Jay:   0:00
What's a beer?  

Duce:   0:02
What's a Cocktail?

Jay:   0:03
What do you recommend?  

Duce:   0:04
Where should we go?  

Jay:   0:05
Should you eat chicken with waffles?

Duce:   0:08
Bro chicken and waffles is fire! 

Jay:   0:10
But Is it gluten free though? 

Duce:   0:12
Don't even get me started on that. (Laughter)

Jay:   0:15
(Laughter),  join us on our journey through your local breweries in your backyard

Duce:   0:19
and ours while we talk about serious yet not so serious topics about life,  

Jay:   0:25

Duce:   0:26
and friends.  

Jay:   0:27
I'm Jay 

Duce:   0:28
I'm Duce,

Duce:   0:29
and this is a bar chats. 

Jay:   0:30
You Ready?  

Duce:   0:33
Let's roll

Jay:   0:42
Oh, man. Hey, Duce. How you doing? Don't Pretty good, bro. Today was a crazy day, man. And, um, you know, actually wanna go? Ah, Go pick up some brew. But I couldn't find anything. But then I remembered for my birthday. My sister. I got me a bottle of the Golden Drake not drink the singer, but drink with two A's. Yeah, right, right. And it was a 9000 quadruple quadruple quadruple the 9000 quadruple. Um, and it's you want to crack it open? Yeah, I'm going to correct that. Open. All right, cool. Please stand by.

Duce:   1:24
Just getting we already boarded up. Todo eso.

Jay:   1:29
All right, So you haven't Is beer so good um, You know what, man? It also reminds me because it has so much flavor and has has, like, a lot of volume and a lot of notes to it and honestly to remember that one time we went to our G. Rogers. Artie Rogers?

Duce:   1:47
Yeah, R Rogers, man. Awesome. I don't think we talked about it. No, we have it.

Jay:   1:54
You know what? How about we review it?

Duce:   1:56
Let's do it. I'm

Jay:   1:57
down. So pretty much. RT Rogers Brewing Company is a, um a fairly new wants a fairly new It's about,

Duce:   2:06
um, low over a year ago, Bobby. Two years in March of

Jay:   2:10
two years, or Mark? Yeah, some pretty. Because they always do, like, anniversary.

Duce:   2:14
See if they're gonna do anniversary event.

Jay:   2:16
Yes. Oh, definitely. Super excited about that. But yeah, that brewery hands down so far as right now, um, I love the aesthetic. I feel like I'm gonna start jumping around like a madman. Just because I was so excited when I jumped in, um, we came in through the back way, uh, which, honestly, you can tell it's the back way. Yeah, not at all. Um, but it's great. It's a great venue. Um people are super nice. So let let me let me step back a little bit and talk about my first expectations of the brewery itself. So going on yelp and checking out the photos, it looks very earthy, very earthy, very earthy. Yeah, um, has a very I almost want to say cabin look like, um I don't know, man. Ah, what do you think? What do you think?

Duce:   3:15
Um, I think that, um in the words of Zama Fist Dan and look like e I know it. She said I did. That was hilarious. Now is hilarious. Okay, what did she say? That almost

Jay:   3:31
made me cry and drop my drink?

Duce:   3:33
Well, she will say that basically, it looked like if Santa had a brewery that this is what it would look like. Yes, because honestly, if Santa

Jay:   3:41
had a brewery, that's what it will look like. It's agree, aesthetic, like, honestly, one of the best or better looking Berries I've seen in a while. Just because Yes, it's like Santa's workshop, but with beer, which

Duce:   4:00
is awesome, which is so great, it's so dope.

Jay:   4:02
And and by the way, um, the, uh I don't know if their owners But honestly, it's a family run business. So I feel bad saying just one owner, because the whole family owns it and runs it. Um, we met. We had a pleasure of meeting Kelly. Yeah, And we also had a pleasure of meeting Joanne. Yeah. Joanne. Yeah, a man. Honestly, some of the best conversations I've had, um, I've had in a while. They they're super super, super awesome. Awesome people, um, love them a lot. Shout outs to Kelly and Joe and Fat Out's A, um and also, thank you so much for giving us all the insight when it comes on to, um, why it started giving us a brief little tour of the brewery itself. Um, and you know, I know that. Roger. No, Ryan Ryan. Right here. Right s So it's ah, Ryan was super busy working on his next concoction. Um, that we briefly saw him, but I we know he was super busy at the time. So, um, we hope that we we do talk to them, talk to him, and I have a lot of questions because I know he's a history

Duce:   5:19
buff, So I'm excited if I was, like, really excited about that guys will have a lot in common.

Jay:   5:23
We have. I'm I'm a huge history guy. Um, and I know he enjoys it, too, so I feel like we'll connect in that manner. But, um, also, when it comes on to history and just the family itself, I think it's it's really, um you could feel it. I walked in. I felt like I was a member of the family, right?

Duce:   5:43
Yeah. I mean, it is They had this, like, whimsical, like, feel to it. Um, the beard. The years, Yeah, the tap towers, the

Jay:   5:52
tap towers. Not just that, but the names of the beers itself were actually, um, it has to do with fairy tail.

Duce:   6:00
Yeah. Fairy tale, fantasy, mythology,

Jay:   6:02
honesty, mythology. Uh um, my favorite one. Ah, was definitely the Which one was It was Ah, the spiced.

Duce:   6:14
Um I mean, I had a I had a few. Yeah. Have

Jay:   6:18
you, um I know that my I know that, Sam, It is really enjoyed the visit, The pomegranate? No. Yeah, it was. All I know is that it was a collaboration.

Duce:   6:30
Yeah, I'm Ryan. Um, made ah, batch with what was it? Ah, popcorn. What was that? guy's name. Um, I think it was Pocock. Oh, yeah, Yes. Paul Ryan and Jeff Jeff Pocock. They made a delicious beer recipe together, and, um, they're breezing Pocock Brewing Co in Santa Clarita and it's called Trade Secrets. Raspberry got a tart? Yes, 00.5. That's what it was. It was no pomegranate. Was the Qala. Yes, I was like, Oh, my God. They made a beer at a guava. As I remembered that

Jay:   7:08
that same night, I came home and I told my parents,

Duce:   7:11
Dude, they maybe you're at a guava and ah, and I just wanted, like I was so excited about That was so

Jay:   7:19
good, so good. Um, but yeah. All right. I know we're jumping ahead when it comes onto the beers and stuff, but let's go back to the aesthetic because I feel this is really something that should be admired. Um, a lot of time, A lot, A lot

Duce:   7:33
of time. A lot put

Jay:   7:35
into it into just the aesthetic. Excuse me. Um, and we definitely want to make sure that when you go check it out, um, to look at the aesthetics and how you feel when you walk in. Not only is it, Homie? You feel again? You're in Santa's workshop. Is drinking a beer, which is great. Um, it's the tap towers. Something that something that deuce pointed out and I saw it and I was like, You know what? That is pretty. That's pretty remarkable because it fits everything that is Ah, that was made. What? Not everything I want to say. Um, it was it was the centerpiece. Here's a challenge for our listeners. When you go to Artie Rodgers, sit in the center of the bar and try to find the centerpiece hint, hint.

Duce:   8:32
It's in the center and let us know what you think. Because I thought it

Jay:   8:36
was super cool because it's custom we made for that specific area. Yeah, um, so Hans, Hans wink, wink, I have arms and I move. And by the way, if you're late, I'll let you know

Duce:   8:52
if you don't know what that is. I'm sorry. Guys like I

Jay:   8:56
have nothing. I have nothing. But yeah, Like I said, the aesthetic itself. They have books and the books have a store. Everything in there has a story. Um, if you go on to our i g, we actually have a few pictures of some very, very interesting. Um, how do you call it their whiskey bottles?

Duce:   9:17
Yeah, right. Yes. From Joanne. She actually had some whiskey bottles that was passed down in her family. And they're very vintage. Very looks like a toy, Basically, I don't know. Honestly, if she wouldn't have

Jay:   9:31
told me it was a bottle, I would've been like, Oh, that's pretty cool that it looks like some porcelain stuff my mother has, like, in her house. But when she told me, all those are bottles and I'm like, Wait a minute, what is like, Yeah, they're bottles. She actually brought it down, showed it to us, and we had an honor of taking a picture of it, and we have him on our I. D s. If you want to take a look, I highly recommend to check it out and let us know what you think. And also, when you go, you'll be able to see them. We had an honored She was super super nice. And let us see it up close. Um, of course, we do ask that you respect their their stuff and, you know, don't ask

Duce:   10:07
to see Oh, but if they want to show it to

Jay:   10:10
you, more power to them. But of course, you know, we had that awesome privilege to do that. So when you go, please check out everything. Look at everything. They had a lot of those posters. It was I believe it was the three. No. Ah, yeah. The three little pigs. Yeah. And Mother Goose. Because Ivan Ivan read or seen a mother Goose thing since I was, like, man a long time ago.

Duce:   10:37
And this was when I say, a

Jay:   10:39
long time ago. That wasn't that long? No, I was It was forever. A decade to 33 decades, some 30. And that's sad. It's really sad. It's okay. No, but I'm happy. I'm happy. Now. Let's go. Um, but yes. Oh, the aesthetic itself. The outside area to do. Yeah. Please elaborate on the out that you went outside and you're like, Oh, medicine. See, we're cool.

Duce:   11:03
Yeah, I loved outside area because it was like having a picnic outdoors. Um, they really did a good job. I believe they had Ah, mulch. Was it with emotional? It was like wood mulch, like wood, wood chips or more. Um, they had some plants that they put directly on the brick outside. They had this pizza person that made some delicious pizza for us. You'll definitely see the pictures online as well. On R i G. I just loved it. I love the feel of it. You can tell that is very family oriented and and is definitely gonna bring the family there when I come back.

Jay:   11:39
Oh, yeah, I know for sure. And that's one thing that I I do feel that a lot of breweries are kind of missing, You know, that family aesthetics. So something that Kelly challenged us to find something that was missing at the brewery. And I kind of stood around and I'm like, What is missing? What's missing? What's missing? I'm looking, and I don't see a TV in sight. Yeah, no TV, no TV. So, um, and right away Kelly said that was a unanimous family decision.

Duce:   12:13
Yeah, there hold Accord A said was a family project. So everything in there the books in there cause she had a lot of fairytale books as well That was passed down to her from her grandmother, um, to the tap towers, which I can't wait for you guys to see that Because they look free. They way they look amazing. Thio even the music. I mean, the music was played from like circa 19 forties in 19 sixties. It sound like Frank Sinatra are like a theme song of the Jetsons, right? It really it really takes

Jay:   12:45
you back again. I the best, the best thing, and I think examined is nailed it on the head when she said if Santa Claus had a brewery, this is what it would look like. And, uh, and

Duce:   12:58
over Kelly waited Joe. Yes, it was a month. I know about the no eso Kelly was like, you know, even, uh this contrary to popular Eri believe of the known was not created after me, even though he does look a lot like that. No, no, Kelly is an

Jay:   13:17
awesome guy. Um I love his handlebar moustache. Yeah, that he was sporting. Just because I admire I admire just gentlemen. Ah ah! Vintage fueling. Look, you had that modern, that modern yet vintage swag. It was Ah, it was super super cool. And the way that he had a designer's eye like that allows one. It was

Duce:   13:43
a school. He was a

Jay:   13:44
great guy. He's a great guy. Um, enjoy it as well. Super nice. Our men. And And I feel not just Oh, and we went on his birthday. Yeah, way went on his birthday, and it was crazy because we always talk about sense of community and how bars really bring people together. And we saw that we saw it because people bringing gifts to him. Yeah. Yeah. And they would also have gifts of previous people that came in, um, they were talking about. They actually showed us a rock. A painting to rock the other dog. Um uh, Emory. I think

Duce:   14:23
I think of the dog. Was Emery named after We're all right here, right? Yes. Name after her. Grab

Jay:   14:30
her grandfather, who has a book after him. So all right, when we say this family has history, this family has a history, and I think that's what makes Artie Rogers marine super intriguing. And honestly, a must must see just because all their history Ah, and we'll touch on that a little bit. Um, but I really want to go back into Ah, just the way it started, because I think that's an interesting story. So we're talking to Kelly. And he was selling us about his son because I have two sons. Yeah, they have Jessie and Ryan and write and Ryan is a brew. The brew guy. What's the proves man s? Oh, yeah, he's a bee's the bruise Hman. And, um, you know, the way he started was super super, super funny to Kelly and tow us as well. But I'm pretty sure when he started, it was like, uh, yeah, I don't know, I messed it up, but I want to make this better. Um, from ah, I think I think

Duce:   15:34
you could you go eso eso Kelly was telling us say that Ryan actually started making his first batch of brew when he was 16 years old in, um, he and Jolan were in the house at that time. And what he did was take his learner's permit and drove all the way to the Homebrew store and Willing Hills bought the ingredients and start experimenting in the kitchen. Yeah, he didn't tell his parents. And Kelly was like, What is that smell? Like? What's going on is a bird girl. Cheese? Yeah. Burned grilled cheese. Mood. That mood. I

Jay:   16:11
burned beans. Yesterday was bad. Yeah. Yeah, it's okay. But, hey, you know what? He made something out of it. Because, um, from what I remember, uh, the fault. Like, a few weeks later, Kelly noticed the smell coming from his room. And he was kind of like, Where

Duce:   16:29
is this

Jay:   16:29
coming from? Like what is this? See, You know, it started following the smell and it went into

Duce:   16:35
L U news. Follow your nose and

Jay:   16:38
he went into, um, his room into

Duce:   16:41
his closet, and there's, like, a pile of dirty socks. So he's like, huh? So you move that

Jay:   16:46
away and he saw it. Brewing is Oh, that's what he was doing. And, ah, the great thing was that the best thing? And I feel that this also goes into the support. So we talked about driving a previous episode, and I feel that this is those subtle, subtle hints of parents. Kind of like supporting you without trying, without knowing that they're doing it right, you know? And I feel the words that he asked him next were very important. So how the beer come out?

Duce:   17:19
Yeah, it was like, Wait a minute. What? So

Jay:   17:22
I end that kind of snowballed into more stuff, started making it for his friends. And he got made it first friends, weddings and parties for himself.

Duce:   17:31
And I'm going to other people's Berries. Right, Open them. I'm

Jay:   17:35
out. So Ryan is extremely, extremely knowledgeable to the point where people ask him, Hey, could you help us out? Because our bird has walked out. But not only is yeah, a Brer Abreu

Duce:   17:46
Zeman he but he's but

Jay:   17:51
he's also, um, he has a full time job. Yeah, and so he's a super busy man. Even Drown was telling us he has pretty much no life. But, you know, honestly, if he's going to keep on making amazing beer than 11 Ryan. But ah, sorry, man. No life.

Duce:   18:10
It's just Please just don't stop. Do not stop. Hey, I'm sure, um, putting all this hard work in a run in your second year anniversary pretty soon you will not have to do anything

Jay:   18:22
right. Exactly. And and honestly, I think that's I think that's the goal for for everyone at the end of the day, because, um, you know, they're doing as a family collective something that brings them together. And I feel that's that leads in smoothly to the drive, you know, from our previous episode. So if it drives, you do it. And, um that's why we say And I think excuse me, Artie Rogers is a must must must go check out, You know? So, like, that is that is how I feel about the aesthetic. Um, the music. Amazing. Amazing. We were actually there for an open mic.

Duce:   19:09
Yeah, they had over Mike that

Jay:   19:10
open mic, and they had awesome players. There is this one female artist. I her name escapes me, but, um, she honestly sounded like John is Joplin? Yes. She was amazing. It was It was great. And the fact that it's a community thing, which is great, I think I think just this conception again, I'm gonna bring it out. People think that bars are certain way it's not. You know, Kelly and Joanne were the bartenders, and these folks are, you know, a little bit older than us, but young at heart. And they're so dedicated to the craft, you know, and not just then, but but their family as well. Yeah. Um, and I feel that's I feel that's great. And that's something that should be admired. Um, they also have, ah, story that Kelly brought up about Father's Day when they had fathers at when he when he saw the generations of fathers. Oh, right. So and I mean, being close to my father. Ice thought man, that's awesome. You know where they could grow to a brewery? I don't I never thought me saying that. I want to go to a brewery with my dad and my grandpa and my son and hang out, eat some food and drink a beer. And, of course, they're gonna have water for the kids. But still, you know, and, um, I think that's that's great tohave in the community and also, you know, having that small scale, um, audience. It's not really a small scale, because, of course, we see them growing. They have something coming out in soon, actually, Very soon. It's a plum.

Duce:   20:54
Yeah. So Kelly was telling us that that Ryan was doing a nuke concoct function. Yeah, the plum stout. And, um, I'm very excited about that, cause I'm a style lover. So, uh, should be coming out soon.

Jay:   21:08
Yeah, very soon. And we're definitely gonna go check that out um, you know, these these local breweries Are there pretty much family oriented? Run, um, or they're in our communities. Of course. Let's go support them. Let's check him out. Right. And you know that That kind of brings in what? What's going on in terms of us. We definitely want to make sure that we are all connected as a group and a community. So you know Artie Rodgers? Definitely, definitely a must see. But when it comes on to history, you know, I'm escaping a little bit forward and jump in Iran a bit. But honestly, there, there, there. Well, actually, Joan's grandfather, this is something I really want to talk about just because I feel this entire family are entrepreneurs. Yeah, yeah, from the beginning. And so I even asked them is like all I hear is entrepreneur and Joanne said it perfectly. She said, Oh, we've always worked for ourselves, You know that that that her dad, her dad's dad, they all own their own businesses. Yeah, there's actually a book written about John's grandfather, Desert Rivermen, Desert River Desert Men knows Desert River, Desert River Man, I'm tripping. I have XXY I apologize. I have dyslexia. Um, and that's written by Robert s, would, I believe. Yeah, right. Um, yeah, and that's by Ah. So it's about her grandfather. Ah, Merle Merle Emery. Yeah. Yeah. So that's definitely something to check out. I know. I I I'm gonna buy my copy.

Duce:   22:55
Yeah, sure. I'm definitely check that out.

Jay:   22:57
And I want them to sign it, because I think that's you know, even though he's not here, his bloodline is here. Yeah, and they're making beer for

Duce:   23:05
us, which is even better raise. Let's let's support them. This is a kind of ties back into what we spoke about in, you know, episode three. Just driving. And then, you know, one of things I I focus on which is legacy and just imagine that her grandfather and you know, probably his his father as well. Um, just keeping up this legacy of hay on your own business. You know, be an entrepreneur, and that's what they're doing. And so that's that's amazing.

Jay:   23:35
Yeah, honestly, it's it's definitely ah, it motivates me as an individual to see this family because, you know, Deuce knows me, and I'm all about family, you know, And And if a family could run a brewery. Hands down, man with man. That's that's Yep, That sounds about right, uh, and and And have fun doing it, because when I say have fun doing it From what? Ah, what I recall Join actually makes little like Christmas hats. Easy stuff for their top towers.

Duce:   24:14
Yeah, for the taps. Hours for each holiday, she would like, create something to put on top of the tapped, our right. And

Jay:   24:20
also they decorated, depending on the holiday. So, you know, it's like being inside. Ah, home year. You

Duce:   24:27
know, like someone tell us because

Jay:   24:29
I I walked in and, you know, being sitting down. And we have We have a bar. And with my with my father and it it feels like I was at home is very homey.

Duce:   24:40
Very, very homey, Um, and super cleans. Yes. They say Ryan is like, one of the cleanest, sickly, thickly lead other people, other breweries, you know, they were coming and show up at his and be like, Wow, this is like some of the cleanest beer I've ever had. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, it's it's crazy because

Jay:   25:01
ah, during our during our previous episode, um, we talked about like rain bearing green beer, making sure your beers clean, making sure your you know, your sanitize, making sure everything's clean so you don't get weird orders you don't get, you know, just just bad beer. And I think that's also plays a tribute to there aesthetic. And they're just roll over all because if I I think about when I think about Santa's workshop, it's clean even though you know he's doing is doing this thing. Yeah, um, I I definitely feel that it's clean and and not just that. They're They're glasses. I think their glasses have it. Has this? Ah, like, uh,

Duce:   25:47
what is it called? Yes. Oh, um, actually have a picture of this And the Instagram. It's called Nuclear Nation. And so all our glassware is nuclear hated And what nuclear fission is for those who don't know because I did it neither, I found is a feature you can add to your glassware. Provides a rich and complete sensory experience for the person who has that, um, glass. So elegant visual experience. Better head retention. Ah, you get a steady aroma, you get a hance flavors. And with what they did, is I guess there's three different types of nuclear nation. Yes, one's a grid nuclear nation, which gives you low agitation. There's a spy role, nuclear nation, medium agitation. And the one they had was the circular nuclear nation was just Hi agitation. So I had to buy two of those glasses. Definitely took those home,

Jay:   26:43
right, You know, definitely. Um, you know, there. There, you see, This is stuff that we learn. I'm pretty sure if you're listening to this. You didn't know any of this because we didn't. And we're avid bar hoppers. You know, learning and asking them questions. Like when you drink when you drink a cup. Um, when you drink a beer out of a bar or brewery, ask him questions. They're more than happy to answer. You know, they want to make sure that you know what you're drinking, and who knows? You might end up becoming one of the biggest spokespersons because you're a fan of their beer. Like we are fan of all of the Bruces we go to, You know, we have we have a few, um, some we reviewed over town. Huge fan of Overtown, Artie Rogers. Huge fan, one that will be coming very soon. Pacific Plate, Yeah. Pacific Plate. Huge fan. We do have a lot of them on the list. And if you know some that were missing, which, honestly, if I don't get a list by the end of like February, I'm gonna cry because there's so many Berries. If you know any that are starting up or any that are there in the process of moving up are opening their own. Please let us know because we would love to go ahead and talk to them and find out so we could teach you guys are, you know, teach everyone and ourselves. Honestly, I want to learn to

Duce:   28:06
Yeah, we're We're here to, um, basically just tell you guys about our experiences. Um, some of the things that we've learned and we want to learn from you too, though, so, you know, send us some pictures about some of the things that you guys are drinking. What you recommend. It doesn't have to be. Beer can be whiskey. It could be a jin. It could be whatever. Ah, we will love to hear from me, of

Jay:   28:29
course. And you know, one of the most important things is is try. Like I said before in previous episodes, make sure you try something different. Make sure you explore the rounds of multitudes of things that there is out there. I didn't know that you could make a beer out of guava. I wouldn't have. No, I don't think I've ever seen that. Um, I've seen raspberry I've seen, of course, Pineapple. Um, because ace has there's ah, by the way, I didn't know this, but my sister really likes Ace Pineapple.

Duce:   29:04
Amen. We had that at, ah, one of our festivals that we want to wear

Jay:   29:10
our beer festivals. Also, beer festival

Duce:   29:12
is definitely something to check out. I think those out. Those should become a soon actually.

Jay:   29:16
Yeah, Very soon. Because February, everywhere they start in February and they go on all through summer all throughout the year. Um, and and later in the following episodes, we'll definitely talk about a water buddy, because that's something we learned. But we'll definitely talk about a water buddy and stay tuned. If you want to know about what a water body is, it will save your liver. That's a guarantee. Well, that can guarantee that. But it'll make you healthier than what you are now. Not really online. Hashtag you're lying. I know it's okay. Um but you do need a water body of a this, you know, like I said, this this streak. So we're drinking. Ah, Golden Drake 9000 quad. And so the reason why we're talking about Artie Rogers because it's a full rich drink. Um, and it has a lot of flavor, Just like a lot of the beer that Artie Rogers bruise. And, um, so I don't as everybody knows by now, I don't like stouts, and I don't like porters, but they had a, um They had a really good, um, what was it called? What

Duce:   30:30
was the call? They had the milkmaids

Jay:   30:31
Milkmaid Stout? Yes. That actually tasted pretty good.

Duce:   30:35
Little so good. Really good, actually. Really good. So yeah, like Artie Rogers, they have a lot of different brews. Um, you can also check this out on our instagram at Bardot's jets. Um, but yeah, they have the milkmaid style, which I know. Me and Kelly were both like, Yeah, this is this is one of our favorites. Yeah. Um, that was about 5.6 a b. V. So I'm not super super strong, but definitely does pack a little bit of a punch. Um, they had the Henny Penny English style. Ah, Brown Porter. Ah, handy Penny is basically the British version of a little something similar. Tokyo. Yeah, that's a fairy tale part. You know, the fantasy mythology thing that they have going that was 5.1. Right now. Percent. We already talked about the trade secret security, the guava, which is delicious. It tastes like I'm eating a dessert. Like drinking a desert. Basically. Right, Um so delicious. 6.5, actually. So that that tasty dessert is very powerful, very powerful. And I believe that's what

Jay:   31:38
that's one of their strong. That's one of the ones that are constant. So the course they change depending on Bruce, schedule and everything.

Duce:   31:46
What? He said that one is on one that they did with the, um Pocock. So it might not be something that they continue at their place, but they may. This is based on you know

Jay:   31:59
what's going on?

Duce:   31:59
What the clientele says. Yeah, but they also had so

Jay:   32:03
drink more of it,

Duce:   32:03
please. Yes, it is so good. It's so good

Jay:   32:06
anymore. We need more. Please, just drink it.

Duce:   32:09
Um, yeah, they also have Ah, the archers. American Amber. That was five point to a ballot. That was good. That I was so good. I know one that Jay really like was the old known Spice Brown. I think that was their seasonal. Probably. They said they won't bring back. OK, good. We're gonna bring it back because

Jay:   32:29
I did ask That was amazing. It

Duce:   32:30
was so, so good a k Kelly Rogers because, you know Yeah, it looks like the thing Jesse did that

Jay:   32:38
on point because he does illustration for them. Um, yeah, it Honestly, Callie, it just looked like you been

Duce:   32:45
love you, but it does look like a That drink packs a punch of 6.98 vv for Yeah, it was so good. Um, remember asking them, like, what was, like, the drink that people go to all the time and the wood choppers. I p a 6.5. I was really, really good. I actually liked on for happy, eh? It's released. Their idea was so smooth.

Jay:   33:08
Yeah, it was. Didn't have that harsh hop at a really smooth, clean finish Clean. Mr. Clean, Mr. saying, I'm just saying

Duce:   33:16
that's what we call right. They had Ah, I think the shoemaker's red I pay as well. That was six point to that one in the wood ship were very similar to me. Um, and they had the which which Which one? Ah, broken spell. The broken Belgian Belgian style pill. Well, that's five point. So Yeah. So those drinks they have, they always, you know, putting new drinks in there as well. Like we stayed it. They're gonna have the plum stout. They're probably gonna have some other drinks. A cz. Well, so definitely check that out.

Jay:   33:50
Yeah, I know. Honestly, um, and again, like like we said, it's a great, great venue for families. So I had a conversation not that long ago with with somebody. Um And I was telling him Oh, you know, I go, I go to bars a lot and 32 they're like, Well, you don't have kids, so you could do whatever you want And, like,

Duce:   34:13
hold your robot, hold your roll. Even if I

Jay:   34:17
did have kids, I would take him to a brewery. Is like you would take your kids to a bar. Are you an alcoholic like, Wait a minute. No, I'm not an alcoholic. I want to spend time with my kids. But I also wanna have fun as well. Just because you're just because you're an adult and you know you have responsibilities and everything doesn't mean you can't. You have to stop having fun.

Duce:   34:41
Yes, the one thing like, man, one of the reasons actually wanted to do this podcast was because, um I just got really tired of hearing people my age talking about. Yeah, well, you know, um, I see that you goto bars a lot, right? And I'm like, um okay. Yeah. Well, um, do you have any kids? And I'm like, Yeah, I do have three in their light. Oh, and I can already see the wheels turning their head like, Oh, you must not be a good dad. I ah, you must be an alcoholic. And no, I take them with me. Yeah, exactly. And that's

Jay:   35:21
one thing. And that's one thing that people don't understand that you could actually take your kids with you to a bar. Hence, Artie Rogers hands Overtown hands. A lot of

Duce:   35:31
other birds are gonna go to and that's why We're going to these like very unique Berries, because these are ones I would take my kids to write. Um, obviously there's super popular ones, and we definitely will talk about that right at some later point. But these are all the ones that were recommending you can take your kids to. You can take a dog to some of them is a lot of other dog friendly. You're gonna have a great time. A lot of, um, you can bring your own food, which is great. So bring some snacks for the kids. They have different games for them. Right? Which we talked about in the previous episode. How's our was playing, uh, where we try to get some again. I was Plato Blue. Oh, yeah. Oh, So is

Jay:   36:15
that what the song was called Astro Blast?

Duce:   36:18
I think I think

Jay:   36:20
it's Astra back. I want to say yes.

Duce:   36:21
No, I think it is. But

Jay:   36:23
also Astro blasters also like a Disneyland ride. So I don't think

Duce:   36:28
it could have a national space blast. There's something something Denny

Jay:   36:32
with space asteroids and blasting something. Something of that nature. What it was exactly. I don't know. It was an Astro blast because it was Astro blank blasts. Or

Duce:   36:45
it was like a space was on their side of the national space blast or something. That but it was

Jay:   36:50
Ah, yeah, where you're apparently you're a rocket or No, your comment. Yeah, you're you're you're

Duce:   36:55
trying to destroy planet or one of the plant? Yes. So I just think about it that way. Yeah,

Jay:   37:00
I destroyed earth a lot. I'm Earth Mars a lot because Mars was, like, negative 200 points. I

Duce:   37:05
kept hidden Saturday. I finally hit Prudhoe. Which

Jay:   37:09
of that? Yeah, it was a go. Unless you use the czar. Method is our method always wins.

Duce:   37:14
Push it. Really? Yeah. Push it really hard And just, you know, that gravity do its They was like gravity Do its thing, Just push it.

Jay:   37:21
Um, but yet, honestly, thank you so much for listening. It's been super super fun. And even after a long day and ah, this is for both Deuce and I. We we definitely you know, it's okay to have a drink. Um, don't overdo it, but just to relax. And thank you so much for listening again. Thank you for everybody that's been supporting us on R I g Yeah. Greatly. Appreciate it. Thank you for all the support. We have a lot of people commenting. A lot of people writing on their stories. Thank you so much. We got in a few laughs. Um and and honestly, we do this for everyone that is listening, and thank you. Thank you again so much. I can't be, um more happier, happier, happy, more happy. I'm saying that shit wrong. I'm sorry. I can't be. I can't be more excited. Yeah, yes, for what's to come. We definitely have a few things in the works right now. We are. We are moving towards a lot of, ah, positive things. A lot of, uh, venture growing things and some interviews and some interviews. Hopefully, let's cross our fingers. We do have quite a few that are gonna be comin up, so, um please stay tuned. I guarantee you with

Duce:   38:50
us it's gonna be fun. Even obviously this is something

Jay:   38:54
that I get a lot is, um Deuces wife always tells me j Every time we go somewhere, you make a new friend, Kathy. Sure do go. And you know what? You know why, though? Why? Because I feel that Something you said legacy. I want to leave my legacy. So my

Duce:   39:16
legacy is like, man, I knew

Jay:   39:17
that one funny guy, That one bar man. He

Duce:   39:19
was super cool ocean. If he has a podcast, that super dope, let's follow

Jay:   39:24
him. Right, Um and you know, that's that's the goal. Please let everybody know about R I. G um, let everybody know about our, um, our G and I think we have a Facebook up now.

Duce:   39:37
Yeah, Facebook. Um, so, um, Bardot chat are not chat, um, for the i g. And then does I think it just bar chats for for the Facebook? Um, yeah. Just check him out. Um, yeah. Leave us a comment. Um, definitely subscribe if you if you have apple pie cast, um, there's a review. Yeah, leave us a review. Um, we do read, um, your questions lead as Irving. Really? Aaron, please send it to us. We would love to hear hear from you guys.

Jay:   40:08
Yes, And again. Thank you so much. And a deuce. How about you give that address?

Duce:   40:15
Yeah. Yeah. So, um ah, one thing. Always want men want to make sure we do is give the address to the places we're going. So, um yeah, s o R T Rogers Brewing Co is in, um, Sierra Madre. And it's on 38 East Montecito Avenue. Um, Sarah Madre, California 910 to 4.

Jay:   40:35
Awesome. So, once again, Thank you, Artie Rogers. Thank you, Kelly. Thank you, Joanne. And the whole Rogers family for having us and giving us the opportunity to drink your beer again. Thank you. So so much for everything you did for us. And not just for us, but our community as well. Um, we will definitely definitely be back. I want to take my father, Fidel Castro. Just get it. Is not Fidel is not a doubt. That's where um but I definitely want to come back. They do have a lot of events coming up there, Most likely almost guaranteed. You're gonna have something for the two year.

Duce:   41:10
Yes. So we're gonna have something for the two year miss, actually on march 7th. That's when they're going to celebrate their two year anniversary. So we're gonna have music and they're gonna have music. Yes. And food. Yeah, I remember correctly. Yes, and have food,

Jay:   41:23
so Oh, they're they're fruit schedule is also on their website. Eso another thing. Check out their website. Everything's on there. Um and it gives you the breakdown in terms of what? What things they have. They have open mic night. Yeah. You know, a lot of a lot of cool fun events, trivia Thursdays. They have a lot of stuff going on, so please check him out again. Artie Rogers, Barranco Sierra Madre. And honestly, again, we couldn't think you guys so much for the support. And also thank you, Artie Rogers. Bring for giving us the opportunity to go ahead and drink your beer and continue. Please. Please continue serving the community. We appreciate it to everybody. That's listening. Please. No matter what

Duce:   42:11
you do or where you go, Mo. Only time, Bill. Right when they drink.