Over Town Brewing Co. & Anchor Steam Brewing Christmas Ale

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What’s a beer?

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What's a Cocktail?

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What do you recommend?  

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Where should we go?  

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Should you eat chicken with waffles?

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Bro chicken and waffles is fire! 

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But Is it gluten free though? 

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Don't even get me started on that. (Laughter)

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(Laughter),  join us on our journey through your local breweries in your backyard

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and ours while we talk about serious yet not so serious topics about life,  

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and friends.  

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I'm Jay 

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I'm Duce,

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and this is a bar chats. 

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You Ready?  

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Let's roll

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everybody. What's going on? I want to say happy New Year's Deuce. Happy, not renew. Yeah. Cool. We made it. We made it, man did, um, New decade, New decade. Oh, my God. Pro. I'm old.

Duce:   0:57
Where were you at 10 years ago?

Jay:   1:00
10 years ago. Oh, man. 1009 2009. I was Oh, my goodness. Holy I don't remember to be right. Like I actually I graduated. Um 06 Uh, I was working at Best Buy, bro. Yeah, I was working at best. Buy where? And, um, men. That's fun, Dan. That's been a while. The monkeys broke.

Jay:   1:28
Man, it's been a crazy, seriously journeyman.

Duce:   1:30
Definitely a journey. Definitely a journey. Um, and Ah, you know, now we are starting a new journey is we're in 2020 with IHS, right? Whoa! All right, So that being said, um, the fact that it is 2020 and, um, you know, the holidays. I think people are still celebrating the holidays. I know for damn sure I am, um are

Jay:   1:59
usually Yeah, right. Definitely. Bringing the holidays. Can't stop. Won't stop. Did he?

Duce:   2:05
Wow. That's buddy. Oh, man. Okay, so, um, thank you, everybody for joining. Um, you know, again, Thank you for returning. Um, we are bar chart says. And as the intro stated, But, um, today we're actually gonna be doing something fun. Ah. We went to a brewery in Monrovia, and, um, you know, I I'm very bad with words. Kinda not really a little bit, but, um, you know, we ah, we did have the opportunity. And amazing. I mean, when I say amazing opportunity, it was an amazing opportunity, right? We met Ah, Carlos, who was the owner of ah Overtown Brewery in Monrovia. And we walked in and, you know, we grabbed the flights and ah, no, I'm jumping ahead, but because I'm excited. I'm really excited.

Jay:   3:19
You're excited. Yeah. I can't wait for people to go. There is right. It's amazing place.

Duce:   3:23
Amazing place. It's It's super in the cut. That's what I like. It's very, um how could I say it doesn't look like a brewery. It honestly looks like an office E would, you know, I pulled up, and, um and I was like, Hey, man, um, are we here? And yeah, the signs there so you could find it. You actually could go onto our instagram bar? Yes. And check out the pictures for

Jay:   3:53
you also see the flight there as

Duce:   3:54
well? Yes. Um, their beers. Amazing. We gotta fly. I believe, um, we got the darker beers, and the lighter beers is they have an array of beers. Amazing selection. Um, and Carlos did give us a little insight in terms of how you know, Holly make it and and you know everything in terms of what makes a good beer. Um, give us so much information. This guy and his partner Ah Ryan, are you know they're the brew Bruise. Hman. Yes. Bruce Hman.

Jay:   4:33
Yeah. I don't think we can just say brewmaster got bruised bruised because their

Duce:   4:38
man Yes, men, I am I using that bruise? Um Mmm. Uh, so, yeah, um, it's an amazing brewery. And like I said, we have the opportunity to talk to them. And, Ah, you know, Carlos gave us a little tour, and on this tour, he give us a lot of insight. Something I didn't know. And this is something Deuce was really interested in because he right when we left, he got on Google and started Googling. Everything was like, All right. What is this? What is that? What is this? So he's gonna give you a little bit of insight. Like what? I remember he was talking about green beer and, like,

Jay:   5:21
yeah, he was He was just talking about like, I definitely want to give any recipes away. But he was talking about one of the beers they had that I know that J really liked was White Walker? Yes, the white walker. And he was talking about how you made it and ah, Citron was one of the flavors, and I'll leave it at that. I want to say too much. But he was a saying that he had to have 50% of that and another fruits basically mixed together and had to be 50 50 or it was actually gonna have a weird look to it. And it wasn't gonna look like the white walker. Um, so that was very interesting. And then he was talking about just the green beer is what he caught it. So just bad beer. Um, and that's basically when you have too high of fermentation temperature when the temperatures above 80 Fahrenheit. Um, the yeast can't produce too much of a higher weight refusal alcohols, which have lower taste thresholds than ethanol again. That's when the Googles Yeah. Ah, about to say

Duce:   6:27
that a Google is my friend. Yes. And Google is everybody's friend

Jay:   6:31
and likely say every time. Thank you. Google.

Duce:   6:33
Yes. Thank you, Google. I trust Google with everything. Um and you know, it's it's funny because when he was giving us a tour in and telling us all this stuff, I was like, Oh, my goodness, bro, this is a lot of information. Um, and I was intrigued. I never actually had a full on brew bruise. Hman, give me a tour. Not only give me a tour, but in indulge me in the craft in this passion, the one thing I loved about hidden as a person. His passion for it, his passion for making the beer. He did make a comment that I love. He said, I make beer for me, me and for everyone. But I make it for myself. You know, that's cool. That if you could make a beer that you love that you enjoy, he could have other people enjoy it with you. I think that is fantastic. Um, you know, a lot of people have a tendency of just catering to the masses, and I don't know if that's necessarily a good thing, because you lose that artists and craft like that that, um I don't want to say like, purest Jessica, right? Because that's pretty much what it is is the Je ne sais quoi. Um, I need to google that because I know what that means. So we're just gonna say yeah, has that right? Okay. The roof. Um, so, yeah, it has that. And I think he puts a lot of emotion in his craft. And, you know, the one thing that we we noticed is his, Like I said, his passion towards it. And honestly, you could taste it in his beer. The white walkers. Very popular. Um, they We also had a honey melon, which was pretty good and pretty good. I dig it. I like It was really good. He really was, um Well, Rosemary knows. Ah, home. And it was Ah, Rose, our Roseberry e. I was like, I have no idea. This was after a few flights way. Had a few. Yeah, we had a couple of drinks, but you could definitely check out the flights. Um, I highly recommend it. Do flights. Also, another great thing about them. Their pricing, Yes, is really good. Great price. Great pricing. Um, the ambiance like I could go into miles about that, um, the aesthetic of it. But the pricing is good. If you're on a budget and you won't have a brew, great place. It doesn't get over packed. Which that's something that one of the workers there told us. It doesn't get to to pack because some people don't like being in a crowded space. And I could agree with that. Um, I am anti social, social. Um, so I like to be around people, but sometimes I don't. It depends on my mood, you know, um I know a lot of people are not like that. In a few cases, I really don't like like being pushed when I have my beer in my hand And what I mean by peeing pushes, I'm trying to make maneuver my way through. There are few places that are from very, you know. Ah, very crowded. Um, but and, you know, and some people like that, I'm kind of like whatever. In this case, we were with the family. Yes, we were. So, um, that was fun. And the good thing is that when we're there, another family came in with their food. And the great thing is, you could bring your own food.

Jay:   10:09
Yes, that is always a plus, man. If I don't have to buy your stuff, bring my own stuff that I know I would like because I've had it more than once, right? Always a plus. Right. Thank you. Over town,

Duce:   10:24
right. And, you know, thank you over town for giving us amazing experience. Um, and overall. So what about the games, man? Oh, man. The gate. All right. So, um yeah,

Jay:   10:37
this is gonna be fun. This is

Duce:   10:39
gonna be fun. Because where there is. Ah, there is this weird like I don't know what was. It was like a I don't know.

Jay:   10:47
I don't call it the Jupiter game, cause that's what we were trying to get to write. It was like Saturday

Duce:   10:51
we got to get a Pluto's Pluto's. That's what I got to get a Pluto's. We're gonna call the polluted little game. So the Pluto's game is literally a rod. Two rods with a metal with a steel ball on top, and you have to open it and have the ball slide all the way down to get to Pluto's. And that's how many points you get. Excuse me. And, um, I'm pretty much everyone at the table failed horribly,

Jay:   11:20
Horribly. Yes, I was very frustrated.

Duce:   11:23
It got to the point where I was already about, ah, flight and 1/2 in. And I'm just looking at the ball, hoping my telekinetic powers would somehow make it to Neptune. And okay, okay. Fire. Pick a file for those that don't play Super Smash Brothers. That was my interpretation of nests doing his peak. A fire? Yes. So, yeah, we had a blast. They had that they had a very cute. You know, puppy game. Yeah, it was weird. It had a bunch of puppies. The fact that I had a chair Walla on the cover, Janet went

Jay:   12:02
ballistic. Yeah, she loves Chihuahuas. Love. She wa She wants,

Duce:   12:06
like, 22 hours that that's gonna be a conversation and an episode in and of itself. Yes, because when you get to know our bx bunny slash nemesis stashed, whatever she goes by now, um, you know, she she's a very individual. Unique. I said that in the words of Yoda. So Okay, really, I am. Oh, they were every too much fun, which is good. That's always great. Um, and, you know, and that's the type of environment that we got at Overtown. Um, which is super super dope. Um, let me let me give you a little walk through in terms of my experience when I when we walked in initially, I know we talked about when we're already in, but when you walk in, not only do you see kind of like this creep meet and greet area that has games at a cool little fireplace. A the newspaper. Oh, yes. And they have, like, the newspaper like a unique use paper for, um, for microbrewers. Um, and it has a bunch of, like, award winners and, like, different things all within the microbrewing community, which is great. That's something I don't know about, You know? And thanks to them, I found out, you know, not only did I find out about bad beer, but also, you know, the whole community itself Also different types of hops. Like I'm telling you, this guy, Carlos, you're amazing person. I thank you so much for everything. We clap way we clap to your everything that you did for us. Um, and also for opening such an amazing brewery in literally our backyard. Yeah. So, um, you know, that's it's super cool. They have is that they have Oh, they have this ring toss game. Okay, So what does that say? That game? Yeah, that's ah, that's for a later episode. Because Deuce hates this game. I love it because it's based off of physics, and, um, I didn't pass

Jay:   14:06
physics in college. It doesn't say

Duce:   14:08
it's the greatest game on the planet. Yeah, they have, like, connect for a hey, connect for him. Akala, we were playing. Dude, I haven't flavored college such a long time. You know, your daughter was kicking my butt, so I was like, Man, I feel like a child. I feel so mad right now. Um, but it was fun. It was super fun. Definitely passed by, Thank you again for overtime for having us and, you know, opening your doors Thio to the community on dhe, introducing us to your ideas of what beer should taste like. And I think that's important, right? Absolutely. You know, And that kind of, you know, that being said, I think that kind of Segways into, um, something we we've tried, you know, stepping away a little bit from from Overtown and talking about bump, but, um, the Christmas sale, the beer, the day. So the beer, The day is our Christmas ale from Anchor Brewery Anchor Steam Brewery in San Francisco, California. Um, so anchor Steam brewery is a very unique, um, place in terms of they're they're history and the way that they make their beer the way that it's it's produced, um, and their future projects, which, of course, that's going to be in a more in depth episode in the future. But I don't want to give you guys a little glimpse of it. Just because the beer that we did try was the Christmas ale 2019. It's the 47th 40 40 45th 45th annual. Um, which is amazing, by the way, one of those beers that, uh, deuce was running around looking for For what? Like four or five hours?

Jay:   16:03
Yes. So, uh, I mean, not that, but I you know, I went to my local, um ah, total wine, total wine and more went to bed mo and another bed, Mo. Because that's how many times I had to go look for it. And I was like, Hey, um, I never heard of this because I didn't know about anchor. Yeah, and I was like, Yeah, I need the Christmas l and I was looking at the guy crazy cause I was like, trying to be like, What is that? And he's like, yeah, right over here. And I'm like, Oh, he knows what it is. Cool. Literally. The first bedroom. I went to his own foothill passing area and he had about five boxes. So I'm thinking, great. I'm here. Six pack. Let me get 26 packs one for me, one for J. And he's like, Oh, this was empty. This one's empty. This and I was like, they're all empty. He's like, Yeah, I'm sorry. Like, Wow. Okay. People know about this. So I go to the next brewery. Ah, I mean, to the next place to buy. And it was total line. Total line. They were like, Well, we don't have any more of the six pack, but the you know that I don't know if you guys ever been a total wine, but there's a person there guy grow on. What they do is have you. They have, like, a sample area, and they'll talk about their beers and whatever is new and unique for the season. She literally had the bottle in the back, and I probably took her bottle, to be honest, because she was, like, yes, right here. Like I have to give it to you. That bottle's huge, man. Champagne, Champagne bottle. Just champagne ball. Yes. And when I say champagne, But I'm not talking about champagne, Poppy, we know that, Drake, right? But yeah, man, um, she had the box. I was like, Well, I'll take this one Let me Let me go check another place out and see if they have the six packs. I go to another bad mo. This lady actually didn't know it was I was like, Cool. Not the only one. We go to the area. She's like you up. All the six packs are gone, but we do have these big ass champagne Christmas l bottles. So I was like, All right, I can't wait to try this because wow, everybody wants it. And, boy, was it delicious.

Duce:   18:21
It was amazing. You know, when it comes out when it comes on to holiday seasonal Ailes, I think it's one of those things that it's it really captures a lot of the season or the holiday, So, um, not severe off course, but I know, um, I was so I was on a very big, angry orchard binge a minute with Ice Man, the muse and scarecrow. So we'll go ahead and talk about that later, but, ah, the seasonal beers always capture the essence of whatever season it Maybe in this case, Christmas ale, um, I do gave poured me a cup, and I kind of just stood dumbfounded. Um, I was like. Okay, so I take a sip, and Ah, it was like Christmas in my mouth. It was weird to say, but ah, literally explosion of holiday happened, um, and it's I I don't know. I explain it to you. Probably have a better. Like, I mean,

Jay:   19:30
I think you're explaining it perfectly, right? I mean, if we're being technical, then I would say it. You know, it was like, you know, caramel coffee flavor, Mexican chocolate, Um, a biscuit. Spices, you know, I

Duce:   19:45
see that. You know, it's pretty much that's what it was. That's what it was. Um, And it, Like I said, it is an ale. Um, it was darker. It was really dark. And take it. Look, it look like a, um, like a very light porter, but it's haste. ID. Amazing. Um, I could see that being complemented with a lot of food, especially during the holidays. You know, we have if you're Hispanic, you have tamales. You have. You have all kind of crazy stuff, Something ni liver from Puerto Rico. Um, you know, some pastel is and you know,

Jay:   20:20
if you're black Killen's

Duce:   20:21
chitlins corn bread with chilling calm break, You know, uh, Yeah. Uh, you know, I think it's a great compliment. It also remind a little bit a little bit of Newcastle just because of the color. So let's talk about the color. Like I said, it looked like a very light. Ah, a porter. A very light. A porter. Yeah, um, but it tasted like a a a ll, um, a little bit lighter than a Jeremiah Red, but, um, it was it was really good. I enjoyed it a lot. And I think what had me kind of, you know, go more towards it was the fact of their brewery itself. So, you know, we do as much research as, well, research as we can. Amen it. This has got me feeling good. So right now you know Simpson, we always always, it's on. Um, I I'm I'm I am drinking some Plymouth, which we'll talk about later, but, um, I did mix the Christmas sale, so

Jay:   21:31
Oh, that was the limit. No, no,

Duce:   21:34
no. That was earlier. So I still had some, Okay. And, um So I put something there in my system, and I'm on Plymouth with orange juice, and, um yeah, so excuse my slurring. Um Uh, and, uh, so point being is that that was amazing in terms of the beer that were drinking,

Jay:   21:59
it was it was great.

Duce:   22:00
So, like I said, the what got me really into it. So we do research for the podcast and for each episode where we do research to make sure that everything is upset correctly and, uh, do sent me, you know, the background in the history of the ale itself. And I was like, Man, this is a lot this so much history. So I got a lot more curious. And I was like, you know, what about the brewery? Who makes this? So, you know, I started going into anchors history. And if you go on to the website there, they lay it out perfectly with pictures, you know, because I like pictures. I like comic books and, you know, the more pictures I see the better. Um but they delay it out perfectly. And I'm a huge 19 twenties kind of guy. So anything dealing with prohibition like that has me on the point. You get what I'm saying there. We'll talk about speakeasy later down The future we'll talk. There's so

Jay:   22:59
much to talk so much to

Duce:   23:00
talk about. Guys. Eso definitely keep keep keep in tune with our red. It's not red, it's We don't have a read it. Not yet. We were although, um, but it's keeping, too, with our socials, not a Social Security numbers, but our socials definitely. Um, and we'll go ahead and up to update it. But what really got me into anchor is that they're pretty much one of the few. Because during the prohibition, everyone was shut down. Alcohol was illegal. This happened in 1920. So in 1920 before our time before our time, Um, although I act like I was like,

Jay:   23:40
I was born in the 19 twenties ago. Yes, Yes.

Duce:   23:43
This is a deputy out a dab in a shot. That's a Disney. Don't drink and drive. Um uh, but so I I saw Prohibition and huge lettering, and I was all right. They were one of the few breweries that did survive. So after it was after the prohibition and ended in 1930 they were fortunate off to restart up. Um, so I was like, Oh, man, you know, that's that kind of goes into something that we're talking about in our in our daily lives, in terms of perseverance. You and Dr. So you know what? What? Started it. Like what? Why? So here's a little brief, brief, super super brief, because it's gonna go extend it into Because I really wanna talk about

Jay:   24:34
this Very because we're going to actually visit this brewery. Hopefully, um, into January early February and we're gonna have ah, amazing podcast episode about it because we definitely want to give it the time that it deserves for their accomplishments.

Duce:   24:52
Right. So this is a little brief history in terms of what it is. Um, so pretty much anchor Brewery started off as a saloon as a beer and billiard saloon on Pacific Street, near Russian Hall by a gentleman. I hope I'm saying this right. Um, you know what we're doing? We're gonna call him Mr Burkle. Think I'm not gonna even attempt to pronounce his first name? We're just gonna call Mr Burkle eso. He purchased a beer, a beer and a billiard saloon on Pacific Street near a Russian hall for $3500 he transformed it into one of America's first Berries. Wow. So $3500 bro. Imagine we could open up a bar for $3500. Be there. All right, forget about my current debt, because, you know, I I could do that. But we already know during that time the dollar and all this other stuff they Even though the United States is young, I feel that we've struggled a lot overall, both in in our governmental structure, in our political imbalances. Yeah, um, and our economical struggles as a nation, I'm not gonna try. I'm not going to go into that because that's gonna be a completely different

Jay:   26:26
episode. Yes. You know, I'm rather happy right now. You're definitely gonna upset me, All

Duce:   26:34
right? It's one of those things we none of us want to talk about. So So, yeah, when it comes down to that anchor berry, we will give it its overall. Um, you know, well deserved history and review and pretty much give it the due diligence that they put in and their drive. So we want to do definitely the same for them. Um, but another reason why I want to go is because it is one of the sea. It is known throughout the world. First from first and foremost. I don't known throughout the world and is still making beer in coppers in copper stills, copper brew houses. So I'm a big, you know, steampunk kind of guy. So if you make anything out of steam, I'm there. So, you know,

Jay:   27:30
you know, what J is not telling you is that I picked this.

Duce:   27:33
Hey, did this all right.

Jay:   27:35
And and and And this 100% proves that I know my buddy so well, because when I picked it, I was like steam. Yeah, check. That's in. It also had the element always try to do is make him drink dark beer. Yeah, I was like dark beer would taste like check.

Duce:   27:55
Pretty much, You know, that's that's how you know that we've pretty much been around for awhile as friends and as you know, but partners in crime, I would say yes, heart isn't crying. And, um, you know, it is interesting when you think about friendships and and you think about, um, you know, finding that unity amongst people. And I think that's what beard and liquor and bars dust to us. Yeah, you know, it kind of brings that sense of community. We get to meet amazing people. Um, and how do you suggest you guys do the same? I think you guys are your folks, folks. Um, we should definitely go out and support our local breweries. Yes, Um, support our local bars. Make sure that, you know, of course, do it responsibly. Here's the soap box. Here's Jay. So box. Please make sure if you do Dr. Don't drink. If you do Dr get a new number Make sure tohave an uber get an uber a lift, a ride sharing do not endanger other people's life. Do not endanger your life. Please drink responsibly. Make sure that we are taking care of ourselves and the people around us. Absolutely. And, um, you know, at the end, at the end of the day, we we definitely want to make sure that we all, um, take care of responsibilities. So make sure that you know, whatever you do, And, um, just just make sure that we're all together united as a family and, um, thank you guys for being part of our family.

Jay:   29:52
Yeah, right as we appreciate it. And, you know, I'd be remiss if I didn't say the address for over town because I'm, like, you know, we got We have to let we have way have to let me Oh, so it's all of you people that live in Monrovia. Guess what over town is right there. Right there. So, um so over town is at 2 to 7 West Maple Avenue, Monrovia, California 91016 Go say hi to Carl's for me or Ryan. I don't I'm not sure which owner will be there, Right, But they're amazing people. And just tell him that bar chat sent you and he'll know what you're talking about. You know

Duce:   30:33
what you're talking about? Uh, he's a funny guy. Call us a little bit. About

Jay:   30:38
what Is the Berries?

Duce:   30:40
Yeah. And, you know, like we said, you know, support. We definitely want to support, um, because eventually, you know, they will be going on to bigger and better things, just like we will. And just like you will. Here's the thing, guys. Here's the thing, People. We want to make sure that we grow so 2020 is a year of growth.

Jay:   31:02
Yes. So that's like 20 vision.

Duce:   31:05
Exactly 2020. All the way. So there's a reason why in 1920 they called it the Roaring Twenties because they made a difference. They made a change. The prohibition happened in 1920. Okay, that's the government telling everybody you cannot do what you like doing. And guess what the people said. No, we're going to do it anyways. That's when bootlegging happened. That's when you know, speaking has happened. And it changed a generation, you know, And I feel that if we have the same mentality, we could change our generation, you know, make it better for the people that come in the future. You know, our kids kids, and one day they'll look back in there, you know, And they're Tesler trucks or cyber trucks. And that looked like something out of Highlander. And, uh, you know, go back to the future and back to the future, you know, and some Rick and Morty stuff, man. And they're gonna They're gonna say, You know what? J inducer, right? 2020 was a year of change, and we want to be, and I feel that everyone should be moving towards that change. So, you know, on on a very motivation or notes um, it's I don't know, man. I had fun. I had fun drinking the beer. I had I had fun researching. Yeah, I had fun going to Overtown.

Jay:   32:39
Absolutely. Oh, what was your favorite beer?

Duce:   32:42
Ah, OK, let's see. Favorite beer in Overtown would have to be okay, So because I'm Hispanic, I have to say, this is not like Crucify me. Ah, it's cafe confit. Oye, Yes. Is there stone? I enjoyed it.

Jay:   33:04
J like the style guys. I

Duce:   33:05
enjoyed it. Enjoy. It was very it was very heavy. But again, for me, I don't drink stouts, but because it tasted like coffee, like, straight up coffee. And I said in the first episode, I don't like so I drank it. I did drink it. I drink. I drink half of ah of the flight. Um, and, uh, r b x got the other half because she enjoys coffee. A lot. My concern was I was gonna be up for, like, a like a day and 1/2 and I got stuff to do, man. And that was my concern. But I also enjoyed their seasonal Cezanne. Yes, they're seasonal. Cezanne was fire.

Jay:   33:46
I think I think it was season or holiday could have holidays, holidays, holiday, Cezanne. So good. Guys, I think the caf today. Oy. Uh, no, I'm saying around 7.2%. Yes, in Cezanne was six for

Duce:   34:03
6%. Yeah, so their beers are are there? They're there, there kicking. They're kicking. And so Excuse me, Um, I feel that when you go, I always recommend to get a flight to start it off. Always do a flight. Always trying new things, Always trying new things. Like we said in the first episode. Don't be afraid. Just do it. Just do it. It's fine. Sponsorships. Please, guys, positives. We need sponsors. Uh, so if you know, if you if you folks really enjoy, um, hearing us talk and babble about our experiences, please check out our, um, instagram, Yes, Bardot chats Or, uh, you know, let us know what you think. Let us know what we could do. Better what we need to do. Um

Jay:   34:53
And what are your favorite seasonal brews, Please? Let us know. We would love to actually look into that and doing episode

Duce:   35:01
of Yeah, of course. Definitely. Look into and you know, because I'm waiting. Okay, so now that you brought out the seasonal brews. All right, I have seen for Halloween. So October, November because of Octoberfest. November Thanksgiving, Christmas with the wood, right, um, for Easter was scarecrow. Ah, that was from angry. Richard and I think the where Wolf was for Newcastle. But Castle, that was Ah was hollowing to right? I think so. It was all going. So I want to see some Valentine's like bones. I don't think I don't think anybody has done a Valentine brew.

Jay:   35:43
We're gonna have to do some research on.

Duce:   35:44
Yeah, we're definitely have to go in research first before I say that. So off the record, guys. Um but I I feel like, uh, holiday or seasonal brews are interesting because it's supposed to capture that essence. And I think that says a lot about the brewer itself. Because what are they capturing? How do they feel during that particular holiday? Um, is Valentine's a holiday? I don't think so. I hate Valentine's. I hate everything. The more you will listen to these podcast, the more you know, I hate everything. I hate everything, but I love everyone

Jay:   36:26
absolutely well. With that being said, I'm almost done with my drink day I'm about

Duce:   36:35
I'm pretty. I'm pretty much there, man. I think we need to reload. I think it really, really need to relocate,

Jay:   36:40
and we're gonna have to reel. Oh, so you know what, guys? Thank you guys for listening. Thank you for tuning in. Please go to our instagram. And remember, no matter where you go, Rose And what you do something. Only time, Bill. Right? When the drink On my way here.