Martin Luther King:   0:00
I'm happy to Join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation.

Jay:   0:55
So we just heard where the opening words, too. One of the greatest speeches ever done by one of the most amazing people had have ever walked this planet. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And with that being said, um, this today's topic or this episode is going to be a little bit more serious on the serious side, Um, and it's something that Deuce and I have been talking about for a while now. Um, and we've definitely want you audience to experience what we are experiencing currently. Right now, and the struggles that have happened in the past. And, um, some that we see happening. Hopefully, nothing too crazy. But today's topic is gonna be about Dr Dr Martin Luther King. How to drive. Cesar Chavez had a drive chair. Had a Dr Victor Hotta had a drive. Um, and, uh, Deuce, what do you think about the word Dr?

Jay:   2:19
Yeah, when I think about Dr, um, you know, the first person currently that comes to mind would be like Kevin Hart. Um, his drive, his his desires, the termination. Um, I could definitely see that he's all about legacy, and he doesn't want to go back to being broke. And if you ever been broke, E,

Duce:   2:44
I think we all have You think I have era, even just a smidge it exactly. So, yeah. So drive. Yeah. I think everybody has a different concept of the word, Dr um and, you know, everyone has a goal if you don't have a goal for 2020 I think right now's a great time. We're about mid month of January, and it's a great time to set it up. Remember, it's never too late to start. It's never too

Jay:   3:15
late. Really? Yeah. It's never too late.

Duce:   3:19
Um, and that being said, um, the question of the day is going to be what drives u s. So that being said deuce? What? What drives you?

Jay:   3:31
Yes. So what drives me, man? That's a loaded question

Duce:   3:35
about that man. Sorry. Um, it's all good, though. We're gonna have We're gonna have fun, but in a very serious way. Serious fun.

Jay:   3:43
Absolutely serious fun. Um, yes. So what drives me, um, at my current state and in my current age. So, guys, I'm 35 proud of it. I'm happy that, um, you know, I made it today. Just 21 is a lot of people that haven't made it to that. A writer, friends, family, Um, some people who aren't even here right any longer with us. So I'm I'm proud to say my age, but what drives be at this age currently, um, it would definitely be my kids be my wife. Um, and just legacy, you know that. That's what drives me, um, at this current stage. So I think a lot of people, when I think of Dr I think Dr has with it comes with a lot of different, um, connotations. Like you think of Dr. I think when you're younger, you're like, OK, my drive is to just make this this money this fitting, you know, idea, Right? Like, I'm just trying to make us money, much money as I can. That's going on. Please that you know, the ladies is going to please, You know, if you're a woman, I am all about independence. I'm trying to make this money so I don't have to worry about any of these men out here. And that's really what what drives you? And I would definitely say for me in the beginning, Absolutely. I was like, I'm trying to make this money, you know, um, I think as as a kid Ah, a lot of things that you do is going to be based on the things that you observed when you were younger. You know, um, so, you know, kind of just to take it back a little bit,

Duce:   5:29
right? Right. Uh, gonna go stroll down memory

Jay:   5:32
Leo. Really? Hey, I would say that you know my parents, you know? Absolutely. I think, um, not everyone, but I think a lot of people that their parents are gonna be the first thing that drives them, right, Whether it be good or bad.

Duce:   5:46
Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. You have to take them both.

Jay:   5:49
You got to take it both. You gotta take the good with the bad. So, um, you know, I always say appearances can definitely be deceiving. Um, I know in my household, I thought my parents were happy. They did get a divorce, and for me, it was Ah, it was just devastating. It was definitely devastating for me. Um, it was devastating. Not because they were getting a divorce. Um, and just let your parents know kids aren't stupid, huh? I knew they needed to not be together. So for me, it was more of a selfish thing as a kid being like, Hey, I want you guys to stay together because I want to see both of you, right? Right. You should know. No kid wants to see one parent on Lee if they had a happy, um, you know, upbringing with with their parents. And I love both of my parents. Um, my mom, You know, I look at her accomplishments. I look at her being just always super smart. Ah, Believe she went to Jackson State. Um, very headstrong. I can whip somebody's. But if she needed to and I could testify for that, um, you know, and just just a fun memory. Real quick, kind of moving forward from being a kid. I remember I was Ah, with my cousin. We were staying in the same apartment together is one of my first apartments. I was probably about 18 years old because I left my mom's house when I was 17 and, um, he couldn't pay anymore. But instead of like, trying to figure it out and be the responsible adult like I was being at that time, he was just kind of like, Fuck it, I'm just not gonna do it. And so, you know, I had to ask for help, which I didn't want to do. It's never fun thing. We guys, your parents will help, especially when they say you should just stay at the house and wait by home. Right? So, you know, as my mom. Hey, you know, um, this is what's going on. I need some money. I didn't want to ask for that. She's like, why you need money, you know, causes not paying What? She comes down at the apartment. Torrey Pines. West Covina? Yeah, I remember it like it was yesterday, and she basically had a fuckin ah, fucking ax, bro.

Duce:   8:06
Bro, she's gonna came. Um, What's that movie? Uh, the shining?

Jay:   8:13
Yes. Shiny fucking are Tomahawk. Something on. And I was like like, What the hell are you doing? Like, I don't want you to kill it, you know, just, you know, see some help and, you know, gather my shit and left or whatever. My cousin's father R I P um, you know, one of my my uncles, who definite was like a second fire. It's on me, Johnny. My Uncle Johnny. Um, he helped out. He actually helped me out. My paid. Ah, he helped pay. I help pay just to make sure that it wasn't on my record. You know, um, but I always think about my mom when it comes down to you know, what type of parent do I want to be? Yeah. You know, she she definitely comes to mind because she always made sure that we had everything that we needed. She took care of us, took him our brothers. Um you know, one of my brothers has autism, and I definitely wasn't an easy job. And, um, I just remember being a kid in and working very early because I worked when I was 12 years old. Because those things I wanted my mom didn't want to pay for because, um, back in a day, um, you know, baggy pants, big shirts. You know, pro club.

Duce:   9:30
I'm I'm laughing in the background because I I actually cleared out, um Deuces apartment I I found his photo album. Yeah, and it was It was like, day and night. What? We'll see if I could convince him to post some of those pictures of him on r i g. You will laugh. I I had a good I had a good cry because I couldn't stop laughing. All right, Um but yeah. So you did have the three Excel? Yeah, in the ditch, in the words of had Riley of Andre 3000. You know, you were ah, shirt. Ugh. It looks like it has a go. It's something about a gown. I caught it. Fucking dress. It wasn't Dr

Jay:   10:14
this at this point in my life, I'm, like, damn with vocals are doing

Duce:   10:17
right now, if it was one of those things where you're looking at air like Tambor, I really wore that shit. Um, the UFO pants and all the shit. You had you I saw the picture, and deuce was super skinny. Right now this guy looks like a man because I look like a stick to when I was in high school. Excuse me And on. Yeah, it was one of those things where, um you know, you really you really do change. And when you want something, you go for the drive. You wanted to get that close, you know? And that was a drive. That was Dr Sorry to interrupt, but I just had to point that out because the first thing you said that you wanted stuff. Um, I pictured the three XL shirts and a huge, gigantic pants you were wearing on stage. Okay, drunk ing create, crimping, krumping, krumping, krumping it. Krumping. Yeah, I I used to crump. Uh, no, I didn't. That's a lie. That's a lie. Hash tag. Allies. Was that house that lying had cocoa? But please continue, please. Yeah,

Jay:   11:24
you know, So, um you know, uh, young young age van I'm going all over the place. But basically, um, you know, I was in Pasadena. There's some things going on. Shots being fired. We won't pinch. Street was with my grandma's house, and my parents wanted to wanted me to be in a safer neighborhood. Little did they know, and I never told him because I don't want to move again. Ah, we move the ball park suntanned, um, you know, mainly a brown pride area, right? Which I have no problem with. I love all you know, nationalities. But at that time, it was kind of the time when it was like a green light on black people, and I was very young. I don't really understand racism at that time because, you know, in Pasadena, everybody, a lot of people are black. So it's just you kind of just are with your people, right? Right. But at that time, I really experienced racism. First grade. Um, why do we pick punch me in the stomach and say, you fucking ***, get the fuck out of my bathroom? That's d. So, um, I didn't know what *** meant. Um, I was his first grade. Who the hell knows what that means, you know, um but that really shaped my whole way of thinking from that day forward, because in my head, where are where are equal? Um, I grew, you know, fortunately, I grew up with, you know, people were Asian and people were black people who are Hispanic. Um, I've dated all nationalities, you know? So for me, it's not about your color. And that's why you know, we play the m okay speech, because for me that that was ah, my reality. But what was going on around me, years later, after him, okay, was we're still dealing with racism. And so in this day and to this day still dealing with racism. And, um, I never tell my parents about that story. Um, but I dealt with a lot of, um, inner turmoil for me. Um, I kind of was very reserved and emotionally isolated, um, because of some of the situations going on in school. But I was that guy. I was that person. That basically was the funny person. Um, you still are about you know, the person everyone goes to when they have a problem. And I didn't want to stop being that guy I love helping people. That's that. I I'll do that if I get paid or not paid for it. That's just something I love to do. And so I kind of just held it all within, you know, so for years, I would just hold onto this anger, animosity and really didn't come to the head until later in my life. So, you know, like I was saying, you know, 12 years old working it's not pretty much work from 12 on, um, going to my grandparent's house. Um, you know, my Nana rest in peace. She she passed away in 2019 as well. Wash your cars, make some money from that and go to my grandpa's house. I didn't know anything about you at work, but, uh, I would I would cut his grass, I would do the hedges. I would pull the weeds and it'll take probably like, 8 to 10 hours and get like, 20 bucks guys. 20 bucks.

Duce:   14:45
Okay. So, yeah, he's until this day still doesn't know how that cut the tree o r do the lawn because he calls me was a, uh j of. I kind of need you, uh, by the way. Got to cut your tree. Yes, it's hitting the assailant windows now. Way again. So when he says we have to cut the tree, that's me. And a chainsaw and a rope and some shoes. Shoes optional, but yeah. Continue. Yeah,

Jay:   15:16
you know. So, um, you know. Anyway, um, me and my mom, we had a lot of words for each other. Both strong head individuals. Um, I wanted to get up out of there. I couldn't wait already. Had, Like, an idea of how my life was gonna be when I was younger, I wanted to do music. I was like, I'm getting out of here. 17. Hit graduated. I was gone. I was out of the house. Um, start working at best Buy right away, you know? And, you know, making money, saving up to get my own place. So for a lot of my friends for me, um, I was the person who was ahead of everybody. They were still living at home. They, you know, they were still wet behind the ears. I don't know anything about life. I know about bills I knew about, you know, almost getting kicked in, evicted, washing clothes, dishes, Roaches, Roaches like all of the above. I've been through it. And, um, I loved it, though, because it helped make me a better person. And, you know, my drive was my father. And when I saw my father when I was young, he was always working. He was always working. But when he would come home, he would have, like, all these fucking trophies when I was like, What was he doing? He knows it's a first place, second place, third place. And that's all I would see. And every time somebody spoke about him, it was always in a good light about how how great he was and all the things that he did. And so I was like, I want people to look at me that way. So when my parents divorced for me, I didn't really get get to know my father like that. We didn't really get to spend that time and talk about Okay, cool. You're this age. Just what you need to focus on. You know, you'd focus on that. It was it was very, like, sporadic here in their conversations. But I would just kind of take all the things that I remembered that he would that he would speak with me about, and I just kind of just ran with it, like, Okay, cool. I want to, You know, my dad was basically and my mom were about 2021 when they got a condo. You know, um, ask how many of your friends today? Guys, if you're 35 under how many of them got a house when they were 2021? And I guarantee it be like, Well, 99% of them didn't. Maybe you have that rare few,

Duce:   17:42
That rare person.

Jay:   17:43
I was overachievers and had that shit. And so I was I just felt like I wasn't enough. I'm like, damn 18. 19. I should be buying a house. A 20. I should be married at this age. I have a kid at this age. So I had all these preconceived things in my head that you're supposed to do, and I'll let you 20 year olds know that shit is bullshit. There is no fucking age

Duce:   18:06
read. I strongly agree with. There is no age limit. There is no age limit. Um, that is a preconception that has been put in by our older generation because they feel that, you know, they should For that, you know, you should be married at a certain age that you should have kids at a certain age that you should already be, um, establish your life at a certain age on dhe. That's not necessarily true. Yeah, you know, if you are a great you start young, that's awesome. But, um, in the in the book thinking grow rich, a lot of successful people don't find their calling until later in their life. Forties through 60. Yeah, you know, And, um, there's a post, um, not to take away from deuce a story. But there's a post that I read yesterday when I was hanging out with my father. Which that's another story we're gonna show you two talk about, um but ah, it's it says, you know, we ah, we retire at 65 the life expectancy for a humanist 75. Well, guess what You work your entire life to only enjoy 10 years in years goes. That's not worth it, guys, I'm not I'm telling you right now, it's not worth it. You know, we're in our thirties, and honestly, we were pushing and we're driving. He were drive the push, Um, to what? We want to do what we want to do in the future. And I think that's the most important thing. Um, so I'm glad I'm glad you brought that up when it comes down to, um, you know, there is no timeline on your success because you could be successful in many ways. Yeah, and not be appreciated or not be said, Hey, you know what? Great job. Um, anyone that is, you know, younger or older that there listening like damn. And they're going to that midlife crisis rode together. They're kind of like Schnapps, like I'm messing up. Um, don't worry about it. There's no there's no rush. Enjoy life, no matter what you do, Um, and and that's pretty much what we're doing this episode, because we've been talking about it for a while now. Yeah, you know, and that's something that I feel we should we should talk about and thank you, You know, for sharing. And I I feel that you have more to talk about, so please feel free to continue.

Jay:   20:38
Yeah, you know, just you know, I don't want to go too much in the episode. I mean, this is like a by autobiography. Uh,

Duce:   20:45
good. I think we're enjoying it,

Jay:   20:47
but, um, yeah. You know, um, you know, I start working early. My goal, basically, was to make a certain amount of money so I could have the life that I thought I should have, based on what I saw. Um, obviously, that shouldn't happen right away. Um, I did have my daughter early. I was, like, 24. 25. Um, I kind of already knew that, though, Like when I was younger, I was gonna have a kid in my twenties. That way, when I'm in my forties, she's out the house. I'm living, you know? So I kind of it wasn't playing playing type of thing. And, um, you know, the whole time in the back of my head at at that age and my twenties was my father. You know, my mother on the parenting tip. My father on the working and in the hustling because he just a hustler and you know, he doesn't complain about anything. He's like, Look, you know, I'm trying to make some money. Cool. He just goes out there and gets it. And so that was my mind, said, I'm not going to complain. I'm just gonna work hard now. Those who you of you who are working realized there's a lot more to it than that, especially if in the corporate world like I am, there's hard work. There's politics. Um, and then there's working hard in that certain feel that you're trying to do. So, um, for instance, if you're just working really hard because you're young, which I noticed a lot of young people do they work really hard. They don't, they don't They don't ask any questions there. Just like, Hey, they're going to notice what I'm doing. I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing. And so I have to always talk to people, eh? What are you trying to do? What? I'm trying to do this. Okay, well, that's not going to get you there, right, And it is

Duce:   22:35
crushing to them, but it's true. But it's true. Lt's true is definitely true.

Jay:   22:40
And the reason I have to tell him that is because of this man. I've been there, you know, I don't have all the experience that everybody else does, but I have a lot of life experience, and I will tell you that I've worked really hard. I, you know, the great and cells and did not get promoted. A lot of times it will be the person that I trained who got promoted because he knew the politics. He knew to talk to the right people, right? You have tohave a game plan, guys. And that's why I kind of give you my back story So you can understand why I'm so passionate about what we're doing right now in bar chats, you have to have a game plan, right? You want to move up in whatever you're trying to move up in, you have to go out there and say, OK, cool. How am I going to get there? You have no point A through D through F or whatever it takes to get to that destination. If you have that game plan, you're gonna be fine,

Duce:   23:35
right? So you know, he's he's talking about the game plan, and it's funny that, um he brings that out because that's something we were talking about yesterday were on on a conference call and he brought that up, and I was home, man. That's that's while, like, you know, when I was younger and this kind of leads into my drive, which is great, because, um, you know, we all have our different drives, and, um, I'm 31 32 now. I'm 32. Congratulations. Thank you. Appreciate it. January 7th Capricorns, would you? Um, yeah, I'm a goat fish. Guys, I'm a fucking go fish. I don't know how to feel about that. That would be a pretty badass tattoo of like, a goat fish. I don't know. It's just Yeah, Capricorns, whatever. Um in the words of Jim Morrison, I'm a Sergeant Terry's, but I don't believe in that shit. He says that in the interview, by the way, um, so going onto the drives and kind of varying off the beaten path. But, um, you know, uh, a Deuce was talking about, um how how we where he has lived experiences. And I personally, um, haven't lived as much. My experiences are a little bit different, So I think this is where where we as a team kind of fit and blend. So, um, you know, my biggest. My biggest role model would have to be my father, Um, and my father, he's He's a very interesting guy. If you haven't met Ramos or ah, any of ah, any of our If you don't know any of us, um, you'll see that, uh, we're very all right. So the our last name stems from a ah, we're servants to the King of Spain. From what I read at a Disney concert hall, Um, like thing Okay, but yeah, we're pretty much servants and that I think that kind of shows and kind of speaks to how my family acts were pretty much servants. Whoever walks into our household, being the servant of the household isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's more of, Ah, a privilege, I would see. And, um, the only reason why I use the word servant are is because we we I feel that we are meant to serve not just ourselves, but also the people around us to be good friends. You know, I think that's something that we forget. We we definitely forget that we're all human beings and that we should care for each other. And just because just because I'm showing you kindness doesn't mean I'm weak Exactly right So, um you know, like I said, my father is one of my biggest, um, role models along with, um, one of my African drumming instructors. Francis. And we have no Chewie. Martine, we have Rick. I have so many I could name, like, a new entire list. Love your family, man. Thank you. Thank you. Greatly. Appreciate. We all love you, too, man. We love you, too. And, um, you know, But my dad, I think him having a very, very hard life, you know, travail. Having both of this family, both his parents in his life and, um, you know, and and shaping him into the man that he was, You could just imagine not having either of your families, even either of your parents and shaping you into the person that you are. Um, so my father went through that struggle. Um, you know, my grandma and grandpa are on Ah, in a better place now, And, um, you know, they were from Puerto Rico, so it's definitely a very hard thing. We're going to go visit them. Ah, a while back after the hurricane. Everything's cool. Um, it is It is something like a little touchy subject for me, my sister, just because we never got to meet him. So it's kind of tough, you know? And it's during the holidays is definitely hard. Um, and it's it's really one of those things where people don't really understand, like the meaning of family. What family really means. It's And, um, you know, I didn't speak so fondly of my father back when I was younger. I didn't at all. Do you know that? Yeah. So, like, I didn't see my dad as, like the great person that I know that he is now. Back then I thought he was a tyrant. I couldn't play my n 64 when I wanted to. I couldn't I couldn't play my second genesis. Uh, I couldn't go in the pool. I could remind you all the stuff that I said a pool, a Sega Genesis, my own room, stuff that everyone takes for granted. And I took for granted. And that's what drives me. Because I see that now I see the fact that I had everything and I still have everything. And, you know, I I am grateful for that. You know, he struggled so hard to provide for his family, and he did. And not only has he done that, but he has exceeded it, you know, by himself, Um and of course, my mother. She she also being an immigrant from from Mexico, came here and, you know, I love my mom. I love my mom, but she's a valley chick thing that, like the end of the world, she's a huge value chick. So, um, she'll be like, Oh, yeah, her hair is kind of like whatever it kind of reminds me of of this, like a suburbia like person that all he cares about you Very vain. But But I love my mom. The reason why I have such a good sense of fashion is because of my mother. Yes, thats the only way. My dad, he's very suave, too. He's very, uh, you know, Super swap. He's like Rico suave a with mixed with the Dow. Castro probably looked just like, Hey, hey, looks exactly for dark Castro. I have also picture of I just put us a guard is now that that's what it's awesome. Um, yeah, you know, he's gone through so much and, uh, and having that kind of push like in this something, I tell everybody. Even though I didn't talk to so much with my dad before. Like, we have such a strong relationship. Now, we have a stronger bond now than we did before. Um, and it's that Dr that kind of like, Hey, you know what? I'm gonna make you proud. I'm gonna be better than you know. There's a competition, but I definitely want to be better than you wrote. Um, and it's funny because everyone sees my phone and my dad. His contact name is Brother Man, and Erin was like a Your dad's calling you is like, No, my brother man is calling. Why do you call a brother man? I don't know, man. I wanted to call him bro, but it was too weird. And being from California, it was like, Ah, he is a bro. But he's my brother, man, you know? And he's a He's a hippie. If you ever met my dad, he's a huge hippie. Um, and you know, it's It's one of those things where that the drive, I think we always have that. That kind of like little push, You know, that push that kind of moves us when I was younger, I didn't have a drive to do anything. To be honest with you, man, I'm a punk row. I was a little bit like I was had a Mohawk that I never had in a Mohawk. But I did have a Mohawk, um, skateboard. I never broken arm, but I have dislocated my shoulder. Um, I didn't go to skate parts as I thought that was for losers. Just the anti. Yeah, I was the anti anti. Whatever. It was popular, right? I was everything at everything. Whatever was popular it. Man that and just throw it in the trash. Whatever. Anyways, still that Yeah, I'm still that guy, but I'm using terminology and thanks to do so. I'm I'm being reintroduced to pop culture, which is great, but, um, because I'm gonna dull. And I need to know this stuff for when I do have a kid with things like what? I do have a kid I gotta know. I have to know this shit of Sadly, sadly, I have to um And I feel that, um if it wasn't for my parents, if it wasn't for the people that I have in my life currently and past. I don't think I've ever I would have that. I don't think I would have the way that I think. Now, um, there was an instance not that long ago about posture when I had with, uh, with zam ifthis. That's what she wants to go by now. Okay, I don't care. Uh um And I was slouching over and she Hey, what he slouch. And to be honest with you, I don't know and all i when she said that I heard my mom like that. I want that they're seeing something in the other to me in Spanish. Sit up straight. Stand up. Um and and then I felt her invisible nail like, shoved into my back. Um, if my mother is hearing this, Mom, I love you. That bashing her passion, her in her so bad. I have nightmares about it, but she would, like, push my bag to kind of correct my posture. And if it wasn't for that, is like things that parents do are for our benefit. Right? And induce knows this. I'll seem like a little odd ball around my cousins or even his kids would be like don't do that. Don't do this. Don't do that. Or, you know, look me in the eyes when you talk to me, you know, shake my hand after a game and it's it's it's funny because I'll be like, I'm not gonna do that. I was like, I don't care when you're around me. You're gonna do this shit because I'm fucking tell me to Uncle Jay. It's and it's not because I am a tyrant is I'm not a tyrant. What I'm trying to do is build engrave more oven, grave sportsmanship, friendship. Um, kind of like tough love. Um, and eventually they'll figure it out because that at the end of the day, that's that's what happened. My father, I've never sat down and had a conversation with my father until, you know, I was 21. We went to go have a drink, and he told me about all this stuff he told me about his life. He told me about his struggles. He told me about Grandpa. He told me so many things now that I could appreciate what he's done for me in his entire life, you know? And that being said, I feel that You know, this is something that we we take advantage of as the young people. I'm I'm almost shift right now. I'm in that age like a shift from young to old. Deuce has already surpassed that of. I'm still in that, like, little middle ground. No, I'm not. I'm I tell everybody I'm old and there, and they laugh like you're now told. Enzo. Yeah, bro, I'm old. I still could kick your ass and every video game. But I am old and just remember you got your as b by old man. Um, so I could shift back and forth. Um, and the great thing is that you know that, Dr. I feel that we definitely have to think all of our past friends past relationships, whether be romantic, whether be friendships, whether be, um, you know, family members that we don't talk to anymore whether it be anybody that has impact us in our life to make us who we are, we have to thank them both positive and negative, because it shapes us for who we are now. And not just that. Not just that we also have to remember that the most important thing is that we grow. Yeah. You know, um and I feel that, um you know, the next person, the person that we're that Deuce was telling about. I haven't seen the documentary. Um, and I will I will eventually watch it. Um, I just have I have Dracula on, like, on cue right now, and I didn't see that I have dragged. I have Dracul on Q and I also the next season of Rick and Morty and else will have like, uh, what else? I have to get my team for Pokemon. I think the Pokemon regionals already finished. Um, I have to double check that, Um, I have some other stuff I need to do, so I'll eventually get to it. All right. I know where these days Deuce is gonna come to my house and be like, no, sit, drink, watch. That's gonna be That's gonna be the thing. And we're gonna stream it if our, um if you guys do want to see a stream or life casts of how we're doing on twitch. Um, let us know on the A g. Remember, that's Bardot chats again. Bardot. Jess, Uh, and let us know what you want to hear what you want to see. Uh, and that's the one thing that we do greatly appreciate. Um, everyone. Everyone, for doing that Because you also drive us. You're You're also our driving force, you know, we see people interact, and we see we want to interact with you who want you to know that we're here for you. This podcast we made it. Not just for us, but also for you, you know?

Jay:   37:28
Yeah. I mean, we made this podcast. You know, I was I was talking to a couple people because I did put some questions online, and, um, you know, Look, guys, we're not promoting that. Hey, get fucked up. Um, past the hell out. Um, you know, lose your job. Don't you know all the baggage that comes with alcohol? If it's abused, right, and not done responsibility, that's that's not what this podcast is about. Um, Jay and I, we met many, many, many beyond, a decade ago, right? Yeah. Um, part of, you know, our way of hanging out was always with a drink, and, um, just socializing. That's right. We'll just go to new places, check it out, socialize and get to know each other. Um, I remember when we first met. I was like, All right, cool. This is This is your place. And I remember he wouldn't even show me the front of the fucking for, like, five years later,

Duce:   38:31
five years later.

Jay:   38:33
And so, you know, um and now we mean, that's my brother. Yeah, and he definitely inspires me. His family inspires me. Um, I'm here all the time hanging out with them because that I was like, That's what I want my kids to experience that that love that they have When, um when any time I see them meet with each other, it is so much respect that they have from one another. And I'm like, That's what I want, you know. And, um, you know, our topic being desire, whatever you desire. First of all, you gotta fucking

Duce:   39:10
do it. Do it right. That's the Do it. Stop

Jay:   39:14
hanging out with these. These low lives that do are bringing you down and are not where you want to be in life. You gotta hang out with people who are above you are doing better than you are. Our have the things that you want and ask questions, staying out with them.

Duce:   39:32
And it's not just hanging out with them because they have this thought that you want but, um, learning. I think that's one thing that is really important is learning, learning what they're doing, Find out their strategies, pick their brain there. They like you because they like your company. Yeah. So make sure to just pick their brain a little bit. They're not gonna mind you. They're not. Did not. They're there because they like your company. And you never know they might become a business partner later down the line, they might eventually support your sponsor. You you never know. You never know. Don't close doors. Never close the door. I was actually watching. Yes, man. Today if l guess. And I realize the stalker show No, no, no, no, That's you. Oh, right. You're right. You're right. You're right. Show, by the way. Great show. But I'm talking. Yes,

Jay:   40:23
my Kari and Jim Carrey. Jim

Duce:   40:24
Carey with Zoe, whatever her last name is. Yeah, um I can't say I say day Chanel, but I know that, sir, is Ah,

Jay:   40:36
let's from who That Who is that

Duce:   40:37
girl? Who, Uh, great movie bythe, but it's, you know, I was watching that, and it kind of made me realize never close the door. Never closed an opportunity. And that opportunity might be a person you're hanging out with. But make sure they're positive, you know, and and go on to think about it. Do a Self Inventory II. I like to do self inventories personally like, how is this person Good for me, and it's not being a negative thing. I'm not tryingto, you know, bash anybody or say no, Um, is just you. We saw it. We have to clear out the trash sometimes not saying that anybody's trash is that saying that that we need to make sure that we're healthy spiritually, mentally and physically. And if they're not, benefit. If you're not benefiting from that to build your your drive, your desire, whatever you want to be for 2020 baby, we're in their we're in the were in the roaring twenties, man, you know, and that's what we gotta do. That's what we definitely got to do. And I'm proud to have juice, um, as my partner in this journey, which I'm super happy and I'm also honored and privileged that we have you the audience to thank for everything you done for us so far and continues checking out the I g Continue checking out all of our stuff. Um, if you want to hear something a topic, please let us know on RG cinema, D m. You know, send us a d m. Check out our stories once again. That's bar dot chats, Barda, jets. Um and, you know, we want to make sure that everyone's happy. If no one's happy, We're not happy. So, you know, that being said, thank you, everybody for joining in on this episode greatly appreciate everybody. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I hope that everything goes well. Remember, be safe. Um, we're drinking. All right, Now I have gin and juice. Um, the reason why I'm drinking gin and juice is because I ran of tonic water and ah, that's a gin and tonic is one of my dad's specialties. That's when something that my father really enjoyed. So I'm having that. And what do you What do you say? Been on deuce?

Jay:   42:59
Yes. All right, Now I'm just sticking on some Jack, uh, mixed with nothing. You know, I put, like, two ice cubes in there. Um, yeah, actually, um, I would watch my grandpa drink some crown royal. Um, I didn't have crown, so I got some Jack today. Um, but I have many fun men. Memories about it.

Duce:   43:19
That's awesome. Um, and that being said, no matter what you do,

Jay:   43:24
where you go Phipps upbringing. Only time, Bill. Right. When the drink post on my flaws on wells, they out here.