I get like like I didn't know how to make a martini, right? Like E o. And that So having that experience just literally just learning from, like, the get go, like I was just like, okay, like I could do this. But when I worked the palm like it was a whole different world because that was like, we're right across the street from the Staples Center. So when they hired me, was right before season, right before the game started. And I've never I mean, blind donkey, yes, high volume. But I wasn't making drinks. It's different when you're actually having to make the drinks and like, that's definitely where I learned my skill set and how I know how to make great cocktails now. Yeah, and

Duce:   59:20
I finished. There's, like, five minutes like we're good, because it might go one more than I'll be. I'll be

Corina:   59:28
So I feel like

Jay:   59:29
you made it just enough because, like, I'm good, I definitely have. Yeah, that was

Corina:   59:38
but I didn't. You know, like, there's people that go to school for bartending that, you know, like they get licenses. I I literally just learned just by being put in that position and like, it was awesome. And like, the Palm was one of the most like, high paced restaurant jobs I've ever worked for because we would do, like, 500 covers dirt Lee in two hours and somehow I always got stuck on the well, I'm not even kidding dear. Like Lakers or like Clipper. Yeah, all that like, Oh, we Yeah, we would sell out sometimes, and, like I would bust out like I don't like 300 drinks within, like, two hours. What? I gonna believe myself when I would do that, I was just like, how did I do it? Like the tickets would literally pork to the ground like I wouldn't even I wouldn't even look at the tickets. I would just tell That's the server is like, just call out what you need, because I'm not even gonna fucking bother, cause this thing would trail like, Oh, it was crazy. It was crazy. And that Woods And that's why I feel like it definitely helped. Like me opened myself up to just being like, just the best multi tasker. And that's why at the stocking frame, like I can handle

Jay:   1:0:46
a plus. I guess it's it's an art like I look at it as okay, So everybody has their thing that they do, right? Right, whether it be music, wrapping, writing, you know, podcasting, you know, our yeah are being a bartender, and it is definitely an art. And my whole thing is like if a person has a fucking comment like what she said on there being an asshole, how about you go back there, make that's

Corina:   1:1:13
exactly right. Exactly Way talked about this before we started. You know, people they don't like, they just they don't see it. They only thinking about themselves in that moment that they don't see, like how hard we are working and how hard like they don't say like, Oh, you've been here for like eight hours already. You know, like they just see like I just need my drink and I need my service Right now. It's like, No, like, please be patient with us like exactly like that's, you know, and that's that's all we just want to acknowledge, like that's, like the most like number one thing. Just make us feel like we're doing our best because it'll make us work and be more enthused to, you know, give you better service.

Duce:   1:1:53
And that's why we have our chats. That's what we're doing is honestly and that's something that do So Now we're talking about is that

Corina:   1:1:59
you're giving us a voice

Duce:   1:2:00
exactly, because I want him. I want to show and not just show, but also have the audience interact with with the bartenders at their local bars and breweries because it's I always feel there's always a division because of that table, you know, Yeah, even though there is a table in front of me right now, but we're all connecting, you know, and I I hear your stories and I feel your passion for the for the craft and It's like That's that, Honestly, the audience has to be here, and we're trying to portray it as much as we can. But, you know, thank you so much for doing everything you done think and everything you will do because I know for a fact because the energy that you definitely give off is one of passion and the one that cares. And when she says, you know, ask your bartenders, how are they doing today? It really does

Corina:   1:3:03
mean a lot. It does. It makes a huge difference,

Duce:   1:3:07
right? And, you know, and I know Deuce will relate with me when it comes out to it's it's more of Ah, like when we go toe when we you know, bars, we we go hang out and we'll just start talking. And sometimes at the end of the day, we're like, Aargh! We should go grab a beer with this bartender just, you know, one round on us because they deserve it, you know? And hopefully one day when I get when I get a little bit more of ah ray of alcohol because of all the people are, let me try to make you guys something. So you try. It's something that my father has been making for years. It's Ah, it's Puerto Rican. Moonshine and delicious. Yes, and we're working on. We're working on making our own, the one that you saw that was in the bottom. But we also have another one that's fermenting and chilled. Um, so that one, I don't know how it's gonna come out, but it's a lot darker. It's very, very pungent. But it smells so sweet. I think I'm gonna add a little bit more like this stuff that we have inside the little one. But at the end of day, you know, thank you so much for everything you've done. And, um, everything, like I said that you're going to do

Corina:   1:4:27
thank you

Duce:   1:4:28
other drinks because the dreams he already feeling, uh, you know, it's it's definitely something that, um, that I I want I want to ask this because it's something my sister asked me. And she's so you should probably ask us to want to hear one of your interview airs interviewees, you know? Yeah, sure, Why not? So, being a a female bartender, you see males hitting on either male or female on the other side. right. How What are your thoughts on that? Should, should they approach? Should they not approaches and just let him drink? Like, what are your thoughts on how gonna say, Aggressive versus passive interaction of the opposite or same sex?

Corina:   1:5:25
I think, uh, like, no offense to you both, but like, men can be very oblivious to how they are approaching a female. Then they don't like if there's if you approach a feat like a group of women, you know, just being like, Hey, how's it going? Like, how's chances are that they're probably gonna try to get a drink for me, disappear because you come off creepy, you know, versus, like someone that, just, like casually like or even just like says, You

Duce:   1:5:58
don't even

Corina:   1:5:58
have to acknowledge the person. You can just be like old surrounds on me, you know? And then I think in that way, like it makes a female not feel so, like like you're intruding into their space, you know, like so the aggressive way. No, don't do that right. Have

Jay:   1:6:15
a great story about,

Corina:   1:6:17
but like, a passive way. I feel like is yeah, like if someone notices somebody in the bar and said, Oh, yeah, let me buy him a drink, You know, like it just it makes a little bit more easier. And it'll, I guess, Segway A conversation to make it more like you don't feel like you're being forced into it. I don't know if that makes any sense.

Jay:   1:6:36
No, it makes perfect sense. So But before I get into that, could I have a great sir? Um, I want to know s o the same same question, though, right? But I want to know how a bartender feels when a guy to get hits. Salt, euros, your woman. Bartender. When a guy hits on you as a partner, like, how do you feel about it? Our Is there a good way to do it? Is there a bad way?

Duce:   1:7:02
Is there any later? And should they should they not, you know, um Well, stop me if you have that.

Corina:   1:7:12
Well, I mean, in my experience, like being hit on at bars. Um, most of the time, it was like married men for sure. Like that's definitely one thing I like Look at because I'm always just like, Okay, most of the time, I'm gonna, like, entertain it because I want your money,

Duce:   1:7:35
like, solid, solid.

Corina:   1:7:38
But I'm not gonna like I'm not gonna do in a way that, like, like, it doesn't that I'm gonna make my put myself in a position where I'm gonna make myself feel uncomfortable. I appreciate you know, guests that, like, are nice to me in that way. And, like, well, like, make me feel like, Oh, you look nice today. Really, Whatever. You know, like, I feel like that's a good etiquette. Like, you just don't be like your sexy piece of just be like, hey, like you're glowing today or something like just I feel like that's like a a better wayto like complimented bartender. Okay? And even if you're just, like, subtly flirting like, it won't make you feel weird because in my experience, working at the Palm like it was a definitely a different demographic. It was businessman and like lawyers and and creepy, creepy people. Just so I've had both worlds where I've had gentlemen's and then I've had really gross guys that have actually solicited me for sex. Oh, wow. Not even getting yeah, like being

Duce:   1:8:40
a few of

Corina:   1:8:41
our dinner. Do we deal with a lot of shit, man. Like we do like it's so you know, it kind of Jade's you a little bit, but

Duce:   1:8:49
yeah, I could just imagine I if someone asked me that, I would be like, I'm let me check my schedule, but, um, I'm I'm a short fly foot for Hispanic dude, So yeah, Shit. No, but no, no, I totally agree with You're saying and and it's you know, I when I see that bars, like I know, Deuce and I have seen other guys aggressive, like aggressive the try to talk to the bartender. So the part where I'm like a dude, he's up. You're giving us a bad name, bro. You're I'm here to have a drink, but they're treating me different because you're a dick, you know for sure, because they just because I say, hey, I like I like your shirt and they're wearing a fucking tron. Sure. What the fuck am I supposed to say is my favorite character, you know? And they're like, Oz, stop looking at me like, you know, just like I genuinely just like your shirt. You're You're cool person.

Corina:   1:9:50
I mean, I feel like I'm a little bit more open minded, you know, when it comes to things like that, because I've had an array of experiences with, like, different people, creepy, aggressive guests were just like, you know, just very like normal people just actually like genuinely complimenting you. Yeah, versus like someone that's, like, writes down on a receipt and says, like, for a good time call

Duce:   1:10:13
why we owe Don't

Corina:   1:10:19
ever like, leave your number on a receipt for a partner like you're not You're not gonna get a call back, so I just

Duce:   1:10:27
don't see and it's this is about to turn into, like, a dating like a daily podcast because I was like, All right, So, uh, my girl, she goes by exam, But this her name is Janet. But she told me a story, something that happened to her. She was out of the gym, and it's very aggressive, you know, interaction on her end that she's very attractive and, you know, she's she's she's really nice. And, you know, I feel some people take advantage of that, that kindness of that nicey and like, Oh, I think she likes me. I think she likes me. You know, I've always of our town. Yeah. Um, how many zeros on? Okay, Yeah, I just Yeah, yeah, for sure. Just okay. Cool. Rip and be gone with it, you know, whatever from, But I feel like that whole I kind of like trying to hit on a person at a bar or the bartender be personally, I don't think I don't think I've ever hit on a bartender reduced, have I? I probably I probably have. I probably flirted. Yeah, sending,

Jay:   1:11:47
I think. I think I think guys is generally flirt.

Corina:   1:11:50
I mean, subtle

Jay:   1:11:51
bartenders And, um, I think is more just like, Oh, she's attractive. Cool. Like, Hey, how are you doing, right? I mean, I just think when you go to a whole nother level with it, that's when it's like, OK, what? What the hell are you doing? You know, like like what you said the guy riding on a hey, give me a call when you've made no indication that you're attracted to, but Okay. Okay. This kind of goes into what I was gonna say that So So I had a funny situation so obviously a while ago, because maybe now, but so I was at a bar and I'm with my guy friends, and, um, one of them's married anyway, So it was like one guy was married. Me, I'm the single one. And then there's, like, three other single guys with us, right? And so we're all hanging out, and I'm the type of person people know me. I don't hit on girls just because I think no offense to you. I just think girls want too fucking much. And I'm a very honest person. So, like, if I think your tractor, I must say you're attractive, but, like, I'm gonna be very honest with it, and I'm probably gonna be pretty direct about it, you know? You know how sad waitress Travis Average Islam is going to tell you? Like whatever comes to my mind without trying over fucking think. Okay, right. And so we're in. We're in this bar and, um, charming respond with when you were in this bar, and I'm, like, Cool. I see these girls and I'm like, Oh, wow, they're, like, really attractive. Let's go over there. So we go over there and I go. Hi, guys. Doing today? That's it. It's always said she had attitude straight up right away. right away. And I didn't say it was high. I was like, um, excuse me. I just wanted to say hi. Like, I think you guys look very attractive. That was it. Um, yeah. So, um, we're just hanging out right now. So and then she just kind of like a letter like that. And I was like, OK, so I can't just say that right? Right now, I can't give you a compliment. It's like, Well, you know, if you want to get us some drinks, So that's that's the part. That's my experience. When I was going to clubs a lot is that every time you want is generally give somebody a compliment, talk to a girl and really have, like, that connection, like, Okay, I think this person is really cool. I just want to say hi. See what goes on. They always want you to fucking pay for. They drink. I'm sorry. Look, I get it. You know, you know, chivalry or whatever isn't dead. That's at the same time it is. That is 2020 can have, like, if if you want to be like, I'm all women and it's all in me right and I can pay for my own bills and all that shit. Then why do you go to a bar and you want a guy to pay for what you said? Now that that's that's just that's just one question I have. Like, How do you feel about,

Corina:   1:14:52
um okay? I mean, I'm all about female empowerment and being independent and stuff, you know, But also, I do still have pretty traditional values when it comes to chivalry and stuff like that. In my experience of like going to a bar, I don't go to a bar expecting someone to buy me a drink, you know? And I feel like there's a difference with other people that go, and that's what you know. That's what they're searching for, their just searching to just get free drinks from people and stuff. And I mean I mean, it's kind of messed up. Sometimes, you know, it

Duce:   1:15:29
is, you know, it's true because my girl does that shit all the time. I'm sure she'll be like, Oh, yeah, thanks for the drink. Deuces did.

Corina:   1:15:39
I mean, it's like someone if someone buys me a drink like I'm not gonna disappear on that person, I'm gonna have, like, a genuine conversation with them and like, be like thank you so much for this drink, but I'm going to go back to my friends. I feel like in that way, like, it doesn't make them feel I don't know,

Duce:   1:15:55
I So I think this is I have a lot to say to this because that should happen to me right several times. And here's

Jay:   1:16:08
what. I want you to get the guys respect that. That's why I was so

Corina:   1:16:11
well. But at the same time, I feel like some guys will take advantage of that. And then we'll scope out the women that already inebriated and, well, you know, like it might Okay,

Duce:   1:16:22
so I don't focus on that,

Corina:   1:16:23
you know? And I had experience like that just the other day where I went out and I'm I was like, I watched some show and like, this guy approaches me, and he's just like, Hey, you look like you want a drink. And I was just kind of like, already buzzing. I was like, you

Duce:   1:16:36
know, a ideo.

Corina:   1:16:37
You know, when I was like, Yeah, he's a call about you drinking. Okay, cool. So we like shot and chatted, but he was just speaks aggressive. And I was like, He's clearly didn't like trying to take advantage of this situation right now, you know? And I feel like when guys single out women that are, you know, obviously, like, inebriated, like, that's the part where, like, it gets a little like Yeah, yeah.

Duce:   1:17:00
At that point, that that just becomes dangerous.

Corina:   1:17:02
Yeah, of course. Yeah,

Duce:   1:17:04
for go ahead. No. Yeah, because every time I brings me back to this. All right, so this is a long time Time ago in a galaxy far away. Uh, wait where All I remember she was. This person was drinking some stone I p a. And I was like, Hey, were you drinking? I'm drinking this. Okay, Cool. And then I asked for a black velvet check out. It's, uh, first episode. Yeah. Kryptonite episode. What a black hole. That is, if you don't know what it is. But I ordered a black velvet. She was interested. She's like, Oh, crazy. That's so weird. Out on our block block. And then Rico suave because because you were there with me. There was a band playing. There's some really into, like, Irish punk. And so I told the person, Hey, you know what you drinking on this night we start talking, Induces there with me. He probably doesn't remember because I had to drive him home. But, um, you know there. Then they start playing, um, Dropkick Murphys, Dropkick Murphys track. And I'm like, Oh, shit, that's my fucking jam. And I'm, like, out on the dance floor dancing with some like, crazy old white lady it jamming out I come back and the chick is like the girl was looking at me and deuce is like, Hey, guys, come on over here. All right, cool way. Walk over. And they're Rico's saw that comes in with a suit. He's like West Lady started stalking her and puts his back towards me. Mind you, I'm here deuces here she is like in between She's here. I'm here and deuces here He like fun angles his way between me and her and turns his back towards me. And I'm like, uh, hi. He's like, Oh, how you doing, man? Like did you do not see how like this is a three party? You are not welcome, my friend. You're more than welcome just don't give me yours. Don't give your back back. Never give anybody a back like I feel. That's very disrespectful. Yeah, for sure. You know, And it is It is. Okay, I'm not the only one because I've had people, like, literally, like, turn their back to me. I'm, like, dude about plus upside the head, You know, um and that was very it was kind of weird, but, um, I felt like that's why I asked you that question is how How aggressive is aggressive, you

Corina:   1:19:46
know? Um, yeah. I mean, they're definitely like there are levels of a Miss Mercer. Yeah, definitely, Boy, that's what, my ass,

Duce:   1:19:57
that's that's beyond her. That's that's That's harassment.

Corina:   1:20:01
It's straight up. Yeah, that's like, you know, when there are people that are past the point of blacking out like they will, they don't give a fuck and they will be as aggressive as they possibly can. And you know, there is a There's a demographic of men out there that gets so offended when someone turns him down. And like as a as a female bartender, when someone's literally gave me like, $100 tip, I'm not getting like There's this one guy that gave me $100 he was expecting me to let go. Give him a blowjob like, Yeah, yeah, he was just like he was like, uh, he's like, Hey, there's more where this came from if you like. If you

Duce:   1:20:37
are here and I'm just like, Excuse me, sir, What the fuck is wrong

Corina:   1:20:43
with you like that? That's a whole other level of across aggressive, you know? And then there's, like, the gentleman that are just like, Hey, you look really nice today. And I'm like, all things here. Here's a Friedrich

Duce:   1:20:54
e o. You know it. But I feel like we should always care, like even not just to get anything out of it. Just genuinely like I And this is something I tell my girl all the time. Was like, If I find someone good looking, whether be male or female or fucking unicorn or whatever nowadays, um, but it's as long as worry what's communicate that Hey, you know what? Because I feel that we deserve to know that down. You know, I work hard to look the way I do or feel the way I do that. Give me praise, man. Yeah, um, that that might seem selfish to some people.

Jay:   1:21:33
I don't think so. I think with guys is harder because of all the situations, Like a girl goes through that you're not gonna hear that shit because they feel like, Well, if I tell him this, he's gonna think I want some are right and that not be in the case. So that probably was going on And then on the whole guy side, you know, we don't know how to say amen looking great today, bro.

Duce:   1:21:59
Yeah, I tried to tow me. Any kind of just gives me a weird looking just playing. Hey, goes

Corina:   1:22:05
back to, like, men being kind of oblivious, you know, in a way, because, like, as women like, we definitely experience a world that you guys will never understand. You know, like we can't walk down the street without feeling like someone's behind us. They're like, you know, I've had experiences where I've been walking on the street with my headphones on and, like, I'm constantly having a look behind me because I feel like that's I'm vulnerable. And that sucks. You know, you guys can walk down the street wearing headphones and like, you don't have to worry about shit. You know, there's just a lot of things and like that, those worlds, they're just there to different places. And that's why we're so much more reserved and so much more like just We have to be, like, aware of our surroundings at all times because people will take advantage of that, you know? I mean, I was at work and someone took advantage of me, right? You know, when it's that that was just enough for me to just be like I will. I have to be vigilant, and I have to always just be aware of everything. It's, you know, it's like being a female in this world. Yeah,

Duce:   1:23:06
no, no, no. And I, You know what I respect? I respect you and and I respect women and everything that you do and honestly, thank you. Thank

Corina:   1:23:20
you for validating

Duce:   1:23:21
on and just just women in general and I That's one thing that Deuce and I are We talk about, um when it comes out because you know, I have my God daughter and she's in her. She's every team's already, and she's like, she's like my baby. And I know I got two of to your kids. Yeah, and they're and they're they're girls. And, like, I want to see them be successful, and I It would hurt me. Yeah, for them to experience that, you know, and for them to think, Oh, is Uncle Jay like that, or is dad like that? Like, I would never want them too, because our job as providers And for some, um, their ground parent as well. Um, you know, for them to view us an end negative way when all we want to do is just make sure they were safe. Protect him. Exactly. And you know, when they see it, that way down the lines like that concerns me. Yeah. You got me?

Corina:   1:24:25
Yeah, for sure. I mean, yeah, like, I feel like our job. Like, it's small me as like a mom with a boy, right? I'm a boy, Mom. Like it's my job to, like, teach him like the ways of feminism and the ways of being a gentleman and like being chivalrous without being like over the top, you know, And it's it's this world is just so it's gets scary, like raising a child in it these days because there's just so much like that they're so unaware of. And like, I don't know, Um,

Jay:   1:24:58
when I'm gonna change it. Yeah. No. You actually going into I'm glad we got this far because I was like, Jay, I had this really good question. And it only works with you because, um, so your mother with a boy and I'm a father with droves. So the biggest thing is like so yes. So you have girls that you like talking to the girls about. Okay, guys, air like this, right? And, um, to be aware of this and, you know, guys trying to, like, hold your hand really tight, Then he might want something like scream, right? You know, basically, just howto protect yourself. And then I remember my mom because my mom was taking care of us and our brothers, and she would be like, this high. You are supposed to be with a girl. So everything that you're saying, right and I was all right. Cool. This is how impulsive beauty God, it's my mom told me, and I'm just gonna be grilled. Um, and that's why I kind of feel like Maybe it'll be the same way with the girls. Hopefully not, but everything she told me about, Like how you're supposed to be with a girl like the girls did not like this, Uh, is so it is funny. Like it's like you. You're supposed to take those those hit and jewels and gyms, but also realized, like Mom is telling you this from a standpoint, lad, I'm your mother, and maybe I'm wrong. But I'm your mother. So I want you. I just want girls to, you know, think you're a good guy. But also knowing that girls who are attracted to you are you know, you want to be in relation, that they're gonna want another part of you as well.

Duce:   1:26:43
Yeah, you kind of lost me there, but I'm gonna say Yeah, thumbs up guy. I don't have kids. I have I have nothing. I have a switch at a PlayStation. Those are my Children. And I got killed. Wait,

Corina:   1:26:59
no, you have to stay out. Well, how do you pronounce it? A man?

Duce:   1:27:05
Yes. And a bunch of like, animate things just popped out of like the air. That's so funny. Animate Expo, July 20. Wait, July 4th. Yeah, I'm so fucking going so fucking, I swear. But, you know, it's hopefully are you down for Probably apart to summer? Yeah. Yeah, for sure. Yes, Yes, yes. Way got Carino one more time. That's awesome these days. There we go. Yeah, because the for parts. Who's I'm trying. I'm trying toe get everybody's blackout story. So I have waiting. Okay, Okay. So before, before we head out, um, is I know there will be a parts is I want to do a part two with everybody. Kind of like a touch basis of But before we head out because we've had everybody's blackout story, we need your blackout story. Oh, yeah. Just which everyone you want to give us because part two is gonna have more.

Corina:   1:28:13
Okay, well, my 11 of my favorite blackout stories. Um, it has to do with karaoke. Yeah, And, um so it's so funny because, like, you think that all my years of, like, drinking and all that stuff, like, obviously, you need to eat before you drink, because it just goes straight to your brain

Duce:   1:28:35
and you're just you're

Corina:   1:28:36
just fucked. I had one of those instances where a bunch of friends wanted to go to this karaoke bar. And I was like, Yeah, I'm down with her pre gaming. And I was like, Oh, man, I should really eat something because I'm I'm already kind of buzzed, right? But the housing f forget whatever. Well, um, apparently that night, because I don't remember, huh? I signed up for a Spice Girls song and you need, like, four other people like things. I did all parts.

Duce:   1:29:07
That's what could awesome.

Corina:   1:29:08
And I signed up for the same song again. Like like 10 minutes. Call my name. He was like, He's like curry, Niles like like go up to the stage. Apparently, I don't remember any of this is a low and I sing the same exact fucking song again.

Duce:   1:29:26
Like that's being crazy Train. I seem crazy. Train in my sleep It

Corina:   1:29:34
was It was recorded. Thio eyes

Duce:   1:29:37
are you two?

Corina:   1:29:37
It's not on YouTube. Thankfully,

Duce:   1:29:38
there will be no eyes, a

Corina:   1:29:42
memory. I try just just certainly just suppressed.

Duce:   1:29:46
Okay, I feel because there I'm still trying to convince Deus todo release his his high school pictures when he's wearing that ride the shirt. 033 Excel shirt, lady. A size 46 genes of that. She was funny. Air Force months e I was on the other spectrum. I had I had the baggy pants at the super join. Enormous convincing goes, Yes, e had that ship, but also had a Mohawk. And, like, I was a skater Side like a fool. Yeah, Your way. Your rocker, huh? Your rocker. You like that rock? Yeah. Brochure. You call? You know about religion Rock?

Corina:   1:30:44
I begged my mom for those Jenko jeans.

Duce:   1:30:46
Really? Really did. I was

Corina:   1:30:48
like, I was like a I consider myself like a Nemo kid, but I was also, like, super into, like like indie rock. I was weird. Dude, my music taste is so eclectic. But like back in those years when, like, Django was like the shit like, I was super in the leg corn and like, they're coming back. Oh, my God. It's

Duce:   1:31:07
amazing. They're coming back. And so is Limp Biscuit, which I'm excited. So So Limp Biscuit is limp biscuit corn because corns releasing their new album pretty soon they already have their e p on Spotify, which I'm super hero. Like I heard I was asked Has like a very twisted sister kind of vibe. So has a oh, gee, roots. And like they're drunk. They're drum kit, man. They're fucking drunk. Here is so clean. Um, and I saw a It was it was a poster that had a slip knot. Uh, and then I think it was disturbed because disturb slip knot. Well, first of all, that's so weird. And then they have a fucking limp biscuit, and I'm like, Yeah, like, so it's it's slip knot headliner for the first night and then disturbed for second I and then limp biscuit for third night. Like the headliners I'm like, Dude, Fred Durst is still fucking like making music. He's, um yes, yes. Yeah, I know. So that's what part two is gonna be about because I'm we're gonna talk about music. We're gonna talk about a lot of other stuff. Um, but, Karina, thank you so much. It's an honor. Oh, they had a pleasure, I think, for making these amazing drinks, you know, welcome. And it's honestly, by far by far the best. No way. Elbow.

Corina:   1:32:43
That's a trick. Watch. Look at my already wants to. Perfect. Every time

Duce:   1:32:54
I have shirt, I'm shook my entire world. Just fucking, like, shifted a little bit. That's so That's so That's so awesome. Well, you know. Thank you again. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

Corina:   1:33:13
Thanks for having me.

Duce:   1:33:14
And, um, you know, something we like to say.

Duce:   0:00
no matter what you do   

Duce:   0:00
are where you go sip something