Jay 0:01
What's a beer?

Duce 0:02
What's a cocktail?

Jay 0:03
What do you recommend?

Duce 0:04
Where should we go?

Jay 0:05
Should you eat chicken with waffles?

Duce 0:07
Bro, Chicken and waffles are fire.

Jay 0:10
But is it gluten free though?

Duce 0:12
Don't even get me started on that.

Jay 0:15
Join us on our journey through your local breweries in your backyard

Duce 0:19
and ours while we talk about serious yet not so serious topics about life,

Jay 0:24

Duce 0:25
and friends.

Jay 0:26
I'm Jay.

Duce 0:27
I'm Duce and this is 

Jay and Duce 0:29
Bar Chats.

Jay 0:31
You ready?

Duce 0:32
Let's roll.

Jay 0:40
This is our first recording, which is pretty exciting.

Duce 0:44
Yeah , pretty excited. I'm very excited about it.

Jay 0:47
You know, we, we are connoisseurs of, of liquor and drinks and anything that will potentially alter my state of Mind.

Duce 1:00

Jay and Duce 1:04
Yeah, I don't know. I think it's one of those things that we, we do and we feel like we should share it with everybody. I think it's fun. I think it's fun. We definitely want to review places we go to because we have gone to quite a few places. Local spots are actually really, really cool. We know a few just to name a few. There's a OGOPOGO OGOPOGO is really good. We have Mount Lowe. Yep. We also have Pacific Plate. Mm hmm. If you don't know where all these places are, you could actually check on our Instagram, which is Bar Chats, Bar.Chats, Bar.Chats, thank you. And check out all our stuff. We also going to have our link tree on there. So you want to check out our Facebook or shoot us a DM because nowadays kids slide into the DMS like you know, like if they're on a sled just because we're in Christmas, why not? We i think i think I think we're gonna have a lot of fun talking about issues if you had. Oh, so Okay, I am going off the rails right now but I do want to say something. So Duce brought in a bottle of Roku gin that if you haven't had Roku gin I we do have a picture on our on our Instagram. It is amazing.

Duce 2:23
It is amazing and you should see Jay's face right now he's sipping his tea slash Roku jack because he knows that my kryptonite and yes, I have a kryptonite of alcohol is gin. gin is not my thing. And I've stayed away from it. I've had many sleepless nights of throwing up and headaches because of gin. So I've kind of stayed away from I've just realized, you know, hey, this is not what I can drink.

Jay 2:55
And yeah, I would second that. Yeah, we all have crypto nights. And I think that's going to be a question that we're going to ask you, the audience and whoever's watching, listening viewing whatever. What is your kryptonite? My kryptonite is whiskey whiskey or brandy. I for the life of me cannot and this is funny because because it's one of those things that we we used to go to the blind doggie a lot, which is a whiskey bar and Old Town Pasadena. And I would always order whatever he got. All right, if he could drink it, I could drink it too. It's one of those if you could do it, I could do it better. It's the worst feeling when you get home. I texted him Hey, bro, I'm home. I'm in the bathroom and I'm dying. And all he sends me back is okay, cool. And I'm like, I'm over here. dying in all you got to say is cool. That's fine. You know, I don't I don't need assistance. But I think that's the funniest thing. So yeah, that's my kryptonite.

Duce 4:04
So, so what you guys are gonna realize is that Jay like over exaggerate a lot of things. So only when he drinks though I'm not saying all the time, he'll drink and he'll get messed up and be like, dude, I'm dying right now. I'm so thirsty if I don't drink water, like I'm just gonna perish. It's not true. So he's gone. Okay, cool. You're home. You know, that's really what I was saying. Cool your home, you'll be fine. sleep it off. You know, get a What's that? Uh,

Jay and Duce 4:36
oh, and electro lit Oh, yeah, get that electro Lit

Duce 4:39
get lit, electro lit and you'll be fine. And so, you know, that's the reason why I have those types of responses with J.

Jay 4:47
Yeah. By the way, shout out to electro lite. It does keep us healthy.

Duce 4:56
We don't have a sponsor, by the way, but we would love one

Jay 4:59
yeah, level one, please. Yeah, if you're listening if you work with electro lid or Gatorade or any other beverage company that we would we would gladly appreciate your grateful support. Yeah, I'm just over here trying to get sponsorships Okay, so back to the topic at hand what is your kryptonite? So okay, if you haven't found your kryptonite, you haven't drank enough that's what I feel I feel that you haven't you haven't experienced life if you haven't blacked out and just randomly find out like oh my goodness what where am I like what's going on? All I'm saying is don't do it at my house. Don't Don't do it. I Ramos Cantina because I will. I will lock you in a dark room and put a fake closet. Oh yeah, I will lock your ass in a closet. I'm not playing with you. I that happened that did happen. real real story I did lock my cousin in a closet because he did get shit faced in my, my residence. Yeah, and we don't do that we have a good time. And that's pretty much what the podcast is gonna be about just having a good time. And, you know, our goals and and your goals please share like what do you guys want to do I think this is a free forum. And you know something we and Duce have been talking about for a long time that we actually want to convey with you guys we want to share with you and you know, why not? Excuse me we have the ability to and Yeah, why not? We don't have the overall grand grandiose location. But you know what? In the words of Metallica, where I lay my head is my home and in This case is podcasting. So, yeah, so you know, like we're saying kryptonite, I talk a lot, especially when I'm tipsy. So most of these episodes, I'm probably going to be a little intoxicated. I do not drink and drive. That's why we have Lyft or Uber.

Duce 7:16
Yes. Don't drink a drive. Rep. We don't condone that.

Jay 7:22
Yes, we do not, please do not drink and drive, do not drink and drive. And you are not only putting your life at risk, but you're also putting other people's lives at risk. Please do ride sharing, be responsible. We do not condone underage drinking. We do not condone any form of that what we're pretty much doing is just trying to help out.

Duce 7:42
Our our viewers in terms of getting the best beverages. Absolutely. And I'm a member of dad because I'm not a mother. So I can't be mad. You know, dad's Against Drunk Driving. So yeah, yeah, let's make sure yeah, sure. Please, please.

Jay 7:57
You know, please make sure We do not drink and drive. Especially during the holidays. I think since we want to be around family, we want to be around our loved ones and we want to have a good time. So make sure that they're able to get to their families and have a good time as well. So, you know, I think that's our soapbox. We do not condone that. That being said, alcohol is fine. Um, we we drink a lot of brew. We got a lot of breweries, like we mentioned earlier, but please let us know what do you what do you prefer drinking Do you like beer? If so? What kind? If you don't know what kind of beer there is out there? Let us know. We'll go ahead and review it for you. Yeah. You know, my favorite beer would have to be I'm when it comes down to beer. I'm honestly open Everything except porters and stouts.

Duce 9:04
Okay, I was about to say open to everything like, I'm gonna have to go ahead hashtag your line. Because no, but yeah, porters and stouts Why don't you like porters and stouts? Jay that's like the black man's elixir.

Jay 9:20
Okay, so I don't I don't like porters or stouts because I do not like coffee. And taffy and Loki chocolate. I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for that, but I'm gonna be honest, I don't I don't drink it. I know everybody around me does, which is great, which is cool. And I'll try some because you've actually had me try. Right you found well you I did. I did. It was uh, it was Dragon's milk. White stout, I believe right? Yes. It was like Dragon's milk and so white stout. It has an awesome awesome finish. It's a great full body stout. Alright, by the way, when I'd speak about alcohol or beverages, it's very food esque. Yes. So I use a lot of weird descriptive words. If I'm saying it wrong, please let me know. We would definitely want to better ourselves and be you know, kind of soars using the right verbiage. But yeah over I think that's one of the things that I like if if a if a beer is full, then I dig it. Although I do like the hollow i like i like some Sleepy Hollow you know? Yeah. And when I say Sleepy Hollow is is one of those creepers like a heaven wiser yes and wise are good. But not too too hollow. Not going to bash any names. I'm going to say anything bad about any any, any beer because beer is an acquired taste and Duce would definitely tell you that because at his earlier time, he was not a beer connoisseur. He was more of a decor. liquor. Yeah. Thanks to our buddy Billy. Yes. So shout out to Billy.

Duce 11:05
You know, so for me, you know, my drinking expedition. I was basically like, You know what? I don't like beer. I just like something I had in high school. High School party. Definitely don't condone that, by the way, high school party, you know, or, you know, a couple people had a couple of drinks. I'm like, cool. Let me go ahead and try try something. Um, it was like a Heineken. I think, because, you know, your high schoolers, you can't really get the good stuff. Right. So like it can I think it was a Miller Budweiser. And like a course names that I never that never come out of my mouth that often because I don't drink it personally. And it just wasn't that good to me. I was like, why are you guys like, like, loving this and smiling about it. I maybe that's just beer and I don't like it. What else do you have? So I think I think jack was like the next thing I tried later on in the years and I was this my go to I love liquor jack daniels I like Crown Royal whiskies mainly whiskey rum, anything budget anything budget I can drink it whether it be all together are separate. For me, I just have a high tolerance. But I do have that one kryptonite, which is my Gin.

Jay 12:36
No, that's that's that's funny because you know, it's, I think I had my first I'm sick of the sip of liquor. I know my dad's hearing this most likely so he's gonna know. Yeah, we got shit faced about few new years ago, a long actually long time ago. Honestly, everyone gets drunk at my house. Is what the thing I'm saying but we do it responsibly. We do it over the age of 21. Wink wink. don't condone it. I never condone that. Please don't don't do that. We're not saying to do it don't do it. point being is that, um, you know, I, I ice tried wine for the first time and I hated it bro. I hated the living hell out of it man. I was like how do people drink this and I was trying to be like a wine snob. Like, oh yeah, this this is you could really taste a grapes and shit. And it's like, No, you can man. It seems like straight up vinegar. I'm pretty sure the wine that I drank was expired because I was in the bathroom taking a shit for like, two hours. It was all bad. Um, and it's one of those things where you know, your first experience with alcohol does kind of low key Change Your Life. And I feel that that's why we kind of go to bars now because we want to see, you know, how does how does liquor changed people's lives? Because I think I think alcohol is definitely changed my life in the sense of when we go to bars because you know, we do a responsibly we go to bars and we take a lift or we take a ride sharing and you know, we go there and not only do we talk to ourselves, well, I the voices in my head talk to me, but um, I do talk to Duce and, and we make friends. I think we made some very interesting friends at locations. You know, the one thing that I could honestly say is that bars and places like that really do have a sense of community that because of our phones, we don't really have any more. I don't think I don't, it's It's rare to see somebody be excuse me be at a bar on their phone while talking to somebody it's not like you can't you can't do that. I don't I don't know if you get the same vibe.

Duce 15:12
What do you think? I think it depends on the person. I mean, I'm a person who when I go on bars I do a little bit of both. I'm on the phone. I'm at the bar I'm taking in the scenery. You know, I'm watching the service. I'm watching how they're pouring. Getting the alcohol pours in because yeah, if you know if you don't know there's a certain way that you need to pour alcohol so I'm watching that like I can tell who's new like okay, he poured that wrong. He has a lot of foam on there instead of a full thing of alcohol. You know, is the drink made correctly? We have this thing black velvet and was the other one One

Jay 16:01
snake bite a snake bite in a black velvet, guys, please get that right. If I order that please get it right. So I Duce will tell you we've been we've been told so many different things yeah by different people. So whoever's listening and you know what a black velvet is, or a snake bite is, please tell us in the DMS let us know because I think from what we've been told by an Irish dude at an Irish pub, yes is that it is a a blonde ale or a blonde beer that goes at the base and then it's again his or darker stout or ale on top. That is a black velvet, but then I go to a different location. They say, Oh, it's champagne, and a Genis and then it's, oh no, that's a that's a snake bite. Then they tell me that there is a, you know, you add a slider at the bottom then you do like a, I don't know, different type of stout or Porter on top. Like guys, how about we just get it right? Yeah. We've we've have asked, but from my understanding it is a blonde at the bottom and a darker on top. So pretty much I I'm researching this right now and from what I understand, I know is a blonde at the bottom and a porter on top. That's not the case. So I was googling the Google's did help me.

Duce 17:42
Shout out to Google shout out

Jay 17:43
to Google. Shout out to Google. So black velvet is a beer cocktail made from a stout, often Genis, and white sparkling wine. So whoever told me it was supposed to be a blonde I was wrong, or Google's wrong, but I have more faith in Google than I do anything else. Not even I don't I don't trust my parents as much as I do Google, which is valid because it's a it's a machine. It's a machine and you know, we are going to get controlled by a eyes one day. point is that the drink was created by a bartender of by the name of, excuse me, a bartender of Brooks club in England in 1861. Right, isn't that kind of weird? Yeah. It's pretty odd. to mourn the death of Prince Albert, who was Queen Victoria's Prince concert, so freakiness, I guess happened. The black I don't I don't know. I have no idea that black, the black velvet so that's pretty interesting. So if you guys ever go to a bar, please order a black velvet According to Google, it's supposed to be a stout and a champagne. Make sure they pour it with a spoon. If they don't pour it with a spoon, there might be a problem. And that's where pouring comes into play. Like Duce was saying, pouring is super important. If you do not know about the pouring techniques, YouTube it or slide us in the DM, you know, because our hit up, hit us up, let us know. We'll show you. We'll tell you. If we don't know the answer. We'll find it together. Why? Because this is a journey to experience the best experience and please please, please don't just stick to one beer don't because that drives me nuts.

Duce 19:48
Well, okay, Look, don't stick to one beer. And what we mean by that is be open to trying new things. At least try it. In this remember like if you tried something a long time ago. It does. mean that it's gonna taste that same way to you 510 years later? One thing I talked to Jay all the time about is like, Hey man, look, you know, like rollercoasters because he doesn't hate wrong. But hey, that was a long time ago, like maybe you get on a roller coaster now and feel like you know, it actually really liked this now. You're a different place in your life at that time. You know, whatever you associate, you know that fear or just that dislike of not getting rollercoasters could be something way in the past when you're younger, like, Who knows? So for me, I'm always like, Look, I'll try it. Like I don't drink gin, but the Roku gin, I was like, hey, let me go ahead and try it out. You know what, I like it and it didn't make me feel sick to the stomach. So maybe that is my goal, too. When we say hey, let's get some gin. I'd be like cool. Do they have Roku? Jim? Maybe that's my go to. So yeah, I always recommend Trying certain things out. Earlier Jay was talking about how I got introduced to beer and then really became like an advocate of drinking beer as far as I was like, No, I'll never drink beer. It's never gonna happen. I just don't like it. And we met our mutual friend Billy shout out, shout out stability and he was like basically look, bro everybody likes a beer. We just have to find which kind you like Do you know there's different kinds. I knew nothing about beer I didn't know about ale. Ale compared to IPA to stout to cider. To I mean, this there's a number so many so many types of beers, right? to like, getting a getting a beard like a black velvet, our snake by those

Jay and Duce 21:59
are Those beers craft craft mixers craft.

Duce 22:03
Well yeah, craft mixers I didn't know about any of these things So to me it was just like you get a Heineken get Of course get but like, those are those are the things I knew and then being a person who actually grew up in bomb Park as far as my school years. Yeah, it's a it's a you know, of course.

Jay 22:22
My dad lives on a cot. Although he will not drink that got that light. Yeah, yeah, he wants to read one. He's like, Is it the red one or the blue one? Because the blue one and the red one though. You know, that one? Hey, that's a good beer. Go grab me a lemon from outside, you know? Yeah.

Duce 22:42
Yeah. So you know, he basically broke it down really quick for me. He goes in his fridge. He's like, Alright, cool. You know what I want you to come by because he told me to come to this house. This dude literally brought a bunch of different types of alcohol for me. And I was Dude I do not want any beer you know me I like crown I like this he's like no no no we're gonna drink beer I don't want to hear it I'm like alright cool. So he starts me on the lighting he you know Miller I'm like dude I don't like that he's like just try it anyway I'm like all right. I don't like that sounds familiar? I do drink Miller sometimes if that's all we have, I prefer having a lime some some some tahini in there actually tastes really good. Yeah, if you haven't tried to try it out.

Jay 23:30
Yeah, no. Sorry to interrupt, but I do have to say this when it comes down to to hefeweizen I think having wires that are very nice compliments with anything spicy. I don't like spicy stuff. But if you're gonna drink, like a blonde, you know get a get a salad Ito or like something? I'm, I'm Hispanic if you can tell. But yeah, definitely get something spicy. I don't like Sheila at all. And Duce will clarify that for me. Like I hate Chile. We went to a spot I almost died. That the the one we went to one was the one and and yeah that was a real San Gabriel now that was almost death for me. It was so hot like I was sweating. He was like, are you okay? I'm like I need three bowls of rice please Like right now the point being is that heaven visors are definitely complemented greatly with

Duce 24:21
absolutely so, so ability I start with that and he went from, you know, basically an L or hefeweizen an nl. I had a an IPA, I had a cider. And then the last thing was a stout and a porter. Those are the things that I taste it. And for me, it was like everything was whatever to me. Until we got to cider which actually like I like ciders. It wasn't strong enough though. So I'm like if I drink this, this is just to get me in the mood to drink some alcohol. And when I say alcohol, I mean liquor basically. And he's like, Alright, well, we'll try this. And so yeah, me try Guinness. And I was like, Hey, this is delicious. What is this? He's like you never heard again. It's like No, I never heard again. And he's like, Yeah, man, this is like his classic everybody drinks Guinness, who drinks a stout, and I loved it. And so that's how my journey started start drinking Guinness, then Newcastle, then Boddingtons and then I just kept on this path with drinking porters and stouts and I wanted to know about the different types and barrel age and what's the difference between beers and I really got enveloped in the craft and the art of of alcohol. And so, you know, when I you know, met up with Jay I was like, Hey, man, have you tried this Have you tried that and, and he has a different palette than I do. So he'll he'll have me try some lighter beers and and why he likes it and will taste the different notes. that you have in those type of beers. And I was like, man, I can't wait to one day talk about this on a podcast, or some type of video because that's this is what we do all the time.

Jay 26:12
Yeah, exactly. And, you know, that that's, that's one thing that I, I felt that, you know, we do this on the daily not not not we're not alcoholics. We don't do it on the daily. We do once in a while and we do have families we do have responsibilities that we need to take care of, which I would always say, make sure you're responsible. I'm always gonna throw that out there. You know, just because it is a very sensitive subject. There is Alcoholics Anonymous, we know people that are going through that struggle. We don't do it every day, but we do do it in the case of like, Alright, you know, Hey, no, let's go have fun. It's a community thing. It's something to enjoy. It's not to get you know, like the young ones say, let's go get shit faced. Right. You know, we can get lit. It's always good to get lit. I always recommend to get lit. don't recommend to do anything stupid, but have a good time. If you don't remember the following day, which you did, that's a problem. Although I do say you should probably do it at least once in your life, because then you'll be able to say, holy shit, I don't remember. And that's a scariest thing ever. Really don't remember. Later on in the future, we definitely will talk about our, our

Duce 27:32
our fun escapades that we've had in our life. It'll be great stories you'll love to hear Yeah, talking about that.

Jay 27:40
Definitely love to hear it. Um, we we've traveled different places. Shout out to Vegas, shout out to San Diego. Shout outs to Ramos Cantina was I think a lot of our excursions happen at Ramos Cantina. And I think we're probably going to have an excursion may be on your Yours. Yeah, we'll probably get some sound bites hopefully not not promising. But um, you know what, we'll see what we'll see what the future has in store. You know, this is definitely something that we really, really do want to continue and I hope that you guys enjoy it. Because funny stories with, uh, you know, with Jay and Duce, I think that's gonna be you know what, I just want people to, I want other voices other than the voices in my head to like, accompany us on our journeys is I think that's gonna be fun. I really think that's gonna be enjoyable. Well back to what you were saying when it comes down to beers, you know, uh, when it comes down to porters and stouts you know, it's, it's definitely beers are different beers are definitely different now that we've been more into like, a lot of micro breweries. You Yeah, you know there are classic brewers like William. Yeah. Which which their delirium tremens, tremens

Duce 29:09
delirium, traumas, tremors,

Jay 29:12
amazing beer Belgian beer. That's a Belgian ale. Amazing. I've never gotten above and beyond about a beer I Alright, funny story. Let's let's just start it now Fuck it. Why not? Funny story I was at lucky ball wins in Pasadena and they were having a a I guess it was like a William. I don't know what it was like a showcase

Duce 29:41
showcase for for the Lear delirium

Jay 29:45
delirium Yeah. And you know we got we got some glasses there you know you buy if you buy a drink. Oh, this and this is something that we got. We definitely got to check out I highly recommend you guys check it out too. If you're over the age of 21 or whatever legal drinking It is in your state. I definitely feel that you guys should check out to see if there's going to be a showing or to see if they're going to have, like brewers come to local locations and show off their beer because not only is it a great way to learn about how they make it, but it's definitely a interesting thing. Just have a conversation with the people that make the beer you drink. That was a very interesting thing. I was I was out there with, with with my girlfriend, Janet, and we're gonna call it RB x Bunny, just because shout outs RB x funny shout outs. Um, well, I think she goes by exam at this now. Well, I don't know. Anywho we're out there and we were at lucky Baldwins in Old Town Pasadena. And we we had a it was funny we were at we were at Wal K. No. We went I was like, Hey, babe, I need a I need a beer I want to drink. So we went to lucky ball ends and some dude walks And around with purple hair came up to us. Hey, have you guys tried Trillium? And I'm like, I have no idea who you are or what that beer is, but I'm intrigued because he had purple hair and so I sat down I hit up true I hit up Duce and and it was one of those things were like hey man, you should probably come down here as like I'm at work I was like okay that sucks. You should still come down here like you know but um we did get we did get I got a try tremens and RB x funny or design with this. She got I forgot what she got. She got something not that. She likes porters and stouts. And she messes with the ciders. But her her palate changes. she's a she's a cook. So I'm just confused on what she likes. And I've known this I've known this girl for like years. point being is that Yeah, definitely. Check out where the local breweries are going to be around. And if you could talk to them, I talk to them. I highly recommend that because I found out that geranium, just they are the oldest delirium, delirium. Yeah, delirium is the oldest Belgian like, company that uses original recipe. That's why their beer is so unique. And I found that extremely interesting. And I asked for the brew master and the brew master was talking to somebody else. I didn't want to bother him because, you know, you gotta bow at the feet at masters. Oh, at least that's what I was told. And, you know, point blank. I'm kind of thirsty. I'm feeling kind of empty. But uh, you know, definitely check out local breweries, please support support local businesses.

Duce 32:59
Yeah. to support your local businesses, you can actually, we found this out recently, you can go on your Google Maps our Apple Maps. And if you just put local breweries it's going to show you all the breweries in the area, a lot of them most likely are going to be ones that are micro breweries that make their own type of alcohol. And we've been to even a poco over OGOPOGO , OGOPOGO , where they're going to be having wine. And so you never know you go there. And they might say, yeah, we actually have liquor as well, you know, like ramen and things of that nature. So, this check it out. We definitely recommend that, but I will say this Jay, I'm definitely empty on my drink. So I think I'm gonna get another drink. But hey, I just want to thank all you guys for listening. Please dm us your kryptonite your favorite drinks. We'll give you a shout out on Bar Chats. Just go to bar.chats, and dm is That's bar.chats on Instagram. So to all you bar nuts out there, have a great day. And remember, no matter where you go and what you do,

Jay and Duce 34:13
drink something