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What's a beer?  

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What's a Cocktail?

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What do you recommend?  

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Where should we go?  

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Why do we eat peanut butter with jelly?

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Bro peanut butter and jelly is fire! 

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Smooth or Crunchy though? 

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Don't even get me started on that. (Laughter)

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(Laughter),  join us on our journey through your local breweries in your backyard

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and ours while we talk about serious yet not so serious topics about life,  

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I'm Jay 

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  You ready?

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Lets roll  

Jay:   1:15
What's going on? I'm Jay I'm here with the awesome and beautiful Chef Kanae Houston 

Duce:   1:21
Cher Kanae

Jay:   1:26
o. We did do a video of her making an awesome dish for us on pairing it with a beer. Beer is Boulevard Brewing Co Bourbon barrel quad.  It's 11.2% guys. And the dish she made is amazing. Yes. And, chef,

Duce:   1:50
I like that. So,

Jay:   2:07
a brief little you know, they're gonna watch the video, but give you a brief description of what? What you've made for us.

Chef Kanae Houston :   2:12
So what I'm a is a hi fi black garlic shrimp. Surprise habanero for me, you have a narrowing their, um, some fresh herbs. Which is the Fillon tro green 1,000,000. Lots of butter. Um, put some of the beer inside of the dish to create the sauce

Duce:   2:39
is amazing, but I'm actually I'm actually

Jay:   2:42
I'm eating right now like there's ah, grabbing a piece of bread, dipping it in the sauce. I'm a great

Chef Kanae Houston :   2:49
yeah. Um, give the black garlic. I don't know if you five ever if anyone has ever tried black garlic, but it takes on a sweet. It has sweet notes in it, are completely transformed from regular garlic in the fermentation process, and it changes to a completely black color you're going to feed in the video. But, um, yeah, I love quads and deuce. I let him know that I like watching you, you know, I don't know about that. We know about this quad that's fight super good, and you should try it out. So I tried to know like, Oh, yeah, like this is different. This work. It'll go with this black garlic for sure, it almost like a maple bag, has maple notes to it in the black garlic. It's sweet as well, but the beer is not overly sweet. No, it's not. No, it's sweet. But if not, I don't want you to be afraid to try it. Right. Um, try things right. Try new things here, but it's really, really good. And it turned out perfect.

Jay:   4:04
Turned to turn out beyond perfect. It's amazing when when when the audience is it? Yeah. Oh, man. And I can't even I can't explain it. All I could say is this shit is fire eyes. It is fucking amazing. And thank you so much again for allowing us of and giving us the honor of being here with us. And I honestly, I'm kind of like overwhelmed. Wait, I was like, No, you're fucking with me right now, dude. All right, We gotta do this. Do that was like, All right, breathe three. Breathe, but yes, Thank you so much. It is an honor and a pleasure and way were actually talking a little bit about blackout stories on. Think this is what I want is that food and drink brings people together? Yeah. You know, and something we were talking about was family. And how more food more dreams brings more people together. Like you cannot be upset when you're you're drinking. If you are upset that you end up breaking your finger on, it's one of those things. So we're gonna we're gonna pass around the truth, The truth. Stick about blackouts. So I know. I know she has one. I'll go ahead and take the first bullet. Okay, Because I I mentioned ah, $100 worth of quarters

Chef Kanae Houston :   6:00
and throwing it

Duce:   6:02
and oh, yeah, enjoying it

Jay:   6:03
at examine this and my girlfriend and she issue never like she would never let that shit go. I swear she would never let that should go. So I have. It was it was deuces, birthday and He's like, Hey, we're going to Vegas. I'm, like, fucking I'm down this rope. So we had that going to Vegas and Theo. Next thing you know, we ended up at a heart attack grill. We started a heart attack girl and a heart attack,

Duce:   6:38
but it was it was experienced that it is an experience also, so I'll take a little just a little bit. So we're both We're both already like I can't see. I can't were there. This is after drinking like a bunch of what we have heard. Kings will want Tuesdays. I had, like, three already. He was trying to catch up to me, So that was his first job on hoping, If you live like this option death So he's like, really getting in there and get some food. And when we get in there, there's literally smacking somebody with a paddle. In a way, it's crazy a bit over, and she comes out with a little cut out like bro with the foot with we're stuck in fear and loathing in Las Vegas, right? This is the craziest shit I've ever seen. And I would have I would never forget that

Chef Kanae Houston :   7:37
you can I would never

Jay:   7:38
forget that. It was It was the best experience ever.

Duce:   7:41
And the funny thing is, I tell Jade assault on every time I get messed up at least something that nobody's gonna believe me about. They like, I wish this happened there. Like you're lying. I'm just drunk. I know there was a mission. He didn't Guys. I don't know why, though. Yeah, Yeah, It was

Jay:   8:00
one of those things. And so All right. So this is how it ended up being of any throwing $100 worth of quarters that my girlfriend, i e it started off with us going to a heart attack grill and I went to the bathroom. I did What? Bruises. The following morning. I don't Holla. Fuck. So

Duce:   8:19
we were told we went to the

Jay:   8:20
bathroom and he came back with bruises. Yeah,

Duce:   8:25
again, I don't remember ever going back.

Chef Kanae Houston :   8:27
I think I

Duce:   8:28
think all I know is

Jay:   8:36
I woke up with bruises, all the floor, hugging it toward it with a bunch of fucking quarters on the floor. So living continue on how this happened. All right, so we go. I do remember going thio. Insert coin already? Yeah, it's gone now. This was a while back, so insert coin. It's like R K like a retro rd. And they have a bar. They have It's a bar like different things. Um, so we gotta go. We gotta go. Deuce and I were playing. We're having fun. And then all of a sudden, next thing you know, hey said I disappeared. I don't remember. All I remember is going to a party like sitting at a party like there's a party there and I said, Let me get around And they kept on giving me glasses and I said, No, I want to play like I want I want to play it just kept on giving me glasses. I'm I'm not gonna say no to free alcohol with. So I'm just pounding, pounding, pounding, and I That's where I lost consciousness.

Duce:   9:38
I looked for him. He's blacked out on house, right? Yeah, because I'm already seeing in circles and I'll tell him Hey, guys, stay with me. I'm seeing circles right now, and they're like, Well, we got to go find J. And I'm like, all right, some school sit right there, right on the couch. But I do remember seeing him afterwards. So he told me about this part later, but he comes afterwards and I see him going t o get some quarters e I realized what was going on, you see? Oh, she except except it 100 dollars. I bet she passed. I got big pockets pockets for Yeah, 100 in each pocket. He was seen grab these quarters. I was like, Why? Is there something

Chef Kanae Houston :   10:51
Wait. I know it couldn't even fit in the flat. You had. I

Jay:   10:54
don't take it out.

Duce:   10:56
Like why I was going for whatever time scooping that shit out. Where's

Chef Kanae Houston :   11:04
your girlfriend at that time? I don't know. This way. She fit in. Okay,

Duce:   11:14
this is where she goes in. We get it, we get to the CAF. Yeah, because we had to, but we had to get a

Jay:   11:19
camera. Um, she said I said, Hey, make sure we pay the guy because I want to come back telling the cab driver and then I storm or other out of the cab. I somewhat of have the doorman has to help her to take me to my room because she can't carry forth. And I'm like, all right, that. I'm sorry. I apologize for that. And this is where it gets fun.

Duce:   11:50
Mind you, I have 400

Jay:   11:52
quarters in my my pants. Right. So my pads are falling down. I was like,

Duce:   11:59
I need to go to the

Jay:   12:00
bathroom. I go into the bathroom, and when I'm when I'm Annie Reed, I have a tendency of warning soda or something like a carbonated beverage. So I'm throwing quarters at her, telling her Go get me a soda. Go get me a soda.

Duce:   12:17
And I wake up. I wake up to $200 worth of quarters on the floor. Her talking to do's? Yeah, he's in the bathroom. Still, like, knocked out with these selling corners s you hear in that side of it. So, mind you, me, I I'm super like I get drunk. But once I sleep, I wake up early so I won't get like aesthetics. 37. Give me some Excedrin, some electrolytes. I'm good. So I'm calling them up. A man. 7 30 You ready? Wait. Show. And then, uh uh, that with this as the phone, I don't think we're gonna be able to go like why was going on. You like a He threw some quarters that he's drunk. We're not going anywhere. Yeah. Where'd you like hugging the toilet? I was always, Always. I fell asleep

Jay:   13:10
hugging the toilet like it was the last thing on her.

Chef Kanae Houston :   13:12
So she didn't have religious from the quarters

Duce:   13:15
that she got. She got those? She used a pillow as a shoe. She would

Jay:   13:22
never like. I have stories about her, but I'll let her tell that. Yeah, so that was the best. Whenever I say I live live Live. So

Duce:   13:32
that's why episode one you haven't blacked out way,

Jay:   13:36
Remember? So I experienced my life, and I know just has a few years. He has a few, but you're their whole

Duce:   13:45
says I'm supposed to be the designated

Jay:   13:48
driver by black over them. So

Chef Kanae Houston :   13:54
cars being left so many parking lot

Duce:   13:58
trust like, dude, I'm not. He walked. He walked 10 miles. Um, I think that it was bright, like, five miles today. A lot? A

Jay:   14:09
lot. He walked, walked on. Little fuck. Are you

Duce:   14:15
e I have a tizzy. Where? If I know. Okay, I'm getting drunk. I want to go home. And this is that. Well, this is all the time actually went home. But I was I was drunk. I remember Were there were drinking. And I remember being a bit like, literally it was it was that I'm gonna be in there thinking I remember walking in and being free, and so I'm freaking out because I'm like my legs hurt because I feel I feel right. So I fell and I'm, like, so bad. It's a look at my phone. I 30 this calls. And I'm like, what happened last night? Are you okay? May And should. Cause is going on. I'm like I'm in a bad I'm chilly like I'm happy, like arrested Good. They're like, now we've been calling you. And then I guess they asked other people who were at the party, and they're like, Yeah, we saw him laid up. So apparently I was laid out on the line somewhere. So that's why when he heard I fell, I hit something, fell, went sleep. Somebody found me, picked me up, and I'll take you home to give you the car and get out of that was really bad. That's that's why.

Chef Kanae Houston :   15:43
Okay, So you didn't so you leg was hurting together. You will

Duce:   15:46
No, I was gonna fill. I was like, Whoa, writers. I walked there like he said, You know, it's substantive. Somebody's like, so yeah, that you know. No way. We're going clockwise now. The chef. Oh, What? What is your You know, it's gonna be Oh,

Chef Kanae Houston :   16:14
okay. I don't think she'll ever hear this. I hope we're gonna say Yeah, listen to pop a cap. So

Jay:   16:21
all we're gonna say it was It was an acquaintance. No, I just

Chef Kanae Houston :   16:27
say it. You say it. It's okay. You're my blackout story is Well, India will need breaking my finger. Yeah. I broke my own rule by planning in the door. And that is what comes me down. Wait on a rampage of when I was with my and Yeah, I was just angry. I don't even know why. It literally were about a lot of breakfast too. We're about to go eat. Go to breakfast. Mind you, I just got home. I like five in the morning out from drinking. Got home late, your faith And you have a really bad idea, Dr. But we don't condone that

Duce:   17:18
way. Right there, please. Right?

Chef Kanae Houston :   17:22
Yes. Please. Because I don't even know who I'm blessed. I could say that We, um yeah, I was angry at something. It just It just snapped like, uh, you know, And you attacked my roommate and I broke my hookah looking for What is

Jay:   17:46
the fact that you said that very much along

Duce:   17:48
the way?

Chef Kanae Houston :   17:55
I do not remember. Haven't Don't think I'm gonna happen. Is everything else did not happen so I can't take fault. Hey, just imagine apologizing for something you don't remember doing so I'm sorry, e. I do have blackout stories, but I don't have gotten a better handle on drinking. We want to enjoy alcohol, not eggs. I'm not abuse it right. That's what you learn, you know? Where do you get you

Jay:   18:42
learn? Exactly. And that's that's one thing that we're actually talking about, you know, of making sure way do everything responsibly. We have finally enjoying because it's supposed to be Oh, yeah, We have crazy, crazy stories. Like crazy, crazy. Sorry.

Duce:   18:57
Like I say, that's a black out of these waters. Susan would be responsible. Do it t o your

Chef Kanae Houston :   19:07
finger and don't reporters. Right? And don't walk five

Duce:   19:11
five. Don't do that. But honestly,

Jay:   19:18
it's one else. Excuse me. You're like I

Duce:   19:22
e o I I wait, do you Mom, I got a lead. I got you happily e time. So maybe I'm a little absurd

Jay:   19:43
until you chucking a amazing amazing dish. And also, the beer's great. Yeah, on the way here, all the way. Here I was, I was talking to do so and I asked him Robe, she just got off the plane. Yeah, Yeah, she was partying all night. Did you? Did you not see her story? Nobody, bro. That's right. Holy shit.

Duce:   20:05
So how is that

Chef Kanae Houston :   20:10
funny? Funny, funny funny story about last night. So me and my friend, we went to the restroom and we wanted to go into the stall together. You know what I mean? You look, women do this. World women don't want to go into so together. You know the lone line in that favoring you so little. That will be that you are, um, the lady, you know, it was a club where they had someone working in the bathroom. So she did not want us to go into the stall together like she was such a hater. She's like, No, you can't. No, no, no. Soldier like. Okay, whatever. So we're going to our thoughts. And then when we leaving out, we legit feet two girls come out. So we were like, Yo, you just made this whole big deal, You know what I mean? Like, I like what they all you know. And, um, you're my friend. She does. She practiced just Brazilian Brazilian Brazilian jiu jitsu. She goes to competition. Yeah, she traveled for she go behind the lady imaginative lady like short and puts into tomorrow. CNN all she says. Like she don't know where this came from. She just went behind. A lady did this tour. She didn't apply. Force the pressure. She said, it's this easy, and there's you Stop. D'oh! I should wear the easy way. Not one word. Relations stood there, took it and walk out the way we met up with our friend. And, uh, yeah, so, uh, he didn't know what was going on with. Well, we may have met up with him in the end. I see. You know, the big and bouncy I position about and he's pushing them. Yo, what you doing? Like Bagha possum? He don't know what last night and then you know we got kicked out before morning. I guess. The club about the clothes. I don't know how long that clothes think About four. In the morning.

Jay:   22:52
Yeah, it's the only the

Chef Kanae Houston :   22:56
only straight three today. You're bored after

Jay:   22:58
a trooper, trooper, because I would have been like, uh, yeah, I Yeah,

Duce:   23:04
I e

Chef Kanae Houston :   23:07
was telling my friend I was like, I don't want to go. I have to get another flight. I don't care. I feel horrible. He's like, you got it. It's okay. You got this, E E. You're right. Because I have to work in a grocery shop tonight and cook in the morning. And then I had to do this job could inflate. You

Jay:   23:26
know, that's that's why Chef is awesome. Much respect. Check her out on all her socials, you know, except for Social Security number.

Chef Kanae Houston :   23:39
Houston, I am having a Valentine's Day. Um, cook and fit. Experience is going to be a cooking class, you know, break free from the typical dinner in a movie or whatever people do for Valentine's Day. But, you know, total cooking class and turn up while you're learning how to make a great meal. So, yeah, it's funny if a couple thing, I'm gonna do 10 couples, um, everyone gets their own station, and, um, you can choose between steak or salmon, and then we make the fame sides, like fingerling potatoes and, um, Herrick overt. You know, like string means that it won't be nice. That's that's that's Yeah. Complimentary champagne free gift comes with its. Okay. Wait, Janet.

Jay:   24:39
She So her name is Janet, but she goes by Sam Mathis. She's like this. She does twitch, he plays video games. Uh, and, um and she's vegan

Chef Kanae Houston :   24:51
way we can have you way. Could be in all the time, you know, for a cooking shit by everybody of someone. Yeah, you know I have. Well, if I have five clients now that I cook for, But, uh, basically, you do like their meal prep and everything. The two of them are vegan. The rest of that there are little free dairy free, Phil. Yeah,

Jay:   25:25
all the fun free. So that way,

Chef Kanae Houston :   25:29
maybe I'll make yourself good. Make yourself good. Like the guy. He, um he just recently turned vegan, but he wanted to have, like, shirt and grits again because I haven't had it, you know, form a like a vegan version of Tripping Rich. I use polenta and say, But Clinton's like Burt similar. Well, he had me apples like it was amazing, like Thank you so much

Jay:   25:51
so that you know. And that's one thing that always surprised me when it comes down to food and impairing because there's something here that are not feeding. Some of them are so far right. Yeah, because, like we went to Artie Rogers, if you ever, ever have a chance, check Artie riders and also overtime breed the memories that we win t o

Duce:   26:16
we'll see she's our Yeah, So we gotta take her with

Chef Kanae Houston :   26:18
ways you think

Duce:   26:20
I want to go Wait Oh,

Jay:   26:29
there's a spot. There's a few spots that were planning on going way Need Thio Goto Pacific plays were gonna do that. That's a Monrovia, and there's one that I I'm actually very excited to go check out. It's it's called brew idea. So in Spanish, that's like witchcraft. But it's a words Esso and in Spanish, it's It's something called Soulless and Eagle, which is a double double meaning. So brew idea is brewing. You're brewing. Yeah, but it's also considered witchcraft, so it's It's very It's very, very curious about. Okay, Okay, Yeah. Yeah. So it's It's very interesting. And, you know, definitely. Artie Rogers has a milk style. It's called a milkmaid stone, so I like it. Okay, that's not Vian, right? God, but But they also have a a guava, a home ground. It was a guava tart. It takes just like a desert like you're drinking during this hour. It's no, it's like a It's a It's just a start, but it's a start, so it's not. It's it's not sour because it doesn't give you the strong aftereffects. But it gives you a nice little like loathing. Yeah, you feel hot, but the amber then it dissipates s like the envelope is super interesting. And the way that they make their glasses, they have a nuclear nation at the bottom. So going on the org, please. Okay, So,

Chef Kanae Houston :   28:05
like they make your glasses,

Jay:   28:06
they have a custom. So at the bottom at the bottom right here, there's like a spiral amazing grave. So what it does, it's It releases the aroma, so even a really strong smell of the aroma of the beer itself. So when it comes down to it. It's you get a full experience, the nuclear option. If you never heard of it, it's crazy. When you goto go to a bar, you check the bottom part. If there's an X, there's different letters and ex Yeah, swag from the Circle and Michael Spiral and

Chef Kanae Houston :   28:38
at the bottom of a beer glass

Duce:   28:40
Here, you get it done. You get actually made that way. The reason why I do it is time for the aroma,

Jay:   28:45
the handsome, it of that and also the flavors. I want all of bubbles go to the top and you can taste the flavor better.

Chef Kanae Houston :   28:53
So just like, um, just like, um, what a cancer like what? A What do you call it when a pour liquor inside of 30 light?

Jay:   29:09
Yeah, OK, yeah. So in terms of getting like a certain type of liquor on a certain or black velvet, have everyone know. Yeah,

Duce:   29:22
I got a

Jay:   29:26
black velvet. It's, um, it's pretty much a champagne because we talked about This is the first is a champagne base a a Guinness on top before, if you pour it too heavy, so if you don't use a spoon, the gas will penetrate the champagne. Yeah, and it will just blend. It'll blend here. You don't want that. So you pour a spoon at a about 90 45. 45 you're right on the side

Chef Kanae Houston :   29:58
and feeling no, I get what you're saying. Yeah. Oh, for you need. So the

Jay:   30:02
new creation does a very similar thing. But with the combination of the beverage, so without the bottom when you see it, like of their spiral. And honestly, I wouldn't have known if it wasn't for that place, you know? And I looked into it, right? Right. Because she Jen showed us a Have you called it a circle thing at the bottom? And I saw exam like, What is that? Oh, that's

Chef Kanae Houston :   30:31
you, like, have to lift that. Yeah. Little go after Thea and you see, uh,

Duce:   30:38
one of the pictures.

Jay:   30:39
I have the glass tilted over photographer. Right? Well, like I'm the artist. Yeah. So I I made differently. Artworks put some, but I create liquor bottles. What I do with that cut it in half. I put on a piece of wood and I and I frame it, but the way I do it, um is that I have a concept avoid. So I I am the void. So I'm the bartender from the board from the void. So everything is breaking through this imaginary space. Yeah, I have. Ah, Hennessey bottle. I have a Bacardi Votto. I also have, like, some

Chef Kanae Houston :   31:30
champagne. And how do you cut Internet?

Jay:   31:32
So use I use a rotary.

Chef Kanae Houston :   31:38
You were doing a cast. And where? Yeah. Wow,

Duce:   31:53
I e a io Okay, that's what you think I love with, Like they know they you know, they got caught, right? Not because aware, but you could still hear steps. I just know here you like that

Chef Kanae Houston :   32:15
she knows in this house, like in my office that she doesn't think she does her own podcast and she has her whole set up in her room. But she knows She knows. Why are you? That's so fine. She know it's

Duce:   32:30
so funny. No way. Oh, that's the best. I tell you, it's me. Oh,

Jay:   32:54
no. But honestly, like like I was saying so the way I cut it, I use a rotary tool down the centre. To cut a bottle like this will probably take me about an hour, an hour and 1/2. What? Yeah, so I laid out and I have a constant drip of water because if I overheated, it'll it'll build great go shot. Yeah. So I have to put a constant drip of water, and I'm doing with the rotary with Rory Tool and I cut it And have Once I do that, I place it on a piece of wood and I use, uh, it's something called Liquid now, So it's a little nail, and I pushed it up against the edge, and I make it to seem like if someone is actually pushing it through the PGA on, then I painted, Of course afterwards. You know, I have a few, but go ahead and pull it over. But that's pretty much

Chef Kanae Houston :   33:46
just needs to be on the

Jay:   33:48
bars. Have Paige. It will. It will eventually. I

Chef Kanae Houston :   33:53
love you. I love the way found.

Duce:   33:55
I e like that. He didn't talk about the glove won, though He has what looks like a gloves coming out,

Jay:   34:01
holding a beer and a wall behind. Picked Yes, I was pretty. It's It's one of those things where I I went through a little bit of a depressive state and, um and it just relaxing. Yeah, it was there for you.

Chef Kanae Houston :   34:20
How How do you cut a glass and have

Jay:   34:26
patients? This is dope. And there's there's one in there where it's Ah, it's across, but it's got a wood.

Chef Kanae Houston :   34:34
I will pick that up and then I will turn on back. Where's the rest of it? That's what I would do. That would be the first thing I would it.

Jay:   34:41
Yeah, I also have the Hennessey bottle.

Chef Kanae Houston :   34:45
Yeo, What is it, like an angle, right? This? No,

Jay:   34:54
it's it's half. Its up is pretty. It's it's come from here

Chef Kanae Houston :   35:00
from Were were wrong from Yeah, okay. Yeah. The bottom is only in fact. Yeah, okay. Everything else is intact. Yes. Wild in there. No, There's nothing to do with liquor in here.

Jay:   35:18
So what I did is I? What I do is I get gold spray paint, put in a cup.

Chef Kanae Houston :   35:23
You just did that purposely make it literally. Look, fight. That's that way

Jay:   35:31
I get I get I get the spray paint and I use a glove and I run it on the edge. Could look like this

Chef Kanae Houston :   35:38
cold. Who offers You can make fucking now. I can't even look like you, right? This You can sell this to a restaurant, you know? I mean, they would love the head that, like hanging on their wall or like something. It was a Hennessy farm for at the place. You know, the thing that I was hoping away they will death. She thinks that village you can make money off of

Duce:   36:05
this. I made this. Yeah. You like that? I That's

Jay:   36:10
actually one solid piece of wood. Oh, so it's a giant. It was for my grandma, for her, for her in my grandpa. What I did is I grabbed the entire piece of would've office stick. I shaved it out the sides and they they're very religious. So I what I did as I made it look like if waterfall water was coming behind the cross in the sunset in the background and my grandfather's favorite saying at the bottom. So that's all like,

Chef Kanae Houston :   36:43
Yeah. And how did you have it? You started. How did you start doing this? Like who taught you?

Duce:   36:52
So he lives work with his hands. So he's he's He's an

Jay:   36:55
artistic person, period. And he has, like, a He has a bar in the back that he created. Hopefully, if you do know. Yeah, you do me the honors and pleasure of coming through to the pad.

Chef Kanae Houston :   37:09
Oh, yeah.

Jay:   37:10
You'll see. I actually built a gazebo. I built a gazebo with a countertop covered with comic books from the 18 hundreds.

Chef Kanae Houston :   37:20
A little gazebo.

Jay:   37:21
It's like a canopy. All right, so I got it. Yeah, it's like a hut. You will? Yeah. I felt that it on top. It has has leaves

Duce:   37:32
like that picture. You see the Roco gin on the rocks he built? I think that what? He put the rocks there. He put the little Tyler here. The way you see

Jay:   37:43
the top part. I still gotta I gotta re varnish it. But yeah, we had that. What? That was about a month and 1/2 project.

Chef Kanae Houston :   37:51
You need to get you. Def. Def is tight

Duce:   37:57
that way. Ah, e A

Jay:   38:06
lot of really appreciate that. Yeah, I different. I have a lot of my sister. My sister really likes a lot right now. It's ah, it's a homage to resident evil because, resident, I'm a huge, like zombie dude and scary movies, and I made one where it's a hand coming out off the canvas, but it has veins. So you could actually I made it to where you could actually touch it. Yeah, So you could actually feel the veins. It's pulling down, and I and the eyes three dimensional. And it has a city of l A behind it outside of the void.

Chef Kanae Houston :   38:45
You've seen all of this

Duce:   38:46
because? Because, Well, he has great ideas in general, and I'm always pushing. You had that idea called the dollmaker way. We're making some music for it. And I was like, Yeah, this is This is a B A play.

Jay:   38:58
A three part opera. I wrote a part off roadie, actors, everything. Everything that you need it for. Three part play. I just needed to finish the last part. I haven't you? Yeah. I had had an entire three part opera operate like a legit operas. So there is no pause in between

Chef Kanae Houston :   39:21
me and

Jay:   39:22
it was all continues and everything was written. I had all the sheet music, everything. So I could just give it to somebody and they could just play it. Um, I have an entire, like play doh.

Chef Kanae Houston :   39:31
You know how to write. I'm a musician Oh, Eric, you say you didn't do fourth and nothing like when you were in in school or whatever I was thinking. I did. Were you in a band

Jay:   39:44
or something? Well, I wasn't. I wasn't a bad person. A I was mourning Thio. Honestly, I was up for your game. Like Deuce knows I didn't play in my entire life

Chef Kanae Houston :   39:54
for your girl.

Duce:   39:56
That's a reason why

Jay:   39:57
that's the reason why she started playing. So for our for our anniversary, her a PlayStation on a street kid. So I got the camera, I got her everything. I set her up with everything so she could just go ahead and string

Chef Kanae Houston :   40:11
so she could be an addict. You know, I know people who are gamers, like a legit, like making money if they love what they do, though,

Jay:   40:26
Oh, yeah, now. And it is definitely one of those things, you know, she has gone. She has a very strong following. She's very attractive on She's very, very author and, you know, very reserved at the same time. Because when she when we hang out, you could actually hear her in some of our more bar chat like reviews. But it's one of those things where she's breaking out of the show and video games is helping her. So it's kind of like her therapy. And when I was in high school, that was my hair. So I was I was the golf kid. I was the one, like, fucked everything. Fuck everyone. Yeah, like it was one of those. Like, I hate mainstream shit. You will tell you I said

Chef Kanae Houston :   41:10
anything that popular. I don't like it.

Duce:   41:12
Yeah, what is? It is a popular no e don't want

Jay:   41:18
that shit. Always like that here. Pretty much. A lot. A lot, A lot. And, um, if it wasn't for due soon, I wouldn't be into hip hop. I wouldn't be into anything

Chef Kanae Houston :   41:30
yet. I am. No, wait for having me.

Jay:   41:32
Here is my boss where

Duce:   41:35
I work at best Buy. And, uh,

Jay:   41:37
okay. And I was like a department manager, and

Duce:   41:40
he was asking around if I was just trying to create something, He was like, Andy, somebody that that wraps, You know, anybody? That rascal Epstein was rapping in there like, Yeah, I know. Just do. Perhaps I'm like, OK, and so we met. I came in there and he hated it. So I was like, Why do you need this, then? Yeah, then

Chef Kanae Houston :   42:03
fuse on that.

Duce:   42:04
But it's funny, cause him and one of my other really close friends they hated hip hop music. Mother phrase black. But he's like, I hate your stupid. They don't say anything and he's super talented life he gave. He could be like Do you think I'm good? Like how I made him just kind of extra time that my other buddy is there like the girl was talking to you. It was a girl that it was his friend and she's

Jay:   42:30
like, I go to Knox is staying cool. Let's go. And then she was drawn. Me. Oh,

Duce:   42:38
she was showing me one of his things. I was going for school and he had, like, a

Jay:   42:43
whole band, their singer and all that. And I'm like, OK, where is

Duce:   42:46
he? I know he wrote everything I'm like Well, what

Jay:   42:52
part? Oh, everything he wrote. He wrote everything that's there. You did the did the guitar part, the drums

Duce:   42:58
and I'm like what it is like a long time like 19. And so he hated hip hop. But with him and Jay, why would always show him is like hip hop doesn't have to be just just tasted like lyrics. Yeah, There's all kinds of different books. I would just say what's happened, do you like? And I was just showing him something that in that van, and so he likes it like this is like a lot of like your hip hopper now. Yeah, pretty much. Wait, wait. Wears things like from now. Go. So it's a bastard juice. So, you know, it was like some weird pomegranate. Yeah, I had a nasty looking thing. I got Sorry. I'm like, All right, Just just fucking do it of its. That's

Chef Kanae Houston :   44:27
the craziest drink that I've ever had. We tried to make it a thing. Me and my friends, um, we caught it. Hints from

Duce:   44:37
from the same patrol. Yeah. No. Is it good, though?

Chef Kanae Houston :   44:40
Why? Wait, wait. The champagne? Yeah, that's real champagne. Ruin everything. Shopping

Duce:   45:02
rules, like no cryptic. So it's not to kill any more, you know. Oh, well, also, it is still is okay.

Chef Kanae Houston :   45:12
Just like the only like letter. I never Okay, You never think I think the smell of it. Bring that bad

Jay:   45:24
memories. Okay, so So Let s Yeah. Okay, so there's a tequila called Keep Venice. I'm saying in English, but let me say this about that.

Duce:   45:36
Okay, So So so, So everybody out. Black. That sounded exactly the same. That's like saying English. Another saying Spanish thing. So it's

Jay:   46:05
in the translation in English is worried. Taker aware. Okay. Uh, yeah, get rid of where it gets get. Gets rid of worries, right? And so I I was I was looking for you. It's in San Diego, so we're actually playing something very soon. Um, 15. We're gonna go to San Diego State because it's gonna be fun. When you're doing, we're gonna we're gonna check out a few Berries. Have you ever heard of

Chef Kanae Houston :   46:40
I'm coming? I you have, ah, vacation home in San Diego, Escondido. And you were right there. And that's when I want to Stone Brewery. And I went to a couple of debris down there may have been, but I mean, I haven't we said that we'd love one of your even. Yeah, I've already I

Duce:   47:13
don't talk about me. Like Like like

Chef Kanae Houston :   47:27
like you a woman. Drink beer like Whoa! Whose face on freakin in the common employees page or something? Like a woman drink beer like? Well, clearly, he only one dream here, But he I don't know. Wait, you hear? Like, what do you mean,

Duce:   47:57
to be rude? That girl to that e, I think that's what That's what.

Chef Kanae Houston :   48:03
Really? Yeah. But if I

Duce:   48:06
Because I get it all the time with my family, I'll come in there drinking. If I'm not drinking a Miller, if I'm not drinking the Millers, Um, yeah,

Chef Kanae Houston :   48:15
come in with this thing. Looking at you were

Duce:   48:17
I'm like that. That's pissed that you're exactly what you give me something, I tell everybody. If you tell me what, like type of flavors you like, I can find a beer you will like right here. And you'll be like, Oh, safe. Like juice. Yeah, not all beer got a

Jay:   48:33
taste like crap, you know? Yeah, right. And, you know, and for me it's already it's already instantly like you drink said Esa, you like you're more devil time like

Duce:   48:46
I think I know that I like I like

Jay:   48:52
beer. I like, said Bassam, which is the same shit. It's just the Spanish, but But here's the thing. There's I don't think there's a like a Spanish word for longer. I don't think there's Spanish. Word was now for I don't know.

Chef Kanae Houston :   49:08
You think you can

Jay:   49:09
say it? I definitely gotta look that up because my father would probably like CASS training, and I was like, Do you know the absolute? Because he's a Sinus teacher? So

Duce:   49:23
anyway, yeah, I really like the last one. I would always I would always say

Jay:   49:33
that my dad will only drink. Take off that red one. It's not the blue one

Chef Kanae Houston :   49:41
I've never seen. Is that got that light? That's why I've

Duce:   49:45
never Yeah. So he's like the blue one. Red one. Okay. My dad was like Fidel Castro. I

Chef Kanae Houston :   49:56
come over. I'm bringing the case of

Duce:   49:58
God. You're so you'll start

Jay:   50:03
giving you start giving. Never tried ever in your life. So we have a lot of important stuff from Puerto Rico. Yeah, so we have some very, like a very grown and a lot of the room that we have has history to it. So there is one something called Jean Conchita, which is rum made out of sugar cane. Which room is made out of sugar, but this one is called drunk. Oh, Pollo Viejo old stick. Even then. My my grandfather, who passed away when my father was seven. So my father was orphaned when he was seven 11. Excuse me because Grandma passed away when he with Sudden and Grandpa passed away when he was 11. And so he grew up with with his spread with the civics. And it was one of those things where that image always stood in his head of his dad coming home, working from the fields with his flask. It was legit, like a flask of follow devil barefoot. And my dad would go to the liquor for to the store, get him, get him his little flask and come running up the hill. And we used to live well. It lives on a hill on a mounted in the home made out of dirt. But my father has always said I don't care where you are. If you live with dirt floor, you should be able to eat off that. That's how clean your house should be, like, Damn! That's why I know my my father's obey influence for me. And then we'll talk about that drive and and he know he has a degree and all this other stuff graced us with his with his knowledge. Although I feel like he's becoming a little more senile. And he's hitting his fucking my midlife crisis.

Duce:   51:53
Okay, Tries to be cool watching you guys wait. Agreed. Oh, my God. My sister. You have a fucking car? Kay was, like, way because because it was, like a bright green, like, agree like that. Does that sound okay? Let's like E what? Wait. But

Chef Kanae Houston :   52:33
I want a backtrack real quick to your story. Isn't it crazy? How back in the day they could spend the child? Oh, figure it. Yeah. You wouldn't have a No, no. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that tripped me out.

Duce:   52:52
Yeah, and I think

Jay:   52:54
my dad is the is the youngest of 77 I'm too little bus to, like, count, but I think it's six now because we'll pass away. But it's around isn't a single digits. And its and he was He's a baby. He's a baby. And I am the only one out of my 27 cousins who has my grandfather's name. Eso 14 is my grandfather's name, and my father eventually wants to write a book. And I'm gonna push him to do it. Those echoes if Rachael it's wacko is with my dad. My grandpa was called when he was on the field and as something that he's very passionate about. He wants to talk about a story because my father has stories like crazy. Yeah, he remembers listening to some weird shit back. All right, so he's as old as Disney.

Duce:   53:57
You know? I hate the way business, you know, part. I know. It's what is things were you know, e I fuck around with them so much. It's so funny. Reasons like whatever, man. Whatever. I if you

Jay:   54:37
like. I said if you if you would gracious with your with your presence one of these days way have a pool, so you could definitely come just hang out.

Duce:   54:44
Way to go to the

Chef Kanae Houston :   54:46
what they did. You know what? Your phone. A 15 right? Yeah, we're playing today after. Yeah. Whoa,

Jay:   54:55
whoa, whoa.

Chef Kanae Houston :   54:55
No, I I'm I'm always like going places. I don't care you

Duce:   54:59
because because because

Jay:   55:01
that way the brewery's we wanna go. L Snail

Duce:   55:05
Smith was because it's very, very late. I also

Chef Kanae Houston :   55:12
let me just tell you so you know I like south either way. Just you. If Stout was so important yet, right. I tried a really good milk stout.

Duce:   55:31
There you go. I really know. No, honestly, I like one. Yeah,

Chef Kanae Houston :   55:39
So in another thing, touch? No. Like, like, black willing drinking beer. Like my friend, who I was just out in Miami with. She, Um yes, she only drinks out of that thing way. Go somewhere. We get a beer. Like she's like I mean, you know, she's looking at me. She's on the list. Starts out like any Guinness herself. She even said that gin. It has less calories. That idea any? Any other beer? Yeah. This is what he does. You just like she e I feel guilt free drinking again, you know? But she got a milk stout yesterday, and, um, when I guess they want that whatever night that was. But I tried it and it was really freaking good. There

Duce:   56:34
you go. You see? And I was a lesion. I mean, there's a lot. There's a lot of time with

Jay:   56:40
her, but the one that he had me try that was a damn. This is actually really good. It's dragon smoke. And I say that one of one of the episodes. So it's it's dragons milk.

Duce:   56:52
You like that?

Chef Kanae Houston :   56:54
I think because it's a milk stout strongest, it's

Jay:   57:01
been. And the notes I think the notes is what matters the most and the aftertaste. Because that's the one thing that I don't like these. I don't like coffee. So there we go.

Duce:   57:12
I don't I don't think

Chef Kanae Houston :   57:18
I drink black tea. Add milk or cream to my lucky. Okay, so that's like the milk.

Jay:   57:26
That's pretty much that's pretty much where it's that you know. And that's that's the most important thing is that I like black coffee. Just straight black coffee. That's what I feel that supporters and starts and I can Yeah,

Chef Kanae Houston :   57:42
you want to know what coffee that I've had? That is really good. Ethiopian

Duce:   57:47
Theo P. A Mark in Asia office. Oh,

Chef Kanae Houston :   57:54
and and I have really good being a need

Duce:   57:57
way the most conference, don't

Chef Kanae Houston :   58:07
you if you go to this place out here, okay. If in guardian, I'm on the borderline according to wear my guardian right now, right? Yeah, two blocks over in Gardena. But if you go to this Vietnamese spot, they have this coffee the Vietnamese coffee. They add a group of ice, and then they add condensed milk to it and they call a liquid crack. Coffee is so good. I couldn't I couldn't finish drinking it because I was you. I was. And this is when I was working in a restaurant, right? Hey, I literally bought, like, six of them one day and they fight. It comes in like a bite. They come in milk container. You know, it comes in a container like that. And I bought, like, fix of them, and I took them tow work and yeah, everybody with a lit it for liquid Crack your life wife do coke and shape E I

Jay:   59:21
Viennese coffee at six. Have you ever been to the 66?

Chef Kanae Houston :   59:27
Yeah. Yeah, Yeah, I'm in. Wait. Okay. So yeah, I'm

Duce:   59:36
fine. I'm fine. Minutes from our Okay, quick. Why? L a way. Hey,

Chef Kanae Houston :   59:51
is far. You have cat for you have geese walk around or whatever

Duce:   1:0:05
e a run. It's a federal crime to kill a guy like wear maybe crossing walk it off. Well,

Chef Kanae Houston :   1:0:32
they should know, but arboretum. No. What?

Jay:   1:0:40
Oh, you gotta go. It's honestly, it's the best $12 you were overspent, this

Duce:   1:0:45
low blood green? No, no, no. So this is a place where it has a bunch of greenery, but its trees, a bunch of flowers. And I forgot how many acres in Arcadia? It's like a

Jay:   1:0:58
free about three blocks. What? Arcadia, Arcadia, Our burrito.

Chef Kanae Houston :   1:1:06
Arcadia are

Duce:   1:1:08
you are like our beautiful You You paid 12 bucks. This is long. So like get ready to walk. It's going take a whole day. You

Jay:   1:1:20
see what you see? Flowers. And right now, they since it is the Chinese New Year, you know, I have a lot of like lanterns and stuff, so they care to what's going on at that time. They also have a lot of different events. If you ever want to do a photo shoot, it's They

Chef Kanae Houston :   1:1:35
have the first thing I like.

Duce:   1:1:39
That's what I tell people. Where do you think those big way got all these little spots that people don't know, you know? Okay, so the 100 100 guards drink's, too. I like going to the

Jay:   1:1:54
library. I like going to the library, the Huntington Library, because B

Duce:   1:2:01
wait, e o way. Have you never been to the Huntington Larvae? All

Jay:   1:2:25
right. So the reason why I like going there is because not just because of their ray of books. So they have. It's a legit library, their garden talking. Amazing. And there grows. Garden is the best rose garden here. You You go. There you go. It's Congress. A guard, And you could go to any other garden and you won't not see the array and the arrangements as the most important thing arrangements. Have you ever been a Hertz Castle? No. Oh,

Chef Kanae Houston :   1:2:55
you're gonna be.

Duce:   1:2:56
Oh, no. But when it comes down to

Jay:   1:3:04
it, the arrangement of different garden like the way that the scent of the flowers this is a different, you see shit different. Yeah. And so the reason why I like going to the Huntington Library highly recommended. They have the first addition, The first edition of the King James Bible. Like there like the first. Like the first King James Bible there.

Chef Kanae Houston :   1:3:28
How did they get this?

Jay:   1:3:31
I I I don't ask questions. Just marble

Chef Kanae Houston :   1:3:35
in this in this place is like there's they're dedicating because I don't even know about libraries with garnish in a think I actually did go hand in hand like you do not want to read a book like

Duce:   1:3:49
just chillin. Make sure you have the hard freedom.

Jay:   1:3:52
There's a farm. Yeah, it's a farmhouse that you could check out. You could literally walk here around the farmhouse, and sometimes they give you tourists, go inside to check it out.

Duce:   1:4:02
You get seen pretty much everything. It is our readers, like I've never seen bamboo for bones right there. I've never seen this plan. Okay, here they have. Everything all right?

Chef Kanae Houston :   1:4:13

Jay:   1:4:13
Yeah, alright. It's definitely wonderful. And they have primaries. So since since my family's from the tropics. My father is my mother's from Mexico, and it's one of those things where we could all go and Oh, yeah, we used to do that. You know, we used to have these and the more that we go, the more stories he kind of opens up like my grandfather, your grandfather. You supply in this, and it's kind of like that bonding experience. That's why I said the best $12 I've ever spent. My first date with my girlfriend was at the Arboretum, and I think the only reason why I told Kurt is because she's never seen a waterfall home girl that she lived in Compton for two.

Chef Kanae Houston :   1:4:55
She seemed more office, right? Even horses right in his latches. I more warning. So she used

Jay:   1:5:07
to live on tweeting a roster Tweety and Rose friends. Okay, so yeah. Yeah. So she she was on tweeting on Rosecrans and, like, I grew up in South gate, So I was on sweetie, Nebraska. So twee a long beach. Yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah. So that's That's pretty much where my grandma to this day still lives there. So I grew up in that area, I would go to the watchtower. I've got a job. I was skate Jordan all day. Jordan. Hi. 00 And join a high school was like our sovereign ground, and then

Chef Kanae Houston :   1:5:42
they still have Didn't Jordan turn to a charter

Jay:   1:5:45
school? Probably, to be honest with you, I know you. I would break in and just skate. Oh, so

Duce:   1:5:56
when the cops came, I just ran. I'll give a shit. Like I just ran. Like I said, I have

Jay:   1:6:02
a Mohawk. I just don't worry. He's like, really, really, really my hair. My SUV. Right here.

Chef Kanae Houston :   1:6:10
So Dad has a plan for you. I've just seen the motion that she didn't like when he was like

Duce:   1:6:15
you. I You have to be Oh, looks like Fidel

Chef Kanae Houston :   1:6:19
Castro in a big moustache.

Duce:   1:6:22
Beard looks like Santa Claus. So we went. We

Jay:   1:6:26
went Home Depot, and they said, Hey, are you ready? This is during Christmas. Are you ready? Are you ready for Santa Claus? And he's like, Yeah, you got the belly. You got the beauty and the guys wear cotton belly, and it's It's one of those things were easy. He's just a guy just so funny.

Chef Kanae Houston :   1:6:51
What appeared to be so funny? My mama's trying to Oh, he's legit.

Duce:   1:7:12
He's a hippie. All right, So I was Did you book a victory? So

Jay:   1:7:16
All right. This is how fucking don't my dad. He's so during the there is a protest for teachers because they were gonna cut their pension. And he's like, No, you gotta go on. We gotta go protest

Chef Kanae Houston :   1:7:30
everything. Yeah. Yeah. So, uh, remember, they were all in downtown in late, so

Duce:   1:7:35
I was there

Jay:   1:7:35
on Saturday, was at work during the time, but he was there every day, day at four. In the morning with his little flag, his coffee leading the pack s o. He actually came out on Katie L. A. He came on San Francisco in a bad news. Like everything. Wow, he's the one holding the holding the teachers flag here with his coffee going like that. Cool. Yeah. So my mind, My father, he's a cork or protest. Like he's like, he's a fucking happy to the end of time. That's That's the And

Duce:   1:8:07
it's funny because my mom's a value chick like, yeah, my

Jay:   1:8:13
my mother. Only she cares water appearance. So she's like, No, I harass a good way. I have to be done. She made me drive 45 minutes to get her now a polished, and she would not get out the car.

Chef Kanae Houston :   1:8:30
Damn it, Get it, Get

Jay:   1:8:32
it? Yeah, I were in Downey. We're, um and I had to drive all my my way back to temple. See, just a gator nail polish because it didn't match your shirt so I could go back. She did not get out the car. I

Duce:   1:8:45
was right back to

Jay:   1:8:46
me. She just paid no turn on the heater. I gotta go inside you. It was it was a family gallery, but that

Chef Kanae Houston :   1:9:01
was No, she had me ready. Yeah, she Yeah, she

Duce:   1:9:06
was on that. So I

Jay:   1:9:08
joke around because I did Dapper day. So I dressed in 19 twenties vintage Too tired, and I'm really into men's men's fashion. We're in the twenties of you. I

Duce:   1:9:18
love the Oh,

Chef Kanae Houston :   1:9:22
my Um, the first homecoming that I went to the thing was the We are and I have a bagel a feather in my hair Go the bull around my shoulder And I was posing in my fridge. You find that only showed this picture on location? No, they freaking give him back the pictures. Show me like, if it was if it was, like, fake or feel like day drink everything with you. Is it really? Yeah. I really like that. Like it's Gordon Really like that. All right. Yeah, like he's passionate, and that's where he's from. That's just how they are like their very blood. They You know what I mean? They just like natural. Astle's Theo. You will crack a joke on somebody in a heartbeat, as you know how he is like so everything was very real. It was just like, um you know, we got six in the morning in the You always ruin it all the time with, Really? Because we couldn't have our phones.

Duce:   1:10:43
You can have any.

Chef Kanae Houston :   1:10:44
We couldn't initial three weeks. I know. No phones. You couldn't communicate with nobody. Yeah. I mean, I wasn't smart enough to bring a watch, so I didn't know what time was most inside, so yeah. So wake up. Yeah, we just hear that no Indian like big ass production who like it in your life home, and then we know that you just get up and get dressed, and then we get a phone call. I'd be lying the indication right now he's waiting for you. Now we run to the kitchen like

Duce:   1:11:19
your face with you, like, but you like you've got a way, way

Chef Kanae Houston :   1:11:37
early. Oh, no. What? Oh, uh, yeah. Then we just have to get up. And then in a jiffy, boom, we'll do the challenge. Like they you know, he always have, like, some surprise shaped like today we'll be doing another that and then alright, go like, you know, get an okay, Fat, You're gonna come back. These are the rules. Now go. You need good. Like you, don't you came goo like a recipe. You can't do it. I

Duce:   1:12:16
think that's what impresses me the most. I'm, like, fell right away. I'll be like, Oh, hey,

Chef Kanae Houston :   1:12:24
even Ariel. No one won the whole competition. I really like her. You could be a mean for you know what I mean for me. But she was just like she did the show before, Um, and she knew and she played the faith, like when she did it the first time around. But she was like, this time when she came on the show, she told herself, If I'm not uncomfortable, I'm not. I'm not doing my job like I want it. I need to break out of my comfort zone for me to create something freaking amazing. You know what I mean? And that was the reason why I like the last challenge. Like when I got eliminated, I was like, I'm gonna fucking just create some shit that I have never made it before. But I just have this vision that they should be fucking great and I want to do some difference. In a typical superfine turn. That was a challenge. Surf in terms, so I didn't fucking Asian style. Thirteen's her with pork insurance.

Duce:   1:13:25
I'm good with it, Judge. Everybody thinks so. Fucking rice beans make it better. You were a good man, but

Jay:   1:13:43
you know what it's been. It's been fun. Are really, really rewriting on after running on empty today, Chef. It's been an honor and a privilege if you not only invite us into your home, but also to share this experience of you. You made me check off one of my list of meeting somebody from Yea, so thank you so much. I know the audience is awesome. Amazingly gonna enjoy this episode. I know I do. Drive me.

Duce:   1:14:25
Oh, so you know.

Jay:   1:14:31
Thank you again. So, so much. Thank you. Appreciate it before we head out. Do do you have anything you would like to let the audience know Are a final words of wisdom or anything?

Chef Kanae Houston :   1:14:43
Um, live life. And, um, you know, just tap into your your spirit, your spiritual five of life and, um,

Duce:   1:14:57
way got over it on the shelf. So we're very joking about. Well, go ahead. That's report. That's

Jay:   1:15:12
so again. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it of the hospitality. Thank you so much. Food for the Perry is amazing. Check out the video. Remember, ours is Bardot chats. And, Chef, can I go ahead and

Chef Kanae Houston :   1:15:26
yeah, Chef, can a Houston, it's my instagram will find you there. Um, value paying Valentine's Day. Couldn't class is Friday February 14th? Um, yeah. Cookin fit, experience. So just goes my page book.

Jay:   1:15:42
They're wonderful. They're go. Awesome. So we have a bunch of cool stuff coming up. We do have a lot of lot of interviews coming out. Hopefully, you guys stay tuned. I know that Deuce and I have been working super super hard. We do have nine to fives, but you know what? I feel like we're working 24 hours a day. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Duce:   1:16:03
I am a rapper of the Greatest Again. Thank you so much. I remember. No matter what you do, where you go. Sit way. Just drink most. Only time, Bill. Right. Want a drink?