Overcoming Adversity Interview with Jenn Mattocks

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Hey whats going on everybody this is Jay from Bat.chats or BarChats we have an awesome special guest today Jenn Mattocks awesome so we um met Jenn at a bar in Arcadia Arcadia right  the Monkey Bar year tear to the Monkey Bar that was a sad day.

Jenn Mattocks:   0:00
Yeah it was the first bar that I was able to create uh beer menus create a bar program

Duce:   1:33
Yeah. Okay. So that's that's

Jenn Mattocks:   1:36
the most important thing. And to be honest, thank you again for your hard this Try it, Sze to our super excited when I when I text you, I was like, Hey, that's head of Jan. Yeah, I was so surprised when you guys are when I got your taxes. You texting, right? Right. So when I got your text, I like I woke up, I woke up and I was telling my boyfriend I was like, Oh, bull ball. Like the guys that did the podcast before, you know? They contacted me. Want me? And he's like, Definitely do it. Do it, Tosco. So a lot of support in it. Yeah. No, that's that. You know, we definitely we definitely want that support. Just like, you know, bar charts is all about supporting local companies, local brewers and also local people. Local artists. So, um, thank you again for being here. No, but thank

Duce:   2:28
you guys. Thank you

Jenn Mattocks:   2:30
so much. Cool. So I have we both have. I know. I know. Deuce has a lot of questions. I have a lot of questions, and honestly, later down the line, I think we're gonna put it up on our G. If you want to talk to you, we're gonna have your i d on there as well. So that's that's definitely something fun. But how about this, Jen, Tell me a little bit about yourself. Um um, Okay, well, so basically a back story about me is that, uh my mom got sick when I was 12. Um, I had to start taking Well, I started taking care of my mom when I was 12. I was there the day that she was put into the emergency room. Everything. So by I was in the sixth grade at the time. Um, when I was at the end of my eighth grade year of junior high to the beginning of my freshman year of high school, my sister was working at a country club. So, um, I became the nighttime receptionist there. So I started working at the age of life 14 like, you know, under the table, you know, And so So I was a nighttime receptionist, so I would go to school, do my sports, and then I would go to the country club for about three hours at night. Um and then, you know, just do it all over again. So the country club is what really on my sister. What is really like, got my foot in the door with the hospitality industry, even though it was a receptionist. But at this country club, um, the receptionist was kind of like the person that did, like, a lot of things to help the kitchen, the food and beverage managers, you know, setting events, you know, knowing all the names of life over 500 members, you know. And so I also kind of like in that time frame, uh, got used to the hospitality industry of, you know, you don't really get days off you Don't you always work holidays, whatever. Bull lot. And so that's kind of the reason why I'm, like, kind of the way I am now. Like I'm okay. Like I whatever job I work at, I'm like, yes, let me work holidays. Let's do it. You know, um, but I started out there. And then when I became about 15 and 1/2 16 years old, I got, like, my workers from it still was working at the country club, um, but became more hands on. So I was more of like, a full time than just the nighttime receptionist for three hours, Um, and then learned a lot about that About my senior year. I became a host for the first time. I'm blocking is no good. So I got more of a feel for the front of the house type thing. Um, that was Yeah, that was when I was about 16. 17. And then, as time went on, still taking care of my mom. Um, as time went on, um, I Then it jumps. Kind of like I moved out toc for a little bear. After high school, I worked in a sushi restaurant. That was the first place that I really became a server. Really? And, yeah, but the like me being confident and applying to that place, Um, I didn't really have any serving experience. It was just that hosting. And then what? I learned the country club. So when I got hired at that place, they were actually surprised that I knew what I was doing kind of thing. I learned the many, like, the first day. Whatever. And then So when I moved back to the area in Monrovia, um, I started by Louis playing.

Duce:   6:07
Yeah, you're I was like, wow, She brought that

Jenn Mattocks:   6:13
before, before we started recording. Yeah. So? So when I moved back, I was getting, like, re acquainted like with, like, everything back out here. And I was going to the mall. I was applying to places. But again, like I only had that sushi restaurant as serving experience. So I went to apply at life. I actually applied like cheesecake. Would ranch David Mustard

Duce:   6:43
there on that on that south before the prominent. Right? Right. So wait.

Jenn Mattocks:   6:55
And then So I applied Thio Bar Louis. They gave me an interview on the spot. The manager is absolutely like they felt, you know how, Like, what was going on with me and everything, and they give me the opportunity. And so I became a server right off the bat. Um, pretty much what might work in and then buy ice started there when I was 19. And then, yeah, I was going on 20. So I was 19 going on 20 and then I was about a sober for about less than a year. And then they promoted me to march under. So right before 21 night. So then that so now, 2020 years going on my 10th year. Okay. Okay. So and then congratulations. Right. I wish I had an actual anniversary date. It is, but no. Yeah. So there's not there's not, but, I mean, I'm going on 2020. It's about it's literally going on 10 years of me bartending. I've been in the industry's again since what I said earlier is I say 14. But but yeah, but, um, So I've been in this industry for what is it 16 years? 13. 14 about, you know? Um, yeah. So and then I was that bar Louis started there for, uh, I start. I got hired about like when I was 19. Um, when they promoted me, I was a few months shy of being 21. So But they promoted me. They told me about my, uh, again, like, I guess what Jay said in my charismatic and everything was on point. And so when it was a 20 the end of 2010 Thio 2011 I was a I became, like the full and bartender, not just bar backing or anything, not even being just like behind the bar for a second and inserting like I was a full on bartender. I learned a lot from Bar Louis, though The one thing that I can say is that I learned a lot from that place because for one, for an example, actually is when I first started working there, it was really hard. When people ask me, this is an example. But like somebody asked me to make him adores our obviously Underwood more Dorie started. But if they would ask me simple drinks like that And at the moment, I didn't know and I would literally look to my meant light will my mentors, But the people that trained me on and I call them my mentors because those are the people that were there when I first started, like learning bartending like measurements, everything, you know, still set. Um but I would I would look at them and they were probably ah, a few years shy of the age that I'm not now, but what I would look at them, I would be like, How did they know? A Long island toe old fashioned to a salty dog to a greyhound to like, you know, all these things and I'm like, How do they know? Days and as years went on. I'm at that point now where people ask me and they're like Okay, Well, for example,

Duce:   10:13
I said I said a greyhound and I

Jenn Mattocks:   10:14
said, Salty dog. But there's only one difference of that drink. One has a rim like a salted rim on it, but it's fucking grapefruit, you know? But back then I didn't know, like I didn't know anything. And like I literally thought that I would would never get to that point. And I'm not. I'm at that That point now in my life where people ask me and they're like, Hey, did it done like I'm I'm the Google, you

Duce:   10:38
know? Yeah. You know, like, I'm the bartender's Bible, you know, they're still

Jenn Mattocks:   10:44
like there's still some drinks that, like, I like, I don't know. Obviously there's gonna be so many drinks. I mean, like, for example, like old fashioned are, like, take on, like so many different ways. But there's traditional, you know, and there's like, Um, yeah, there's just so many drinks that like, But I literally thought that I would never get to that point, and I'm 10 years later down the road, I'm lying. I know. Let's do this. You want me to create something I got you, you see? And that's that's actually really, really cool. And one of our episodes is actually about Dr No. And, you know, that's the story you're telling me. I hear Dr like it drives you, you know? And 10 years later, you're an awesome Google bartender. Just call me Jen. There you go. You know, and that's that's great. You know, it all started from a seed, which pretty much was work. Yeah, you know, and it stemmed up to something great. And, honestly, thank you for being a bartender. Oh, okay. Because we need we need people out there that communicating that talk. Like I said, very charismatic. We've gone to places where some of the bartenders are actually not that friendly. I know what you mean.

Jay:   12:06
So So Jay's like, like, PC person, They just playing sucked. But this is big, Really? So that's what I wanted to

Duce:   12:13
also be Oh, being in the

Jenn Mattocks:   12:18
hospitality industry, being the food and beverage like industry, you know, and Jonah's converge for me. Um, that when, like, you

Duce:   12:30
can't help but criticize. You know what I'm saying? You don't

Jenn Mattocks:   12:34
want to judge you don't want to criticize people,

Duce:   12:36
but it's like, Yo, if you're out of luck. Sorry. Excuse my legs. Okay. You're good. You're good. She was gonna say you were fucking say, you're like a

Jenn Mattocks:   12:50
like a crawfish place, and they don't give you a roll of paper towels. No

Duce:   12:55
one in particular example. That's kind of personal. I have a different my e. I tell my jacket I am going to destroy is getting warm, you know? Well, don't let me lose my train of thought. Like, if they don't, if they don't give you,

Jenn Mattocks:   13:24
like a roll of paper towels. But it's like you're eating with your hands. It's

Duce:   13:27
like it's like you asked, but you're like, you're like, yo, like, Hey, hey, excuse me. Can I can I get Excuse me? Hi. Can I get, uh so it's like if you asked

Jenn Mattocks:   13:43
for paper tells with automatically given todo It's like, um, like I always order whenever I drink when I'm at the bar, Whatever. My boyfriend always orders a double Jameson on the rocks. I always order double Jameson neat with a sprite or Coke on the side, and it's like and multiple times they've given things to. They've given the rocks to both of us. It's

Duce:   14:07
not something to get upset about, but needs and rocks. Yeah, s. So whoever's listening

Jenn Mattocks:   14:14
to this to this channel learn, Yes, I will teach you, but But it's like it seems like they were paying attention, you know, whatever. And

Duce:   14:27
these air,

Jenn Mattocks:   14:27
like slow restaurants, like, you know, like they're not busy. They're not, you know, But then it's like, Oh, they come back and they're like, Oh, so rocks rocks on, then, you know, way apologize. We're like, Oh, I'm sorry. No, we actually wanted this one and they come back to me with, like, it's strange, which I'm okay, But then they give it to the wrong person again because it's

Duce:   14:48
like it's like, Dude, it's simple. I'm the one without a drink. Yeah, you just gave him a drink. Sure, like I ordered. Yeah, it's not. Yeah, you know,

Jenn Mattocks:   15:06
and I I agree. I agree. I hate shady service.

Duce:   15:13
That's no eyes. Really, I do. I do, too, And my boyfriend tells me

Jenn Mattocks:   15:20
all the time, like he's always like he's like he's like, No, I know because my boyfriend's a chef. Yeah, so he's been in this industry. He actually works in Hollywood. He's okay. He can't see you, but like he knows, like that's all like, I'll start stacking like we both will start stocking plates, whatever. And there's people that are when you're at the restaurant and be like Oh, my God, thank you so much. But there's still those people that are like, Oh, let me just get this one plate out of the way, like or let me go with the silverware like it's just right. It's just like

Jay:   15:55
douche bags. This everywhere, everywhere, whatever. Anyway, hey, is yeah so shitty Hospitality?

Duce:   16:13
Yes, it does. But it's hard

Jenn Mattocks:   16:15
when you're in the industry, is what my point was. Is that your industry? Because you naturally, it's a force of habit to criticize when you don't try to. You know what I'm saying? So you notice every little thing and you can keep your mouth shut. But you notice every little thing, and then it's in the backyard or you're commenting to somebody. But you're not gonna like. Obviously they're doing their job right. I don't like people that come up to me, and they noticed it that are obviously not in the industry, but they notice it. And they wanted, like, speak. Speak out to us like right. Stop being rude. You came out to Russia for a reason. You know what I'm saying? And we're gonna do about the best we can, but as being in the industry, you you still like in the back here, Eddie, you do criticize, you know, a little bit You pinpoint like little things like, Oh, I would have done this, But you're not gonna just throw it in their face. You're not gonna like harm them with how well how you would have done it. Because that's where this is their job. This is what they're making. This is they're this, like, you know, this is what they're doing. Obviously they're serving our bartending because it's like, for me personally, I serve in I bartend because my world, I'm kind of

Duce:   17:33
e o I'm good at what I

Jenn Mattocks:   17:36
do, Very Oh, you're good. You're Yes. And but it comes down to It's like, um, for what? I have to do it. So it's like we don't know anybody else's story. We don't know what anybody else is going. I am here taking care of my mom since I was 12 and I'm still taking over. You know, my sisters are obviously they're like, we help out each other, but I live with my mom, so I'm there, and but nobody else knows anybody story. So it's like when I've seen people get upset with my servers or anything Like, like, be brooch. Um and this is when I became shift, please. And I became like, you know, like you olders and stuff. Um, like I obviously has a good manager. You step in and you know, you you, like, kind of take over the situation. So you go to the guests and everything, and obviously the guest is always right, you know? But I've had people like, be shitty to me like multiple. And at that time I only had me to, you know, like, have thio like disclose this situation everything like Thio, you know? But I've had multiple people when I've been shift lead and I've been like q older and I've had, like, employees tell me too, you know, go to the table and talk to them. Obviously as a shift leader and the cules air you know, you took on the roles of manager. But it's like there's people that really think that they are life just, I don't know, entitled than service people like they like. People really think that service people, bartenders, Buster's, even dishwashers are like piece of shits like that weed that we choose or that we have, like we choose to do this kind of thing rather than giving ourselves a better opportunity. But it's like people don't understand what I always prepare the restaurant industry to is the health industry. There's always gonna be people hungry. There's always people right, and a lot of people always talk about the health industry as you know what it is, which is true. But with the restaurant industry, people are always hungry. There's always a new restaurants around, but it's like people always thirsty, But it's like but then it comes down to like, where I again I've been in this industry for 16 years. I've seen it all, and I mean, I hope I seen it all

Duce:   20:07
because what else is

Jenn Mattocks:   20:09
there more to see? But like I don't like, I hate when people think that, like it's like Okay, well, I'm gonna really second guess. Okay, I'm gonna give you 12% because you didn't bring the napkin. It's like, Yo, like, if you really had common sense, you'd really understand that this isn't their only table, right? Or if you're sitting at a bar, for example, if you're sitting at a horseshoe bar, a horseshoe bar is considered, um, like a round table like around. But it's called a horseshoe bar. Okay, okay, but it's it's completely connected. So

Duce:   20:50
to horseshoes. Yeah, that's what I was I but it's like it's so

Jenn Mattocks:   20:57
for example, when I was at Bar Louis on, Guy was working during the days, it was like there would be, like, this regular come in. But then, like, he's constantly talk to me and I'm like, Hold on, I gotta go check on like, you know, the personal bills out of the bar or, like, continue calling this fruit. What

Duce:   21:12
do you wanna laugh about? Could use like Gladys been like already for Well, since you didn't pay attention, Thio. Exactly. That's exactly what I'm saying. And it's like 5%. That's exactly what I had multiple had multiple freaking people have been like, Let me get my check Dollar I'm like it was Bud life for the beer of the Month for $3. Hey, right, right. You remember the beer of the month. But that's all I'm saying is like Miller Lite Beer of

Jenn Mattocks:   21:52
the Month. $3. Anytime you come in, it's like it's like 3 59 You're giving me what's the matter

Duce:   21:59
way? You see that?

Jenn Mattocks:   22:04
That's that's crazy and point that you're that you're bringing up in terms of some people feel entitled and almost be little the service industry for for more of the service? Yes, rather than bars. Yes, you see, And that's and that's something that, you know, I feel if if people understood what other people are going through are just overall like what What's happening? Yeah, they'll be like, Yeah, you know what? That makes sense. You know, I I respect the hustle, and that's pretty much what it is respecting.

Jay:   22:38
I gotta play Devil's advocate, as always, Wake up, take a listen I listen for but so here's my thing about service industry and, um, you know, I've also I can relate to your story. I know you haven't listened to drive, but I've been working since I was 12 as well. And so Hey, twins, ease. Okay, so, you know, just being in cells and which is very similar. Like, people want a certain thing, a certain type of service. They want you to always smile, even if you feel like shit. Right? So So I do get that. So I do agree that at a certain point, like you're right, somebody's dealing with something. Okay, let me go ahead and ask him. How

Duce:   23:26
can I How can I? Yeah. What can I

Jay:   23:27
do for you? What can I do for you? Let me try to help you out. Maybe, you know, go ahead and take some time.

Jenn Mattocks:   23:36
But But that is actually what the food industry for the food and beverage industry is is exactly What you're saying is it's all about sales. So, Rita, and, like selling is selling is the same as like, the food and beverage industry. Because what you're really doing is you're selling yourself whether or not it's retail because you want to sell for that person to trust you on what you're you know, you're giving, like a check this out.

Jay:   24:03
Right? Right. So? So, at that same point, though, you are in the hospitality industry, you know, are the food industry, the sales industry. So this is what you're You know why I'm here. I'm here because I wanna have a great service. Uh, that's so that's the flip side. Maybe that table. Not all the time. I'm not saying no, but

Duce:   24:24
maybe that there's always that one.

Jay:   24:27
But maybe that table that person never really gets to go out. This is a treat for them. Um, we don't really know. That person's finances are just They had a terrible day. And so I go to you, Jim, because you make me feel better about my day, that about myself, right? I know that for me. I always go to a bar like my lunch, and it makes me happy, because usually I find the bartender are couple that on my okay. Cool. I could talk to this person. Gets me through that day. Well, that's what I get far

Jenn Mattocks:   24:59
is like with Bart, like bartenders. Like you have those regulars. Yeah, I think so. I get what you're saying. Yeah,

Jay:   25:05
You got to kind of look at both sides. I do. I do agree with you when you cut when it comes

Jenn Mattocks:   25:11
down to it, you know? And, um But I also feel

Duce:   25:16
Yeah, I feel like this, but it's coming. Just don't be a shitty fucking bartender, that's all. I ask you what I want what I wanted to say. Like a comedy on. What do you think? I love your laugh. Oh, my God. Doesn't second start of the day. No doubt how many starts and you can count. That's a challenge.

Jay:   25:52
That's a challenge for the listeners. How many stores did you hear today?

Duce:   25:55
Question on our I hold it, I'm not going to snore like like like Oh, my God. Okay. Wanna let me breathe? Oh, okay. Okay. Lusa okay, By the way, we make such a move. You saw? Don't tell me about it. Don't you know that I'm like I'm closing, my dear? I

Jenn Mattocks:   26:27
just let you all know Will Smith is my dude.

Jay:   26:31
I love that motherfucker. I was like, I was like, man, is he more

Duce:   26:36
cut now? Like a process of doing for Yeah. Oh, really? I thought they were joking, but I also

Jay:   26:44
know you get that if you watch him. If he wants the movie, you'll get Oh, okay.

Duce:   26:51
You know what? No, I wanna watch Jim and I, man a great movie, right? Oh, I want to

Jay:   26:58
see Jeff and I have seen it. So would you like me?

Duce:   27:01
Oh, I promise to follow you. But, you know, I heard about

Jenn Mattocks:   27:11
Gemma. I meant that, Um because, like, Okay, I'm a Wilson offense. Things like beyond, like, Oh, my God. Since he was born, I wasn't even born

Duce:   27:20
on, um, but stop it. And, um, Jeff and I man

Jenn Mattocks:   27:27
was obviously like they rated it really bad. But then, you know, the thing is is that the thing is that, like a lot of like poor rated videos are movies that are poorly rated. I'm sorry. Poorly rated is a lot of movies that I like. Well,

Jay:   27:44
honestly, because that's the critics. Like, who cares about Chris? I think Kevin Hart said it the best. He was like like the critics never liked my movies. You like

Duce:   27:53
critics Never liked my movies. Don't Don't, my boy. If you keep it in, my boyfriend's gonna be like, Oh, that sounds about right, right? It's either it gets well. Smither, Bruno Mars. I'm done. Done deal like my leg. Doesn't everybody have, like, a fast? So just say something will be better for my legs. Have no nothing. Please don't leave. That's of Emily

Jay:   28:28
Browning for me and Sarah Brightman Way. Who? Emily Browning. You got looking. Yeah, I know. Do you know that Emily Browning. And you gotta know what type of type of girl that j like soup. Browning Browning. I

Duce:   28:48
don't know what this much. That's why everybody. You're a sucker punch. I have a That's a great great. So you're like So how do you know? It's like being

Jay:   29:01
inebriated, getting me created watch, sucker punch. And you're gonna watch it, like, 10

Duce:   29:06
times. You're yelling at me. I'm just talking very fast. It's okay, because if it was me, you're really gentle. I'm like, whispering. I'm like, library voices. The other girl,

Jenn Mattocks:   29:20
um, Sarah Brightman. Sarah Brightman is

Duce:   29:24
I just think you first. Who are these? Able

Jenn Mattocks:   29:29
The chick from fucking Star Trek. The new one. E.

Jay:   29:40
I don't deny

Duce:   29:42
that, but she looked like she and like, the eighties. Yeah, she's She's like, Okay, my like my top. My top. Which would be like of Janice way. No, my top. It

Jenn Mattocks:   30:01
would be Kate Beckinsale, for sure.

Jay:   30:03
You know what

Duce:   30:04
you're like? 05 away, By the way, J just picked up his like his foot That is plastic away. And, like, winter go drink it and literally teeter tottered it. And there was nothing in there but still staring at it, but still stared at it for a good life minute. Like good. Like 30 seconds when the When the bottles like writing. Uh, analyzing. I'm analyzing.

Jenn Mattocks:   30:36
Oh, my Lord.

Duce:   30:40
Jamal, please. I just didn't know you grabbed me like bags

Jay:   30:50
of chips. Yeah,

Jenn Mattocks:   30:54
that's my girl. I love her,

Jay:   30:56
man. Okay, so So the Yeah, get silly from Yeah, from start is

Jenn Mattocks:   31:05
my Oh, my God, You're being

Duce:   31:10
a little girl right now. I got you know, you have no ice in yours. I What the hell is this anyway? So my boyfriend got me to animate recently. Really? You just You just got that. I I'm Asian. I should be an enemy. No, for real, I

Jay:   31:30
should be there, Not everyone. Uh, yeah. Okay. Okay. Whatever you like, cap would be, but that's a

Duce:   31:37
classic spike. I have o e. Have somebody on my fucking Yeah, five guys countem okay. That was like anybody. No. Okay.

Jay:   31:57
Okay. So Okay, so what animal are you?

Duce:   32:02
So I just finished a dragon slayer or I know deviously I always did my boyfriend, you know? Listen, he's like, Babe, you keep calling dragons. Really? I'm laying with him in the bed, and I'm like, I can't Weird. I'm like way I can't wait for a demon slayer to come back on our dragons later. Come back on. He's like, What the hell's Dragon Slayer? And I'm like, the one we just watched it. But it's a demon slayer, so I just finished demons. And then hey, got me in full metal. Alchemy

Jay:   32:36
is the classic. You have to watch you tell

Duce:   32:39
me why we've been

Jenn Mattocks:   32:40
binge watching it for the past week.

Duce:   32:42
Tell me why. Tell me why I'm barely on. Yeah, I'm watching brother. Wait. I thought it was a brotherhood, not us to finish brotherhood. Listen, listen, listen, listen, Linda, listen, wait. Are you recording? Wait. Okay, So So full metal alchemist. Okay, I

Jenn Mattocks:   33:09
finish what my boyfriend said. He's like, Oh, last night, he was like, Oh, you notice is the new intro.

Duce:   33:15
And I was like, Oh, she's a new age. Oh, yeah, He's like he's

Jenn Mattocks:   33:20
like this just shows that it's like a new season. I was like, Oh, fuck. But what

Duce:   33:24
happened? Wait. Like because, you know, in the beginning of that,

Jenn Mattocks:   33:28
this was, like, refreshed, like they tell you like, Oh, by the way, the Aaron brothers

Duce:   33:38
and it's so so so

Jay:   33:40
my shit. Right now you know this. What is it? My hero? Academia, that is.

Duce:   33:46
Oh, I keep accident. I keep family telling my boyfriend, uh, full metal academia know literally. No, literally. Man was

Jenn Mattocks:   33:59
like, Man was like like, yesterday he was like, our deal today. He was like, he's like, seriously, And I was

Duce:   34:05
like, Yeah, full mental academia. Hey, was like, He's like, it's alchemist. I was like, Oh, yeah, yeah, alchemist Alchemy is Yeah, but the full metal, though my favorite. Okay, so yours. I got you all twisted. My my

Jay:   34:30
hero of yours

Duce:   34:33
is my piece is my hero. I am your

Jay:   34:35
hero account. Okay, So full, full metal alchemist. My hair. Academia Here yours is

Jenn Mattocks:   34:48
mine is drum roll. One

Duce:   34:50
manhunt. I said it. No, I don't know

Jay:   34:59
because you like 1000 of which I

Jenn Mattocks:   35:01
have I have a long that. I really like

Duce:   35:02
looking at these cowboy

Jenn Mattocks:   35:04
bebop. I love cowboy. Bebop cowboy. Last I've barely got into animate literally two months ago

Jay:   35:12
is okay. You okay? So you got a

Duce:   35:14
cowboy? Wait. Do we all know what this looks like? Way all know. What do I look

Jay:   35:21
like? I don't watch that a little, but I do know

Duce:   35:25
he knows that he's a huge just like Marcus. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Actually, he's He's OK. He was asking me, Right?

Jay:   35:35
Aye. Where my favorite? Yes. Batman is my Yeah.

Jenn Mattocks:   35:40
Oh, Can we facetime Marcus

Duce:   35:44
D. Oh, great. Okay, again, I'm done.

Jenn Mattocks:   35:55
So what? You're okay? So my favorite, Adam, I would have to say, you

Duce:   36:00
can get a shirt, huh? That's like every enemies, like saying you're I don't know. That's the name of Joe George's bizarre adventure. Okay, I just checked the microphone. So 10 is breaking my equipment.

Jay:   36:19
So you like game of Thrones?

Duce:   36:24
Talk to me about No. Okay, that was so good.

Jay:   36:29
So how do you feel? Did you watch the ending? Thank you. That was the worst thing I've ever seen in

Duce:   36:35
my literally.

Jenn Mattocks:   36:37
You know nothing. Jon Snow,

Duce:   36:41
You don't know sham, because apparently incest is, like, fucked up. And then you don't know this because you're tryingto kill everybody that don't ancestry. What's that girl

Jay:   36:52
that was killed? Every fucking body. And she had the mask. Are you what it was?

Duce:   36:58
Uh, you say Ariana Grande? It is our guys When she was the most badass, so she was badass. What? The answer.

Jay:   37:09
You suck, like Like what the fuck

Duce:   37:10
exactly? Because, you know, So like all that fighting, Yo, So

Jenn Mattocks:   37:17
sorry. So I'm kind of loud, but I guess ah, do it feels a certain

Duce:   37:22
way. So, uh, we're gonna do so we're gonna We're not gonna get it. This we're not gonna edit this part, so, you know, spoiler alert

Jenn Mattocks:   37:32
If you haven't seen game with those, if

Jay:   37:33
that's too bad, watch that you don't wash

Duce:   37:35
it out already because we're fucking pretty dope. So listen to it. Oh, but swell alert. Watch that fucking shit. Watch everything with no watch. No, because I'm about to ruin the ending. So everybody when you can, you can't. You can't rule. It was already terrible. I'm sure that the microphone has already screeched out and, uh, you know, You're good. Okay. So when she freaking went on the boat with Jon Snow, that was bullshit. That was fucking bullshit. But when sir? See? And that other thing, brother, You know. You know what I'm saying? Like Okay, but let me jump. Okay.

Jay:   38:25
Okay. So what do we owe? So do you, like with fiddle with love you haven't seen?

Jenn Mattocks:   38:39
All right. Be right there. Okay. They're basically I just want you, which doesn't have dresses. You watching. I wait. I haven't finished my boyfriend. My boyfriend beat the game. All well, but when the when the show came out, he had me watching again. It was, like, same time being temperature, Like where he was. Can you please watch game of Thrones and me? Can you please our words with me

Duce:   39:08
and then I want a card. I barely know him. Oh, my God.

Jenn Mattocks:   39:15
So, uh, moto means shut the fuck up in Chinese. So we're learning Chinese

Jay:   39:22
on this episode. Just letting you know. I didn't say it was my life. Okay, so yours. I remember. So it was Tilly

Jenn Mattocks:   39:33
Tilly. Oh, Tilly. Okay. Are you prosper all day on this start?

Jay:   39:40
Yes. From the way hers is Wilson. And what was your gym? No, Harry. Harry. OK, so and they're both funny.

Duce:   39:56
But what you're talking about, man, He's so short Hop skip and a jump away from Wade's gonna hear

Jay:   40:08
this. He's like, Oh, my God. So, you know, support. So it is hard for me to pick. It always be like I always end up liking the ones that I feel like I can meet in person because I watch a lot of, like, reality, but one person that I really like that probably never me is Melissa. Wait. No, no, no. Yeah. Black matter. Oh, Asia. Yeah,

Duce:   40:39
She is Asian. Oh, you like that? Hello? Hello? Is that is that Is that the trick? Is that the chick

Jay:   40:46
from dark matter? No, no, no, not her. But she's on that dark

Jenn Mattocks:   40:51
matter mean? Are you, like a like a marvel like

Jay:   40:54
that? That's actually a scifi show. Dark matter. It does, indeed.

Jenn Mattocks:   41:00
I'm kind of nervous now. I'm nervous. Were you because what? Because he's into sci fi fantasy.

Duce:   41:09
Oh, you like muscle milk? Can you stop? I mean,

Jay:   41:14
dark matter is out for, like, a log.

Duce:   41:16
A dark matter right now. You're a dark

Jay:   41:23
because you start, You

Duce:   41:24
know, you go doing it, you know? Yeah. You can do it There. You keep doing it. You keep it. I like you don't know e o I'm sure

Jenn Mattocks:   41:36
I'm a show. You tilly show you really? Because

Duce:   41:41
I recorded. So that s

Jay:   41:46
your question. I don't discriminate. I like all national. I never discriminated, that's what

Jenn Mattocks:   41:54
Oh, everybody noticed You

Duce:   41:57
said, What is this

Jay:   41:58
star truck shit you have todo It's like online. Only so different. She has that The way her hair is crawled is like Johnny says hers. I love it. That is actually true. You have a really, really Let it go. Let it go. She has a really clearly super like, really good hair. I love it. You go. But I again, I don't know what the Star Trek is.

Jenn Mattocks:   42:34
My boyfriend just got into Star Wars and he had me friends watch everything

Jay:   42:40
but us. The man DeLorean.

Duce:   42:41
Yes, I'm into Amanda. Listen, I I the line is if

Jay:   42:49
anybody, you guys can't see me, but I'm getting super. We're winning super, but no, but my boyfriend watch Star wars like the first trilogy is second trilogy and then we just recently watched. Like we watched recently watched the last one, the movie. But the thing is, like everybody contesting, they're like, Oh, so what do you think about it? I'm still like,

Duce:   43:16
But they asked me about Magda. Lorna, I'm like a little of the motherfucker, But going on a game of Thrones going on the game of the road we were plea was my no tech. You're Pedro? Um,

Jay:   43:31
his real name. Right? Suck it

Duce:   43:35
both, but neither for Pedro. I J Jen is giving you more bruises than I get bruises that work. Wait, I'm a construction worker. Can I have? Can I have my best friend, like, leaning on? Excuse me? That when I laugh,

Jay:   44:05
you can explain it. Please. We would love. Well, no, you got you got, you got You gotta get up. Sorry. I requires you to like, yes, like a troll. And by the way, she has a wonderful Batman shirt happened. Okay, Go ahead. 10. And when she's super excited and a tiny bit I tiny bit. No, this is just a little bit. This'll just

Duce:   44:40
tired. It's out of love. So

Jenn Mattocks:   44:43
you cry and you take like I said I have more bruises today than I did yesterday, and I got hit with a, um, with a galvanized pipe and

Duce:   44:56
have a credit countertop

Jenn Mattocks:   44:59
fall on my knee. I'm

Duce:   45:01
literally bleeding right now. I didn't do that. Uh,

Jay:   45:15
I think that's what they like to tell people that

Duce:   45:18
think that Jack said What she said is because I really do. I'm always hitting people. I'm always like, Oh, my God. But

Jay:   45:29
I don't know like I'm always right. I'm always right. 10. Uh, I don't know. 11. Let's go, Let's go. School.

Duce:   45:40
Whoever get Cal leveraging

Jenn Mattocks:   45:42
count like you. No way. Like next time I'ma have, like, shoulder pets

Duce:   45:48
Jen place here. Here. My actually, it might actually be like something like

Jay:   45:56
amazing, because people might want to just be here to meet me. Yeah, definitely.

Duce:   46:02
I'm totally kidding. Like I'm not bad like, Yeah. No, no, e Like it? Yeah, It's, uh

Jenn Mattocks:   46:11
it's It's I think it's part of that b d sm Shit, baby. That's a Google.

Duce:   46:18
That's a thank you ghoul. Okay. No, But the one thing you have

Jenn Mattocks:   46:22
to know about me is I'm like, super life have an old soul. So, like when people like, like, just knows, Like all these, Like new rap songs. Like all these mobile representation mumble

Duce:   46:32
rappers. I listened to it and I'm like, I'm like, but I don't know, like, I don't know. And then I go back

Jenn Mattocks:   46:41
to light. I don't know. I go back to light 1 12 or go back to life

Duce:   46:47
like I like you know where it is. Okay. All right. B R B B R B

Jay:   47:07
a D. Sorry. I had to pee. Pee. There we go. Way too much fine. First segment way. Do have a you a few questions we're gonna We're gonna do two questions, But because, you know, I feel like talking to Jen is like running a marathon in two sections. Have to pace yourself. So this first section is just pretty much Jed being Jen and breaking the show. So and well, in the whole idea of bar chats where we're just talking. Yeah,

Jenn Mattocks:   47:45
exactly. We're just talking. So pretty much What you're hearing is live conversation happening live live life, which is which is great. 12.

Duce:   47:54
12. Yes, I just I just naturally

Jay:   48:03
so No, but that's that's what I'm saying. We would still talk like this, even if you weigh. So like I said,

Jenn Mattocks:   48:15
there might be a part too. I know. I

Duce:   48:19
I also I write. No, definitely. It's

Jenn Mattocks:   48:24
been a pleasure. It's been an honor. Thank you so much for being on the show. You know, Deuce does have some questions. I'm over 100 Just drinking my roco gin

Jay:   48:36
and ginger. Oh, my. I could make it better. I

Duce:   48:40
could make a better. All right,

Jay:   48:42
so that we have the

Jenn Mattocks:   48:45
next on the next one, we're gonna definitely d'oh. Hopefully hopefully a video have a

Jay:   48:51
bar outside. We'll definitely do the videos for next month. So

Jenn Mattocks:   48:55
definitely hopefully set that up for you guys. I'm so you could see awesome Google. Jen, it's Google because I'm like, I know everything, right? All right. So let's go ahead. Ask this question. All right? No. Hey,

Jay:   49:15
uh, why do you Sorry. Okay. Why do you think people are so fascinated with bars?

Jenn Mattocks:   49:25
Um, so they a lot of people think that we go into this industry. We choose this industry of being front of the house, back of the house, whatever it is, um, we're looked at as if we're were belittled a lot of people be little us. They think that we're, like, in a sense, of their servants. So when it comes down to the fact of yeah, we know what we're doing what your bartenders with your servers And like when it came to what we talked about earlier about the tip lies it. A lot of people like, really come up to us as that We're like negligence. Is that what? Is that the right word? Negligent? I don't I don't know about negligee. I think something that I feel like maybe not negligent. But it's But it's a lot of people see us as whether or not it's back of the house workers or front of those know it still goes back to back of the House workers because my boyfriend is a chef, uh, at, uh at ah um, uh, upscale Japanese restaurant. Okay. And as him of being a chef, they still get a lot of like, um, a lot of things that happen where, like a few nights ago or something's there is, um it's like because they want to make it seem like a Y said this, but but it's like they didn't really say anything, You know, it's like they were It was assumed they were. They were expecting that. Like, Hey, I said this. So you should know. You know what I'm saying? And so what I'm saying is, like, so for front of the house and it considers back of the house as well, right that, um a lot of things are taking into register of really bad like that. Were that were a piece of shit, don't I? Basically, Yeah. No, I agree. I agree. Like a lot of a lot of people think that because you used a very strong word that I relate to, And it's something that we use. I use that word again. Um, serving? Yes, you know, And around three. Oh, my last name actually is serving. Oh, sure. We were servants to What's your last name? Okay. What is that? What is that? So what language is that? That's from Spain. Okay, so, you know, a lot of English Branson branches just trying that right. Ramos? Yes. So one thing that I I take pride in, and it's it's it's funny that you say that because, like the idea of being a servant Like I said in our previous episode, I don't I personally don't see it as a bathroom. The only reason why you shouldn't write. Because I I am here to serve my friends. I'm here to serve my guests right here. Served people in my home. Um, so that's why I feel

Jay:   52:53
Whoa, it's It's not the word serving its slate. That's that's where you have, right? I feel like we have we have an issue with How people look at is as servants. I think they're really like, Look at me as, like, a slave. You okay for? As opposed to, like, a servant, like I'm helping you out, you know, take care of you. But right now, I think those are looking that that's different. OK, OK, yeah. So you know. And

Jenn Mattocks:   53:24
the difference between a slave and a servant a servant is is a person who wants to be there because what in my in my case, my I

Duce:   53:35
can't give you that Byron L. That's why that's why I had a my

Jenn Mattocks:   53:40
family plays and you'll find out and your friends will find out as well. Because, of course, guys, I remember my family now because I invited. Hey, So, friends, so more than welcome. And, you know, you're you're me, Fidel Castro, right? What hasn't We're

Duce:   53:59
gonna meet. It's like me, like I'm Chinese, but I can say like, oh, are looking like nieces of like Kendall. But maybe I'm not Chinese. I'm Chinese. Yo, I'm choice on to say that that's a different dynasties E. Hey, this is a joke. It's a joke, by the way, saw jokes. Okay, but honestly, but if anything, I'm fucking I'm Pocahontas, Okay? Hey,

Jenn Mattocks:   54:38
you know, we'll have definitely have a conversation about race later down the line. Well, let's like, let's let I want to hear what Jay wants the same. So I want to hear Jane when it comes out. Thio when he comes out to the idea of servants and the concept of like, you know, I feel serving is less of a how can I say title? Yeah, like, are you comparing it to, like slaves and servants? No, no, no terms in terms of in terms of service, somebody that wants to serve a designated. Um, I see what you're trying to say. Like a king. I see what you're trying to say. But in the end, it, like a serving, is still serving. Right? So So. But what I what I'm trying to ask you is like, what you just said I know about, like, your name of survey or whatever. And then you talk Thio Bruce. And then he was talking

Jay:   55:37
about always. We sit 14 before

Duce:   55:46
Holy crap. Okay, Deuce. Okay.

Jenn Mattocks:   55:52
Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Yes, but it was so okay. So, you know, let's

Duce:   55:58
really stop it. Stop it, Okay. I can't. I can't. So So So what? You're talking, serving

Jenn Mattocks:   56:13
about. Serving? Yes. And then So when he was talking about, like when he's like old ex slaves, like So that's what I was trying to figure out, like So what is what do you What is your definition compared to his definition? Well, the difference between a slave and her servants are two different things. Like, I don't I don't. My family heritage servant is somebody that is willing to do, right? Okay, that's what I'm saying. That's why I'm saying we'll watch game of Thrones. We're

Duce:   56:42
not a lot a lot of forced todo We're not gonna go down that rabbit hole. We already did. Like we really wait five minutes anyway. Okay, We're not gonna go there again, okay? I'm gonna finish this way, Okay?

Jenn Mattocks:   56:57
So pretty much of when it comes down to the concept of hospitality and the industry, you know, you being a woman in the industry, and I'm pretty sure Deuce will agree. How do you feel about being a woman as a female bartender? Like, what is what do you feel and how do you feel about that title? So Okay, so, uh, there's kind of, like, two aspects of it being a female bartender. Um, time. Okay, Um, being a female bartender for one. Um, I mean, no matter what, being a female in the hospitality industry, there's a lot that we have the project no matter what. So we have to look the part. We have to act the part, whether or not we're going through whatever we're going through. And again, my best friend just cause here she knows she's works at a really high end bar, and she has to do the same thing. I was actually her basic mentor. She's been bartending, but she's no server, and she goes through this one job where everybody is constantly like, Hey, Senator, done like Come sit with me whatever bull but And she has to pick your choose if she wants to drink it up, which, as a good as a good serve a server, she does it, you know. But going on with that is, um, like being in this industry, and there's a lot that we have to do in order to be kind of like I don't know the right word. But Thio project ourselves in a certain way and also have this shield because there's a lot of people that come up like, for example, in 2000 0 hello, puppy. There's, um, like there was this one time and, um, 2015 and I was working at this tequila bar and there were and it was a club. So there's a lot of people at the main bar where I was working and these two guys came up to me and one of the guys as I was leaning over because, you know, you lean over to like here because super loud, there's a deejay going on. I leaned over of the bar and I was listening to what this guy had to say and this guy, like, go grab my forearm and was like, Oh, this is what I want and all He told me he would say he wanted a long island, you know? So I made the Long Island and the friend of the person that was his friend and paying hidden order drinks. So the bill was like $9 the guy that his friend gave me $20. So he paid me basically $100 tip, but literally was like as a friend, like when I gave them the build his the friend that was like civil. I told that guy as he grabbed my forearm was like, let go of her like let her go. But like the thing is like, this is like probably the most like, intense situation I've ever dealt with other than people throwing up. This is really, like the most intense that I've ever had to deal with. And he continued grabbing my forum as I leaned over the bar. Basically, you know, and the friend was like, Here's $40 is over 100 like he didn't say it, but it was over. $100 tech is like And But when he paid me, the guy still had my like my wrist in his hand, as I was like, you know, And it was like 200 people in my bar at the time. And so there's like like that was that whole thing of, like, we're people can think that they are, um, empathetic to bartenders or servers, but they're really not. And that that's what goes on to what I was saying before is that people think that we choose this life, you know, we don't people that do choose this life that think that oh, they have cash in hand. Those are the people that I'm sure you guys going to bars or restaurants. You guys can tell that these are people that don't have that that, um, knowledge or that common sense of things, you know. And so when it comes down to, it's like I'm sure reason why you guys are interviewing is because of the fact that it's like with people like me. I've done this from eyes on this throw my life. It wasn't like what I told you guys when I was when I started at the Country Club Yeah, I started there because, you know, I had to work for myself because I was taking care of my mom. But I could have taken any other like industry, but I didn't. And this is what I know. And this is what I want to do. And this is what I'm going to d'oh! And everything that I do. And that's why I'm sure you guys feel that I'm like, I'm passionate about all this stuff, of course. And that's another reason why we wanted you on the show. Was because pretty much everywhere we've gone to a passion for the crime. You know, whether it be bartending, whether it be brewing, whether it be anything dealing with just their service industry, right? That's what we I want to show our listeners that if there is another side to it because it's not, it's not just like, oh, we get, you know, shit faced drunk and that's it. It's more of like, Look, there's a reason why, and this is what I want to do because I love it, Yeah, you know, it's a passion, you know, and the sense, you know, believe it or not. That concept that idea of passion. I feel stems from a community like it is absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. That's why I like my two best friends sitting behind me. It's the same thing, like they would every answer would be the same, but they like everything. I said it would be the same of what they would be honest, and I think that's that's awesome. I think that's something that I feel that all of our listeners should know because not that many. No, I could almost guarantee you that the majority of the people that go to bars don't everybody thinks that like, Oh, I can do this like So what? Like again like It's like, what? What do we need to do to become a bartender? And it's like, Okay, yeah, you go to these. Two weeks of of Martin is full, but it's not that. It's like, Yeah, do it, do it. But what you're qualified for, it is kind of shit. To be honest, right? Doesn't mean it doesn't mean anything, right? You know, it depends on how how much effort and how much you know. So it's like if you were to go to bartending school, what do you really know. Do

Duce:   1:4:28
you even know how to

Jenn Mattocks:   1:4:28
make a Long Island and so many people that I went to high school that as that has asked me? Oh, I went to bartending school. I've asked him, sure. How do you make a sex on the beach? How do you make a Long Island? They don't know any of it. And then your second. I'm sorry. No, it's fine. Please. Because like I said, talking to Jen is like running America.

Duce:   1:4:53
I don't know, I So this is part one. Guys, I'm sorry. Is that this is definitely part one. There will be a party most likely saw was likely in the summer outside. Hopefully we'll have some video staring his hangout because Keo Q was barking was like a brother. You gotta let me in because I'm tired. You better turn on the heater because all the shit, but but yes, Deuce has one more question. What are you guys like to hear my

Jay:   1:5:25
place? Yeah. Um do you think there's pressure to look a certain way as a bartender?

Jenn Mattocks:   1:5:34
That was actually the question I prepared for that. That's a really good question that is actually the question of prepare for talk Thio, jazz and Jessica about it last night. Um, so I personally think that there shouldn't be, um, an objective of howto look, but at the same time having regulars as a bartender. It's another. Basically, it's another therapy situation. You know what I'm saying? So a lot of people come to the bar as kind of people alone. I worked from everywhere from find outing to dive bar from hole in the wall. Like I I've been there, done that. Corporate's, like, personal, like, whatever. And so I I understand, Um, as much as I would like to say that there type I'm sorry. I'm touching. I'm petting the dog right now, and he just loves me. Hi. Can you go to your father? He doesn't. He wants a beauty. It was okay. I'm sorry. Um, but being like Okay. So, for example, when I was working at Monkey Bar, I allowed myself to downgrade myself in. When I rolled out of bed, I didn't need a warm, eh? It happened with all the way back to when I was at a bar. Louis. Okay. Okay. And but as I got older, Emma, I'm a year shy from 30 I. I told myself that I'm not going to let myself look basically unexposed like I'm not going to look like I'm like a skeleton because yes, there's like if you go to downtown L. A. You go to Hollywood, there's a lot of people, everyone. They were this heavy ass makeup. They do everything. There's a lot of boys that we're still wear makeup or whatever, you know. But when it comes to bartending, yes, there is something that you should you said show yourself in a certain way. I'm not gonna deny that right. But I'm not gonna say that anybody should perceive yourself in a way that you're not comfortable. Okay? So if you're if you don't need to work fake eyelashes, you have real eyelashes. But it's because the group they hang out with words, fake eyelashes.

Duce:   1:8:26
You don't need to do

Jenn Mattocks:   1:8:27
that right. Or if you know that your complexion is great. But all you gotta do is put mask you're on, then that's all you gotta do. There's no reason to have resting bitch face or anything. I'm know I'm being seriously. There's no reason for that to happen. right? Like, yes, there is a certain way you should look as a bartender. Yes, yes, but you don't need do anything that is extra. That is not you. Okay? Just just show yourself as you right. Like and and and And on top of that, it's like So when people go in as a CZ regulars and they go in and they talk to you like they're talking to you because of your your charisma, your your personality, everything that they have been coming in here, right? There's no reason for you to save yourself in a certain way. Yes, in a sense, when you work as a bartender, please put on some face, please. But at the same time, I don't do anything that's extra. That is gonna make you feel uncomfortable, because then when you go on this ship, you're not gonna be comfortable in that shift, right? Okay, that's true. I don't know. That's the best I can put it. I don't know unless I talk in circles, but no, no, I think I think that's that's valid. I think you're pretty much saying is be yourself. Look your best. Yes, Absolutely.

Duce:   1:10:15
Yes, right? Yes. You something. Yeah. Okay, because that's that's the story of my life. I was probably talking about Jen being buzz again. I say talking to Jen is like running America way. Gotta take the shit in sections because it takes forever. And a day the first section was not like that. Okay,

Jenn Mattocks:   1:10:40
Well, Jen, thank you so much for this awesome, awesome, awesome interview. Greatly appreciate it. And we'll definitely have you tuned in. Yes, because I would definitely love toe, have you? And, um, the chef. Oh, yeah. Main main shuttle Bay way. We could definitely will talk. Yes, we'll talk. And I'm pretty sure our listeners will want to hear and see that. Yes, because food always goes good with a drink. And what brings people and families together more than food and drink yes, is more food and drink, and we can waken also, we can also discuss, like, you know, So, uh, the listeners begin, like, do like, um because me and my friend, we want your pop up. So? So that would be really awesome. You know, love with that. So

Duce:   1:11:37
be tuned. That definitely Could you go ahead

Jenn Mattocks:   1:11:40
and give us your your IGs. Oh, my instagram is gonna be Jenny for, but you gotta listen. So it's Jen with four n's and that knee like your knee, whatever journey point, agony. And it s so it's J e n n e and K and e f u r So, Jennifer. Jennifer There we go. And, of course, ours is bar. That's jets. There we go. Um, so check us out. Bardot chats. We will have some pictures. Hopefully, um, on this awesome interview and you'll see everybody in

Jay:   1:12:18
the back chilling. Now we're gonna take pictures, but thank you so much. Thank you

Jenn Mattocks:   1:12:27
so much for being on our show. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Jay:   1:12:31
And this is just part one, because I know. And I know Janice over there in the back, like, dude, we

Duce:   1:12:39
gotta go work out way. But I know, Yeah,

Jay:   1:12:49
I have a box of chips, and I think half of it is

Duce:   1:12:53
going to happen. It is gone, Howard. It's all good. You know why? Because, like like

Jenn Mattocks:   1:13:00
like we said? Well, like I said, in our previous episode, I hate everything, but I love everyone. So that being said, no matter what

Duce:   1:13:11
you do

Jay:   1:13:12
or where you go woes