Jay:   0:01
What's a beer?  

Duce:   0:02
What's a Cocktail?

Jay:   0:03
What do you recommend?  

Duce:   0:04
Where should we go?  

Jay:   0:05
Why do we eat peanut butter with jelly?

Duce:   0:08
Bro peanut butter and jelly is fire! 

Jay:   0:10
Smooth or Crunchy though? 

Duce:   0:12
Don't even get me started on that. (Laughter)

Jay:   0:15
(Laughter),  join us on our journey through your local breweries in your backyard

Duce:   0:19
and ours while we talk about serious yet not so serious topics about life,  

Jay:   0:25

Duce:   0:26
and friends.  

Jay:   0:27
I'm Jay 

Duce:   0:28
I'm Duce,

Duce:   0:29
and this is a bar chats. 

Jay:   0:30
You Ready?  

Duce:   0:33
Let's roll

Jay:   0:39
Hey, guys, what's going on? I am here today with Rob, so way, Way got robbing the building right now. Um, and if you check out our G, your Facebook or wherever we're gonna put this stuff on, um, way have him make see making a amazing black Manhattan. Yeah. And honestly, you guys know where my kryptonite is? Whisky. Whisky. But honestly, I'm willing to take another one of these because I will. I would drink rob all day

Duce:   1:33
theme. Extra lithe Black Robin's black black man had a black man in a black all day. Jay z were you in exactly right? So just like ***, that's fucking guy

Jay:   2:06
we're about to play. Was that the were the O J stories story of O J. May I love that.

Rob:   2:11
Let's go.

Duce:   2:13
Hey, Hey, How do you feel about the

Rob:   2:16
song on the album? So the album Incredible. I have discussions. I'm 30

Jay:   2:24
before before we move on, because I think that's gonna be that we're gonna We're gonna Segway into that. Okay, Rob, thanks for being here. Greatly appreciated way We're already, like, 45 minutes into drinking way. Do it. Ramos Contino, Because we're here live are almost Cantina joining Thank you so much.

Rob:   2:45
If you don't really know, Ramos Canteen is a real fucking bar is like it's like a play play bar at, Like someone's house is a real sucking bar.

Jay:   2:52
It's a real bar. And later, later in the summer, we're definitely going to show pictures of Rama's Cantina E. And I think we're gonna have a few pictures over almost canteen up. If you want to check out what Ramos Santina looks like, check out the video that we are gonna put up. It's definitely gonna be awesome. Bardot chats and also rob, you want to go ahead and give your instagram real quick,

Rob:   3:15
you can find me at Robie No. R o b e n y o At the time when I chose it, I didn't really know how to spell will be in you So I just went frenetic with I found out later that she spell it a whole another way. You are e n wild

Duce:   3:31
man. I got, like, 1000 questions your soccer fan because I think I've seen you when I hear that shit

Rob:   3:40
like it was, um I have some homies from King City like Central California, Mexico guys. And they just started calling me your old being your on like that just was sticking at the time. And that was around the time that Twitter and Instagram popped up and I was just like, Oh, Rubio, I'll just throw that out there. But I didn't know how to spell it, so I just kind of went frenetic. And Syria there, There we

Jay:   4:00
go. But honestly, thank you so much for being here. Greatly appreciate it. And, you know, we did do of energy interview with Jen Matics last week and honestly, to have another bartender here. It's a pleasure in an honor. Do said it like that. It's an honor. Thank you so much. for being with us again, man. And, you know, making these awesome drinks and grow. I am fucking thing amazing. I love this. And so if you want to know what we're drinking like I said, it's a black Manhattan. There is a ray of different things. Rob goes into detail about what it is, and we're what we're drinking, how to make it as well. Which, by the way, just like Gen. Maddux says in our previous episode, if you don't know ask, just ask us, you know, we are. We are really close with these guys. And if you have a question, we'll go ahead and answer that for you. You know, Rob, you have his instagram. We're gonna put it on our instagram as well. And we're definitely gonna make sure that, um, you know, we're all we're all sitting contact and we're here to have fun.

Duce:   5:17
I want to let you guys know the fools on the way. So do shows ordered Mexican food theocracy way. Oh, this'll

Jay:   5:34
talk about this is what bar chats is all about. We're just having fun, having a great time, e just drinking and just this is what we do have bars, you know, and Rob. So I know you're gonna go into the whole whole thing. But before, before everything. Just like I told you. I asked Jen Matics, and I'm gonna ask you. I'm gonna ask everybody. Tell me about yourself.

Duce:   6:01
We'll start a school Tuesday, Meteo. Oh. Oh,

Rob:   6:10
be used to move drinks like I'm okay. I'm from the Maryland outside Maryland, DC area where I'm from, we kind of have, like, a mid Atlantic accents. What? Some people here, I see it, Merlin and you. And then it becomes, like always that a wizard like way. No, that was a really

Duce:   6:34
big deal with. Oh, wow, way black guys way, Harry Potter. That was how to get away with murder. Yeah, exactly. You

Rob:   7:02
went to go be a lawyer after he gave up being a wizard? Yes, from the Maryland BC area is yes, And then I grew up there, and then I went to school for college. I went to school in the Bay Area, in the Palo Alto area at Stanford, and I finished up there on. Then I moved to L. A. Because I've been pursuing acting. Uh, pretty much I've been acting since I was 10 years old, but I think I got serious about it, probably somewhere around age 2122. There's like there's a few things that kind of happened that made me actually believe. Okay, you can go to L. A and actually make it make it happen as opposed, like always, just like some far fetched stream. So, yeah, that's where I'm from. That's what brought me to L. A on. Yes. And when I first came to L. A, it was pretty much like 1st 2 years, just like, how do you survive in L. A like I literally wouldn't have had family. That was, like, way out in Corona. That's like, That's like, Yeah, yeah, yeah, This will be a big Yeah, Exactly. So I didn't really have family in the l A area. Um, I didn't really have money. I have a car. I have a job at the time, even though I had just graduated, the problem was like most of the jobs ever related. Like my degrees wanted more careers. And so I was like, What kind of job can I pick up that doesn't really require Mi Teoh Build a career that I can like still to acting on the side and ended up you're thinking bartending. It actually was canvassing s. So I went and I did canvassing for a long time. So canvassing people that don't know is more like become outside the grocery store people. The clipboards are really annoying.

Duce:   8:43
Oh, you Sorry way.

Rob:   8:56
It was so interesting because like, it was not It's not. It's not. It's No, I'll say that, but the actual it can be noble, But it's so many, Um, I was just sociological experience That happened every five seconds because two people are coming down the street like Okay, I can stop this person one way. I could try to stop this person another way, and so there's all these different things that pop up. So I did that, aren't you did that for four years on, and I was like, pretty good at it, like every day I went out there, I could get like two or three people involved with whatever issue I was like campaigning for. It was really weird. People were giving me the credit card after like, two minutes of meeting me, but like it was happening

Jay:   9:38
dude, I'll get my fucking Social Security card number right now.

Rob:   9:43
Eso trusting people can. I mean, it was for good causes and like, it goes to their places. But it was just, like, interesting. Anyway, So that office it led to us way drink a lot, eh? So we ended up going to this bar around the corner from where we where our office was. And then way always did. Socials would do like this taco Tuesdays. Include, like it was like $5 margaritas, dollar tacos at this bar or restaurant called Bourbon Street. Shrimp and grill. Yeah, it was really Don't be there. Every Tuesday, we end up there like a couple nights a week. And after a while I got to know, like the Barton is there and the service there, And they were pretty much like hay. And like I actually went to them, I was like, Hey, I'm actually an actor on pursuing entertainment. I was looking actually, Segway into acting or not Acting was looking to Segway into bartending on DSO. They're cool, actually. Changing our name from Bourbon Street tripping girl to gold.

Duce:   10:45
Okay, But I would love original name. I go by. There isn't

Jay:   10:51
Herbert Herbert machines. Have you guys ever been early? I

Rob:   10:54
know. That's what it wasit

Jay:   10:55
was a whole new releasing, right?

Rob:   10:57
Yeah. It was New Orleans based restaurant on basically jumble line whatnot. But they always had taco Tuesdays. So they basically dollar tacos, $5 margaritas, $3. Like a case of these, like, $25. You're well fed. And your little bus. It was like this. The perfect scenario for us. Yeah. And so, like, I guess I got to know those people they brought me on. It actually started as a Bart's knives box. And I started a buster way down. Yeah. Started a buster there February 2014 I think was Super Bowl. Actually, that was when gold started. That was when I started getting into the restaurant business. And then I served from busted or serving tables, probably within a month or so. Just was already talking to customers, and it's like, this is put this guy on the floor on dhe. Then I started picking up bartending shifts after, like, a year or two things. I just wasn't working at that restaurant that was still canvassing while working at the restaurant at Gold on as soon as I eventually quit canvassing and took on the restaurant full time. That was when they started moving me to bartending, more or less. It was just, like, really sporadic. It was just like, Hey, someone so wants to call off like they don't really wanna they you know, we can't find out the budget. And once we take this Saturday daytime shift, I'll take it. And then So I'm just sitting there slinging bottoms from Moses and Mitchell artists for four hours, five hours, So I kind of sort of

Duce:   12:23
I It's okay, because you'll yo, your family, my

Jay:   12:28
family Very so a cz. You could tell if you look at Ramos Cantina in the video we have, we have the Puerto Rican I beneath the town that my dad's from and shot to Puerto Rico and Mexico Monster monster me truck on my dad's from Puerto Rico. I bonito and and I totally forgot where I was going with this fucking Himeji lies

Duce:   13:01
okay. Exactly s So the reader working The reason why I

Jay:   13:05
don't like enchiladas is I don't I don't like spicy stuff, but my sister, my aunts, they come with their 7 11 Met Sheila Premix. Know

Duce:   13:20
they come and prepped and ready. Oh, it's already prepped in

Jay:   13:24
writing. So I told my godmother her name is Sunshine. Well, Martha, for those who know Martha Martha praise. Sorry. She loves she got she got a princess to on her shoulder, s o you know? Yeah, she got it when he passed away. And And you know, Martha, shut out T my sunshine and my moonbeam I move means her daughter, But matchy Lalas, she likes more Della and all this other weird shit on what the fuck? So I'm introducing her different drinks.

Rob:   14:03
Who calls Modell? Oh, interesting. It's like insistence, Mondello. It's

Duce:   14:08
like everybody drinks. I tried. I know. I

Jay:   14:10
tried to introduce her to enter t Interesting dreams.

Rob:   14:12
Oh, okay. Like more draft. So

Jay:   14:16
I went to a brewery. Um oh, no. Oh, no. Bree, um Ohana Ohana have a tap room in Alhambra. Oh, rather of one of one of their one of their loggers. And I was like, Look, you like this shit. So drink this and she's like, Oh, my God, This fucking amazing. I'm like, Yes, there is other beer other than fucking bordello psychotic. So my dad, my dad that will only drink that coffee read. Not the light he's like, Is it the red one? Is it the red one? I will only drink the red one like it's a blue one, but it has to be the red correctly. Please. It's the red one, that we're good. It's anything else. It's kind of like, you know, rather rather doing something else.

Rob:   15:09
I don't know, but I feel like I could make a Mitchell out of that. You might like

Duce:   15:14
a personal challenge possible. I

Rob:   15:18
don't like Mitchell out is either. But my reasons, because I don't like tomato juice like I don't like you like Like I'm only buddy marriage like Mitchell artist, but I kind of just was playing around in the bar like again. I work a lot of brunches, and so people actually making Mitchell out I look up recipes called the perfect Mitchell Lotte. Like any clues like Worchester sauce like soy sauce. If you're entertaining

Duce:   15:42
way The Ramos Cantina way have a whole thing like a sauce, a couple

Rob:   15:55
radio. If you don't like spicy, though I could make it not spicy.

Jay:   15:59
You know it's Not that I don't like spicy. Thank you, sir. So, Deuce, just pass me my my porter because I'm done with my Manhattan. And I know if I have another one of these, I will be slurring my words more.

Duce:   16:11
I am bad. I'm like, I feel like I drank, like, 10 drinks right now. You guys understand? I said that This is much. Honestly, I think this is my right. Well, I think

Rob:   16:29
this is honestly, I think it's my favorite drink in the world. But I have to limit so much because if I have, like, two or three of them, I'm going to sleep. I'm going to sleep. And so I just have been in a situation so much that I have I kind of like it's like a treat for me to actually have one of them now because it's just like, cool. I know what I'm gonna get into if I actually have a full black Manhattan. But it can really kind of a mess. You up to knock you out if you just have more than one,

Jay:   16:58
and that's and that's one thing that that one, that's one thing that I I enjoy No I get it. Whoa! Are you know what? Since you're saying, you know, messing you up. Um, I I said in my first episode, you haven't lived life if you have a blackout. So, Rob, here's a big question. Have you blacked out?

Duce:   17:21
Tell you, like, less than a week ago way texting dudes. I think like that. Woz

Rob:   17:30
Woz Last Sunday was low rough for a lot of people in Los Angeles not get its all that. But basically it was It was like I went to brunch on brunch is a time when, like, a lot of people do bombs from Moses. And I mean, I don't know how people feel about most is, but like, if you mixed emotions with too many other things other than mimosa or a champagne like you're just gonna go night night because, like, it's just that's just what you're on in terms of, like your trajectory of liquor, you know, they say, do not mix like, you know, basically, I feel that you can mix some things that you mix like a little bit of tequila with a little bit of bourbon. You can mix a little bit of vodka, maybe with a little bit of rum. But if you mixed champagne with, like, whiskey like

Duce:   18:16
I don't know that Yeah. Did you know? I mean survivor. So? So So So what Jay knows is that I'm a trouper, man. Like I'm not Superman. So the reason why that happened so quick and I was called kryptonite because I'm Superman all day when it comes to drinking. What's f c? Okay, whiskey cool. Baka cools, and then you give me my kryptonite. Hey, here's some gin game over which, So what happened is, well, the Seagram's Was that your cousin? See? So they had nothing but Seagram's at night. And I was like, Well, I had a couple of drinks. I should be cool. It would be good. Had some sequins on the rocks. Was like something. I was jacked up, man. Really, I was. I was dumb stomach. Everything I was I felt sick.

Jay:   19:14
And here's the thing. So So So Wait. So you see there's a Bacardi bottom behind you way have ah Tamarindo a niece.

Duce:   19:27
Explain what time I mean the list.

Jay:   19:29
So no money? No, it's a it's a type of It's like a candy. Weird. It's It's a bean. So being this Sabine, it's a bean.

Duce:   19:38
Is fire raging being broke? I think you need the shadow.

Jay:   19:47
There. You see. You see, little frog. You see little frog? No, no, behind you. So I will give you

Duce:   19:52
a shot of that. Oh, that's a dozen

Jay:   19:55
more So yeah, because this only just started it. You got me that way. Take it whenever it's especially a special occasion and rob, you being here is a very

Rob:   20:04
serious, so honored and also a little scared. But most

Jay:   20:09
no, it's way. Call it, we call it. It's it does three things that it gets rid of your worries. That's one. It makes you happy shit too. And it also turns on the trimmer

Duce:   20:23
three way, Theo.

Rob:   20:40
No, I mean, if if the tradition is a full one, I will take the full when I shot. Don't you mean you

Jay:   20:48
know, I just want you to take a sip of it, because this is this is this is Puerto Rican moonshine. That's pretty much what it is.

Duce:   20:57
So I'm just doing a little bit. I'm not let that regular.

Jay:   20:59
Yeah, I can't give you more than that, because then you'll sue me? Because that's in Puerto Rico. We call that we call that a fucking followed fucking Carlo. Yeah, which is a fucking stick stick. Stick of all my fucking guy with the

Duce:   21:16
way we're drinking it together. So no, we're not. We're not Bill Cosby right now. Theo Theo, Way like Bill, You know,

Jay:   21:37
Give me one. Because I only got two glasses. I'm just gonna take 1/2.

Duce:   21:42
Thank you, Bill, for showing black people being prosperous and be having a well paid job way learned way. Unlearned. Guys,

Jay:   21:58
here, this is This is a cheer I always have. And this is definitely gonna go on the chat. So here's to cheating, stealing, fighting and drinking. If you cheat me, cheat death. If you still mean still person's heart If you fight me, you fight for family. And if you drink me, you drink with me. No,

Duce:   22:20
I love that. Rocks that to the headman. And it's really

Jay:   22:30
good. Yeah, it sze over 200% proof.

Duce:   22:34
What? How do you get 200% proof? It's been aging for a long time over. So this right here I've only had this a few times with Jay and We've known each other for a long time. This same bottle.

Rob:   22:54
How long has it been? Easy.

Jay:   22:56
A very long time. All right. And so you had the honor and privilege of tasting almost 25 years of sweet rum from Puerto Rico. Direct. I feel very honored. So big. You're all for being here, you know, for sure. But it is one of those things where way definitely want to. We definitely want to make sure that, you know, way share that community. And that's one thing, Bart that's all about. It's the whole unity. Like, you know, Rob is a great guy, and this is I just met him, and I feel connected. Excuse me. And it's one of those things where I enjoy the company knowing that you're born center and we're in a private setting, You know, I could just imagine how you are working

Rob:   24:02
in various. I'm not gonna lie. This varies in various because I mean well, Bart, sending you have to read and feed off the energy of the people in front of you. You know? I mean, because, like, I mean, you guys that, like I see you guys, there are like kind like communing with each other like you guys were watching TV and like, I could come in and I can actually like, you know, kind of get it like, Oh, yeah, you guys see that play by that it out. You guys do that thing last week, if you like, kind of at the bar at the corner by yourself on your phone. I'm gonna go check on you, like, once or talks about Hey, man, I've been good. You need thing. It's like it is I mean, very much like, Yes, I definitely have that ability to kind of go there and definitely be open and receptive and social with, like my customers. But it is very much a zine mentioned honestly with canvassing. It's a sociological experiment every five seconds because you're constantly reading people like as you're at the bar as you canvassing while they're walking down the street like Okay, cool. This is pressing. Care about women's rights is person care about, You know, helping a child in the middle of nowhere, you know, like with bars is like cooling. Does this person want to be socially? They want to be opened a lot by the bar. They're not like you. You have various people. But like the majority of people at the bar, they do You want to be so sure they are there because they want to just connect with someone. I do get that from people at the bar. But

Duce:   25:30
every once in a while, there's a

Rob:   25:31
person just by themselves, and I just want to drink. And they just want the drinking a lot.

Duce:   25:36
I'm here, Thio not talk because I saw you all day. I need a drink and leave me alone. Yeah, Yeah, and

Rob:   25:44
that's I mean, I get that from both people. This is very much about, like, reading the room or reading the people. I think I'm pretty decent at it, but to answer, you know, it wasn't a question, but like just going over what you were commenting on earlier, I'm not always in that s o s. So like it is one of those things were like I you know, I mean, I think the what I do in those situations when I come into work and I'm just like, I'm not really in the mood to like just talking like me that social today you make it so much about the other person use people like asking them questions and get them talking. A lot of times people at the bar that want to be social But now I just keep on talking about themselves and you say,

Jay:   26:24
Yeah, I'm that guy, Yeah, Away day, all day, all day And it's and I know that bartenders and just people around they just want to chill and just hang out. But, you know, examine kiss my girl. She goes by weird ass neighbor. I don't know. She's into this like fuckin like Ash geological shift. I was

Rob:   26:48
worried about that

Duce:   26:49
Theo way like seriously like it's

Jay:   26:58
interesting, but pretty much my girl calls me a social butterfly and it's It's funny Anyone. Yeah, and deuces deuces, uh, wife is it I will never forget. The day she came up to me is like, J. You could go anywhere you may come out with fucking, like, 10 friends, but I don't try, and it's It's not even that I like. I just like having a conversation like I just like talking to people, probably because this guy fucking drove me when I was at best. Buy It's like learn. Like if you don't learn, you're not gonna get paid because that's all it was. It was upset and in our pre in a previous interview with Jen, she was saying We compared bartending to the sales industry, and it's pretty much that it's very much that, you know, And that's one thing that we I think we can all relate to. Um, you know, we've been a retail. I've been a retail for God knows how long deuces still in retail in a different factor I'm I'm a fucking construction worker. I break toilets for a living like, um and then we have, you know, fun times. But I feel that the the idea of, like, just I'm tryingto hurry I'm trying. I'm so fucked over now is I'll

Duce:   28:31
try to move my hands around to like

Rob:   28:35
you'll find No, no, it is very similar, right? Because, like canvassing are keeping really in the canvassing. But it is kind of sort of what led me into bartending a little bit because that group of canvassers is what led me into Burma Sri, which ended up go which ended up me bartending whatnot. But also those skill sets right? What is interesting? You said what? You said that, like the skill sets you learn at best, buy up selling is what led to you being like a social person. I feel like kind of sort of The opposite happened with me a little bit because canvassing, like literally, I'm spending five hours a day talking to 300 people. Try to get them to stop trying t starting like, little like small talk all day kind after four years, got burnt out of small talk. And so I love conversation, especially love like riel. Deep conversation like conversations with people were like, I feel like it's going somewhere, like, really connecting and what? But like a lot of times I get it. I get a little worn out of just like the small talk that you have to start with at a bar. And, like, as a bartender like you do that, you gotta do that because that's how you like. That's what you're in is you know, What

Duce:   29:47
are you doing tomorrow for the Super Bowl? Oh, yeah, Yeah. You know me. I'm hanging with my buddies were getting a cookout

Rob:   29:55
in, like, you know, like It's a lot of small talk, but I got a little burnt out of that with Candace, and I had to do that so much. But I, you know, I've regained, like, a bigger for it. Now it's it's cool and it happens and it's necessary for bartending. But like, it's just interesting way that, like it built you up into being just like a social person, where is, like for me? I kind of got burn out of, like, small talking like connecting the people, but like, it's come back full circle. But I just remember a period m bartending where honesty was selling like my managers, that someone like you know, I'm cool. I'm just like serving on the floor because, like, I'm cool, just like telling getting people like their food and their drinks and like, let me back up for a minute. Um, and but like things like bartending opportunities came Maur Maur, and then money's a little bit better, right? And so and yeah, like you get to meet people and get cooler with people at a bar than you do time serving, serving just like just waiting, waiting tables on the floor. So yeah, It's interesting, just like, kind of like how those kind of with separate ways and sort of like how our previous jobs built us up for small social interaction,

Jay:   31:09
right? And I know that's that's interesting that you say that because, you know, I have always credited um, my previous experiences to to the way I am now, you know, And and I feel like that's the same thing is that your previous experience is pretty much make you two were. Now, um, and that's what we talk about. It drive. And I'm always I feel like I'm always gonna revert back to that episode because that's that's something that, like we I didn't speak too much about myself. Um, but the overall drive like I've been a retail for fucking years, bro. For years, to the point where Duce nos I could walk into somewhere and sell you whatever whatever I want. Yeah, exactly.

Rob:   32:02
I see winning water to Whoa, baby, I'm a hustler.

Jay:   32:06
Exact all day, every day, baby. That's all. That's it. That's it, You know, close those, But it's one of those things were like, I feel the one thing that always kind of makes me think like my my father is always he's been a teacher's entire life. And, um, like, I don't see myself as a sales person. So I decided to pick up a hammer and work for a construction company. And I I'm I'm honored and able to work for for a family member and them show me. And now it's It's like what I thought was my main my main thing. Like, I love to sell. I console anything he loves to talk. You know, you

Rob:   33:02
really need Thio. Eventually, you're gonna connect with someone with something work.

Jay:   33:08
Exactly. But, you know, going back to pretty much you, Rob, I want to know competition. So I'm very competitive. Very, very competitive. Deuce note. I will. I will slit your throat. Any crossing.

Duce:   33:29
Okay, that's that's addictive. That's vigil that way. How are you? I'm gonna cut your throat. Kill you. You way, you play straight fire. Competitive. Okay, Smash friend. Although I suck it smashed. You sure do, bro. Yo. Because of giving it thio, eh? Eh? What character doesn't give it to you? You know what girl character you know you want to say way with peach? Yeah. Yeah, the road and runs a little, you know, Holy smokes. All the girls. Yeah, we owe like, Hey, you would see your right. So, Rosa,

Jay:   34:37
Lena, um, with peach Fucking Lucy. Nina. Yeah.

Duce:   34:44
You didn't have a competition. That is college. So way smashes

Jay:   34:51
every Monday. And Ari. So he changed his character from from peach to joker to now. He plays as cloud, and he's a Maia Cloud Main smashed with So hee, you know he does his thing. I'm, um you two. I'm a Pokemon fanatic, bro.

Duce:   35:11
Wait a minute. Somebody keep through the back door. Is that okay? Give me one slice. Deluxe, please.

Rob:   35:34
I mean, it works with

Jay:   35:36
Sorry. I was tryingto block off the trigger, which is actually our burrito burritos on. So a while back, deuce, order some food, and then my sister came with food, so we're just like them smothered in like, Mexican and American

Rob:   35:58
food. We're about being in a food coma,

Jay:   36:00
right? Wait, That's like everything Overall. I think I want to say again, I'm over here. Something. My face with a fucking pizza. Rob, thank you for being here.

Rob:   36:18
Dude. I will come. Really? All that's well, this is fun. Thank you so

Jay:   36:23
much. I appreciate it. And that's what that's what I want to show Mark Katz is all about. I want to show that bartenders are more than just servers. You know, we're people. There are people that know people that really, really understand humanity and just flopped.

Duce:   36:47
Just fucking whatthe does eyes guess? Yes, Tonto. Panic in your eyes. Accidents, fire.

Rob:   37:12
No, I don't know when it happened, but I just got really fascinated with. So So for one, let me back up. I put Spanish probably eight years in, like school, but that doesn't mean shit. Don't don't get no cause. Like, basically, I know I learned I'll say this. I was good in school. So what That means. Like, I was really good at learning what I need to learn to pass tests on that. Apply really with language. Like I could pass math tests if you just put the information from me. Said a. You need to know this for a test with something like a language where you need to actually practice it and know it so you can utilize it in different real life situations. Never really learned Spanish like to that extent, I never was just, uh so when you just like surrounded by I never went to a place like I had to use Spanish to survive, like people that knew that That's one like they really learned Spanish. However, I want to say I learned Spanish the best of the most in since I started working in a restaurant. You because I mean just true. There's like a lot of guys that work in the kitchens are our Mexican. And so I talked. I start talking them, and like they were, they know that I learned. They know that I know a little bit of Spanish and they start talking to me in Spanish and then sold it like it just becomes more of a necessity for me to learn Spanish better and better. And it's not even mean learning. It's just me, like, kind of like utilizing all that like information that I never really had to use it, just like I will say something like, Oh, I know that vocabulary word. Let me like, you know,

Duce:   38:52
like a limitless Let me go back and brain.

Rob:   38:57
There it is, and I can like related to them, like the moment things like, you know, stuff like bird congregations like taking him in and stuff like that. But yeah, I also like, started talking with Maura Maura about, like, just the differences between, like homey from how the school compared to somebody from Oaxaca compared to somebody from Sinaloa like. And I found that stuff like really interesting and like access to differently what that means. Where they come from, a lot of my homies right now from Oaxaca and like that's a very, very specific culture, like completely different yes expansion. Yeah, because it's Ah, it's rooted apparently a little bit more like NATO's native tongues and stuff like that, and so learning stuff from them and like a lot of times I might speak. I won't speak for them generally here right now, but like I've heard, some of them said, they don't even Justin himself like Maxim, like Mexican Hocking like. That's a very specific thing, all of the silly. That's just kind of been more my indoctrination into it, like in the last two years, like it's I just, like, speak with them in the kitchen. I'll start to, like, pick it up, and I guess I'm decent. Was, like access, Like learn. Like the access a little bit better. Like I hate it when, like when someone says, like, poor favor Sepulveda was like, over there were, like, people going on because I live in most police people and

Duce:   40:26
feeling a little steel is feeling, you know, like everybody

Rob:   40:31
grew up learning the song Police Navidad. Phyllis. So, yeah, that's that card.

Duce:   40:39
So I gotta get back to this room. Thank you for that blackouts. So give me one of your stories, ma'am, and we'll give you one of ours.

Rob:   40:51
Zeus, that's the opposite of the port of a blackout.

Duce:   40:57
People do whatever he was

Rob:   41:01
stuffing my face. Good blackout story. Let's go with a week ago way. Yeah. No, the only shot we can for her. But, I mean, I was just kind of start off in a somber, gaunt, really wouldn't get the Oh, yeah, yeah. You know, I think I'm a good black cousteau. Very specific, just generally like something with black houses. I think when I was younger, it was fun. It's like the next day I go back and collect the stories and be like, Yo, do you remember this and, like, you know, like, I know you did this in, Like I used, like, little throughout the day. You're you're collecting the story of the night, and it's like, Oh, man, look at that. It's like a fun thing We go, the older grown ass man Last night, Like the one thing that I could cost you the girl is like going to groan and wear what I do think. I, uh I appreciate the brownout. So you got some of the browns is more like it's not like it's completely like a black straight, Just like, kind of like a slide

Duce:   42:24
show. I know a couple of things that

Rob:   42:26
you remember like a Yeah, just like, Oh, I was here and doing that. I was here, knew that. You know, it's another great thing for blackouts right now. Over seats. Wait here like what's on. I leave that place you like. Oh, in you're just like I left it. Like, six.

Duce:   42:50
No, no, nine. It was nine. Oh, you got a gap in time.

Rob:   42:55
You have a time trying to fill in. Yeah, I definitely tried with that space nowadays, and generally I've with that by sticking to one like it throughout the night and pacing with better adding in like, water hit water. Also, you guys like hangover remedies. That

Duce:   43:16
Ugo and actually

Rob:   43:19
actually is that Do you take that the night that you're drunk or the morning after morning after you have a new thing? That it's not something, but I've been doing it for a minute. It's called a I called, you know, it's called the light thing. Really? So it doesn't have, like, this all the sugars because, like, maybe we should start Gatorade is like the thing you should do. No milk. You hear about like, it lies your stomach, right? Like protect. Feel like it's open up.

Duce:   43:50
I got a cold. It Yeah, I

Rob:   43:52
heard about that. But you have to take it before you start drinking. Yeah, way respect.

Jay:   44:06
Yeah, for me. Free soda court. Have it? Sort of e.

Duce:   44:15
You see this guy you're looking at? What are you doing? So does carbonated drink. Really? That will make my son with burns like acid. So that is so so at the age. I am now a bunch of fucking water. Some water and I am me. For whatever reason, hot fucking shower, man. Next year is the shit out of me. I will sit in that mother for our like shit. Wait, I

Rob:   45:03
I'm not gonna lie there. There's been sometimes when I'm just like I wake up, I'm like, Wow, I'm really feeling it right now. Like I really get out of the world. And then, like, I get that shower. Something about the shower in that steam hits you

Duce:   45:16
Way to do

Rob:   45:21
this. Why were you always, like blackout experiences?

Duce:   45:24
So Okay, quick. One is my birthday. Right? Which will let you two years ago. So two years ago, obviously, is a black outside, remember? But they gave me the e. They gave you the videos. Oh, boy. So I was at Barney's in shit, and I was celebrating 30 44. Okay, 34 33 1 off. And everything was great. I remember a lot of it. E say that. Remember, some people came a little later in the night, you know, because because a younger So they think, you know, parties. I'm sorry, like, 11. And I was like, Look, we're sorry. I start drinking like, six, basically by seven. We left the barn. Is right. She was the most way. Go there and I was good. So? So they know me like I can drink. Whatever. I'm good. I usually pace myself very well. I'm really good about some people. Yeah, give me that and sipping that shit all night. Right? So my buddy comes along. This is my wife's friend. Actually, he's part of families Easa sumo yet, um, and he's like, Nice. Your birthday may let me give you some drinks. So if you know anything about Barneys, Barneys over poor is all the fucking time. That's why I like parties, though. That's why we go to Barneys. You like I want a shot. They like three shots in one. So he kept giving me this Grand Marquis a shot. So that's what they didn't know. It was like, How did you get fucked up? It was giving me drinks, but he was giving me drinks. Two on the side. So I was drinking all night. I had drinks all night, came and then I had, like, five Grand Marnier triple shots, just triple. Never thought this is what they do. Like money. Almost time. Really? All this you go and that's it. That's what they do all the fucking time. So I'm familiar with That's okay.

Rob:   47:34
I'm not familiar with street shots of Grand Marnier. That's because Well,

Duce:   47:39
that's like there's no no. Well, they really mean Grand Marnier. That's like their thing over. So that's their stories. Beanery. No way drinking that. I was good at first. I was watching some do sing or whatever, and I was like, I'm ready to go because I knew I was getting fucked up. I want to get to speak easy plans for after this for a few minutes, So Oh, you're dancing and just dancing. I think this is your video I'm doing fucking robot to the point where the people that we're seeing karaoke Eah, Perry is karaoke night. And the people that were seeing karaoke Dude, did you see my fucking down flagging all, like yes. And dance all day, making friends wherever he goes, where he goes. I know so doesn't know every way. I know it was it was the greatest thing ever because my girl was there and then Yeah, sumo. Everybody's like a lot of our families there. Oh, no, exactly. Yeah, it was all that it was all that. My my girl comes in here. Hey, juicy like No, I have it when I'm done. I'm doing like an Irish bar. Yeah, just like I'm out. If you didn't hear me, that's bad. Yeah, I'm out for

Rob:   49:27
people that don't know Iris goodbyes when you leave, you don't actually say bye.

Duce:   49:30
I I'm heading out, But minders music is loud of sin Nobody heard me. I'm walking out the door I remember walking out the door and then that was it. That's all I remember. I remember getting to the door and then that was it. I remember everything else but video. Remind me, weather girl I carrying dues just like like I am to 10 right now. So bad about 2 30 Don't

Jay:   50:02
take it out for you. My girl is logic and we're picking him up and we're

Duce:   50:10
trying to drag him to the masses of

Rob:   50:13
mine, use me and said, You gotta go. You gotta go. You gotta go

Duce:   50:17
wake his ass on the sidewalk. And my girl my girl was like, Are you gonna Even there is like, I can't fucking hang Holy crap! That's there. His wife Pick me the fuck up, man. Come on. Video. I couldn't believe how to above You're right. She's like 55 road. He's like, Yeah, but she's like but 40 right now. She picked me to plug up. All right, let's go. I would like that. Any strong shit. Hey, Ugo, that's so weird. Like way It seems longer like you. We got you. Wow, this is asleep in front of a farm ability. Yeah, I was Way the fuck out. DD is laid out way Both done. That's our black My a funny is far calling my sister. He calls are like so that's going on. That's going on, mind you people recording right? Her family by my wife's family recording all of this. So I see people record And I'm like, Hey, who the fuck is this guy like way World star? It was great.

Rob:   52:08
You have those videos? I'm putting them up when I g or like

Duce:   52:13
way have talked about this. We will eventually. There's some of the slavers after, I mean, maybe

Rob:   52:25
not. You guys like you wanna be gainfully employed, but that's yeah. I definitely have a story like that. I think the most recent one. Yeah, Yeah, it's a little too much. It was pretty much like, uh, we we were Our whole goal was like it was me and two co workers. Was Ashley Nicole in the closed boyfriend Brian. And basically, we're just gonna have brunch. That was the whole idea. Was like, we're gonna have brunch at this restaurant called Brixton. Now is gonna be that while we're Graham Wing from my lift So sad news hits and like like so by the time we get there, really, that sad news just affected everybody. And so we're just like down. So me and Nicole's boyfriend, Brian, we say, like, Yo, we're turning up in grief and wait, What? I was like, Yeah, that's what we're doing And then so, like, we're doing bottoms for Moses. But in between these Moses, we're also taking shots of whiskey on this one, selling when you start mixing like champagne with, like, other stuff, it goes awry. So, yes, we love the bricks in the goats like another bar, and basically, while we were there, we knew the bartender there, so we were just kind of like just hanging out with them, but they just kept on killing us like a couple more shots. And then they were like shots with vodka. I believe you. And so, like, they were mixing a lot. But I had to be honest with you. I don't remember much after brunch. So, like you get into the second bar, I'm barely even like I get. I get there like I knew a lot of people that worked at this bar. So, like I was just kicking it with them, talking with him, I would get up like a manly talking like the Buster for a little bit. And then I would like Todd would like one of the cooks for a little bit. Like I was just like I was all over the place, just just talking nonsense. And I have this other thing that I do, um, like, when I'm, like, really, really bad, like, really less up. And Mike, I try to talk and, like, have conversations, but like, I'm aware that the conversation is not making sense like it's not actually like a real sentence. But the thing is, I just have this e or pride thing that I'm gonna make this into this world. Yes, your heart And so I just keep on talking, just thinking that it's gonna look around into some sensible stuff, and it doesn't. I know people like to say why we're not making sense. I remember the bartender because, like, the Grammys were on, and so she was like, Hey, Robert, like you Are you good? And what she meant she wasn't actually todo anything else drinking like I was just like we must like. Are you okay? Like you mean, it s Oh, she said that All this I found out afterwards she was like, she said that I like, but the hair was like, Mmm. I looked up at the TV. You know what? I would really like a tuxedo. I guess that I was watching the Grammys, and so I just triggered, like like it had nothing to do with what she was asking me at all. Yeah, I literally the entire week, this entire week, every time I run into somebody else that was that I'm hearing another story about, like you were saying Mr A And like, oh, man, you were like being kind of rude to this person here, but it's cool, like you got to know that like that? Like it's one of those things. Like again, someone like I just feel I'm to going to be, like, learning stories about tonight, like, days after. Um, I don't think that was probably the first time I back on, like, a long time. Probably like good Goodyear. Probably. But yeah, I could definitely when I was younger, but that is, like, kind of his thing.

Jay:   56:14
So that's something I said it first. Like your life.

Rob:   56:19
Do you know that you live that blackout life because you were black? Yeah, but like, it's e I feel like I said earlier is like, just fun. It was fun kind of collecting the stories of the night. The next day, it was like, Oh, also, I feel like I've always been good one, but I'm never the person I'm worried about. What? Yo, did I text that ex that I shouldn't be touched? That's always I think that the fear, but like for some reason, no matter how about a hug, I'm never like texting people that should

Duce:   56:47
be asked. Will you? So, like, my blackouts could have been many. I will say I'm probably the comments

Jay:   56:53
fucking person in my blackouts. Yeah, you know, he'll he'll be more physical in terms of not one and not aggressively, if

Duce:   57:04
you like. I don't need help. Oh, I got this. Even though his face ends of the floor, I need ways. Help! Swath from old ways, Leikin. Peace, Peace. Close to PC. Yeah, way from PCC. Pasadena City College from So that's a good troubling. And tripping not not knowing this, by the way, but my leg hurts and people like, Yeah, but we called you and I, like 30 calls is 30 calls, And I'm like, Why did you call me someone? Because fucking laughing sensation and I walked home. How? The fund that I get home, you know? So you scared? Yeah. Yeah, skates it.

Rob:   58:03
You're the king of ours to buys and sells. Like,

Duce:   58:05
if I get that Fuck that, I don't usually get that book. That's very rare. It only happened once here one time with No, but I left. I

Jay:   58:17
cared about was I guess I'm saying, Yeah, my mom was like, Hey, where's Deuce? Fuck. So I give him a call Do around here? Yeah. You know, as I recall, you're fine way talk. later, but pretty much do you know my, my my guy trying to get it. I get his lifelong vision this again. Do you struck

Duce:   58:51
me? Oh, it's a good friend. I tell you, it was a good room here, man. You watch a video. Oh, God. I think

Rob:   59:10
I got a question. What would you guys like first? Like drink your first, Like, tasted alcohol?

Duce:   59:15
I talked about that. You

Rob:   59:16
guys talked about it. You know, you guys are talking about That's what maybe treat because I remember hearing it now what you got? You guys were talking about it. I heard it. I was like, I thought about my first time my first time. It was in the back of a high school party. For some reason, we didn't drink that much in high school, but one party homey brought like a bottle of Everclear way. That was the thing is like,

Duce:   59:51
I was a thing at the time.

Rob:   59:53
It was awful, but yeah, no. Because of things like, if you if you mix it with like, sugar and like you make jungle juice and like it's fantastic.

Duce:   1:0:01
But it was so strong.

Rob:   1:0:03
Yeah, you know, as we were taking free, taking swigs of it by itself, which is awful. And I didn't really drink alcohol into Yeah, probably for another two or three years after I was like, This is where my kid like, it's so hyperbolic. I'm good on it like whatever. And then why, you know, found out like there's Malibu like much other things, like mixing it in like, Oh, okay, other things. But yeah, that was my first time. I was like you. I'm good with that. I was a horrible first experience, but then I obviously and I definitely have had about blackout experiencing with Everclear because I feel like it was a memorial party. It was in some ice house, and we got it was great, Great, because there's a nice little setup. They had, like, the bar there and like everybody's coming, like mixing their own drinks and you're doing your own thing. And it was like, Cool, we're getting to level. Everybody's kind of tipsy. And then then we turn around and, like, the DJs like hype because he has, like a tub kind of in front of him. Ice and stuff. I see this man don't two bottles of Everclear into the tush, and they put like the packets of sugar, some fruit juice, whatever. This man made jungle juice in a tub and like it so like everybody to start getting cups of the jungle juice. So you just taste like Hawaiian punch, taste anything. So the thing is like everybody started streaking it, and I've never really witnessed this. It was like the entire party just went one to talk to you. After that, everybody was like a good, constant like level. Everybody knew where their levels were or where they could be. But then everybody just strings like juice. And so everybody had, like, three or four cups of that jungle. Well, whatever they were, are it was crazy, like eyes. So many stories from that party. It was like cause I had a roommate at the time, and I also had a home that was in town, visiting, visiting L. A. And like I couldn't find my roommate. He was, like, lost in the house somewhere like I you know, he was lost like I was like doing sonny, like trying out a girl or you just like what's up was like he was trying to face what's his girl? The time. And so I was like, throw like, what are you doing? Like you're supposed to be faithful, but like you're over here like a side scrambles like, bro, we gotta go. I hopped in my home rental car because, uh, my do not drink and drive. It's all bad way. Dr. User. Right? Sharing. Yes, please write. Shoot. Yes, it was really Yeah, it was all bad, but yeah, I was like, I was one black experience. Like I just saw the party just like going tilt. And it all had to do whatever clear I was like, Wait,

Duce:   1:3:03
Fuck you, man. That was a thing. You know, I hate that shit. At that time, everybody wanted drink. Everclear are. It was like a 1 51 way.

Rob:   1:3:22
Guys doing 1 21 drink. Just take it straight. Shots here, E I think it's called a minute of fire. You have to take four shots of 1 51 in a minute. It was

Duce:   1:3:36
It was Yeah. We will drink it for a long ass time. We drink. The whole bottle were Really? Yeah, it was done. Sure. We're Hearst process here will do. Over. Do Over. Yeah, Smooth do over. Is this the bomb is shit in L. A.

Rob:   1:3:59
It's like a party. Yes. Oh, no. I have heard of the do over that. I thought that's what you were talking about. I've heard of it. I have not been to it.

Duce:   1:4:07
You gotta go at least one. What is it do over? I've only been once then it wasn't natural. 2018. And my buddies, like you have been to do over. What's funny is a you know, like my wife ran who is like the blackest person that you ever fucking me. Nothing were black friends And he know way more about shit than I do when it comes to music most of the time. And he was like, You don't know about this life you've been living in L. A. He's from Detroit and he telling me about right, And I'm like, Well, nine minute, he's like, all right, you know, I'm gonna take you to do over, so we go to do over, and it's usually around like September. But it has, like, uh, uh, aloe Blacc. I think that's that's his name. The singer. So simply he's the one I kind of like hosted a lot time. Ah, bunch of different DJs. Bunch of this different artists and everybody knows about it is one of the things or it's like I don't know about it, but it seemed like the whole world ist because because it was packed. It was Super Pac super fun, lots of alcohol, like jungle gyms. Like how you were saying if they got actually, too. And everybody's dressed in the nines and it's one of, like one of the best response to go. So this year, for sure, Goto one. It's just like I guarantee you'll be like dishes. How did I not go here?

Rob:   1:5:32
So there's really yeah and R and B fires a bunch of different kind of parties. Uh, it's just a few different, like kind of we called promoters. That put on these there's only one do over a year is like there's more than

Duce:   1:5:52
one. I think there's a couple throughout the year I remember is like, Yeah, we're definitely want to go again. It's here over. But

Rob:   1:6:02
you know I'm down a roll through shoes way. Be interesting to see the pre and post

Duce:   1:6:23
well guys, We're off to the do over

Rob:   1:6:25
in. Come back. Wait.

Jay:   1:6:35
Honestly, I know we're worried. Like was 34 hours. Yeah. Damn it. Happily have a Yeah, No studio taquitos, you know? Honestly, that that's what I told you. Made friends and this way. Wait. Way coming up soon. Yeah. WeII growed out. He said he goes. Yes, it is. Thank you so much wrong for being here Course. Awesome. Yes. Your knowledge Assuring

Duce:   1:7:57
us hard hat. Yes. Wait. You want a drink? Rob, please. Chances progressively. Oh, always I So thank you

Rob:   1:8:39
so much. Wrong thinking oarsmen. My pleasure

Jay:   1:8:43
has in a fire that privilege, my friend. You know, it's something we like to say here No matter

Duce:   1:8:51
what you do our way you go say something

Jay:   1:8:55
way. Just drink most Only time it, Bill right when the drink on my flaws woes

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